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Taketo Akutagawa est un étudiant pas tout à fait normal car il a un secret, il est un romancier pornographique. Il s'inscrit dans une école réservée à l'élite ce qui va engendrer pas mal de problèmes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de R-15

S01E01 Bienvenue à l'Académie de l'Inspiration ! 10/07/2011 Taketo Akutagawa is a high schooler who's also a genius erotic writer whose work is serialized in the newspaper. He goes to a school where only people with a unique talent (Geniuses) are allowed, Inspiration Academy! A genius clarinet player, a genus mathmatician, a genius hacker and a genius idol, he gets in all kinds of sexy trouble thisthese crazy people. His fantasies never stop! And what about the love that's starting to grow there? A taboo crazy academic life is about to start!
S01E02 Je suis une idole, même si je me déshabille ! 17/07/2011 Taketo is assigned to interview Utae, the most popular girl in school. He's nervous because he's not sure how she will react to him. Eventually they become friends.
S01E03 My First... 24/07/2011 Raika is in need of a good photograph for the school, and decides she wants to take a photo of Taketo being pervy.
S01E04 Romantic Photographic Story 31/07/2011 Raika is in need of a good photograph for the school, and decides she wants to take a photo of Taketo being pervy.
S01E05 Beyond Friends with Benefits 07/08/2011
S01E06 Genius Manager Moshimo 14/08/2011 Taketo is suffering from writer's block. Kurumi locks him in an apartment and gives him 48 hours to meet his deadlines. With him is a young woman that's supposed to cheer him on, but all she does is prolong his writer's block.
S01E07 Story of the Girl's Dormitory 21/08/2011 Kurumi gives Taketo a suit that makes him invisible, and tells him to spend the day in the girl's dormitory as research for his work. Naturally, things do not go as planned.
S01E08 Holiday Inspiration 28/08/2011 Everybody is having a free day in Inspiration Academy, and everyone is really excited about this. Taketo decides to go to the town with Ritsu, but he ends up going with the defenseless and innocent Fukune.
S01E09 Director of X-Files 04/09/2011 Taketo starts becoming suspicious of Kurumi after she mysteriously vanishes. He has Ran hack into the school's database to find out more about her. Things get more puzzling as the story goes on.
S01E10 Steamy Town Elegy 11/09/2011 The upperclassmen decide to pit Inspiration Academy's three first-year classes against each other in a talent competition. Taketo must find a way to win for his class.
S01E11 Our Summertime Blue 18/09/2011
S01E12 I Love You! 25/09/2011

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