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Rail Away is a fascinating series about international rail travel. The train is without doubt the most authentic form of travel, stirring the imagination and connecting people to places. In these series we traverse the world, enjoying its beauty, experiences and fascination.


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S01E01 United States 05/01/1996
S01E02 Portugal 12/01/1996
S01E03 Sri-Lanka 19/01/1996
S01E04 Denmark & Sweden 26/01/1996 In this episode a train journey through Denmark and Sweden. We travel from the Danish capital Copenhagen to the Swedish port Helsingborg, Göteborg, Stockholm and Lulea.
S01E05 Eastern & Oriental Express 02/02/1996
S01E06 Orient-Express 09/02/1996 Fascinating train journeys with a look at culture and nature along the line.
S01E07 India 16/02/1996 In this episode a journey through the North-West of India. From Delhi to Agra, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Palitana and Jaipur.
S01E08 Greece 23/02/1996 Fascinating train journeys which also feature culture and nature along the line.
S01E09 Cuba 01/03/1996 The journey starts in a modern, touristy resort on the coast. We also take a visit to Havana, the capital of the island. A beautiful and fascinating country, swinging to the rhythm of Rumba. Our final stop is Pinar del Rio, where thousands of Cubans work in tobacco factories.
S01E11 Spain 08/03/1996 Fascinating train journeys with attention for culture and nature along the line.
S01E12 Tunisia 22/03/1996 In this episode a train journey through Tunisia. We travel from Sidi Bou to Tunis, Sousse, El Djem, Sfax and Gabès.
S01E13 Finland: The South-East 29/03/1996 Finland. Land of a thousand lakes. In this part of the serial we follow the breathtaking track to the south-east of Finland. A journey with great variety, ending up with a visit to Finland's unique opera festival.
S01E14 EP 30/03/1996
S01E15 EP 00/00/0000
S01E16 EP 00/00/0000 ..
S01E17 EP 00/00/0000 .
S01E18 EP 00/00/0000
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S01E98 00/00/0000
S02E01 United States 02/12/1997 Travelling through the state of California can be called extreme. Los Angeles, the centre of the movie industry, is the starting point. After which we visit the picturesque village San Luis Obispo on our way to San Francisco, city of the Golden Gate Bridge. We end our journey in Sacramento.
S02E02 Norway: Oslo to Bergen 09/12/1997 Oslo - Myrdal - Fläm - Bergen. This is a remarkable journey through a landscape that is marked by white mountains and cliffs that lead down to fjords. The train descends nearly a thousand metres during the journey and goes through twenty tunnels.
S02E03 Canada 16/12/1997 The famous 'Rocky Mountaineer' travels from big city Vancouver to the picturesque Banff, where moose still roam the streets.
S02E04 Ireland: Killarney to Portrush 06/01/1998 With the 'Radio Train' we travel in a special way from Kildare to Dublin. Close to Dublin is Castle Lamag. There is a special train museum here, with a model version of the entire Irish rail network. Also a journey with the nostalgic Portrush Flyer through Belfast to Portrush.
S02E05 Romania 13/01/1998 We travel with the 'National Society of Romanian Railways' or the 'National Railways of Romania' from cultural Bucharest to Ploiesti, holiday resort Sinaia, the old city of Brasov and the rural Vatra Domei. We also visit the UNESCO protected convent of Moldovita.
S02E06 The Netherlands: Medemblik to Kerkrade 20/01/1998 We take a look at the miniature trains of Madurodam and travel by doubledeck train through the colourful bulb fields. With the heritage steam tram we travel to Medemblik, with Lovers Rail to IJmuiden en with the 'Milions Line' through Limburg, between Valkenburg and Schin op Geul.
S02E07 Australia 27/01/1998 Sydney to Adelaide. First of all we follow the 'Zig Zag Railway' in the Blue Mountains. After that we descend using the cable car 'The Scenic Railway' from 1880. Also very special here is the 'Indian Pacific' train.
S02E08 Australia 03/02/1998 Adelaide - Perth. We start on the old 'Cockle Train' to then change on to an ever older transport, the horse drawn tram, that has been in use since 1895. Also we pay a visit to the miners town Kalgoorlie, with a gold miners open air museum and a camelfarm.
