Affiche Rambo
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    25 minutes
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Les aventures de John Rambo, un militaire farouche et puissant, qui, avec ses amis de la "Force of Freedom" et sous l'égide du Colonel Trautman, fait régner la justice en combattant les agissements terroristes du syndicat SAUVAGE, commandé par un militaire qui a mal tourné : le Général Warhawk. Le combat pour la paix et la justice commence !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rambo

S01E01 First Strike 14/04/1986 General Warhawk has sent his men to take over the small country of Tierra Libre. Kat is already there in disguise and stops the men temporarily. Colonel Trautman finds Rambo and sends him on a mission to save Tierra Libre. Rambo commissions the help of his friend Turbo who joins him on the mission. Warhawk's men have taken over the bridge leading into the country. Rambo uses his bow and arrow to climb on the bridge and set a bomb causing the bridge to explode minutes later. However, after the explosion Rambo is caught by Havok and taken prisoner. They hang Rambo from a tree but he is able to escape and runs into the jungle. Rambo uses the jungle brush to his advantage and hides in wait until he's able to jump out and grab the unsuspecting enemies. Several of his methods are taken straight from the second movie such as where Rambo covers himself in mud to blend in with a wall of dirt. Warhawk brings in several tanks to fire explosives into the forest where Rambo is hiding. Un
S01E02 Angel of Destruction 15/04/1986 Warhawk is still attempting to invade the town of Tierra Libre. Havok uses his tanks to blow up the wall guarding the city. At one point Rambo catches a live grenade and throws it back at Havok. Rambo once again successfully forces Havok's men to retreat. Back at camp Rambo meets a young boy who aspires to be a soldier and fight like Rambo. Rambo gives the boy a medal and tells him obey his elders. Meanwhile Washington has created a new gunship to speed up the war defenses. They believe that they new plane will make Rambo's help unnessecary. A spy for General Warhawk overhears the plans and Warhawk decides he wants to steal the plane for himself. SAVAGE sends a small plane to land on the new airship so they can break in and take control. Rambo tries to stop them, but they've already taken control of the plane and are able to shoot Rambo down. That night The Force of Freedom (Rambo and his team) make plans to find Warhawk's base. Spies for Warhawk overhear Rambo's plans, but
S01E03 Battlefield Bronx 16/04/1986 * Summary contains spoilers * The president of Tierra Libre is flown to New York for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council where he hopes to ask for their help in securing peace for his country. Unfortunately General Warhawk's men are waiting for them at the airport and attack the president's plane as he comes in for a landing. Rambo is following close behind. Warhawk's men hit Rambo's plane and he's forced to parachute out carrying a missle launcher. Rambo is able to blow up the the truck they were operating out of and stop a fuel truck from exploding. Later while the President of Tierra Libre is speaking to the Security Council, Warhawk's men storm in on motorcycle and start trouble. They kidnap the president's daughter, Estrella and take off back to their hideout. Kat uses a desguise to sneak up to the their hideout in the Bronx. She calls in the assitance of Turbo and Rambo who fly in using a new hangglider that Turbo has constructed. Rambo finds Estrella, but
S01E04 Raise the Yamato 17/04/1986 Rambo and his team make final preparations to take back Tierra Libre.
S01E05 The Taking of Tierra Libre 18/04/1986 Rambo and his team go full force into Tierra Libre and try to take it back from War Hawk.
S01E06 Subterranean Holdup 15/09/1986 A submarine is being held for ransom.
S01E07 Trouble in Tibet 16/09/1986 Rambo and his team are sent to Tibet, to sort out a situation.
S01E08 S.A.V.A.G.E. Island 17/09/1986 Rambo and the Force of Freedom travel to S.A.V.A.G.E. Island in this first exciting adventure, to stop General Warhawk's plan of using a missile for international terrorism. [Synopsis taken from the VHS tape]
S01E09 General Warhawk's Curse 18/09/1986 General Warhawk keeps the villagers at bay, by claiming there is a curse.
