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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Qumi-qumi

S01E01 The Legend 30/03/2011 A mysterious space object gets into the Qumi world. It is a big colorful egg which reacts to music and can reproduce the rhythm. Juga, Yusi and Shumadan are to find out who is sitting inside the space egg.
S01E02 Solar Energy 00/00/0000 Juga is instructed to charge a solar sheep which gives light to his tribe at night. However, the General from Shumadan’s military tribe abducts the sheep for it to serve him. Juga has to get it back with the help of Yusi and Shumadan.
S01E03 Trash Toad 14/12/2012 Yusi wants to make nice photos of nature but city garbage trucks spoil the fun. Shumadan and Juga arrive on a balloon and save Yusi from under a pile of trash. It seems they are out of danger but the anchor of the balloon accidentally hits a huge predatory toad…
S01E04 Fishing 04/03/2013 The three friends are fishing peacefully when a huge sea monster swallows their bait. The monster swallows Yusi and disappears underwater. Juga runs to ask help from Shaman while Shumadan jumps into the water following the monster. Which of the guys will save Yusi and become her hero?
S01E05 The Cloudies 04/04/2013 Juga gets on the sky inhabited by paunchy cloudies. They are dancing all day long – Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll himself is singing for them. Juga soon finds out that Elvis is only a prisoner of the cloudies. Juga decides to help him escape and steals a famous pink Cadillac from the cloudies.
S01E06 Snowman 03/05/2013 New Year’s Eve is approaching and Shumadan wants to give Yusi a present – a nice snowman. Juga is jealous and tries to interfere with Shumadan’s plan. Because of Juga’s machinations the snowman turns into a huge snowball which rolls right on the sledge with Santa Claus. If the three friends don’t bring Santa Claus back to his senses, the holiday may never happen!
S01E07 Oilo 05/09/2013 The General from the Shumi-Qumi tribe chases after a small oil drop named Oilo. He wants to use this cute creature as fuel for his rocket. After discovering his cruel plan Yusi Juga and Shumadan decide to confront the General.
S01E08 The Small Worm 05/09/2013 Shumadan eats an apple which serves as a house for Yusi’s pet – a small worm. To save the worm Yusi and Juga manage to diminish in size with the help of a special machine and go straight into Shumadan’s stomach. Little do they know what dangers await them inside.
S01E09 The Third Eye 05/09/2013 Juga gets underground where a Queen with three eyes makes her enchanted prisoners cook jam for her. Juga beats the Queen and gets her third eye which contains magic power. Is our careless Juga able to take control over this power?
S01E10 The Robot 30/09/2013 Yusi finds an old battle robot on the dump and transforms him into a faithful iron assistant. But Juga and Shumadan don’t like new Yusi’s friend, because he surpasses them in everything. So they decide to get rid of the rival but it is not such a simple task.
S01E11 General in Love 13/12/2013 Shumi-Qumi General falls in love with Yusi and kidnaps her for marriage. Of course Juga and Shumadan can’t let this happen. To release Yusi they use magic cakes but the effect turns out unexpected.
S01E12 Qumi-Mix 23/05/2014 Qumi Mix is a number of small sketches of the Qumi world. The adventures described always happen to Yusi, Juga and Shumadan when they are not together. It seems, what can possibly happen if the three of them don’t get into a mess?
S01E13 The Zombie 15/08/2014 Juga and Shumadan found two zombies who are controlled by special joysticks. They fight each other operating their zombies. Yusi watches the competition rooting for a stronger warrior. However, playing with zombies is not safe!
S01E14 Money, Money 31/12/2015 Qumi-Qumi friends are playing an arcade machine but they lack a coin to continue their spree. A number of random incidents urge them to open a beauty parlour to earn some coins for their game to continue. However, it turns out a beauty parlour is not an easy way to earn money! Crazy events that follow their enterprise turn the Qumi world upside down and even affect the Jumi-Qumi king and his queen!
S01E15 The Portals 06/10/2016
S01E16 00/00/0000

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