S02E09 Switzerland 24/02/1998 With the 'William Tell Express' (boat and train) we depart Luzern to travel through Europe's highest mountains to Vitznau. From there we travel on through the Gotthardtunnel to Locarno. Then we take a steam train through the Furkapass, called the 'Centovallibahn'.
S02E10 Peru 03/03/1998 We travel the Andes by rail to find ancient Inca culture. From Juliaca to Cusco, a town at 3300 Metres in the Andes mountains. From Cusco the train continues to the famous Inca ruine of Machu Picchu and on to Puno, where the Urosindians live on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
S02E11 United Kingdom 10/03/1998 Special trains: The extremely luxurious 'Royal Scotsman' on the line Edinburgh Waverley to London. The authentic 'Wheldale S134' and the nostalgic 'East Somerset Railway'. After visiting the National Railway Museum in York the train continues its journey along the Thames.
S02E12 South-Africa 24/03/1998 Rovos Rail, a luxurious , heritage safaritrain, travels from Pretoria, via Kimberley and Matjesfontein to Cape Town. A breathtaking journey along the beautiful South-African coast, but also featuring impressive landscapes with flattened mountains, savannah's and nature reserves.
S02E13 Hungary: The Imperial Explorer 07/04/1998 After we get to know Hungary a bit better by visiting Budapest, we get on board 'The Imperial Explorer', the nostalgic 'Train of the Centuries'. At Solymar we visit the Childrens Train (narrow gauge of 760mm and a length of 11.2km).
S02E14 America 27/04/1998 This journey takes us, through the, rock filled and red sand covered, desert, to the centre of Arizona: Phoenix. A modern oasis of stone, glass and steel. Skyscrapers and palmtrees. From there we take the 'River Verde' train along Williams and Route 66, to the Grand Canyon.
S02E15 Ecuador: Quito-Deviles-Nose 03/09/2001 The spectacular journey through Ecuador starts at an altitude of 2850 meters in the capital Quito. The rattling train not only offers seating in the beautiful wooden wagons, for the adventurous there is also room on the roof. We depart from Quito to ...
S02E16 New Zealand: Coastal Pacific 04/09/2001 From Wellington we take the boat to the South Island of New Zealand. In this country, the traffic very well organized, the Coastal Pacific is located in the town of Blenheim already waiting for us. A beautiful coastal route leads through Kaikoura after ...
S02E17 Switzerland: Bernina Express 05/09/2001 The Swiss rail network is the busiest network in the world. In our journey through Chur Graubunden ski area begins. With the famous Berniana Express we go through the Alps, along deep ravines, over narrow bridges and avalanche galleries. On ..
S02E18 Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls-Pretoria 06/09/2001 The Victoria Falls are broemde starting point for this episode. The luxury train Rovos Rail takes us while enjoying a four course dinner by the beautiful National Park Hwange. Here we stay in a comfort Abele Lodge and we go on z ...
S02E19 Mexico: South Orient Express 10/09/2001 From the luxurious panorama carriages of the South Orient Express we have a beautiful view of the Mexican landscape. The trip starts in Los Mochis and carries along places with exotic names like Bahuichivo and Divisadero. We visit the Copper Canyon, a ...
S02E20 France: Corsica 13/09/2001 In the mundane Nice we get on a train that runs through the picturesque provence through small villages. But Nice is also dock for the ferry to Corsica, where we both admire the rugged mountain scenery and the beautiful coast. In the Mediterranean style ...
S02E21 Vietnam: Saigon-Hanoi 17/09/2001 After heriniging of North and South Vietnam was again possible to travel by train. The former Saigon to Hanoi It is a long journey of at least 36 hours and by the hard wooden benches little comfortable. Several stops ease the pain: W ...
S02E22 Israel: Jerusalem-Haifa 24/09/2001 From the religious center of the world, Jerusalem, we leave to the modern city of Tel Aviv. The historic port of Jaffa and Tel Aviv in the market are both very colorful. From Tel Aviv's journey takes us along the beautiful coastline and comes from ...
S02E23 China: Hong Kong-Beijing 25/09/2001 Since China weather has gotten over Hong Kong, the board is a direct between the metropolis and Beijing. We take Beijin already starting point of this long journey. Along the way we get out in crowded cities such as Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Guangzhou. In Ho ...
