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On Raiders of Rock, one man's trash is two guys' treasures. In this 10-episode series, the collectors Robert Reynolds and Stephen Shutts travel across the U.S. in search of music history's most-treasured finds scouring local flea markets and garage sales to discover personal -- and sometimes valuable -- music memorabilia. From a giant inflatable rock and roll relic, to potential items from such artists as Elvis, Nirvana, KISS and Led Zeppelin, each episode embarks on a fun, light-hearted and often unexpected quest.


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S01E01 Musical Marvels 02/04/2014 A KISS fanatic wows the guys with his over-the-top collection, and Rockology customers surprise the guys on many levels with Taylor Swift, R.E.M. and Michael Jackson pieces that may be too big to pass up.
S01E02 Rock 'N' Roll Gold 02/04/2014 It's all about Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts when the guys track down several pieces of rock 'n' roll gold in this must-see episode.
S01E03 Rare Rockin' Relics 07/04/2014 Rare relics from Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney are sure to blow the guys of Rockology away.
S01E04 Lucky In Los Angeles 08/04/2014 Rockology makes a trip to Los Angeles to check out a very personal Guns N' Roses collection, meet with the queen of the groupies and dive into an intense negotiation on high-dollar rock 'n' roll T-shirts.
S01E05 The Musical Jackpot 16/04/2014 A rare Nirvana poster's price and significance put Robert and Stephen at odds, while a music executive's mass collection leaves them almost speechless.
S01E06 A Lynyrd Skynyrd Lead 16/04/2014 The devil is in the details as the guys check out a lead on a Lynyrd Skynrd poster and an Elvis piece that may force them to leave empty-handed.
S01E07 Distinctive Discoveries 25/04/2014 Set lists from the Boss, wardrobe from Tommy Lee and Beatles candy. The possibilities are endless as Rockology checks out two unique rock 'n' roll collections.
S01E08 Musical Diversity 26/04/2014 It's all about music diversity as the guys check out items from Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams Jr., AC/DC, Brue Springsteen and Elvis to invest in for Rockology.

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