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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy "Five gay men, out to make over the world - one straight guy at a time."


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S01E01 Hair Today, Art Tomorrow: Brian Butch Schepel 00/00/0000 The first episode of a new series and it comes off spectacularly. Carson immediately assumes the position of leader of the 'fab five' and is easily the most humorous of the the group, while fans of Jai's are eager to hear more from this outspoken individual. After remarking on the absence of styling products in his bathroom Kyan brings Butch to the barber's for his only haircut in the past nine years. After a new haircut, a new wardrobe and an almost new apartment Butch is ready for a lesson in cooking from Ted Allen, the Chicago native. Jai finally seems excited when he is allowed to present his mock art gallery opening and is even happier when an art critic offers his business card to Butch at the opening.
S01E02 A Great Mess in Great Neck: Adam Z 00/00/0000 Adam is a successful Long Island entrepreneur who runs his own computer business, but his house is a disaster, his wardrobe is out of date and he has a bad habit of forgetting his wife's birthday. The Fab Five's mission: improve his look, bring order and style to his home, and teach him how to be a gracious host and to throw a great party.
S01E03 Make Room for Lisa: Tom K 00/00/0000 Tom is a guy who has grown older but forgot to grow up. He has pizza boxes under the couch, beer in the fridge and dishes piled high in the sink. His wardrobe consists mostly of old t-shirts, '80s-style jeans and a menacing pair of boots. The Fab Five's mission: help Tom convince his girlfriend Lisa to move in with him by cleaning up his look, diversifying his wardrobe, completely redecorating his apartment and teaching him how to prepare a romantic dinner.
S01E04 He's a Little Bit Country: John B 00/00/0000 John is currently a part time contractor and car transport driver, but at various times has also been a plumber, an elevator technician, a fireman, a carpenter, a short order cook, an EMT, a Navy Seal cadet and a stripper. Now that he wants to ask Tina, his New York City girlfriend of two years, to become his wife, he wants to change from being a cowboy in jeans and a big black hat. The Fab Five's mission: give this farm boy a more sophisticated style so he can engineer a romantic urban wedding proposal.
S01E05 For Better and Verse: Vincent T 00/00/0000 Vincent is a studio manager by day, but by night he is a keyboard player and back-up vocalist for The Cleftones with a desire to step into the spotlight as a solo vocalist. The Fab Five's mission: give him help in the areas of grooming, fashion and performance technique, as well as surprising his wife with a less-cluttered, more livable home decor.
S01E06 Queer Eye for Our Production Guy: Andrew L 00/00/0000 This week the Queer Eye turns its gaze on one of its own: show utility grip and sometime camera operator Andrew. Andrew's problem is his dormroom-look apartment, which he shares with his brother. The Fab Five's mission: get rid of Andrew's frat boy look and give him a grown-up lifestyle that will charm and impress his new girlfriend Diana.
S01E07 Law & Disorder: John V 00/00/0000 The Fab Five take a shot at remaking a New York Policeman, John Verdi, to help rekindle the romance with his model girlfriend of 3 years.
S01E08 My Big Fat Greek Haircut: George Katsigiannis 00/00/0000 The FAB 5 take a shot at a man who was once shot at. When he was younger, George took a bullet for his mom after an encounter with an armed robber. After a successful surgery and years of physical conditioning, George is now back in shape and ready to meet a new girl (especially after just being dumped). The FAB 5 work their magic to turn his apartment into a very stylish, yet cozy place. However, their big challenge is George's hair which is long and big like the ""hair bands"" of the 80s and early 90s.
S01E09 Talk, Dark, & Dancin': Josh D 00/00/0000 Josh has been working hard already to improve his own looks. He just lost about 100 pounds, but still needs further help from the FAB 5. His apartment is very thirft store furniture decorated, his fridge is constantly practically empty, and his clothes and hair could use a touch change. Josh hopes that his new girlfriend will love and appreciate him more for all the wonders that he does to himself and his home.
S01E10 Make Over for Daddy: Tom M 00/00/0000 Tom is a two time divorced dad who spends most of his spare change on his kids and not on his house or appearance. problem: tom is 6'6, and set in his ways. So it begins with Carson bringing balance to his wardrobe with cool tee shirts, flat shorts, and a more modern pool bag. Kyan sends hims to a spa and gives him a citrus face wash,Ted opens the door to sushi rolls.Jai gives him theater tickets and toys,and finally Thom fixes tom's apartment with a few mirrors,a bar,and a way to show off his kids art work. The event is a small party that includes Tom's sister bringing a friend,and it goes off beautifully except for Tom putting too much wasabi in the sushi rolls,the episode ends with Tom asking the friend out for dancing.
S01E11 Meet the Folks: Alan C 00/00/0000 Kids, meet Alan a sweet guy who is a penny pinching (scooby doo)Shaggy look like. He and his girlfriend Katie are planning to have their parents meet,so the Fab Five is off.Carson,after throwing out Alan's bright colored shirts, shows him that pale and earthy colors are better for him, he also buys a dark blue suit for the junior real estate tycoon. Jai assists Alan in buying a small trinket for Katie,they decide on a lovely pendant necklace and Mr.Corey is also given a quick lesson on hosting. Kyan sends Alan to the barber for a haircut and a old fashioned razor shave. Ted takes Alan to a glass shop for the cocktail party that evening where they buy a beautiful set of cocktail glasses and a martini shaker.Ted also teaches how to make canapes,roasted red peppers,mint julep, and good dry martinis.Thom has taken Alan's wide, empty spaces and made them into a dark more modern home. The preparations are foreboding as Alan sped through a touch up shaving cutting himself, as he makes the can
S01E12 Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Length of Hair: Jeff T 00/00/0000 Jeff Toale,husband,dad,taxidermist,outdoors man,former model,postal worker, this is a outgoing guy. Except he has one problem he desperately needs a makeover since he has a 30 year mustache and long hair, his wardrobe is atrocious, and he only likes to cook after doing the initial sweep the fab five split to their jobs.Carson along with Jeff and daughter Christina head off to a outdoor sportsmen clothing store Jeff is given outfits in denim,plaid, and boots.Jai takes Jeff to have his picture taken in an old modeling pose,and Jeff gets a frame and instructions to take a family photo.Kyan convinces Jeff to loose the long hair AND the mustache showing a surprising David Bowie clone. Kyan also gives Jeff skin treatment creams to help with aging. Ted shows Jeff and Christina how to make grilled fish wrapped in a banana leaf after a failed fishing trip. And Thom thrilled at a clean bathroom,lightened up the dark dining room and added new furniture to Jeff's room. The party started