S02E24 Germany: Koln-Drachenfelsbahn 26/09/2001 In this episode, the German Federal Railroad centrally. One of the most beautiful train journeys Germany leads along the banks of the Rhine and Moselle from one of the oldest cities of the country, Cologne, and leads the busiest river in Europe ...
S02E25 U.S.A.: Los Angeles-Sacramento 27/09/2001 Narrative train trip through California. The journey begins in Los Angeles, the center of the film industry with its beautiful boulevards and the smallest cable car in the world. The route takes us through San Louis Obispo to San Francisco. With the Golden Gate Bridge, winding mountain roads, cable cars and the fishing port. A very fascinating journey with a world of difference between the starting LA and the end of the journey Sacramento.
S02E26 Norway: Flamsbanen 28/09/2001 The city of Oslo is the starting point of this journey, which takes us through a white mountain landscape at the site Mountains. The journey reaches its highest point in the Flåmsbanen. From Myrdal to Flam train descends 865 meters and passes through 20 tunnels. In Bergen, the term and ...
S02E27 Canada: The Rocky Mountaineer 01/10/2001 The Rocky Mountaineer starts in the most western state of Canada, British Columbia and leads to about a thousand kilometers eastern Banff. Annual steps ten thousand people for the very spectacular trip with luxury Rocky Moutaineer. ...
S02E28 Namibia: The Shongololo Express 10/10/2001 The Shongololo Express we make a journey through spectacular natural areas in Namibia. We draw the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. At the edge of the vast Namib desert we climb the wondrous red dunes ..
S02E29 U.S.A.: Arizona 05/11/2001 This journey leads through a desert with red sand and rock formations. Starting point is the modern Phoenix, where through a sprinkler system. Pedestrians kept cool We sit in the train that runs along the Verde River. We b ...
S02E30 Ireland: Kildare-Portrush Flyer 26/11/2001 This trip begins original, the train radio. The train takes passengers from Kildare to Dublin, and are entertained with music request during their trip. Not far from Dublin Castle is Larnag. Here is a railway museum, with models of all tra ...
S03E01 Ecuador 31/08/1998 Our spectacular journey through Ecuador starts at 2850 meter altitude in the capital Quito, on our way to the famous 'Devil's Nose', to eventually arrive in Riobamba. The train doesn't only offer seating in the beautiful wooden carriages, you can also travel on the roof!
S03E02 New Zealand 07/09/1998 From Wellington we take the boat to the South Island. There we start our journey along the coast, from Kaikoura to Christchurch. The wellknown 'TranzAlpine' is going to take us through the mountains. We are also visiting a colony of penguins with the Taiera Gorge.
S03E03 Switzerland: Through Graubunden 14/09/1998 With the famous Bernina Express we travel in the Alps in winter, through deep ravines and very narrow viaducts. Besides a quick detour to take a sleighride, we also take the beautiful steam train to the ski resort of Davos.
S03E04 Zimbabwe & South-Africa 21/09/1998 The extremely luxurious Rovos Rail starts at the famous Victoria Falls and leads us to the beautiful National Park Hwange. In Bulawayo we connected on to the gorgeous steam train 'Pride of Africa' and we travel on to Pretoria.
S03E05 Mexico 28/09/1998 We are taking the luxurious South Orient Express, which offers us a beautiful panorama of the Mexican landscape. We also visit one of the world's largets valleys, Copper Canyon. We end in Chihuahua, known for the little dogs of the same name.
S03E06 Austria: Vienna to Innsbruck 05/10/1998 In Vienna, the musical city, we start our journey through Austria. Over the old Semmeringbridge and through picturesque villages and cities like Innsbruck. Near Salzburg we travel up the nostalgic Schafbergbahn. We end our trip on the steamtrain of the Zillertalbahn.
S03E07 Namibia 12/10/1998 With the Shongolo Express we pass through the spectacular countryside of Namibia. We pass through one of the largest valleys in the world, the Fish River Canyon, on our way to the red dunes of the Namib Dessert. This journey if shaped by the games in the Etosha National Park.
S03E08 France and Corsica 19/10/1998 From the fashion conscious Nice we visit several small villages in the Provence. Also from Nice we take the ferry across to Corsica, where we discover the turbulent past of Calvi and Ajaccio, surrounded by the mountains and beautiful coast.
