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What's the one thing that strikes dread in the hearts of kids everywhere? It's BLAH! Caught looking doofy at a school dance? Stuck with the world's most boring teacher? You can bet Blah's behind it. But, hope is not lost! Enter five best buds with a mission: to fight against blah using all their powers of AWESOMISATION! Team Awesome, Les, Noam, Thera, Lars and Mr Twitchy, are on a mission - to fight against all things dull, boring and mundane by rearranging it to make it awesome and fun!


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S01E01 X-Treme Teaching 20/06/2011 Les tries to go from the most boring science teacher to the most cool but a waiting list 1,200 names long has him trying an extreme makeover using his friends and a hair-clipping monkey.
S01E02 Les' Song of Doom 21/06/2011 Lars is being wasted in the Glee Club. He jumps things up during a practice only to be thrown out of the group. The gang comes up with a plan to use some of Noam's inventions to have Les use Lars' voice and dance moves. The flying vampire weasels don't take to the Lars-wanta-be voice and attack the show. It's up to Lars to rock the house and control the weasels.
S01E03 Just Add Water 22/06/2011 A heat wave hits town and Chet has diverted all the water to his private pool. Les and crew build a awsome water park in the back yard. Les is concerned about the swimsuit that Lars is almost wearing. His worries are short-lived as his own baggie trunks are sucked off and clog up the water park's pumping system. Les must come to the rescue but first he must cover up the bare facts of his lack of trunks.
S01E04 Melting the Ice 23/06/2011 There's a new exchange student from Norg and Lars is really interested in her but knows nothing about how to talk to her. Les and Noam try to awesomeize Lars with disastrous results. When his mutant chest hair kidnaps Olapa it's Lars to the rescue and he wins the girl.
S01E05 When Hall Freezes Over 24/06/2011 Another rainy day and the gang just can't bear another one of Lars' "Stand-up" routine at lunch time. Noam and Thera alter the heating system to cause a "Snow Day" inside. Lars is terified that the family curse of the Yeti would come true. The gang try to help Lars conquer his fears only to find out Yeti are real and are the best hecklers in the world and take it out on Lars. Les and Noam work on removing the snow and ice while Lars challenges the Yeti to a heckle-off and wins just as the 'snow day' turns into 'water park day'.
S01E06 Awesome Ride 27/06/2011 Thera was a shoe-in for winning the local skateboarding games and a national 'bruse-cruise' until Ned Falcon arrives on the scene. Not only does it appear that he can out-skate Thera but she's falling head-over-heels for him. Les tries to channel that love-crazed feeling to skateboarding power. Thera finds Ned to be too stuck on himself after she lets him use her crush-powered skateboard. Thera makes an awesome ride and the gang realizes that the only way to beat Ned is to feed is over-size ego into overload.
S01E07 Club Detention 28/06/2011 Thera's idea of Awesomeizing the school trophy case backfires and the boys get the blame and detentions even after Thera confesses. The boys decide to awesomize detention using Noam's hypo-apple. Thera has ideas of her own, all she needs to do is get a detention which seems like Mission Impossible. The boys turn detention into Disco Club-D but Thera is still without a detention and left out in the hall. How can she get a detention and enjoy the club?
S01E08 Lawn Rangers 29/06/2011 The gang wants to see the primere of the new Bite My Heart movie but there's no cash between them. If Les does his long overdue chore of taking care of the lawn there's plenty of money available. After a short try at doing it themselves it is decided to awesomeize yard work. The robo-yard workers do well at first then go wild. The gang save the day, finish the work and get the cash only to find an endless line at the movie. It's the battle scars of the robo-wars that saves the day.
S01E09 Sleep Smart 30/06/2011 Les introduces the team to a new drink called 'Spoda' made from potatos. The Cashola Company that makes it is using subliminal messages in the commercials to sell the horrible stuff. Noam is just too busy to help with the operation. They make a device so he can help while he's sleeping. One major glitch was watching a sci-fi horror movie before turning in. Noam has a dream that everyone is a part of the movie and attacks. They have to use Noam's attack to rid the town of Cashola's hold on the people.
S01E10 Leader of the Pack 01/07/2011 The Least-Lovable Dog wonders into the Awesome house. The gang's mission is to clean him up and train him so somebody would want him. Lars offers to train him in the Norgish custom. Lars bonds a bit too much with the pooch and begins to act like a dog himself. Lars winds up adopted by the Yonkels and is rescued by the dog. Back home the gang is visited by the dog catcher who is looking for the dog for a different reason.