S01E13 Mr. Clean Comes Clean: Richard M 00/00/0000 Rich Miller,a lawyer who believes in being yourself isn't even following his own advice,Mr.Miller has a toupee, and his wife and kids have never seen him without it.That's a big part of the iceberg, His house is huge but empty.Also Richard is shy in group scenarios and usually hides in the kitchen cooking. Carson quickly decides what Richard needs, a good power suit. Jai helps him with social skills by introducing him to the cast of Taboo! which includes Boy George and producer Rosie O'Donnell. Jai also helps Richard with the idea of romance with his wife.Kyan helps Richard move into the idea of being toupee less, and gives him some things to get rid of his paper white skin.Ted shows Richard the joy of having a catered meal. and Thom fills several rooms with tasteful furniture. When they leave the Fab five convince Richard to BURN his toupee. The preparations are fairly quick, then Richard's family comes home and sees him for the first time,Mrs. Miller's joyous while the kids are glad
S01E14 Helping the Hard-Rocking Host: Steven S. 00/00/0000 Steven is a rock music expert who dresses like an 80's band reject has fried tri- colored hair,a apartment that's been overpowered by his girlfriend Jackie's stuff,and a diet that's needs more healthy food. When Carson and Kyan take him shopping,he rebels against a paisley shirt and begin throwing things out of the stall.But he calms down when he finds out that Carson is able to work in his awesome collection of band shirts.Jai gives him tickets to an adult puppet show,a beautiful photo of Jimi Hendrix and passes for a walking tour.Kyan agrees that Steven's hair is a work in progress,he helps by getting rid of some of the colors and shaping it.Steven is then given a nose hair trimmer.Ted shows him how to make a wheatgrass smoothie and gives him a blender. Thom decorates the apartment so it looks bigger and to show that Steven exists in it. During the preperation Steven does everything perfectly, except the smoothie. On his arrival to the show, Steven's fellow hosts are amazed and Ste
S01E15 Create an Officer and a Gentleman: Ross M. 00/00/0000 Ross, a ex marine wants mix with his girlfriend Thersea who is more socially active has drafted the Fab five into helping. Carson who decides that Ross shall have a military-civilian mix wardrobe takes him to John Varatos's store where he models for the designer himself. Jai teaches Ross and Theresa how to salsa, and Kyan takes Ross to a skin care lab to have him looked over. Ted teaches Ross how to make a choclate souffle and they try out a few dessert wines. Thom drags the couple to a store where they buy a table,chairs and a new bed. He also surpises them with a flat screen TV. The preparations begin after a toast and salute, and the only serious mistake was that he under mixed his egg whites and chocolate in the souffle. Once Theresea has gotten over the shock, they enjoy the souffle and leave for the dance club. Once they begin dancing Ross is stiff and akward but during the last few minutes he loosens up.
S01E16 A Very Queer Eye Holiday: Holiday Special 00/00/0000 The Fab 5 are having a party! and they're inviting some of their past projects: Butch,George, John B.,and Adam. Just before the party, each of them went to a straight guy's house and see if they had kept themselves together. Over all the guys did beautifully with only a few foul ups (one ended in Ted chasing the straight guy around the room). The Fab 5 give tips through out the party and at the end they give the guys gifts: George- a set of knives Butch- free massages for a year Adam- a painting John-a tux Adam also gets an overachiever award, along with keeping himself and his house wonderful, he did additional housework and he lost a lot of weight. Meanwhile John and Tina give the fab 5 a gift : they would love it if the fab 5 would be John's groomsmen for their wedding! in conclusion the Fab five 's a version of Santa,their arrival is unknown.They know when you've been bad or good.They give you things and,they'll probably eat any cookies you've got laying around.
S01E17 Radio Ralph 00/00/0000 Ralph is a radio host and a part time DJ in a strip club, he lives with his twin brother Joey and well,his half of the apartment's a mess, his clothes are too flashy and he's been dating nothing but strippers. So Carson gives him toned down yet still cool outfits,Jai and Kyan take him to a Yoga class and tell Ralph that he's going on a blind date.Like with past long haired guys Kyan quickly shortens Ralph's locks and gives him the usual cleansers and products.When Ted finds one of the Sutton's knives,he discovers he can bend the blade, Ralph is given new knives,pots and pans. The food for tonight's date is stuffed mushrooms,shrimp,and a lemon dog cocktail.Thom after screaming about how horrible the furniture looks buys new modern pieces. Joey comes back and is amazed at their furniture then the date comes and the group enjoys the cocktails and snacks. And then they're off to to a rock n roll club for a live radio show where Christa, the blind date requests her favorite love song.
S01E18 Stand Up and Deliver: Kevin D. 00/00/0000 Kevin loves 3 things: his girlfriend Matilda,stand up comedy,and vintage stuff.Because Matilda's #1 he's asking her to marry him. Problems:His apartment is CHAOS!his clothes are old yet bad,and his act needs a little polishing.So it begins: Carson gets him some vintage jackets and pants,and some new shirts and shoes.Jai takes Kevin to a club to meet up with his mentor Jim Davis for advice and announces that Kevin will be the star. He also suggests that Kevin call Matilda's parents to ask permission to marry their daughter. Kyan gets Kevin a haircut that can be changed into several styles.Ted gets a couple bottles of champagne and show how to make caviar-creme fraiche-toast points. Finally Thom retros Kevin apartment and his best work is in the lounge renamed ""Boom Boom room"".After the Fab 5 leave, Kevin gets ready pretty quick,then he calls Matilda's parents and asks them in English&polish and they bless him. Matilda comes over for the 1st time in 5 months and is amazed at both the apa
S01E19 Compose Yourself: Warren L. 00/00/0000 Warren is a musical theater composer,and he's STRAIGHT! anyway,This former Oklahoma baby faced boy has come to make it big in the big apple. Problems:He bites his nails, his clothes make him look younger,all of his food has something growing on it,his apartment is one of Thom's nightmares.So Carson shows him that dark colors look good on him and give him some things to make look him more adult.Jai checks out the space of the theater and gives Warren some feedback cards.Kyan gets Warren a manicure and a massage.Ted shows him to tastefully display cheese and crackers.Finally Thom toned down the apartment and made it more organized.The prep is worrisome as Warren oddly skips the usual shower,but he does wash up a little and puts on the anti biting stuff,he then gets dressed and then goes into the kitchen to do the food.With some creative techniques he gets it prepared and then drops some crackers on the floor. After his roommate and girlfriend come and admire everything they leave for the
S01E20 Queer Guy for the Skate Guy: John Z. 00/00/0000 This is the most romantic QEfSG yet! John is an Olympic medal winner,so is his lovely wife Sylvia who just for John,left her family in Italy to live in America.So to show just how much he loves her,John has to admit his wardrobe is nothing but sweats,tees,and track suits.He has to admit their apartment is nothing but boxes because they haven't been able to unpack yet.And he has to admit his toes are scary.So after deciding that this event will Italian themed Carson drapes John in Armani.Jai gives John a piece of art work that in John's eyes represents the hopes he has for his and Sylvia's life together,then Kyan takes John for a extremely needed pedicure and gives him a spa kit.Ted shows how to make ravioli and gets him a bottle of wine.Thom paints and decorates the apartment with light colors and shades.The prep is quick and when Sylvia comes she is amazed at the apartment and dinner.The couple quickly dashes off to Central park where they lovingly skate.