S03E09 United States 26/10/1998 This journey takes us, through the, rock filled and red sand covered, desert, to the centre of Arizona: Phoenix. A modern oasis of stone, glass and steel. Skyscrapers and palmtrees. From there we take the 'River Verde' train along Williams and Route 66, to the Grand Canyon.
S03E10 Vietnam 02/11/1998 The joining of North and South Vietnam enables us to once again take the train between former Saigon and Hanoi. During the 36 hour journey we not only get time to rest, but also to visit places like Nha Thrang, Hoi An and Hue.
S03E11 Israel 09/11/1998 Starting in Jerusalem, the religious centre of the world, we travel to the modern city Tel Aviv. From there we aim for the old coastal town of Haifa, taking ultra modern trains. A stop along the way shows us the coastal town of Ceasarea shows us many tourists, but also an aquaduct and a recentrly discovered Amphitheatre.
S03E12 China 17/11/1998
S03E13 Germany: Along the Rhine 24/11/1998 We focus on the 'Deutsche Bundesbahn'. From one of the oldest cities in Germany, Cologne, we follow one of the busiest rivers in Europ, the Rhine. Using the InterCity we visit Bonn and Konigswinter, from there we take a ride on the electric 'Die Drachenfelsbahn'.
S03E14 America 01/12/1998 We start on Pikes Peak, one of the highest railway stations in Colorado. We descend using the 'Iron Horse' to Denver looking for gold diggers. We take the antique Loop Railroad beside an old gold mine to Glenwood Springs, where we have a thrilling ride on the Colorado river.
S03E15 08/12/1998
S03E16 15/12/1998
S03E17 29/12/1998
S04E01 Poland: Warsaw to Auschwitz 30/08/1999 We start in Warsaw on the line to Auschwitz, the place known for deportations and death during the Second World War. Beside a look at historical, cultural and tourist subjects, we especially focus on the meaning of this line during the war.
S04E02 Czech Republic: Olomouc to Bechyne 06/09/1999 We visit the beautiful city of Prague, but we also visit more unknown areas. Remarkable is that the communist past has had relatively little influence on the fine architecture of the beautiful cities.
S04E03 Germany: Dresden to Sassnitz 13/09/1999 This journey takes us to the former East Germany. We visit cities like Dresden, Berlin and Rostock, where after the unification a lot has changed. There is a special focus on the two separate that carried steam trains.
S04E04 New Zealand 20/09/1999 This journey focuses on the North Island of New Zealand. We start in Auckland and travel inland on the Geyserland Express. There we will find many hot wells and volcanos. From Napier we take the Baylander to Wellington.
S04E05 Australia 27/09/1999 We tour Sydney on the Monorail, the transport built for the Olympics. In Bisbaine we board the Orient Express. We visit the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and the jungle of Kuranda.
S04E06 Australia 04/10/1999
S04E07 Brasil 11/10/1999
S04E08 Canada 18/10/1999
S04E09 Denmark 25/10/1999
S04E10 United States 01/11/1999
S04E11 Russia 08/11/1999
S04E12 Russia 15/11/1999
S04E13 Portugal 22/11/1999
S04E14 00/00/0000
S04E15 Austria: Tauern 03/08/2004 Austria: Tauernbahn From north to south through the Austrian Alps, a trip on a Tauernbahn in autumn. From the permeated by music and other culture Salzburg the train by the Gasteintal to the Tauern Tunnel, a climb of m ...
S04E16 Switzerland: Wilhelm Tell Express 21/08/2004 Switzerland should not be missed if you enjoy it to travel by train. The country is known for its many railway companies (each with its own track and trains) and spectacular routes on narrow fit with beautiful views of the valleys. In this ...
S04E17 Australia: Sidney to Adelaide 09/11/2004 Documentary Series on striking lines worldwide. In each episode, a journey is, which way too much attention to the environment. This episode begins with a ride in a monorail through the city of Sydney. This syst ..
S04E18 Australia: Ghan Train 10/11/2004 Documentary Series on striking lines worldwide. In each episode, a journey is, which way too much attention to the environment. This tour starts in Alice Springs. The journey with the Ghan train to Adelaide and d ...
