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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ramzor

S01E01 Dog Friend 24/03/2008 Itsko is hurt by the fact that Amir only finds time to call him when he's walking his dog, Yardena, at night time.
S01E02 Parsley 31/03/2008 Tali constantly throws remarks at Amir and he decides he's had enough. Hefer borrows Daniel for a weekend in Eilat in order to get it going with a widow he's after.
S01E03 Surfers' Photos 07/04/2008 Amir takes photos of Tali naked with his mobile phone and then loses it and becomes worried that Itsko, who is caught by Lilach watching porn, will upload them onto the Internet.
S01E04 Mega Social 14/04/2008 Itsko is forced to change his swimming time to 6am. An old lady who has a chat with him at the pool is upset by him so decides to kick him. Tali sends Amir for too much grocery shopping and Hefer addresses that with him. Hefer goes out with a girl who had just returned from India and is worried about the rumors that are flying around as a result.
S01E05 The Painting 21/04/2008 Itzko loses Daniele's painting and makes her another one. However the new painting causes Daniele's teacher send her to a young talents pictures contest.
S01E06 Disturbing Me 28/04/2008 Tali, who works as an air hostess, invites a gay friend who works with her to her home and he ends up touching her in an ambiguous way. Hefer addresses the issue with Amir and Amir decides to deal with it.
S01E07 Mama Nature 12/05/2008 Itsko and Lilach celebrate their 10th anniversary. Amir and Tali decide to send them to a vacation villa and sign the gift voucher with "mother nature". And Amir and Tali volunteer to look after Daniel.
S01E08 The Parking Controller 19/05/2008 Daniel performs in a show. Itsko doesn't want to pay for a parking in a parking lot and ends up getting into trouble with a parking officer.
S01E09 The Man Maid 27/05/2008 Tali hires a new housecleaner, who is male. Amir does not like him because of his demands (such as giving him lifts and cooking meals for him).
S01E10 Dogs Psychologist 03/06/2008 Tali invites a dogs psychologist for Yardena and asks Amir to join the sessions. Itzko confesses before his friends about a sexual performance issue, and Hefer volunteers to help.
S01E11 Clown for Funerals 10/07/2008 Itsko, who owns a toy shop and has a clown act, fulfills a dead friends request and performs in his funeral as a clown. The strange request turns into a start up business.
S01E12 Substitute Mother 17/06/2008 Amir discovers that his mother is going out with Dudi Kashk - former soldier of his, who was known as a crazy guy who liked older women. Amir is inconsolable. With the help of Hefer Amir goes on a venture of an eye for an eye and a mother for a mother. Itsko tries to save some money and brings a community service, ex-convict clown.
S01E13 Changing Lights 08/07/2008 The males change their accumulative positions: Itsko becomes the "green light", Lilach decides that 17 years of marriage are quite enough for her and she decides to divorce Itsko. Amir decides to marry Tali and turns into the "red light". And Hefer decides he wants a long term relationship. Hefer chooses Shiri "bagage". Eventually each situation becomes quite bad: Itsko can't pick up any girls and Amir is sleeping all day.
S02E01 Beware, My Wife is in the Car 04/08/2009 Hefer explains to Amir that if he wants to hangout he has to give his girl the impression it's a laborious obligation. Itsko discovers the speaker phone in the car is a precarious device when your wife is present.
S02E02 Kululu 11/08/2009 Tali drops a bomb on Amir: her Lybian grandmother intends to make the kululu sounds during their wedding (a celebratory yelling custom among Mizrahi Jews), and she's arriving with her sisters. Hefer has a ravishing night with Shiri "baggage" after which she disappears.
S02E03 Feeling Old 18/08/2009 During an outing at a club Amir discovers that he "dances like a middle aged person at a weddings". And it is exacerbated when a waitress addresses him as "Sir". Hefer realizes that it is impossible to separate from Shiri 'baggage'.
S02E04 Handyman 25/08/2009 Amir fails to assemble an Ikea shelf. Amos the hot neighbor, assembles the shelf in minutes, right in front of Tali. Amir sets out to defend his masculinity. Hefer goes out with the news sign language woman and exploits it to his advantage.
S02E05 Chain E-mail 01/09/2009 Amir tries to get away with not picking up his dogs feces and gets in trouble with a neighbor from hell. Hefer receives a chain e-mail which threatens with a curse if you don't pass it on. He disregardingly erases the e-mail.
S02E06 Homework 08/09/2009 Itsko helps Daniel with her math homework and makes a mistake while doing so. Daniel loses her faith in her father and Itsko sets out to win it back.