S01E21 Meeting Mildred: Rob M. 00/00/0000 Rob's life consists of 2 women:his godmother Mildred,and his girlfriend of a year Terri.He wants them to meet.Rob likes wearing dashikis,jeans and Tye dyed shirts,His apartment shows that he likes cultural stuff but he has problems displaying it.His dreads are messy and his love of photography is limited. Carson mixes Robs' tastes with more grown up things.Jai takes Rob to a friends where he gets some of his photos looked over and later Rob gets a better printer.Kyan gets Robs' dreads some TLC,and gives Rob a shaving kit. Ted tells him how to prepare a fish stew.Thom matures Robs' apartment. The prep mainly consists of Rob cooking the stew,and then he has to be forced out of the shower when his guests arrive.Finally and most importantly Mildred and Terri meets and seem to be friendly toward each other. At the end of the party Rob tells his friends and loved ones how much they mean to them.
S01E22 Training Day: James M. 00/00/0000 James needs help. His mother has helped him decorate by sending him stuff from Korea. The furniture is vile and the house smells like fish and James's dog is a nightmare. He has a girlfriend, Taebe, and he wants to be more focused on her. He's an Ivy-league guy, so his stuff is preppy- and he can't iron. Carson takes him to get preppy yet hip stuff, Ted takes him to learn how to decorate lemon tarts, and sets him up with a catered Moroccan dinner, and sets him up to make home-made sorbet, Thom gets him all new furniture and makes the place just nice, Kyan gets him lessons on a Thai message, and Jai takes James' dog and his own little dog Nemo to obedience school . The end is probably the worst disaster ever. The sorbet is soupy, the guy just gives up on the ironing, the dog pees everywhere and chews up one of the shoes, and the girlfriend didn't like anything he did, just the house and the outfit.
S01E23 Do You Know the Mullet Man?:Mark F. 00/00/0000 Freddy Krueger's alive!how? he created Mark,whose hair is one of Kyan's nightmares.It is a mullet,kept together with loads of cheap products.Mark's stepdaughter Karly is leaving for college,and just before that its her 18th birthday and Mark is changing himself as his present.Problems:his clothes are either super dressy or complete slob,his house is gorgeous except the kitchen,and he likes being a guest more than a host.So Carson gets him sports wear(casual blazers, button up shirts),Jai tells him that he should try and connect more with Karly and to demonstrate that takes him to a rock gym which is all about trust when belaying. He also gets gift bags for the kids at the surprise party that night and shows Mark his present :a real Kate Spade bag.Kyan kills the mullet (yeah!) and gets him to cut off the mustache he has had forever making him look at least 10,15 years younger. Ted shows Mark how to make pizza,and Thom puts in new appliances in the kitchen, he also redoes Karly's room an
S01E24 You Never Forget Your First Straight Guy: Lawson C. 00/00/0000 The fab five at are at it again, good ole Carson,Ted,James,Sam and Charlie.Wait, who the %$#! are Sam,James,and Charlie? the originals who were asked to leave.This episode is filled with commentary from Carson& Ted and from show creator and producers David Collins and David Metzler as they drive. Anyway, The event is Lawson's girlfriend Gable is turning 30 and Lawson wants to surprise her with a romantic date. Carson after doing the first throw out notes that Lawson like being an individual so he takes him to a place called Map and also gets thrown out of a mall. Charlie transforms Lawson's plain apartment into Thom quality.James,gets more music that's not from the 80's.Sam does some manscaping on Lawson's back and gets him a manicure,while Ted gets some chocolate and wine for gable's Dulce appetite. The prep is quick as we don't see most of it,and then we see the couple enjoy the wine and candy and find out from Carson that they've gotten engaged!
S01E25 Romancing the Coach: Mark Fi 00/00/0000 The Fab Five has gotten used to receiving letters,calls,and emails from desperate wives,moms,and girlfriends pleading to change their significant men,so when the Pelham High School Girls Volleyball team emailed them about their coach it was a no brainer.Upon meeting mark,Carson notes the need for variation so he takes Mark to a golfing store for outfits he can wear to the course,out with his wife Cindy and times for coaching games.Jai shows Mark virtual golf,and they talk his relationship with his Cindy and how much he is thankful to have her,to show that Jai gets him a locket with their wedding photo and a picture of their son.Kyan takes him to a spa and gets him some hair gel.Ted after learning that Cindy is allergic to Gluten takes Mark to a health store where they gets lots of gluten free food and Ted teaches mark how to make a raspberry parfait.Mark's house was built in 1926, and so Thom gets modern pieces that mix with the architecture of the house, he also rearranges the living
S02E01 Taking on the Twins:Brandon & David B 00/00/0000 The Fab 5 are manhandled(not in the way they'd like) in this episode by a pair of wrestling twins David and Brandon, who want to throw their grandpa a birthday party.The duo have almost no clothes that are actually theirs,they're apartment is just HARRIBLE and and they have no edible food in their fridge.Carson supplies the boys with the basics of a wardrobe and they also get wrestling sneakers and clothing hampers.Jai has a DVD slide show made up of photos of them and grandpa and has David work on a poem.Kyan notices some differences in the boys as Brandon chops off his hair while David gets a cut that will look good as it grows out.He also gets the guys cleaning equipment.Ted shows the twins how to decorate cakes,make pineapple sauce and roast pork.Thom does the twins house in 50's retro, gets them some wrestling safe furniture,which includes a gym mat rug and puts in some new appliances in the kitchen.The prep consists of Brandon taking charge of the roast and sauce while David does
S02E02 Conquering the Catwalk:David G 00/00/0000 for David the catwalk is a chicken run. David's wife is a handbag designer and tonight's her big show she would love to have David walk with her but at the last show he bolted. Their house is bright, REALLY bright and filled with David's handmade furniture. After doing the hora,the transformation begins.The reason that David didn't walk was he didn't have the fashion confidence as his clothes are Brady bunch era.So Carson takes him to a consignment shop and gets him outfits for each season.Jai takes him to a glass studio where they make a bracelet for Jessie David's wife.After taking Polaroids of David in his outfits he shows David how he looked:confident and happy, so he shouldn't worry.Kyan decides that it would take way too long for David to get waxed so he has David do laser hair removal on his neck.He then works on the other problem David's halitosis so he gives David a tongue scraper and teeth whitening strips. Ted after hearing of David's renewal in his faith yet none in his p
S02E03 Dhrama Dad:Michael C 00/00/0000 Michael began his make better 6 years ago when he converted to Buddhism.Problems:his diet (which is from the 18th century)isn't balanced,his prayer station was taken away by the birth of his son TJ,he's using the wrong products for his hair,and his clothes are all too big for him.Also his apartment has lots of cat attacked furniture.Michael loves being different,and tonight's event is Karaoke night!.Carson gets him vintage woven shirts,a new suit and snakeskin boots.Jai take Michael to his old voice coach where they tutor Michael in proper breathing and work on a song,for romance Jai talks about Henna tattoos which Michael demonstrates on Jai.Kyan takes him to the world's only fung shei hair stylist,who gives him a Edward Scissorhands-ish style,Ted takes Michael to the grocery store along with a dietician and they curse all the current anti carb diets.Tonight's dinner will be broil, baked sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach.Thom notices Michael&Amy's love of simplicity& modernism so Th