S01E11 Go Away Day 05/07/2011 Time to awesomize the last day of summer. Noam makes a device that slows time way down so the day can last longer. You can only have so much fun but Les breaks the controller that stops the device so he can have more fun but the gang has had enough and begin to fight. Les has to get the gang to work together again to get time going again.
S01E12 Incredi-Posse 06/07/2011 A Country Field trip goes bad (to Les) when the bus gets four flat tires. He tries to awesomeize their country stay and runs into a country version of their gang, the Increda Posse. And the fight is on! After hayrides and barn-dances the battle creates an optimus chicken who goes after all of them. Both gangs must team up to fight this new threat.
S01E13 Yearbooked 07/07/2011 After a failed attempt to awesomize the school mascot the Vice-Principle banishes them to the one place that sucks out all creativity, The Yearbook comittee! They put cameras all over the school and use a computer called ALEC to make an on-line virtual Yearbook. ALEC decides to take over since nobody would thank 'him' for all the hard work. The plug has to be pulled.
S01E14 Lost in Character 08/07/2011 Thera needs to one-up her cousin in parting planning for cousing Tyler. Tyler clearly wants a party based on a video game. Les and Lars become characters of the game. Les needs a bit of help getting into character so Noam whips up a gizmo that makes Les go a bit too much into character.
S01E15 Cue Applause 11/07/2011 Lars can't get an audience for his one-man show, so he builds an army of robot fans who are programmed to never to stop loving his act.
S01E16 Sell Out Show 12/07/2011 Noam's one-man Banana Protocol Band is matched up against the Football team by Les. The one with the biggest crowd wins. Les tries to awesomize Noam's music and band against his wishes. In the end it's not Noam that performs for the awesome crowd but another member of the team.
S01E17 Scary Go Round 13/07/2011 The County Fair is on with the usual lame games and rides. The gang awesomizes the merry-go-round to a really trick ride. Thera's the only one in the gang that wants another ride on the tricked-up-turner. Chet buys the ride and Thera refuses to leave. Chet and Thera ride at maximum speed and exchange personalities. Now it's a race to switch them back.
S01E18 Awesomely Different Drum Major 14/07/2011 The school band is rather lame. The band needs a new drum major since aliens kidnapped the last one. Les and Lars try and fail to lead only to find that Noam is the natural leader the band wants. Problem is Noam wants nothing to do with performing in front of people. Les has Lars build a two-kid drum major suit. Can the awesomeize the band without Noam's gadget genius?
S01E19 Little Shopping of Horrors 15/07/2011 After a mishap with Noam's awesome washing machine sends all of Les' clothes into space, Les is stuck going shopping for new clothing. Noam trys to awesomeize the mall but that does not work well for Les. Thera steps in and trains Les for the zin of shopping. It seems that she trains a little too well, and Les becomes a fashion monster. The two have a fashion show-down that ends in a draw and a surprise winner.
S01E20 King of the Links 18/07/2011 Les is the only Awesome that has never won a sports trophy. He tries out for all the school's sports teams only to fail. He wins a spot on the golf team because he showed up. There is one more member of the team, Boomer, who is an exchange student from Scotland and a 10th generation golf pro. Even after awesomizing a mini-golf course can Les finally win a trophy?
S01E21 Dental Denial 19/07/2011 Thera's fear of the dentist has kept her away for the past five years. Her breath has become a lethal weapon and it's time for the gang to awesomeize a trip to the dentist. She decides to not only face her fears but to awesomize them to defeat them forever. If only the tooth mangler didn't take on a life of its own. Now Thera needs to save the day.
S01E22 The Voice of Lars 20/07/2011 Lars has been rejected for fish stick commercial and is not taking it well. The gang work with him to awesomeize his voice and are a bit more successful than they had planed. Lars is able to control people with his voice. Chet works out a sceam to take over Lars and runs havoc over the town. It's up to the gang to free Lars and the town.
S01E23 Bend It Like Burt 21/07/2011 A soccer (football) championship is being held between their town and Lar's native Norg. Chet buys his way onto the team and leaves the Awesome gang out. Lar is made the captain of his team and makes semi-temporary citizens out of the others so they can play. They also find that Burt is part Norg and get him to play for them as well. Game on!