S04E19 Denmark: Kopenhagen to Aalborg 17/11/2004 The World's Greatest Railway Journeys will travel trough Denmark, along the road of the Vikings. We're travelling from Kopenhagen, via Odense, Arhus and Hobro, to Aalborg.
S04E20 U.S.A.: Washingtonstate 00/00/0000 Documentary Series on striking lines worldwide. In each episode, a journey is, which way too much attention to special locations. The starting point is the city of Olympia in the northwestern state of Washington. H ...
S04E21 00/00/0000
S05E01 Switserland 03/01/2000
S05E02 Austria 10/01/2000
S05E03 Germany 17/01/2000
S05E04 Norway 24/01/2000
S05E05 Austria 31/01/2000
S05E06 Switzerland 20/12/2000 Rhätische Bahn Part 2. We continue by taking the Arosa Bahn. Interesting is the famous stretch along the banks of the Rhine, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon, from 1903. Remarkable is the Vereina tunnel, the longest narrow gauge railway tunnel.
S05E07 Switzerland 03/01/2001 The Brig-Visp-Zermatt Bahn. A train journey from the banks of the Rhône to the top of the Gornergrat mountain. A mountain railway that climbs to a hight of more than 3000 metres to the most famous mountaintop in the country, the Matterhorn. And a mountain village that is transformed into a mecca for mountain and wintersports.
S05E08 Austria 10/01/2001 The Tauern Bahn. From Salzburg the train travels through the Gasteiner valley to the Tauerntunnel, a climb of more than 600 metres through narrow valleys, tunnels, and over viaducts. After the 8 kilometre long tunnel the tracks descend until it reaches the shores of the Wörther See and Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia.
S05E09 Switzerland 17/01/2001 This episode is about the narrow gauge railway of the Furka Oberalp. We make our way through the snow from Disentis, passed wellknown ski resorts to Brig.
S05E10 Norway 24/01/2001 We start in the port of the city Trondheim and we head inland to Dombas, using one of the oldest railway lines of the country. We continue our journey to the coast of Andalsnes and by doing so we climb across the plaines and descend towards the fjords.
S05E11 America 31/01/2001 White Pass & Yukon Railroad. The railway line that was built for the gold miners of the Klondike and Yukon, who were attracted by the biggest goldrush in history. This achievement of engineer Big Mike Heney, the designer of this railway, has been recognised as one of the technical highlights of the last century.
S05E12 Switzerland 07/02/2001 Montreux-Oberland-Bernois, also called the 'Panoramic', the trainline between Montreux on Lake Geneva and Zweisimmen. This special narrow gauge railway runs from the banks of the lake to the tops of the Berner Oberland.
S05E13 Germany 18/04/2001 After the euphoric feelings had calmed down after the wall had come down, people realised that a lot had to be done to make the divided city into one. More than 10 years already people have been working to make Berlin's S-Bahn the cities own railway.
S05E14 U.S.A.: Denver-Piles Peak 01/03/2005 Cowboys and horses in the state of Colorado has long given way to drivers on their iron horses. The journey begins with a climb to one of the world's highest station on the mountain Pikes Peak. The train rumbles down, run along Denver e ...
S05E15 Portugal: Along the Douro 02/03/2005 "The interplay between rail and river. That is the theme of this trip that almost completely performs along the Douro river. The Douro Valley is world famous for its port which comes from here. In earlier times the port boats sailed down the river w ...
S05E16 SIngapore-Bangkok-River Kwai 04/03/2005 Across Southeast Asia Eastern & Oriental Express makes this a two thousand mile journey from Singapore to Bangkok. It is one of the world's most luxurious train journeys. Travelers are pampered in beautiful coupees with exclusive five-course dinners. The journey takes you along a fantastic mix of oriental culture with some unmistakable western influences. Final destination is the famous bridge over the River Kwai.
S05E17 Spain: Madrid to Granada 07/03/2005 A journey through Andalusia is a journey through the land of flamenco dancers, sherry and fiestas. The train travels through the beautiful south-Spanish landscape and makes few stops. The large station Puerta de Atocha in Madrid is the starting point of this journey. We drive in the Spanish TGV to Seville and of course take the time to visit this beautiful city. Then we travel further and reach our final destination Granada.
