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Make preschool learning fun and easy with Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman and her TreeSchooler friends! Based on a comprehensive curriculum, TreeSchoolers videos engage children in learning through music, movement and fun! Charming characters like Abacus Finch, Isaac Newt, Chroma Chameleon and others will help your child learn important preschool concepts and character-building values.


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S01E01 A Rainy Day 05/01/2013 Rain interrupts the TreeSchooler’s plans to play outside. The lightning and thunder scare Abacus Finch. Help Rachel and the TreeSchoolers show Abacus that understanding something can make it less scary. This episode teaches weather concepts, problem solving, rhyming, sign language, classification, storytelling, persistence, kindness, and courage.
S01E02 Plants & Flowers 04/11/2013 Help your child get ready for kindergarten with Rachel & the TreeSchoolers! This episode teaches kids about how plants grow and the value of working together to learn something new.
S01E03 Incredible Insects 04/11/2013 Help your preschooler get ready for kindergarten with Rachel and her TreeSchooler friends. This episode teaches children how incredible insects really are and the value of every individual – no matter how small.
S01E04 Awesome Animals 00/00/0000 In this episode, the TreeSchoolers explore how each and every one of them have unique talents and abilities, even though they are different kinds of animals. Key questions What is an animal? How are animals different from one another? How are animals the same as each other? Key skills, concepts, and values Animals grow up, and change as they grow. Everyone has special talents and abilities. We are all different, unique, and special.
S01E05 The Amazing Human Body 00/00/0000 Convinced that they’ve never met a human, the TreeSchoolers set out to discover what human bodies do and how they work, inside and out. As they learn about what makes humans special, they start to wonder: Could their friend Rachel actually be…a human? The Amazing Body explores questions such as: How do our bodies work? What’s inside our bodies? How do our bodies move? How do we use our senses? What makes humans special? Plus learn 30+ ASL Signs!
S01E06 Happy, Healthy Me 00/00/0000 Abigail Finch has an important recital coming up, but she’s feeling sick! The TreeSchoolers set out to learn why bodies sometimes get sick and what we can do to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Will Abigail get better in time for the recital? Happy, Healthy Me explores questions such as: What can we do to take care of our bodies? Where do healthy foods come from? Why do we need sleep and exercise? Why do we need to drink water? How can we listen to our bodies? Why do we need to stay clean? How do bodies get sick? Plus learn 50 ASL Signs!
S01E07 Scientific Reasoning 21/04/2015 The TreeSchoolers are getting ready for the science fair! They ask questions, do experiments, and solve problems together. Along the way, they learn the steps of the Scientific Reasoning Cycle - and the importance of never giving up.
S01E08 Extraordinary Earth 18/06/2015 When Chroma Chameleon discovers that her cousin's habitat is endangered, the TreeSchoolers naturally want to help. With Rachel's guidance, they discover that there are lots of things they can do to take care of our Earth! Along the way, they learn about continents, seasons, and the many ways our Earth takes care of us.
S01E09 Our Solar System 29/09/2015 Simon gets worried when he sees the moon slowly disappearing! As Rachel and the TreeSchoolers set out to solve "The Mystery of the Missing Moon," they learn about the sun, moon, stars, planets, and the scientists whose questions and curiosity led to important discoveries about our universe.

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