S02E04 Straight Outta Brooklyn:Philly R. 00/00/0000 Philly is man who knows what he likes:his car,Britney Spears,and beer.The event:a dinner with friends and co workers then taking his Ex back to his apartment.Problems:He trashed his knee and hasn't done a lot of exercise since,his apartment looks like a teenager's,dresses like a messy hip hopper and has a odd beard.Carson keeps some of Philly's old things to give him a high class hip hop look which includes a tie with...Britney on it.Jai who usually takes the guys to yoga or dancing lessons,and gives brief romantic advice.This week has to go to a paint&body shop.He lets Philly pick out a bunch of doodads and that's it for culture. Kyan takes Philly to a gym where they do a light swim,Philly is given a beard trimmer and is told to keep the 5 o clock shadow.Ted takes Philly to the restaurant early to figure what Philly should order ahead of time so it'll seem that he's in charge,Philly is also given new sets of kitchen stuff.Finally Thom,with Kyan's help go to yet another modern furnitur
S02E05 Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy:Wayne H. 00/00/0000 A HISTORIC EVENT! Wayne is gay, except he's depressed.He hasn't been on a date in 3 years,he lives in a tiny apartment,has oily skin,he collects plastic bags,and he doesn't like veggies.The event:a couple pals are taking him to a bar for open Mic night.So Carson takes Wayne to ""gay men heaven""Blooming-dales,where they flirt with sales boys and get things that fit.Wayne is diagnosed as an Autumn and is told to wear oranges,greens,teals,and browns.Jai learns that Wayne has done a little performing so he and Wayne go to a improv theater along with Wayne's friend Paul where they do a few exercises.As the theater is very good for dates Jai gives Wayne some tickets. Wayne is bit confused when he meets Kyan in a park,Kyan is standing with 2 bikes,so they go for a bike ride for some cardio and talk about what Wayne likes in a guy,back at Wayne's Kyan introduces Beauty Night where they try out different moisturizers and skin treatments.Ted takes Wayne to a cafe where Wayne is stubborn on the s
S02E06 Raising the Stakes: John S. 00/00/0000 John loves a good game of poker.Problems abound for this Ex cop:He loves going to the beach,but he has NEVER used sunscreen,he wears old t-shirts and shorts all year round,his house consists of unfinished projects,and he drinks loads of beer which causes him to loose fast and big in his games.Carson gets John some newer beach attire and for tonight a light green shirt, slacks, loafers and a sports jacket.John also gets new sunglasses.Jai,who got trapped in Johns' old handcuffs,brings Thom and John to a game store.They buy a green poker tabletop and a set of monogrammed poker chips,and to break them in Jai has poker expert Phil Gordon gives John some Tells to help his game. Jai found out that John's wife Rita is usually stuck upstairs during Poker Night,so he arranges for Rita and their daughter Trish to go out for a fancy dinner.Kyan takes John for a cut that adds texture,John also gets a manicure&pedicure,and finally John is given a bunch of sunscreen and lotions.Ted after shaking h
S02E07 Voice Makeover: Barra F (UK Special) 13/07/2004 The Fab Five take a break for a week as Bravo airs an episode of the spinoff, Queer Eye UK. The British Five makeover Barra Fitzgibbon, a voice over artist who wants more high profile jobs, helping him get an audition with Access Hollywood. Problems: multiple hair problems, his wife has picked his rather dull clothes, and his career has been hindered by interaction problems. Dane goes to a plant store to fix up the tiny backyard and Barras' boudoir has been redone in bright colors. Jason takes Barra to meet with Vince a reporter with Access Hollywood to have a screen test arranged. Julian gives Barra a ""funky but chic"" idea with lots of stripes. To help Barras' voice Peyton gets him a herb drink. Tristan takes Barra to meet the hosts of a popular TV show where they give him tips on interviewing,and being natural on camera. Barra is later given a shorter pointer do with highlights,and to make sure he doesn't look pale on camera he gets a spray on tan.Before the boys leave, they give their gifts:a website and new business cards.
S02E08 Senior Seeking Style: John K. 00/00/0000 John is a widower who has a ""lady friend""named Joan.Problems:has a tiny and dark apartment,he has lived on frozen food and instant coffee,recently lost 45 pounds but he needs more ways to stay fit and his clothes are all baggy. Carson gets him a new blazer and a bunch of striped shirts and teaches him slang,he also gets John new glasses and a watch.The main event is John will take Joan to the Rainbow Room for dinner and dancing so Jai takes John to a dance studio for Foxtrot lessons where the instructor flirts with John.Jai also gives John another date idea with 2 tickets to Hair spray.Kyan introduces John to Pilate's where John ""charms""the teachers,later Kyan gives John a new razor and a bunch of new facial products.Ted takes John to a low carb cooking class with his sister where John flirts with a fellow MUCH younger student ,they also try out different types of coffee.Thom brings John and Ted takes a furniture store where they look for a good mattress and before they go on they have
S02E09 Never too Late to Celebrate:Chris L. 00/00/0000 Chris and Michelle Lim are happy newlyweds and love telling the story of how they met and about their TINY,SIMPLE hurried wedding as Chris had gotten a great job in the US (they're both from Canada)but their families didn't want them ""living in sin"" so now they're in a itty bitty apartment over a laundromat.Oh well,Problems:Chris has mulletish thinning hair and dry skin,he has a nice body from years of swimming but doesn't show it off right,he is really frugal causing their apartment to be very bare.Anyway,the event is that the Lims want to have a belated wedding reception with all their friends and family flying in from Canada to see them for the 1st time since they moved.So Carson gets Chris a brown suit and some sportswear,Carson quickly shoves Chris out of the store off to Jai and then dashes up stairs to the women's department where Michelle is waiting where he gets her a lovely ensemble. Back at their apartment Carson is waiting with a salesman and a bodyguard who is holding diam
S02E10 Top of the (Trash) Heap:Al D. 00/00/0000 Al is a sanitation chief,with a girlfriend named Sandra and an apartment with a great view.However,Al's apartment is full of junk and he has few pieces of casual wear.The event tonight is a cocktail party.Carson gives a lesson in suit anatomy,and gets some things so Al can be dressy yet casual.Jai takes Al to a etiquette teacher.Kyan brings Al to a gym where they do a ""full throttle"" workout.Later Kyan teaches Al how to give a foot massage(Sandra's a flight attendant).Ted takes Al to a restaurant where they special in cheese,Al is told about cheese and wine tasting.Before going home Ted takes Al back to an old sanitation plant to see what Al's world is like.Back at Al's Ted gives him a review.Thom gets Al space saving furniture and does the apartment in a ski lodge theme,and as a special treat Thom gets high thread count sheets.The prep is brief,Sandra is speechless and Al is a perfect host.
