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"R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour" is an anthology series aimed at kids and teens, and inspired by the stories of horror master R.L. Stine. Each thirty minute episode is a tale of horror and suspense, invariably involving a supernatural element. The episodes rely on sharp story telling and imaginative cinematic techniques to evoke chills, thrills and scares.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de R L Stine's The Haunting Hour

S01E01 Really You (Part 1) 29/10/2010 A girl named Lilly (Bailee Madison) is given her very own life-sized "Really You" doll which is named Lilly D.; because she is good at manipulating her dad. Lilly remains a spoiled brat, bragging about Lilly D, even going as far as ripping the leg off a friends doll, after the friend informs Lilly that "Lilly D hates Lilly". Soon after, strange events begin to occur which Lilly's mother accuses Lilly of doing; despite how Lilly maintains she is innocent, and that Lilly D is alive.
S01E02 Really You (Part 2) 29/10/2010 Lily's brother, Brandon (Connor Price), suspects the doll is trying to get rid of Lilly since her mother seems to love the doll more than she loves Lilly as he tries to record what she does in the middle of the night, it shows that she is alive.
S01E03 A Creature Was Stirring 25/12/2010 It didn’t matter if Timmy (Thomas Robinson) was naughty or nice. This year, he gets one Christmas present that turns out to be a dangerous gremlin-like monster.
S01E04 The Dead Body 25/12/2010 A friendship made between a bullied boy and a mysterious new kid at school leads to school pranks that threaten to get out of hand.
S01E05 Nightmare Inn 08/01/2011 When a young girl loses her father, she is forced to face her fears and move to a terrifying hotel where the staff have mysterious secrets.
S01E06 The Red Dress 15/01/2011 When a teenage girl is faced with a moral dilemma she learns that everything that can be had has a price.
S01E07 Ghostly Stare 29/01/2011 Lauren (Emma Grabinsky) and Mark (Jason Spevack) learn that when cemeteries are disturbed, not everything stays buried.
S01E08 Walls 05/02/2011 A family moves into a new home, but the son soon discovers there is something wrong within the walls.
S01E09 Game Over 12/02/2011 Kelly "Kell-razer" (Calum Worthy) and his friend Gooch (AJ Lutsky) receive a mysteriously new game called "Zee Town" that they got from a stranger, named the Game Master (voiced by David Sobolov). However, it turns out this game is actually real.
S01E10 Alien Candy 19/02/2011 A sixth grader who believes in extraterrestrials is approached by two eighth graders who invite him to join a special club.
S01E11 Fear Never Knocks 26/02/2011 Siblings sneak into Grandpa's office to play with a mysterious old recorder. They record their worst fears and play them back. They will soon regret this decision.
S01E12 Best Friend Forever 05/03/2011 12 year old Jack Pierce performs an experiment at home, and finds himself saddled with a new best friend: Cheeky the Zombie.
S01E13 Black Mask 12/03/2011 Three friends find a mysterious mask that allows a glimpse into another time where they see a horrible accident they desperately try to prevent.
S01E14 Afraid Of Clowns 19/03/2011 Christopher is deathly afraid of clowns... are they really trying to get him or will he finally outgrow this childhood horror?
S01E15 My Sister the Witch 26/03/2011 Alice comes home from boarding school acting strange. Pete, her brother, suspects that she is a witch. He does everything he can to thwart her attempts to practice her craft.
S01E16 Wrong Number 02/04/2011 The two meanest girls at school prank call someone who turns out to be even meaner than they are.
S01E17 Catching Cold 09/04/2011 A boy becomes obsessed with catching a mysterious ice cream truck that seems to haunt his neighborhood.
S01E18 Pool Shark 16/04/2011 Can a handsome boy overcome his fear of the water and convince people there is a shark in the pool?
S01E19 Lights Out 23/04/2011 Three kids decide the ghost hunter show they watch is lame. Filming inside the local mental hospital that closed 60 years ago should provide them with some interesting footage... but will it ever be seen?
S01E20 The Perfect Brother 30/04/2011 Matt's brother Josh is perfect, maybe just a little too perfect.
S01E21 Scary Mary (Part 1) 07/05/2011 Three friends dare to find out if the myth of a dead girl who can reach through the mirror to "take your face" is really true.
S01E22 Scary Mary (Part 2) 14/05/2011 While in Scary Mary's world, Hanna refuses to be like everyone else, who have given their faces to Mary.
S02E01 Creature Feature (Part 1) 01/10/2011 A classic film lover named John (Joel Courtney) gets sucked into a 1950s B-movie called I Was A Teenage Tick Monster playing at a haunted drive-in.
S02E02 Creature Feature (Part 2) 08/10/2011 Nathan and Lisa get sucked inside the B-movie to rescue John and stop the evil Dr. Mangle from releasing his creation on the world.