S05E18 India: Royal Orient 08/03/2005 The mysteries of India be revealed in all their facets as we travel through this country by train. From the busy Delhi with the historic Royal Orient, a beautiful steam locomotive that ever traveled kings and emperors, to temples, natuurreservate ...
S05E19 Greece: Pelopenessos-Athens 09/03/2005 This train journey takes us to the architectural masterpieces of Greek antiquity. The journey begins on the Peloponnese peninsula and the train follows a scenic route that goes through the mountains. The train stops for a while in Athens, the possib ..
S05E20 Orient Express: London to Venice 11/03/2005 For almost a century this extreme luxury train was the preferred vehicle for the rich who traveled through Europe. The train from London to Venice and was a few years ago restored in the original style. As we travel in the luxury cars of yesteryear, we pass beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes. The literal highlight is an excursion to the highest station in Europe, halfway up the mountain Jungfrau.
S05E21 GB: Scotland 14/03/2005 While the rain against the windows of the stores wagons, the train races through the Highlands. The rugged landscape is interspersed with green valleys. The train stops in places like Edinburgh and Glasgow. The trail leads along whiskey distilleries to finally ...
S05E22 Tunisia: Tunis-Gabis 15/03/2005 The railway network in Tunisia is not widespread, but who decides to explore this North African country by train will experience a wealth of experience. The route leads through Tunis Souse, El Jem and Sfax to the cavemen and desert nomads around Gabez, where the desert has started. It is a journey through tangible and often beautifully restored memories of the Roman period in the first centuries after Christ. Start and end forms a fascinating contrast. Tunis as Islamist metropolis with western influences is totally different than the endpoint Gabez that still offers pristine African culture.
S05E23 Australia: Adelaide-Freemantle 17/03/2005 We start from the town of Goolwa with the Cockle Train, east of Adelaide and head to the resort Victor Harbour. From the old train we get on a older car: the Horse Tram, afterwards we go to the town of Mannum. ...
S05E24 Denmark-Sweden: Kopenhage-Lulea 18/03/2005 The train journey begins in the vibrant Copenhagen. On the way to Sweden by train pushes a huge ferry in order to make the crossing. A special sight. Beginning in Gothenburg on the west coast, sweeping the train to the east and north of the long ...
S05E25 Cuba: Havana-Pinar del Rio 30/06/2005 The train runs on the beautiful island of Cuba, along the modern resorts on the coast and of course we stop in Havana. The capital of the island is stunningly beautiful, it is a bustling city. The train runs through beautiful countryside, finishing in Pinar del Rio. Here thousands of Cubans work on tobacco plantations.
S05E26 Steam in Austria Part 1 01/07/2005 Are 3 lines called Advent rides with steam trains made ??in December: From Salzburg to Itzling, near Linz between Ampflwang and Timelkam and Gmünd to Gross gerunds.
S05E27 Steam in South Africa 04/07/2005 From Cape Town with a luxury steam train ride to Pretoria and then made ??a stoomrit on the Garden Route from George to Knysna.
S05E28 Steam in New Zealand 05/07/2005 On the South Island of New Zealand rides three steams finest pure n of the country: In Greymouth to Shantytown, near Christchurch on the Ferrymead Railway envaj Queenstown with the Kingston Flyer to Fairlight.
S05E29 Steam in Germany 06/07/2005 In Saxony in the former East Germany are three winter steam rides taken: When Fichtelberg of Cranzahl to Oberwiessental, with "Der Wildern Robert" between Oszchats and Mageln and the Czech border between Zittau and Obyin.
S05E30 Steam in Austria Part 2 07/07/2005 Three famous steam rides in Austria: Mariazellerbahn, the Zillertal Bahn and Achenseebahn.
S05E31 Steam in Portugal 08/07/2005 A mix of regular and steam rides along the Douro between Regua, Vila Real, Pinhao to Tua, afgewiseld with eenbezoek Porto and a boat trip on the river.
S05E32 Switzerland: TMR Line 11/07/2005 From Martigny in Switzerland SW walk two regional rail lines to France and Italy, with beautiful images in a winter landscape.