S02E11 Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z. 00/00/0000 Michael is a:cop,brother,role model,boyfriend and baseball player.Problems:his apartment is empty and ugly,he's extremely forgetful and a procrastinator,he doesn't have a lot of color in his wardrobe,and he's kinda out of shape.Carson gets Michael a suit that can be transformed into several different outfits,he also gets him a set of clothes for the P.A.Ls game Michael will be playing in tonight.He also gets a new pair of sneakers(see goofs).Jai gets Michael a Sidekick,he also has Michael work on a little speech for his mom.Kyan,after telling off Michael for eating too many cheeseburgers takes him to the gym for an ab workout,he laters gives Michael a membership card for a year, foot powder,and a nose hair trimmer.Michael's diet is full of fat and grease so Ted takes him to a healthier burger joint where Michael tries a tasty soy burger.Michael's girlfriend Mellie is coming over before the game so Ted shows how to make a wheat pasta dish.Thom gets basic things for Michael's apartment
S02E12 Queer Eye for the Shy Guy:Sean K. 00/00/0000 Sean is a guy who at first seems wouldn't need any help from the Fab 5.He's cultured,young and fairly cute,BUT he is a:toy collecting,chronic razor burning,Ramen noodle eating freelance designing,Internet obsessing INTROVERT!(whew that was a finger full to type).Carson after finding out that most of Sean's wardrobe is black,black,and black brings color back in it.Jai and Sean take a field trip to Long Island City to go to a museum where they converse over dating,Jai also tells Sean what he'll be doing tonight:speed dating!back at Sean's,Jai has the rest of the guys play different types of dates:Thom-""difficult,"" Kyan-""shy,"" and Carson-""drunk and physical"".Sean loves martial arts so Kyan takes him to a capoeira class,Kyan also get Sean an exfoliate,a in-shower shaving mirror, and a moisturizer to deal with his razor burn. Ted and Sean go grocery shopping, they get a roast-able chicken and a bunch of sides.Thom takes Sean to a store where after you pick your furniture you use a computer
S02E13 An Opening Night to Share:Winston S. 00/00/0000 Tonight's culture should be a visit to a mental institution.Why? Winston,a Wall Street exec MBA quit his very nice job to open a restaurant in the East Village with his girlfriend Kay.Problems:his wardrobe is nothing but pricey suits and plaid,he has skin problems and a rash on his chest,his apartment is too small for Kay to move in and it's coated in 2 inches of dust,the restaurant Share looks like a doctor's waiting room,and this West sider has to learn how to run a restaurant and fit in the East Village.Carson takes him to a combination restaurant/store where Winston is outfitted in things that will look cool and and be comfy.Carson also gets Winston shoes that were designed for people who stand on their feet for a while,as a surprise Carson also created the uniform for the staff. Jai takes Winston down the street from Share to chat with his neighbors,and they give him 2 pieces of advice: 1)be friendly to everyone regardless of appearance 2)DO NOT WORK WITH A FRIEND OR SIGNIFICANT
S02E14 It's Only Rock&Roll:Ari V. 00/00/0000 Ari is the lead singer in the fledging rock group the Pelicans.The pelicans have been doing little club gigs and concerts so it's a good thing Ari has a salesman's job to keep his tiny,crammed full of stuff apartment which holds his bought in bulk wardrobe.Ari himself consists of bed head and someone who won't make eye contact with the audience.Tonight's event is that the Pelicans will be playing at a better club.According to Ari,the Indie Rock look is how you look when you slept past the alarm.Ignoring that Carson get Ari some boots to make him look taller,layers,and a cool blazer with the band's picture on the back.Jai after seeing Ari's equipment takes him to guitar store where Ari is given a new amp and guitar.Later Jai gives him tips on Mic handling,style on stage,and tells that there will be some record reps and a guy from Rolling Stone.Kyan has Ari's hair done so he can gel it down for work but play with to perform.Ari is later given a bunch of products.Ted helps Ari create pae
S02E15 Moving Out but Not Moving Far:John W. 00/00/0000 John is getting married in a couple weeks,he and his fiancee Coreen have bought their 1st home and everything seems great.BUT John has NEVER lived away from home.His mom has cooked his food,done his laundry and cleaned his room for the last 28 years!he's also overly generous with his finances,developing a gut,and top everything else the event is a housewarming BBQ for 26 people!.Carson has disappeared to a VIP shopping sale and according to a note he left in the car he'll be back later.Anyway the other guys each pick a scenario to dress John in,Carson later looks over the purchases and says the guys didn't do half bad. Jai takes John to the New York Stock Exchange for some financial counseling.Jai also gets bigger tank for Mike&Ike John's turtles. Kyan takes John to a kayaking lesson where surprise!Coreen's there too.As John has been of late eating the college diet of pizza,burgers,etc Kyan gives him an array of vitamins.Ted takes John to a plant store to buy growable herbs,Ted also
S02E16 Second Time Around:Steve P. 00/00/0000 Steve has been through a lot.His wife was found unfaithful with his best friend,who in the divorce rigged that she got all the furniture,just as his last chair was taken he got a call,his dad had died! and then he got fired!But he did get 3 great things among this sadness:rights to keep his superb pooch Stella,his awesome 150 yr old house,and Bailey, a fellow divorcee.So,tonight Steve is going to introduce Bailey to his family and friends,to show that he's out of his funk.Carson gets Steve a new suit and some sportswear.Jai,who notes that Steve's house is messy and extremely disordered takes Steve to the Container store were they get office type stuff,Jai later give Steve a new laptop.Kyan likes Steve's medium length mop,so he has it shaped and is given a variety of products.Ted after finding out that Bailey loves chocolate and Steve spicy food finds the perfect dish for them: Mole!(a superfluously done sauce) Ted teaches how to do a chocolate based and a spicy one and to coat a chicke
S02E17 A Queer Eye Thanksgiving 00/00/0000 The Fab Five are having a Pre - Thanksgiving Dinner! They invite three straight guy's families: The Bravo Twins, The Toales and The Goldmans. They each get a brown apron with their names, Ted teaches them how to cook a turkey, Thom shows them some ways to decorate and Carson helps them make napkins with their initials on them. They watch the day each straight guy was made over, then watch when they visited them yesterday. They play football and we find David no longer does a monkey, but a dinosaur. He ends up jumping onto the bench then on top of Jai, which requires Brandon, Kyan and Ted to get him off!
