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Voici l'aventure de jeunes héros parcourant le royaume de Rune Midgard, où des catastrophes se produisent. Yuufa, une jeune acolyte, et son ami d'enfance Roan, un épéiste, vont devoir lutter contre les complots ourdis dans l'ombre et affronter leur destin. Nos amis entraineront dans leur sillage Maaya, une marchande accompagnée de son animal Poipoi (un poring), Judia, une archère de son état et Takius la magicienne.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ragnarök

S01E01 À quoi te sert donc cette épée ? 07/04/2004 Roan and Yuufa enter Rune-Midgaard's capital on the beginning of their adventures. After doing a bit of shopping, they wonder around the city and get lost. In a back alley they stumble across three ruffians accosting a lady mage. They help the mage and scare the ruffians away. The mage, Takius by name, sits down to eat with Roan and Yuufa and while there, they discuss the growing evil in the land. The three ruffians summon a powerful monster, called The Clocktower Manager, to get revenge for their defeat earlier.
S01E02 Enchantée, Grand frère ! 14/04/2004 Upon discovering that the water is his room doesn't seem to be working, Roan decides to go ut and buy breakfast. While on his way back to the inn where they are staying, he over hears some men talking about a Golden Thief Bug in the sewers, which must explain why his water isn't working. Roan heads back to the inn and convinces Yuufa that they are ready to head into the sewers to confront and kill this Golden Theif Bug. After encountering and defeating some minor monsters, they see a small pink poring, which they follow and discover a girl in danger. They rescue her and she introduces herself as Ma-Chan. She is a collector of valuable items. Ma-Chan follows Roan and Yuufa (much to Roan's dismay) amd because of her annoying chatter, Roan yells at her to shut up. She runs off and a few minutes later comes running back, followed by The Golden Thief Bug.
S01E03 Je crois en elle 21/04/2004 The group reached Geffern to hear news that ghost wanders inside Geffern Tower and so far no one has ever come out uninjured. Thanks to Maya's words, they decides to enter Geffern Tower with the help of Takius. But Takius doesn't seems to trust Maya at all.
S01E04 Est-ce ta force ? 28/04/2004 The group decides to head back inside the tower where suddenly, Roan and the girls were seperated and get attacked by a strong moster each. Luckily, Iruga and Judia saves them and joins their party.
S01E05 Qu'as-tu dit à l'instant ? 01/01/2006 The group intends to head back towards Prontera until they've faced a gigantic monster named Bahopment. Meanwhile Yuufa was shocked to hear about Keough from Judia.
S01E06 Je ne laisserai personne me barrer la route 01/01/2006 Yuufa was getting suspicious of Keough alive so she decides to heard to the forest in search for his brother.
S01E07 C'est pour me réconforter ? 01/01/2006 The group heads to Alberta to fight with the monsters inside but it turns out to be a false alarm since the monsters are 'pet monsters'. Meanwhile, Maya befreind with a human monster named Alice after saving her from Anasan and her two minions. But Takius sees it and hurt her feelings and make her go to Alice in tears. The next day, Ansan wants revenge and intend to kill Alice.
S01E08 Malheur à qui ne sait que la vie est sacrée 01/01/2006 The group were supposed to head towards Morroc Desert but gets lost in Payon Forest thanks to Judia's over-confidents. She later tells how she first met Iruga.
S01E09 Rien que pour la vérité 01/01/2006 The Group head towards Morroc when they stumble at Ant Hell. They enter and sees lots of ants and were even happy to see the Queen. But at night, Takius makes a horrible mistake by killing the Queen's eggs and makes the monsters in Ant Hell go on a rampage.
S01E10 Tu es bien mon grand frère ? 01/01/2006 At Morroc, Maya suggest kicking Takius out of the group for her actions in Morroc but they still need her. On the other hand, a they want her help to enter the pyramids and defeat the monsters inside. They were more interested when they heard Keough was involved too.
S01E11 Il n'y a que de la déception en ce monde 23/06/2004 Now monsters and the undead appear in Morroc and it's up to them to stop the source of the problem, Anubis, for creating chaos.
S01E12 Je ne te conviens pas... 30/06/2004 The gang have a rest in Morroc while Roan keeps practises by killing some monster in the desert. But after seeing Yufa hugs Iruga , this makes some misunderstanding and leaves the group. Meanwhile, Maya and Judia have some plans for Iruga during the party at night. But soon, the leader heard new of Al De Baran Clock Tower was infested by monsters.
S01E13 Celle qui protège 07/08/2004 Roan is in Izulde trying to power up his sword when he met and team up with Anasan and her minions. They head to the island and gets items but Roan's madness scares them and nearly gets him killed. Luckily, a female Crusader saves Roan from a powerful monster and Roan begs her to teach him to become a Crusader like her.