S05E33 Italy: Liguria Line 12/07/2005 Is a railway from Genoa to La Spezia, where miles of tunnels alternate with beautiful villages and regions-zoasl the Cinque Terre and gives it a beautiful image of the Italian coast.
S05E34 Farnce: Haut Aples 13/07/2005 From a train to Grenoble Veynes impressive viaducts along the Vercors. Thence along the lake of Serre Ponçon and the Durance to Briançon.
S05E35 Steam in China 14/07/2005 A legendary stoonrit the Jingpeng Only in a very wintry China.
S06E01 Switzerland & Italy 15/11/2000
S06E02 Scotland 22/11/2000
S06E03 Spain 29/11/2000
S06E04 Switzerland 13/12/2000
S06E05 Switzerland 20/12/2000
S06E06 Switzerland 03/01/2001
S06E07 United States 31/01/2001
S06E08 Switzerland 07/02/2001
S06E09 France and Italy 01/08/2002 A train journey in the beautiful Riviera between Nice in France and the Italian Ventimiglia. From there we cross some impressive viaducts through the valley of the river Roya and cross the Coll de Tenda towarads Cuneo. This railway line has a politicaly bad history, that was actually not used very much due to various reasons.
S06E10 Portugal 08/08/2002 We take the new Portugese highspeed line from the ancient heart of Lisbon, along modern constructions of the World Exhibition and the river Tage to Coimbra. As big contrast to the highspeed line we continue our journey to Figuera da Foz on the coast using a little local line.
S06E11 Switzerland 15/08/2002 We take a trip on the Voralpen Express between two of the biggest lakes in Switzerland, the Lake of Lucerne and the Bodensee. We travel through tunnels and over viaducts to the beautiful orchards in the north of the country.
S06E12 France 22/08/2002 'Le Petiti Train jeune'. From the fortified town of Villefranche de Conflent at the base of the Pyrenees, a little yellow train winds its way along a wobbly narrow gauge track. Through enormous tunnels and over huge viaducts the little trains bounces along to the dizzy heights in the sunshine of La Tour de Carol.
S06E13 Scotland: Aberdeen to Edinburgh 16/08/2006 A train journey along the Scottish east coast from Aberdeen means passing a long line art. Scotland for a less spectacular landscape still provides plenty of attention on. Highlights are two of the most famous railway viaducts of the world, each with their own story.
S06E14 France: Ligne Des Pignes(Nice-Digne Les Bains) 17/08/2006 A beautiful train ride along the river Var, which begins on the Mediterranean Sea. From the mundane Nice track winds along the river Var and Verdon by an inhospitable area. On this trip through Provence exchange tiny stations ...
S06E15 Austria-Italy: Pusteralbahn9Villach-Fortezza) 18/08/2006 A journey through the snowy mountains of Tyrol from Austria to Italy. This railway was built along the border of the Austrian Empire. Formerly especially important for the military, there are now many tourists use. Through the beautiful Pusteraltal ...
S08E01 Austria 11/07/2001
S08E02 Egypt 18/07/2001
S08E03 Switzerland & Italy 25/07/2001
S08E04 Switzerland 20/08/2001
S08E05 Germany: Lahntalbahn (Koblenz-Dillenburg) 06/10/2009 A train ride along the river Lahn, which gives the wooded river valley, a beautiful image with every turn to an old town. Beyond that stabbing ruins, castles, where ...
S08E06 Switzerland: Aigle-Champery 13/10/2009 In a small area of ??French Switzerland were once narrow four companies, which competed with each other tightly. Now they are of great importance for the transport of locals and tourists ...
S08E07 Switzerland: Aigle-Les Diablerets 20/10/2009 Even though the village Aigle not large, it is very important as a transportation hub in the Chablais. In the French part of Switzerland two narrow lines bring over 100 ...
S08E08 Croatia: Zagreb-Rijeka 27/10/2009 From the capital Zagreb a trip to the coast and largest port, Rijeka. So you get a good picture of Croatia, where marshes make place for fierce hill, steep for a train ...
S08E09 Sweden-Norway: Kiruna-Narvik 03/11/2009 In this episode, a trip on the northern line of Europe from the mining town of Kiruna to Narvik harbor. Between freight trains with the strongest el-loks drive a few trains, ...