S02E18 The Brady Bunch Does Christmas:Richard M. 00/00/0000 Richard and his lovely wife Megan have been together for 3 years.They have 5 kids,and loads of Christmas traditions.However their holiday happiness has a couple hitches: each half of the family have their own ways and they don't like sharing them.The decoration budget is limited and has caused only 1 room of the house to be sightly cheerful,also certain decorations are old and not very eye appealing, and Richard's traditional breakfast although tasty doesn't have a lot of panache. To make sure they cover everything the Fab 5 are staying over!Also the event is a holiday brunch for friends and family.When they arrive the kids are shy until Jai shows them their practice Christmas tree.Yes,practice Christmas tree (to test their decorating skills). After the house is decorated,the fab 5 shake their heads and get to work.Carson gets the kids matching PJ's and some formal wear for church and what not.Richard and Megan each get a new outfit too.Jai helps the kids create a play for the brunch a
S02E19 A Home to Come Home To: Ray S 11/01/2005 Ray is in the army. He's been married to Maria for a year and has a baby girl.he's been dealing with insomnia, and is about to be sent off to Iraq and leaving an empty apartment. Also there's a hitch in his hitch to Maria: they were married in Maria's homeland of Colombia,so their marriage isn't recognized by the army,so if something should happen to Ray,Maria and Sabrina will be in trouble. The Fab 5 are going to help this supreme private get a wedding and a home.Carson sighs at Ray in in his fatigues and states those will not do for the ceremony so Ray is issued a blue suit.Jai gets Ray a heart necklace,half for him half for Maria.Also the Fab 5 give the couple a shower:$5000 to take care of Maria and Sabrina,a digital camcorder,2 laptops,his and her cashmere sweaters from Carson,a box of DVDs,a insomnia kit:a eye mask,book,and therapeutic CD.Ted gives them a red toaster,and a certificate for a year's worth of free groceries. The Fab 5 also give Ray sneakers,military checked glasses
S02E20 A Pigskin Proposal: Brian M 18/01/2005 The Fab Five help football fanatic Brian arrange a unique proposal for his equally sports mad girlfriend Rachel - on the field at a Jets game during halftime!
S02E21 Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B 25/01/2005 The Fab Five have done their best with the straight men of America, and now it's the Brits turn. Former pop star Simon Britton has long wild red hair, a wardrobe of dungarees and bright fluffymore
S02E22 An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D 01/02/2005 The Fab Five are still in England, but they must be feeling homesick because they're making over another American! Darin is spending a year working towards his PhD at the University of Essex in Colchester. He and his wife Julie miss their native California, so the Fab Five help them get settled in by arranging a romantic night in London, culminating in a surprise visit from their family from back in the US
S02E23 The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L 15/02/2005 Brud and Susan met and fell in love twenty years ago. Since then they've married, raised four kids, and divorced. But somehow they're still together and still in love, and they've decided to celebrate with amore
S02E24 Mike the Mechanic: Mike S 22/02/2005 Mike S found in calling in life on the side of the road, in the form of a broken down old motorcycle. Now he owns his own motorcycle repair and customization shop. He asks the Fabmore
S02E25 A Closet Thespian: Alex M 01/03/2005 Alex has longed to act all his life, but has only now, at the age of 29, began pursuing it. While his wife Carine is happy to support him, Alex realizes he needs a little more help - and calls in the Fab Five to get him ready for a big audition.
S02E26 Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D 08/03/2005 John loves baseball. He loves his job as Assistant General Manager to the Staten Island Yankees.He would also love to meet Emily,his friend he's been talking with on-line for the past 4 years.Problems:John's boss feels that John's wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts aren't really very professional,his apartment is a mess,he eats nothing but fast food and frozen stuff,and he's thrown his back out several times.Carson after seeing John's apartment gets him clothes that will survive if being thrown on the floor,lots of sandals(john has sweaty feet),Jai prepares a guest kit made of candles,fluffy towels,and perfumed soap for Emily.He also makes up a chores chart for John and his roommate.Kyan has also had back pain so he teaches John some stretches and exercises to lessen the probability of things getting worse.Also a new mattress helps out too.Ted and John go to a fancy grocery store where they healthy freezer food and John is taught how to make bruschetta.Thom does Johns apartment in a stylish p
S02E27 From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S 15/03/2005 Kord is a cameraman for cable channel NY1, but dreams of becoming a sportscaster. An Achilles tendon injury put him out of action for a while - it's hard to do stand up reports when you can't stand up. But Kord is healthy again and looking to jump start his career, and the Fab Five are right there to help him prepare for his first on camera opportunity.
S02E28 The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A 29/03/2005 The Fab Five are going on a ROADTRIP! Cameron A is Rush Chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of North Texas. He's a great guy, but his still is blah and their house is squalid and has holes in the walls. The Fab Five take a trip to Dallas to make over the entire frat house.
S02E29 An Overdue Reunion: Joe H 05/04/2005 Joe is a caring husband and father who spends his time entertaining seniors at a nursing home. Since the birth of his son River, he has found himself thinking about his own father, who he lostmore
S02E30 Home on the Ranch: Scott B 12/04/2005 The Fab Five finish off their Texan trip with a visit to the ranch. Scott B recently returned home to his family ranch, and he brought a girlfriend and a baby daughter with him. The Fab Five throw a barbeque to help Scott welcome Jessica and Katherine to the family.
S03E01 Championship Make Better: Boston Red Sox 07/06/2005 The boys are off to Florida to help out some Red Sox.The guys problems range from shaggy hair to fungus problems.Carson gets all the players a sport coat for appearances.Jai gets all the players and their wives togther for coffee and donuts and goes over the game plan. Kyan has his hands full at first but in the end all the players end up with haircuts, waxing,mani&pedicures. Ted arranges the lunch of burgers and hot dogs for the exhibition game that will be played that day (it's the Sox versus the championship Little League team of the area).Thom transforms the press room with comfy leather chairs.The prep mainly consists of the wives seeing their husbands,then the Team arrives the kids wolf down the food and then Jai does a very touching performance of the Star Spangled Banner and then its time to play ball! At the end of the game thanks to very generous $100000 donation the Little league team can repair their wrecked field (darn you Hurricane Charlie!)
S03E02 Guess Who's Coming to Babysit? Paolo P 14/06/2005 Most people's lives change when they have a baby, but can you imagine having FIVE babies? Paolo and his wife Silvia had quintuplets two years ago, so they are very much in need of some private relaxation time together, courtesy of the Fab Five.
S03E03 Hero on Wheels: Hector D. 21/06/2005 The Fab 5 do their stuff for a veteran soldier who survived a near-death experience which left him confined to a wheelchair. They remake his house, which he shares with his fiancee, to be fully wheelchair-friendly, and prepare the couple for an engagement party. They also show him several options for staying active and confident while confined to a wheelchair, including assisted golf and hand-cranked biking.
S03E04 Debut The New Dude: Patrick M 28/06/2005 Patrick M has given himself the ultimate makeover - he's lost 100lbs! But he still isn't completely comfortable in his new body, and still has a closet full of much larger clothes. The Fab Five help him make the most of his new body, and give him fitness and cooking tips to help him maintain it.
S03E05 Shearing Sampson's Locks: Jim J 05/06/2005
S03E06 A Nude Scary Garcia: Jim B 12/06/2005 Jim B is a regular guy. He works hard as a mechanic, loves his mom, and is a devoted father to teenage daughter Rebecca. He just happens to be a devoted nudist too. The Fab Five face what might be their toughest challenge yet as they help him prepare for a big nudist club party.
S03E07 Surprise the Super Dad: Lee F 19/06/2005 Lee F. is a full-time dad living in the Bronx. He and wife Elaine are foster parents to ten children - nine of which still live at home. The Fab 5 must help this loving father make the day to day more manageable as well as find some time for himself!