S01E24 Lazy Monkey Mornings 22/07/2011 How can Les sleep in and still make it to school on time? Noam comes up with a transporter that gets Les to school on time. Les begins using it to go everywhere but begins to turn into a monkey due to Mr. Twitchy using the transporter to visit his girlfrield in the zoo. Now the team has to catch monkey Les and remove the Twitchy genes before the transformation becomes permanent.
S01E25 Thera's Awesome Date with Destiny 01/10/2011 Noam invents a device that can process information and predict the most possible outcome. Thera uses the device to see who she's going to the senior prom with. She finds out it is Chet so the team begins to find ways to change things. It works a bit too well as it appears she attends the prom with a certain inventing member of the team.
S01E26 Erik the Biking 08/10/2011 Les had saved for a awsome bike for ages only to have Chet wipe it out in seconds. The gang gets together and makes a truly awsome bike for Les that included a Nordic horn provided by Lars. It turns out that the horn is possessed by Eric the Viking who not only takes over the bike but leads Les down the path of being a real jerk about it. Now it's up to the gang to rescue Les and to put an end to Eric's reign of terror.
S01E27 Clothes Picker-Upper of Doom 15/10/2011 Les is just a bit lazy about picking up his room and putting away his clothes so he has Noam reconfigure an old invention to help with the issue. It worked for Les so well that he offers its services to his crush and her friends. The machine is left outside to be struck by lightning and it causes the clothing to come to a life of their own led by Les's smile-underpants and looking for revenge. It's up to the gang to return the clothing to normal.
S01E28 The Nightmare on Glickerstreet 22/10/2011 Only Lars is scared at a zombie-clown horror movie and he begins to see everyone as a zombie-clown and so Noam invents a device to remove the idea from Lars only to cause the z-c to become real. The z-c begins to grown, feeding on the fears of everyone. The gang creates monsters to fight the z-c only to have them all join forces. Only Lars can dream up something to defeat all the monsters.
S01E29 Bad News Noam 29/10/2011 Noam is having a very bad day. The gang throws a party for Noam to try and cheer him up only to find that Noam has made a blues-channeler to bottle up his negative feelings. It works too well and the gang feel it's time to rid him of the device so they can get their Noam back. They try to make him mad but the negative tank fills up and begins to leak and affects the whole town. Destroying the tank and returning the feelings to Noam is the only answer and the key is a tee-shirt.
S01E30 You've Got Blackmail! 05/11/2011 The day starts with the awesomeizing of scooters for the Senior parade. Les falls asleep and fails to install the failsafe devices and kaos erupts. It seems that Trisha 1 & 2 not only seen everything but recorded it as well and use the video to blackmail Les into awesomeizing things for them. How to free himself from their grip? He needs the team to help him and confesses.
S01E31 Me Ugh, You Awesome 12/11/2011 After a failed attempt to awesomeize Mondays, Les's Dad gives him a family treasure of a rock. An accident in their HQ sends Les to switch places with a caveman ancestor. Back in time Les meets up with the ancestors of his gang and begins to help them. In the present Noam tries to recreate the accident to get Les and Ugg back where they belong. Les has to battle a giant chicken and Ugg battles a transit bus. Noam works out the transfer at the cost of Les's MP3 player.
S01E32 Dancing More or Les 19/11/2011 Les can't dance. Thera makes the awesomizing idea of getting Les his dancing groove. Noam's device on Les allows him to copy Thera as she dances in the background. It works a little too well as Les is drafted to dance on a live dance show with the Trishas. Les gets a little too full of himself and abuses Thera who then sabotages Les's dance. He has a change of heart and confesses that the best dancer is Thera who then joins in. A Trisha throws water on Les which shorts out the device and starts Les dancing to his doom. The gang joins in to save him. The winner of the dance contest leaves Les cold.
S01E33 Best Frenemies Forever 03/12/2011 It starts out with Chet doing a rap video. Les exposes the real unedited feed of the video that has everyone laughing at Chet which causes his dad to cut him off of his money. Chet moves in with the gang because they caused it. It gets so bad that the gang works on awesomizing Chet enough to get his dad to deal him back into the family fortune. There are several false starts at getting Chet popular again. It takes a video of Les's mistakes to put a smile on dad's face and cash back in Chet's pockets.
S01E34 When Twitchy Met Tonga 11/12/2011 While at the park Les runs into Holly and her lazy cat Princess Tonga. He offers to awesomize the cat. Tonga gets programmed by Noam's brainwave device. Twitch takes the night shift watching the programming but really watches a Kitty Katastrophe marathon. Tonga takes it all in and becomes the cat-villian. It's up to the whole gang to capture the cat and deprogram the evil out quickly.