S01E10 Deadly Keep 19/09/1986
S01E11 Beneath the Streets 22/09/1986
S01E12 Cult of the Cobra 23/09/1986
S01E13 Raid on Las Vegas 24/09/1986 In ""Raid on Las Vegas,"" General Warhawk and S.A.V.A.G.E. are after Las Vegas' millions of dollars received from gambling. When they attempt to blow up Boulder Dam, Rambo and the Force of Freedom step in to save the day. [Synopsis taken from the VHS copy]
S01E14 The Lost City of Acra 25/09/1986
S01E15 Guns Over the Suez 26/09/1986
S01E16 Exercise in Terror 06/10/1986 General Warhawk and the evil forces of S.A.V.A.G.E. hold children hostage in the Statue of Liberty for a fifty million dollar ransom and it's up to John J. Rambo to head the rescue mission and conquer the sadistic thugs. [Synopsis taken from the VHS copy]
S01E17 The Doomsday Machine 07/10/1986
S01E18 Disaster in Delgado 08/10/1986
S01E19 Fire in the Sky 09/10/1986
S01E20 Enter the Black Dragon 10/10/1986
S01E21 Reign of the Boy King 13/10/1986 In the episode ""Reign of the Boy King,"" General Warhawk kidnaps the young ruler of Morovia and sets up a puppet government with the evil Black Duke. It's up to John J. Rambo to rescue the captured king. [Synopsis taken from the VHS copy]
S01E22 Rambo and the White Rhino 14/10/1986 Two African tribes are on the brink of war, thanks to Warhawk. His men have stolen the sacred white rhino from one tribe, causing them to blame the neighboring tribe. Warhawk is using the resulting war to distract the tribes long enough to steal their natural resources. Rambo comes in to save the white rhino and stop the war.
S01E23 Pirate Peril 15/10/1986
S01E24 Mephisto's Magic 16/10/1986
S01E25 The Halley Microbe 17/10/1986
S01E26 Death Merchant 20/10/1986
S01E27 Return of the Count 21/10/1986
S01E28 Night of the Voodoo Moon 22/10/1986
S01E29 Lagoon of Death 23/10/1986
S01E30 Snow Kill 24/10/1986
S01E31 Terror Beneath the Sea 27/10/1986
S01E32 Swamp Monster 28/10/1986
S01E33 Freedom Dancer 29/10/1986
S01E34 Texas Inferno 30/10/1986
S01E35 The Iron Mask 31/10/1986
S01E36 Children for Peace 03/11/1986 Kids from around the world have come together to hold a ""Children For Peace"" conference. Warhawk doesn't like the sounds of this and decides to crash the conference. Rambo fights them off and the kids are able to finish the conference, but Warhawk's not ready to give up that easy. Rambo escorts the kids home on an airplane, but the pilot is on Warhawk's side and parachutes out leaving the plane on a course to crash in the middle of the jungle. Rambo gains control of plane and lands safely in the jungle, but Warhawk's men are close behind him as they fight they're way through the jungle. Rambo gets help from an unlikely source--a group of monkeys--and is able to get the kids home safe. The kids vow to continue holding peace conferences until all adults start to hear their message.
S01E37 S.A.V.A.G.E. Rustlers 04/11/1986
S01E38 Mind Control 05/11/1986
S01E39 Vote of Terror 06/11/1986
S01E40 Target: Supertanker 07/11/1986
S01E41 Enter the White Dragon 10/11/1986
S01E42 Skyjacked Gold 11/11/1986
S01E43 Attack on El Dorado 12/11/1986
S01E44 The Ninja Dog 13/11/1986
S01E45 When S.A.V.A.G.E. Stole Santa 14/11/1986
S01E46 Blockbuster 17/11/1986
S01E47 Supertrooper 18/11/1986
S01E48 Warhawk's Fortress 19/11/1986
S01E49 The Konichi 20/11/1986
S01E50 Robot Raid 21/11/1986
S01E51 Alphas, Arms and Ambush (1) 24/11/1986
S01E52 Alphas, Arms and Ambush (2) 25/11/1986
S01E53 Crash 26/11/1986
S01E54 Mirage 27/11/1986
S01E55 Blind Luck 28/11/1986
S01E56 Turbo's Dilemma 01/12/1986
S01E57 Masquerade 02/12/1986
S01E58 Just Say No 08/12/1986
S01E59 Monster Island 09/12/1986
S01E60 Quarterback Sneak 10/12/1986
S01E61 Sepulcher of Power 11/12/1986
S01E62 The Twin Within 12/12/1986
S01E63 S.A.V.A.G.E. Space 15/12/1986
S01E64 Change of Face 17/12/1986
S01E65 Horror of the Highlands 18/12/1986
S00E01 The Rescue - Part 1 00/00/0000
S00E02 The Rescue - Part 2 00/00/0000