S03E08 A Phenominal 40th: Gary K 26/06/2005 Gary was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, and not expected to live to see adulthood. But, after a double lung transplant - and raising children and becoming a successful businessman - he's celebrating his 40th birthday! The Fab Five step in to throw this survivor, and his devoted wife, Robin, the birthday party of a lifetime.
S03E09 Send in the Clowns: Michael L 02/08/2005 Michael has been the tent master of the Big Apple Circus for ten years, and loves what he does. But the Fab Five don't love his waist-length beard, ramshackle trailer or junk food habit! They step in to help him renovate his image in time for a big barbecue for his family and friends - and, in a twist ending - the Fab Five themselves take to the ring!
S03E10 Back to School: Pat M 09/08/2005 Patrick is the coach of one of New York's top high school basketball teams. The Fab Five step in to thrown Patrick and his 'kids' a touching farewell banquet before they leave for college. There's a surprise for Patrick as the Harlem Globetrotters make a special appearance to give him the 'City of Spirit Award.'
S03E11 Trump-ed to Triumph: Danny K 16/08/2005 Danny is known to TV viewers from his short-lived stint as a contestant on 'The Apprentice.' But Danny's not giving up, he's launched his own business and is starting his own charity - and he's getting the Fab Five to help, with a potential-sponsor filled kick-off party.
S03E12 From the Doghouse to the Altar: Joe U 06/12/2005 Joe and Laura met ten years ago at jury duty, and have been together ever since, despite numerous break-ups and make-ups. But Laura has told him she won't move in with him until they get engaged, prompting Joe to go out and buy ... a Harley motorbike. Laura promptly dumped him, but now he wants her back and has decided he is ready to propose -- with the Fab Five's help.
S03E13 From the Doghouse to the Altar Part 2: Joe U 07/12/2005 The Fab Five throw Joe and his fiancee Laura their dream wedding.
S03E14 Emergency Room to Emergency Wedding: Christian H 20/12/2005 Christian H and his fiancee Suzanne love two things: each other, and the animals they care for as veterinarians. Their busy careers leave little time to focus on their love life, so the Fab Five play fairy godfather and throw an amazing surprise wedding.
S03E15 When Two Worlds Collide: David P. & Maria 03/01/2006 David and Maria are madly in love and all they want to do is get married. But he is Jewish and she is Catholic, and both sets of parents expect their child to wed in a traditional, religious ceremony. Can the Fab Five throw a inter-faith wedding that will be personal to them, while still keeping their families happy?
S03E16 Surprise Our Stud With Stag Party: Ryan M 10/01/2006 Ryan M thrilled his fiancée Kristen with a beautiful surprise engagement last year. So now she's called in the Fab Five to return the favor by throwing him a surprise bachelor party.
S03E17 Expose the Moose for Charity: Stephen G 17/01/2006 The Fab Five makeover the Huntington Moose Lodge and a dozen of the lodge leaders for what they're hoping will be their biggest charity fundraiser ever - a nude calendar!
S03E18 Make Star's Brother a Star: Michael B. 24/01/2006 Kevin Bacon is famous for his acting career, but he's also a musician, singing with his band, the Bacon Brothers. But his bandmate and brother Michael doesn't quite have the celebrity look, so Kevin's called in the Fab Five to help bring Michael, and the Bacon Brothers, up to scratch.
S03E19 Clean up Zookeeper to turn him into a Keeper: Carlos F 07/02/2006 Carlos F not only works in a zoo, he keeps so many pets he practically lives in one too! His girlfriend Beth loves him and agreed to move in with him anyway, but she's sure to be happy that the Fab Five are on hand to clean him - and his menagerie of an apartment - up a bit.
S04E01 Small Time Entertainer to Big Show Headliner: Max C 06/06/2005 Magician and fire eater Max and his artist wife Joni live in Death Valley with their five dogs, four fish, two parrots and rabbit. Max is happy to support his wife through performing his act inmore
S04E02 Marriage, Vegas Style: Asher and Tsiliana 13/06/2005 This episode tells the story of New York couple Asher and Tsiliana, who met on a dating website and fell instantly in love. But they had a hard time planning their wedding so as to satisfy the wishes of his orthodox Jewish family, her non-religious family, and their own desires. So they've eloped to Las Vegas, where the Fab Five give them both a wedding makeover before throwing their dream ceremony -- with Carson Kressley officiating!
S04E03 Turn a Poker Dud into a Five Card Stud: Ed M 20/06/2005 The Fab Five makeover Ed Miller, a talented but slobbish professional poker player, and prepare him for a celebrity charity poker game.
S04E04 Bringing Out the Inner Fab: Jeff B 27/06/2006 Jeff is gay man living in a straight man's world. The Fab Five step in to help one of their own embrace who he is, while remaining comfortable in his environment.
S04E05 Messenger to Model Material: Jesan H 04/07/2006 Jesan is handsome and physically fit, with great hair and a beautiful smile. Everything an aspiring male model needs, right? Wrong! He has no idea how to break into the biz, and doesn't even have headshots! His bad wardrobe and busy schedule working three jobs aren't making it any easier. The Fab Five (and model Tyson Beckford!) help Jesan clean up his act, and set up a meeting with a model agency.
S04E06 Help Fireman Thank His Heroes: Steve H 11/07/2006 NY firefighter Stephen suffered third degree burns over more than half his body, broken bones, and even a coma after being trapped inside a fire during a rescue. Now he's out of hospital, and is learning to live with the changes. The Fab Five throw Steve a wonderful party, to celebrate his recovery and to say thank you to all the family and friends who supported him.
S04E07 Groometh Yon Lad For Fair Maiden: Eric Z 18/07/2006 Eric Z's two passions are his girlfriend, and medieval history. He regularly participates in recreated medieval events, and even takes part in jousting battles! The Fab Five help him arrange a fantasy proposal -- in the middle of a grand 13th century banquet!
S04E08 Give Newlyweds a New Lease on Life: Anne Marie & Michael G 25/07/2006 Newlywed Michael G devoted his life to his wife Anne Marie when she was diagnosed with cancer. But she is now in remission, and they are finding it hard to be a normal couple again, instead of a carer/caree. The Fab Five step in to reward Michael for all his good deeds, and to give this two lovebirds a fairytale second honeymoon.
S04E09 Trans-form This Trans-man: Miles G 01/08/2006 The Fab Five help 24 year old trans-gendered Miles, who just moved to Brooklyn from California, embrace his new life as a New York man, and celebrate his new life with a coming out party for all his friends and family.
S04E10 Enroll this Trifecta in Domestic Boot Camp: Rotondo Family 08/08/2006 Meet the Rotondo family: grandfather, father, and son are all horse obsessed, and the women in the family aren't happy about the lack of care they give to anything or anyone else in their lives! The Fab Five put this multi-generational family through 'domestic boot camp' to help them shape up and learn to take care of themselves -- and their loved ones.
S04E11 Turn Dr. Dud into Dr. Stud: Ron B 15/08/2006 The Fab Five help stressed newlyweds Ron and Jodi learn to make time for each other despite their money worries and Ron's busy schedule as a medical student, and set them up on a beautiful romantic evening to put the passion back into their relationship.