S01E14 Pourquoi ne me répondez-vous pas ? 14/07/2004 In Al De Baran, the gang were inside the tower and gets themselves seperated. Yufa met his brother in his normal attitude but wasn't enough to fool Iruga. He later tells in his evil state how he becomes evil and tries to kill them. Iruga was badly injured and intends to finish ihm off but a familiar face saves them.
S01E15 Pas d'inquiétude, je suis là maintenant 21/07/2004 Yufa was surprised to see Roan who is now a Crusader. He managed to defeat Keough but he fled. The group managed to stop the tower but Iruga decided to stay in Al De Baran (as he's injured) while Judia stays with him.
S01E16 Je ne peux sauver personne... 28/07/2004 The group heads to Payon and notices Roan's behavior has changed. Yufa is getting worried about it and later decides to leave the party for awhile to become a priest. Meanwhile, lots of undeads appear in Payon and keep coming.
S01E17 Tu es déjà souillée 04/08/2004 The situation turns worse as more undead appear and they have to flee. Worse that all the archers ran out of arrows. Roan couldn't fight all of them but is saved by a red-haired archer and teaches him the right path-that power isn't everything-before he returns back to the party.
S01E18 Je savais tout... 11/08/2004 Yufa came back as a Priest and tries to save them once they've finished the job but soon they find the source of the undeads appearing, Moonlight Cat. She intends to kill them but Yufa and the rest of the group even Roan manages to confort her. But Zephil, Takius Master burns the monster to death and now plotting to kill them. Luckily Iruga and Judia appears in time to save them. In the end, everyone in the group pray the Moonlight Cat's graveyard while Takius leaves the party.
S01E19 On sera toujours ensemble 18/08/2004 The group heads back to Alberta where they were greeted by an unfriendly monsters while Maya sees a monster-type Alice where she has to decide whether to kill it or spare it.
S01E20 J'abandonne... 25/08/2004 After reaching to another port, the group intends to head towards Comodo but unfortunately Maya is still in shocked and walks to another area. She then realize that Alice will be always with her. Meanwhile, Roan met Keough but more stronger but just before Roan manage to defeat him, Yufa came and shield him, making an escape for him.
S01E21 J'ai besoin de toi 01/09/2004 On their way, the group has to go inside a cave to reach Comodo. But Roan gets split up with the group while the rest have to fight with Keough and his monsters. Roan then was taught and lead by a female Monk and shows him back to the group. In the end, Yufa ask him a question ""'What's their relationship?"". Roan answer "" We're childhood friends!""
S01E22 Qui est la plus triste ? 08/09/2004 The group reached Comodo where they found Anasan and her minions were seduced by Dancers and Bards because they clame themselves to be the one whose gets their credit. Suddenly, as they were enjoying, they were attacked by monsters while Yufa gets split up only to find Keough.
S01E23 Adieu 15/09/2004 Roan manage to save the dancers and thank them for showing the pattern. Just then, the same female Moke appears. She later changes into a Archer from Payon and then a Crusader in Izulde and finally her true self as the Legendary Witch. She test Roan with her sword and Roan passed. She later gives him the sword and ask him to remember what he've learn. After she teleport to another area, it turns out that Bahopment have an alliance with her. Roan learns his lesson but was too late as Yufa leaves the party with Keough.
S01E24 Là où tout doit se terminer 22/09/2004 Takius joins back the group as a Sage and later the group heads to Glass Helm. But after saving Anasan's gang from the monsters, 'Yufa' teleports them to Glass Helm where Takius fights with her master while Iruga deals with Keough.
S01E25 Celui qui admet ses erreurs 29/09/2004 As Roan , Maya and Judia rushed in diffrent directions, Takius's master dies and dies with her student after regreting of his bad deeds. Meanwhile, Maya found the seven crystals while Judia found a new weapon. Roan found Yufa and gets a kiss but she kills him as she turns evil by the Dark Lord.
S01E26 Pour notre futur ! 06/10/2004 While Roan tells Yufa about his wrong and say sorry to Yufa, Iruga and Keough dies together. Yufa manages to snapped out and return to normal only to see Roan going to dies. She manages to revived him by a kiss and both battle out the Dark Lord with the help of the Takius's soul (in the wand), Judia and Maya. They manage to defeat the Dark Lord and manage to escaped seeing Glass Heim collapse. In the end, Roan and Yufa were engaged and prays for both Iruga anf KEogh's graveyard and gets a new party members, a swordsman and an acolyte with Judia (and her baby) and Maya.