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Ethan and Casey Jones met in the seventh grade, married after college, and around their 10-year anniversary decided to give their six-year-old daughter Eliot a baby sister or brother. Instead, the couple welcomed quints: Brooklyn, Ryan, Jack, Britton, and Lila. Watch the Joneses as they navigate the obstacles and the joys of raising a family when everything is multiplied by five. The family returns to TLC to reveal all-new experiences and adventures as their quintuplets enter their toddler years.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Quints by Surprise

S01E01 Meet the Joneses 30/08/2010 The Joneses try to lower their expenses by putting their home on the market. But what it takes to get their home ready, may be more than they bargained for: especially when they must vacate for the day with all five babies and a six-year-old in tow!
S01E02 No Time to Play 30/08/2010 It's graduation day for Ethan Jones as he finally finishes his MBA program. With quintuplets in tow, the whole family takes a trip to Baylor University in Waco, Texas for a graduation ceremony.
S01E03 Family First 06/09/2010 The Jones family ventures on a sixteen-hour, cross-country trek to Iowa so that the Quints can meet their Great-Grandparents for the first time. Can a family of eight make the long journey on planes, trains and automobiles without a meltdown?
S01E04 Flying Solo 06/09/2010 As his last requirement for Ethan's MBA, he must take a ten day trip to East Asia. Casey is left home alone with all six children for the first time since the Quints were born. Chaos ensues as even the simplest tasks get out of control without dad to help.
S01E05 Fireworks and Short Fuses 20/09/2010 With the sale of their home in the works, the Jones family is now under a tight deadline to find a new place for their family of eight to live. To relax, the Jones family decides to take a friend up on their offer to hit the lake for the fourth of July.
S01E06 Packing & Puppies 20/09/2010
S01E07 Moving Day 27/09/2010
S01E08 Busting at the Seams 27/09/2010
S01E09 Picture Perfect 04/10/2010
S01E10 Summer's End 04/10/2010
S02E01 Mr. Mom 09/05/2011
S02E02 Camping Out 09/05/2011
S02E03 Quints on the Run 16/05/2011
S02E04 First Zoo Visit 16/05/2011
S02E05 A Quints Christmas 23/05/2011
S02E06 Dog Daze 23/05/2011
S03E01 Freedom 08/11/2011
S03E02 Stop, Drop, and Roll 08/11/2011
S03E03 Touchdowns and Toddlers 15/11/2011
S03E04 Bikes and Ballet 15/11/2011
S03E05 A Day in the Life 22/11/2011
S03E06 Halloween 22/11/2011

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