S02E03 Swarmin' Norman 15/10/2011 A bullied boy named Norman discovers that he has god-like power over insects and uses them to get revenge on his tormentors – only to discover (the hard way) that absolute power corrupts absolutely.
S02E04 Flight 22/10/2011 A boy named Josh on his first flight learns that the Grim Reaper (posing as an old woman) is a fellow passenger and an undead man only the boy can see is trying to escape her.
S02E05 Pumpkinhead 29/10/2011 A girl and her brothers investigate a pumpkin patch said to be tended to by a murderous farmer who kidnaps children and switches their heads with the pumpkins in his gardens.
S02E06 Brush with Madness 05/11/2011 When comic book geek Corey gets yelled at by his favorite artist Allan Miller (Mackenzie Gray) during a comic book convention, Corey steals Allan's brushes and comes up with his own creation – only to learn that Allan's brushes have the power to turn fantasy into reality.
S02E07 Sick 12/11/2011 Alex has to stay home from school, thanks to a bad cold – and soon finds that he's not alone in the house. To make matters worse, two morning news show anchors begin talking to him from the television, warning him that his mom and the government are out to kill him for being ill (along with the monster in the house that may have sickened the boy to start with). Is Alex really in danger or is this all a fever dream?
S02E08 Mascot 19/11/2011 Willie and his friend Drake hate their school mascot Big Yellow and decide to have it replaced with a wolf....which doesn't sit well with Big Yellow himself.
S02E09 Bad Feng Shui 26/11/2011 A Chinese girl named Jessica hates how strict her mother is right down to rearranging her room. When Jessica decides to arrange the room the way she wants it, dark forces begin haunting her house and she turns to Mr. Ming on how to set things right.
S02E10 The Hole 03/12/2011 Rob and Carrie's family move to a new house which they find by the help of a video is haunted by a father who went insane during a barbecue and killed his family in a car wreck.
S02E11 Scarecrow 10/12/2011 A farmer named Jenny has trouble ridding her crops of an infestation of crows, so she buys a scarecrow from a mysterious salesman -- and soon discovers that the scarecrow has the power to scare more than crows.
S02E12 Dreamcatcher 17/12/2011 The camp legend of a mysterious creature who feeds on nightmares appears to be true after a cabin full of girls have a recurring nightmare that terrorizes them so badly, it leaves them unable to sleep.
S02E13 The Most Evil Sorcerer (Part 1) 07/01/2012 In a medieval English town ruled under a corrupt sorcerer, two teens, Ned and Sara, set out to dethrone the sorcerer and rid him of his magic.
S02E14 The Most Evil Sorcerer (Part 2) 07/01/2012 When Ned and Sara discover that the sorceress who helped them dethrone the evil sorcerer was the one who taught him black magic, Ned takes revenge against the sorceress, and Sara worries that Ned's obsession to learn magic may drive them apart.
S02E15 Stage Fright 14/01/2012 A high school drama club is doing a play based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, but the cast suspects their drama teacher of being a witch after several misfortunes befall the cast and one of the props is revealed to be a real working oven.
S02E16 Night of the Mummy 21/01/2012 When a rare Egyptian exhibit comes to town, Seth discovers a horrible secret that connects him with the mummy of The Boy Pharaoh.
S02E17 Headshot 28/01/2012 An ice cream shop girl named Gracie Wilde dreams of being the prettiest face in the world -- a wish that a ruthless teen magazine photographer named Cassandra is more than willing to grant Gracie. As Gracie gets more famous, her character begins to change.
S02E18 The Return of Lilly D 04/02/2012 The evil doll Lilly D. (from the series premiere "Really You") is being beaten up by boys when a young girl named Natalie takes her home to her grandfather.
S03E01 Grampires (Part 1) 13/10/2012 When Mike (Mitchell Kummen) and Cristen (Chanelle Peloso) visit their grandpa (Christopher Lloyd) at his retirement community, they soon discover why its residents only come out at night as the grandpa and it's inhabitants are actually vampires.
S03E02 Grampires (Part 2) 13/10/2012 The grandpa must protect and save his grandchildren from the bloodthirsty residents of his retirement community.
S03E03 The Cast 20/10/2012 When Lex rats out his friends for egging the house of a mysterious cat lady, her cats begin to follow him and take interest in his increasingly itchy arm cast.
S03E04 The Weeping Woman 27/10/2012 Chi (Rico Rodriguez) learns the scary folk tale of the child-stealing river witch called "La Llorona." He soon comes face to face with the terrifying creature and must defeat her to save his friends.
S03E05 Intruders 03/11/2012 A young girl, who's been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother, makes a deal with a seemingly harmless forest creature who promises to give the girl a better life with a new family in exchange for her baby brother.
