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Rachel continues her culinary adventures in her latest series ‘Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook’. A colourful and energetic tour around some of Europe’s most exciting cities and towns, the show is sure to instill an urgent sense of wanderlust! After her travels each episode Rachel returns to London to test out new flavours and techniques, and she shares her exciting new recipes inspired by her travels.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook

S01E01 Istanbul 09/06/2014 From the bustling Grand Bazaar and its interesting wares, to up-and-coming pockets of the city, Rachel’s explores all that Istanbul has to offer.
S01E02 Amalfi Coast 10/06/2014 The Amalfi Coast is home to a multitude of local specialties, and is the perfect destination to search for culinary inspiration, (especially for seafood recipes). Back in London Rachel creates her own take on the traditional ‘Panzanella’’.
S01E03 Costa Brava 11/06/2014 Uncovering the secrets of the stunning Catalonian coastline, Rachel visits Costa Brava to discover how the locals cook their mouthwatering seafood to perfection. Rachel’s own ‘Seafood Paella Baskets’ are inspired by her time in Costa Brava, and are an exciting addition to entertaining at home.
S01E04 Provence 12/06/2014 With its bountiful fresh produce and inspiring local producers, Provence in Southeastern France is any foodie’s idea of heaven. Rachel visits a local cheese maker and goat farmer, as well as calling in to visit a friend to share a delicious tarte tartin recipe together.
S01E05 Stockholm 13/06/2014 Cosmopolitan, creative, with a touch of traditional charm – Scandinavian cuisine has taken the world by storm. Rachel discovers local restaurants in Stockholm serving up intriguing fare.
S01E06 Princes’ Islands 16/06/2014 Rachel journeys to the Princes’ Islands of Istanbul, a chain of small islands worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city. An inspiring locale bursting with local culture, the islands are home to charming cafes and meandering streets. Back in London Rachel whips up her take on a traditional ‘mezze’, and for a sweet touch she bakes a beautiful ‘Pistachio Yogurt Cake with Pomegranate marbling’.
S01E07 Naples 17/06/2014 Vibrant, gritty and unique, Naples is Rachel’s favourite Italian city. In this episode Rachel samples traditional pizza made by a master, which inspires her to create her own ‘Pizza Pasta’ dish back home in London.
S01E08 Swedish Archipelago 18/06/2014 In this episode Rachel shares her passion for the beautiful Swedish countryside and woodlands. Inspired by the flavours and textures of the Swedish Archipelago, Rachel creates a ‘Savoury Swedish Celebration Cake’ – known as Smörgåstårta.
S01E09 Nice 19/06/2014 During this trip to Nice, Rachel visits a local Socca bar to discover the recipe secrets behind the local specialty (large chickpea crêpes). A chilled out coastal town, Nice is home to bustling markets, wonderful olive groves, and charming French flair.
S01E10 Barcelona 20/06/2014 An authentic tour of Europe’s food scene wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Barcelona. Rachel samples a modern take on Spanish tapas, some chocolate treats, and delicious ‘Churros’, a local favourite that she reinterprets back in her London kitchen.

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