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Witness the awesome forces of nature as Discovery Channel take you into the heart of the raging planet Discovery Channel reveals the awe-inspiring magnitude of nature's fury in raging planet. From the massive floods and surge caused by Hurricane Katrina in the US to the lightning storms of the African plains, raging planet captures the beauty and destructive elements of Mother Nature at work. raging planet shows nature at its wildest and most furious with footage from all over the world. Filmed with cutting edge technology, each episode of raging planet examines a different extreme weather condition and shows the sheer force of events such as massive floods, killer avalanches, deadly volcanoes, powerful twisters and violent hurricanes. Special effects and stunning recreations depict some of the world's most famous volcanic eruptions, avalanches and sea storms in amazing detail. Get up-close to the destructive powers of nature and experience the speed of a twister, the power of a hurricane, and the explosive punch of a volcano on Raging Planet.


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S01E01 Avalanche 10/10/1997 Witness the devastating power of an avalanche, from cameras placed directly in the path of descending snow. Stunning special effects recreate the unimaginable horror of the worst avalanche disaster in US history.
S01E02 Blizzard 17/10/1997 Take a journey into the heart of the planet's most furious snowstorms, and feel what it's like to try to survive the sub-freezing temperatures, howling winds, and blinding snowfalls.
S01E03 Earthquake 24/10/1997
S01E04 Fire 31/10/1997 Observing wildfires along the California coast and Texas, including a blow-by-blow account of the 1996 fire in Yosemite National Park as seen through the eyes of firefighters on the front lines. Also: the latest technology to fight forest fires, including infrared cameras and miniature explosives.
S01E05 Flood 07/11/1997 Witness the destructive power of water when floods strike without warning. See it all up-close, from the overwhelming storm surge of Hurricane Katrina to the destructive landslides in Venezuela to the misery caused by the Mississippi River floods.
S01E06 Hurricane 14/11/1997 Experience the dramatic power and destructive potential of the largest storms on Earth. Go on a breathtaking journey around our planet to the most hurricane prone regions on Earth: from the spectacular Atlantic islands of Cape Verde, where 80% of US hurricanes are born, to the devastation of the most infamous hurricane in living memory, Katrina.
S01E07 Lightning 21/11/1997 Witness the beauty and destruction of the biggest light show on Earth. State-of-the-art high-speed cameras capture lightning for the first time, on a journey from the US to Venezuela and equatorial Africa.
S01E08 Tidal Wave 28/11/1997 Every trip on the Earth's oceans is a potential battle with nature. Witness the awesome forces that can punch a giant hole in a supertanker, capsize any size ship, and leave you fighting for your life on the open seas, thousands of miles from help.
S01E09 Tornado 05/12/1997 Witness the awesome beauty and power of these amazing storms. See the most spectacular footage of twisters ever shot, along with the stories of people whose lives have changed forever after encountering these mega-storms.
S01E10 Volcano 12/12/1997 Special effects take you inside some of the world's most famous volcano eruptions. Watch spectacular new footage of lava rivers, superheated flying rocks, torrents of boiling ash, and lethal mudflows. Merging remarkable human stories and the latest scientific innovations with spectacular new footage, it's a treacherous journey to the most fiery and most dangerous places on Earth.

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