S02E07 Ms. Replacement 22/09/2009 Amir notices that every time he buys Tali a gift she replaces it. Even the replacement slip is replaced. Hefer goes out with an overly enthusiastic drama student. The couples therapist sends Itsko on a mission - to cause Lilach to get jealous.
S02E08 Eilat 29/09/2009 The entire gang go down to Eilat for a vacation. What will happen when Amir will learn that Tali is in her period just when they're on vacation? When Lilach will discover that Tali and Amir's room is better, and Hefer will find himself stuck without cash to pay for the call girl he order...?
S02E09 Store Offender 06/10/2009 Itsko is hungry, and engages in his usual habit of "sampling" the supermarket food, however the supermarket's management decides to put a stop to the habit. Amir and Tali discover that she can't stand his friends nor he hers. They decide to find new couple friends that will belong only to them. Hefer decides to save a bit by disconnecting from the cable company. But the cable company refuses to disconnect from him.
S02E10 Lady Sense 13/10/2009 The erotic channel is airing movies for 48 hours free, and so Itsko will do anything to send Lilach to bed. Hefer meets a new girl and almost falls in love until Amir draws his attention to a small speech defect of hers. Amir wants Tali to start taking part in the expenses. He's sick of depositing so as Tali will withdraw.
S02E11 The Bar Raiser 20/10/2009 Amir and Tali are visiting Oshik and Smadar. Oshik clears the table, washes the dishes, and serves cake before Tali envious eyes. Amir asks Oshik to stop raising the bar. Daniel returns home with a bight on her hand. Itsko and Hefer go to the school and threaten the kid, but to their misfortune they fall on the wrong kid to mess with.
S02E12 Night Life 26/10/2009 Hefer realizes he is too old for night clubs and starts looking for love in his age group. Meanwhile Amir is tired of being Tali's driver, but is not willing to give up on his last bit of independence: his car.
S02E13 How Much Should I Give? 09/11/2009 Amir and Tali's wedding day is coming and everything goes wrong: Amir accidentally swallows his tooth crown and has to use a 5 year old girl's crown as a quick replacement, Hefer is trying to get out of debt and starts dating a 50 year old millionaire woman, and Itsko is getting nervous from the gift cheque he needs to give for the wedding.
S03E01 Dr. Shdema 26/05/2011 Hefer is getting richer because of his new girlfriend, and he want to get marry, but something happens that makes him unhappy. Tali and Amir are having a baby and the doctor, is really hates Amir.
S03E02 Coleslaw 02/06/2011 Tali wants to move from the city to a village(moshav)so Amir and Tali are trying to be accepted to a kibutz. Hefer breaks up from Dalia his rich girlfriend. Itzko divorces from Lilah.
S03E03 Who saved you? 09/06/2011 Hefer's old friend comes to stay at Hefer's house because his wife threw him out from the house. Hefer can't refuse because he saved his life in the army in Lebanon.Tali is exaggerating with the shoping for the new baby while she is still pregnant and only in the second month. Danielle has a birthday and she decides that her parents should buy her two expensive gifts because they are divorced.of course Itzko is not OK with it. Hefer is trying to save his old friend's life to be compared with him.
S03E04 Flowers for Elisha 16/06/2011 Hefer takes care of his old neighbor because he is allowed to use medical marijuana. Itzko and Lilah are back together. Amir feels that he and Tali are acting like dudes.
S03E05 Genetic counseling 23/06/2011 Amir and Tali are going to genetic counseling, and Amir wants to check if the baby will have the bad habits of Tali's family. Hefer has a new girlfriend, but he doesn't know she is arab. Itzko's daughter, Daniel, has a new boyfriend, and itzko doesn't like him.
S03E06 Won't Let Me Rest 30/06/2011 Amir thinks that Tali can't watch him rest and therefor she gives him jobs to do in the house. Lilach tells Itsko she doesn't want Hefer to use their toilets.
S03E07 Hormone Tali 07/07/2011 Tali is under the influence of hormones and it makes Amir crazy. Lilach wants Itsko to buy her a very expensive couch. Itsko is going pays for a faker to build it. Hefer is faking deaf and asking people for money in the cafe.
S03E08 Handicapped's Tag 14/07/2011
S03E09 The Nutritionist 30/07/2011 Tali decides that Amir must start a strict diet regime.
S03E10 Test in Shlomy 13/08/2011 Heffer Driving licence is canceled, and he is looking for a solution.
S03E11 Falafel Friend 20/08/2011 Amir's regular Falafel guy tries to become friends.
S03E12 Delivery Room 10/09/2011 Tali and Amir are in the delivery room and trying to find a name for the new-born girl. Heffer Comes to visit, and find him self hospitalized.