S04E12 Taking the Stuffing out of the Lovebirds: Erik and Khadijah 22/06/2006 Meet Erik and Khadijah, food- and fun-loving soulmates whose contentment and shared interest in gustory delights have made for a stable marriage - and two not so stable waistlines! The Fab Five kick off the first in a series of weight-loss episodes, as they enroll Erik and Khadijah in a five month "Queer Eye bootcamp." And to help motivate them, the Fab Five will be providing all sorts of encouragement, from dancing lessons, to a beautiful new apartment -- and a special surprise anniversary party at the end to celebrate their success.
S04E13 From Big Boy to Broadway Baby: Eric S 29/08/2006 Eric S. is the manager of Empire Fitness Club in New Jersey, but at 320lbs, he's not the best advertisement for it! His body not only makes him feel bad, it is also preventing him from achieving his dream of making it as an actor. Not only does he only get auditions for "dumb fat guys," his own theater company, and won't even cast himself! Eric is willing to do anything to get the body of his dreams, even if it means giving up his diet of burgers and soda, and submitting to the Fab Five's crack team of weight-loss experts as he becomes the second person to undergo Queer Eye bootcamp."
S04E14 Getting Kicked Out of the Garden of Eaten: Adam & Steve 05/09/2006 Adam and Steve are best friends who do everything together -- work, play ... and eat. Unfortunately this last has gained them the nickname "The Rounder Brothers," something they are determined to change. Adam is certain he can beat Steve in the challenge to lose pounds, while Steve feels his wife and new house will be a great motivation for him to lose the most weight. The Fab Five hope to use the friends' competitiveness as they pit the two buddies against each other in the ultimate weight-loss contest.
S04E15 Turn This Fat Man into an Iron Man: Todd E 12/09/2006 Todd and his brother Dave are twins, but their lives could not be more different. Dave is slim and an Ivy League educated lawyer, but Todd struggles with his weight and can't seem to get his life together. Labelled since childhood as the "fat funny one" to his brother's "slim successful one" Todd is ready to change his life and pursue his dream of a career in sports broadcasting. And that begins with changing his body. Todd's five months in "Queer Eye bootcamp" turn him from fat man to iron man as he undergoes an arduous training regime, culminating with him and Thom Filicia competing in the ultimate challenge -- a triathlon.
S04E16 Help Widower Learn to Live Again: Jim M 19/09/2006 Jim M is a truly deserving straight guy, a doctor who works at a hospital for the underprivileged. Since his beloved wife, Loren, passed away a year ago, he has devoted himself to raising their three children, as he promised Loren on her deathbed. He even invited Loren's mother to move in with them, to make things easier on them. But it has been a year, and they are afraid he is wallowing in grief -- he does nothing but work and stay home, not even play with their dog, and spends all his spare time in his room, which is filled with photos of Loren. His children have not only lost their mother, they feel they have lost their father, too, and want him to try to move on with his life. The Fab Five try to give Jim the help he needs to realize life is for living and that he can be a great father on his own, setting him up for a "Leashes and Lovers" event where Jim and his children can have fun and meet other dog lovers.
S05E01 Straight Guy Pageant 00/00/0000 The last episode ever filmed reunites the Fab Five with 25 of the show's most popular makeover recipients, who compete in a unique 'Straight Guy Pageant' hosted by Susan Lucci. The 25 men compete in events in all five categories, such as cake decorating and speed shaving, to be crowned "The Ultimate Straight Guy."
S05E02 Eric & Tracie 00/00/0000 Eric and Tracie met online at, and have been conducting an e-mail- and phone-romance for some time. But as Eric lives in Denver and Tracie in New York, they have never had the chance to meet each other in person -- until now.
S05E03 Julie & Phil D 00/00/0000 Teachers Phil, Julie and 7 year old son Harrison are not quite what you would call an average family. From their mullet and Jesus hairstyles, to their monster truck obsession, to Phil's huge collection of everything from animal skulls to toy aliens, this family enjoy being unique. But everything has its limit, and Julie feels her family have reached theirs. Although she loves how close their family is, she doesn't love their long working hours, the clutter overwhelming their home, or the little time she has with her husband. So she's called in the Fab Five to help them grow up and start taking care of each other, before Phil's collections bury them alive!
S05E04 Roth Family 00/00/0000 Larry R is the only non-musically inclined member of his music-obsessed family; his wife Diana plays the piano, sings and teaches singing, his son Larry Jr. sings and plays guitar and drums, his oldest daughter Danielle sings and is a musical theater major, and his youngest daughter Katie plays the saxophone and is a self proclaimed theatre geek. They are the 21st Century Partridge Family -- but poor old Dad just doesn't fit in. His family wish he'd embrace their way of life, but office supply manager Larry insists art doesn't pay the bills, and as the kids are approaching college age, he wants them to settle down and think about 'real' career options. The Fab Five try to bring harmony to this troubled family.
S05E05 Ronnie B 00/00/0000 Ronnie B is a senior in high school, and the most popular guy in school. And he's earned it: a straight A student, the captain of the football team and all round jock, and generally a well-liked all round Mr Nice Guy. The Fab Five reward all his hard work by throwing him the ultimate Senior Prom.
S05E06 Freaky Friday: Ryan V 00/00/0000 Ryan loves his wife, and his new career as a cake maker. But he's struggling to find time for his family and his career. The Fab Five decide to switch things up ... by switching places! Kyan becomes Ted and cooks for Ryan, Ted becomes Jai and teaches Ryan to dance, Thom becomes Kyan and cuts Ryan's hair, Carson becomes Thom and decorates Ryan's home, and Jai becomes Carson and dresses Ryan.
S05E07 Wayne S 00/00/0000 The Fab Five makeover a biker, and take to the road themselves!
S05E08 Jeff L 00/00/0000 Jeff has been living the hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle for a long time now, but he's reached the point where he feels he's ready to move on to the next stage of his life and settle down. But first he has to convince girlfriend Faith that he's mature and ready for married life -- with a little help from the fabulous five and a fabulous wedding proposal.
S05E09 Boat Builder: Adam G 00/00/0000 The Fab Five makeover the executive director of 'Rock the Boat,' an environmental youth development charity, in time for the launch of their latest project.
S05E10 Like Father Like Son: Willy and Nathan M 00/00/0000 Willy is an aging ex-heavy metal rocker and the father of four, living in Queens with his girlfriend and their toddler son. They are preparing for Willy's teenage son Nathan to move in with them. The Good: Willy works at the Queens Theater at Flushing Meadows Park and is in a 40's style band. Nathan is a keen drummer and has performed with his father. Their love of music had always been a bond between them, and they hope it will bring them closer together once Nathan moves in. The Bad: Willy lives in a small three-bedroom apartment, and Nathan's room is empty and unwelcoming, which will not make leaving his home and his mother any easier. The Fab Five step in to create a warm home environment that all four of them can live comfortably in, and to help Willy build the happy family of his dreams.