S03E06 Spaceman 10/11/2012 Aaron (Will Shadley) is a lonely boy who is given a toy space helmet by a neighborhood woman. The helmet begins receiving calls, however there are no batteries in it.
S03E07 Red Eye 17/11/2012 It's always a good day for Georgia (Mackenzie Foy) when she gets a postcard from her traveling father away in another country, but soon she has reason to believe that he is being followed by someone and decides to figure out what's going on before it's too late.
S03E08 My Imaginary Friend 24/11/2012 Shawn (Ryan Lee) is happy to make friends with a mysterious being named Travis, but soon the two are faced with a dilemma when Shawn's brother begins to butt heads with Travis, who just so happens to be an imaginary being, and perhaps even a ghost.
S03E09 Poof de Fromage 01/12/2012 Bobby (Quinn Lord) and his family are housing a French exchange student, Jean-Louis (Vincent Martella) for a year, but a chain of strange happenings make Bobby suspect that his French exchange student may be an alien.
S03E10 The Golem (Part 1) 08/12/2012 Jeremy and Bonnie are saddened to learn of the passing of their grandmother and travel to her homeland of Russia to spread her ashes. But soon after they arrive, a bewildering secret is uncovered from their grandmother's past.
S03E11 The Golem (Part 2) 08/12/2012 After arriving to his late grandmother's homeland of Russia to spread her ashes, Jeremy must use what he knows about a certain secret from her past to save the village and his sister from a malevolent threatening being.
S03E12 The Girl in the Painting 15/12/2012 When a girl in a painting captures the attention of Becky (Bailee Madison), she becomes enthralled with the image and does everything she can to mirror the life and surroundings of the painted figure, but she soon realizes that things aren't as they seem.
S03E13 Checking Out 19/01/2013 Jeremy (Matthew Knight) & Chelsea get out of a family vacation with mom & dad. When the family stumbles upon a creepy hotel where parents mysteriously forget that they have kids, Jeremy & Chelsea have to fight to keep their family together.
S03E14 Terrible Love 09/02/2013 Hopelessly infatuated with a boy who seems to have more important things to do than pay any attention to her, a girl commissions Cupid to cast his spell on him but with two times the normal strength, inevitably leading to a terrifying obsession.
S03E15 Séance 12/10/2013 As part of a joke, Naomi (Julia Sarah Stone) and Tracey (Laine MacNeil) try to scare Naomi's sister Carla (Joey King) by summoning the spirit of an evil man named Cyrus Clayton (Ian Gregson), a sawmill worker who was fired for drinking on the job and killed his boss before he lost his leg. But the joke's on them when Carla goes missing and the spirit is let loose in the house.
S03E16 Detention 12/10/2013 A snooty homecoming queen named Kate (Madison Desjarlias), a jock named Halftime (Casey Dubois), and a Goth girl named Audrey (Madeline Carroll) are stuck in detention for unknown reasons. But when Kate goes missing and strange noises begin haunting them, Audrey and Halftime soon realize that their after-school punishment is from a higher power who wants them to atone for a homecoming court scandal.
S03E17 The Funhouse 19/10/2013 Two kids make a pact to stick together, but problems arise when one of them goes into a fun house and his dark thoughts begin to overpower him.
S03E18 Worry Dolls 26/10/2013 A girl receives worry dolls from her busy parents, and soon whatever she frets about becomes real.
S03E19 Lovecraft's Woods 02/11/2013 On their way to a party, three teenagers (a gamer named Nicholas, a goth named Erica, and a brainy girl named Margaret) find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the forest known as Lovecraft's Woods, said to trap its victims into an endless time loop and be haunted by a ghoul who infects anyone it scratches.
S03E20 Coat Rack Cowboy 09/11/2013 Sometimes it's best to just leave the old tree alone.
S03E21 Long Live Rock and Roll 16/11/2013 Holden buys a new guitar that will apparently make him into the rock star he wants to be, but he might have just traded for his soul.
S03E22 Dead Bodies 23/11/2013 Will made a deal with a ghost months ago. Now a ghost himself, he sets out to save his ex-girlfriend from the same fate.
S03E23 My Robot 30/11/2013 Philip has his own robot, and while that sounds cool, it has certain... drawbacks.
S03E24 Bad Egg 07/12/2013 Jason, a problem child, is given one more chance. Then he's accidentally given a monster.
S03E25 Toy Train 14/12/2013 When Logan and his dad are tasked with cleaning out his grandfather's house, the ghosts of secrets long past come back to haunt them.
S03E26 Uncle Howee 21/12/2013 Jared tries to turn off an annoying kids show, but shutting off the TV isn't doing the trick.

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