S08E10 Norway: Kristiansand-Drammen 10/11/2009 In this episode, a trip on the Sørlandsbanen Kristiansand-the gateway to Europe to Drammen. Along the way a film of the Norwegian landscape, where you see the same in 1000 variants ...
S08E11 Austria: Pyhrnbahn (Linz-Selzthal) 17/11/2009 In this episode a tour of Linz, European Capital of Culture in 2009, along the Pyhrrn corridors and rivers Krems and Teichl to Selzthal. Furthermore, an impression of Austria me ...
S08E12 Austria: Gesausebahn (Linz-Selzthal) 01/12/2009 A journey by rail Gesäusebahn. After the departure of Linz on a high-Speed ??...
S08E13 France: Geneva-Chamonix 08/12/2009 In another train enjoy vistas, while crawling on the slopes of Mont Blanc to Monte Fresh.
S09E01 Germany & Austria 30/05/2002
S09E02 United States & Canada 06/06/2002
S09E03 Egypt 13/06/2002
S09E04 Egypt 20/06/2002
S09E05 Norway 08/06/2010
S09E06 Germany 04/07/2002
S09E07 Spain 11/07/2002
S09E08 Spain 18/07/2002
S09E09 India 25/07/2002
S09E10 France & Italy 01/08/2002
S09E11 Portugal 08/08/2002
S09E12 Switzerland 15/08/2002
S09E13 France 22/08/2002
S10E01 Canada 21/06/2004
S10E02 Switzerland (Interlaken - Luzern) 22/06/2004
S10E03 Scotland (Edinburgh - Inverness) 23/06/2004
S10E04 India (Siliguri - Ghoom) 24/06/2004
S10E05 Greece 28/06/2004
S10E06 Switzerland (Luzern - Engelberg) 29/06/2004
S10E07 Scotland (Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh) 30/06/2004
S10E08 Austria 01/07/2004
S10E09 France 05/07/2004
S10E10 Switzerland (Zurich - Chiasso) 06/07/2004
S10E11 India (Siliguri - Darjeeling) 07/07/2004
S10E12 United Kingdom 08/07/2004
S10E13 Norway 12/07/2004
S11E01 Austria (Vienna - Achensee) 01/07/2005
S11E02 South-Africa 04/07/2005
S11E03 New Zeeland 05/07/2005
S11E04 Germany 06/07/2005
S11E05 Austria (Salzburg - Groß-Gerungs) 06/07/2005 We start the journey in romantic Salzburg, the city of Mozart. In addition, we also visit Linz, the trading city on the Danube. Historic narrow-lane tracks lead us to the Trimmelkam and Ampflwang. Via Gmünd we travel further with steam and pass nearby the Czech Republic's 'Waldviertel'.
S11E06 Portugal 08/07/2005
S11E07 Switzerland 11/07/2005
S11E08 Italy 12/07/2005
S11E09 France 13/07/2005
S11E10 China 14/07/2005
S00E01 Pilot - A Ticket To Ride 07/12/1994 Reportage over de Transcontinental Canadian, een spoorweg door de Rocky Mountains, gepresenteerd door de Amerikaanse acteur en treinenliefhebber Paul Cross. Proefaflevering van het programma "Rail Away".
S00E02 Pilot - Dutch Track In Switzerland 21/06/1995
S00E03 Ireland 00/00/0000
S00E04 Royal Scotsman 00/00/0000
S00E05 France and Corsica 00/00/0000
S00E06 Spain 00/00/0000
S00E07 Portugal I 00/00/0000
S00E08 Portugal II 00/00/0000
S00E09 Russia I 00/00/0000
S00E10 Russia II 00/00/0000
S00E11 Germany I 00/00/0000
S00E12 Germany II 00/00/0000
S00E13 Switzerland I 00/00/0000
S00E14 Switzerland II 00/00/0000
S00E15 Norway 00/00/0000
S00E16 Finland 00/00/0000
S00E17 Denmark 00/00/0000
S00E18 Denmark to Sweden 00/00/0000
S00E19 Hungary 00/00/0000
S00E20 Romania 00/00/0000
S00E21 Czech Republic 00/00/0000
S00E22 Holland 00/00/0000
S00E23 Poland 00/00/0000
S00E24 Austria 00/00/0000
S00E25 Greece 00/00/0000

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