S01E35 Silent Night, Awesome Night 11/12/2011 Christmas Episode. Lars has his family coming over to visit him and tells him they can't wait to see the great things Lars has planned for the holiday celabration the next day. Lars has nothing since he was not expecting them. The gang decides to awesomeize Lars' Glendermouse (Christmas). They start working on the fish feast but Lars does a bit of reprogramming of Noam's roboserver and it starts shooting food at everyone. Next it's wrapping everything all over only to have the roboserver attack and destroy all the 'gifts'. Next comes the fish-shaped Glendertree that they find and decorate at the top of a mountain before cutting it down and moving it home. The roboserver starts to attack but Lars commands it to 'serve up' the tree which the robot pulls out of the ground which uncorks a lava flow. To save the town they stuff everything into the hole and even the robot jumps in to finish the block. Lars family arrives and tell him it's not the feast or gifts that makes the holiday but being together. In the end the mountain burps out all the feast and the tree and it rains down on a happy family.
S01E36 Garbage In, Garbage Out 19/12/2011 The gang is getting ready for a visit from the ambasador of the molemen. Les had only one thing to do, take out the trash which he put off to play video games. Now the guest is here and there's a ton of trash in the yard. Dad has to rush off to save Mom from Yetis. The gang finds out that molemen like eating trash and start by serving up what they have in the yard. A problem right off is that the molemen become extreamly fat on the trash. They gather trash from all over and dump it down a hole for the molemen who want more and more trash. When they don't get enough trash the now large molemen begin popping up all over town only to get stuck in their own holes due to their size. The gang starts the music to get the molemen active and thining down and able to pop back into their holes just as dad returns home.
S01E37 Go Fish 20/12/2011 When the team tries to improve the taste of some of Lars' blornstagfishengars, they turn them into superpower-granting-but-still-terrible-tasting treats. But as everyone knows, you can't eat only one blornstagfishengar...
S01E38 Brat Busters 20/12/2011 Lars has to babysitter his little cousin Derek - although he does not have the patience of a babysitter! After his kiddy-hypno-ray fails, it calls for Thera, Les Lars and Mr. Twitchy to keep Derek entertained!
S01E39 Don't Judge a Mutant By Its Slobber 21/12/2011 Playing a video game is fun, but turning that video game into reality is better! Until the bad guys don't seem so bad.
S01E40 Armed and Dangerous 21/12/2011 Too short to have any fun at his dad's take-your-kids-to-work-day, Les has the team awesomiaze him taller. But instead of an extra inch, he gets an armful of growth rays and a whole pack of government agents hunting him down.
S01E41 Used Tissue of Doom 22/12/2011 Thera's chance at winning speed skating gold is threatened when Noam's super-cure for a cold epidemic creates mutant flying tissues bent on giving the virus to her.
S01E42 When Mascots Attack 22/12/2011 The kids awesomize Lars' lame Growly the Gopher mascot into the coolest halftime show ever... incurring the jealousy of the cheerleading Trishas, who help the opposing team create a mega-mascot to do battle with Lars.
S01E43 Always be Awesome 23/12/2011 When Noam needs some extra awesome to impress his science hero, he 'borrows' Max and Angelina's awesomeness. But when Les and Thera's parents mistake a rocket for a mini-van, Noam needs every ounce of awesome he can muster.
S01E44 Go for the Gust-O 23/12/2011 When the team helps Les create his own wind-powered martial art, Gusto, he ends up defeating the reigning chop-socky master. Only to become the target of every weird challenger in town.
S01E45 Too Many Monkeys 26/12/2011 Twitchy's terrified of getting kicked off the team, so he awesomizes himself into the super-brainy and super-obnoxious Count Twitchy Von Awesome. But the Count goes too far when he creates Team Monkey Awesome.
S01E46 Noam No More 26/12/2011 After Noam forgets Thera's birthday, he decides to awesomize his memory - but the laser that's supposed to upgrade his wetware ends up wiping his memory instead! Now the rest of team have to help Noam remember who he is.
S01E47 The Truth About Twitchy 27/12/2011 When Twitchy gets a mysterious monkey S.O.S. he adds his own awesomization to the kids' school bus makeover, and leads them on a rescue mission that explains the shocking origin of their the well-coiffed monkey teammate.
S01E48 Mall of the Living Dolls 27/12/2011 An awesomised make-over machine leads to an infestation of GLAMBIES - brainless, superficial followers of the latest trends. To defeat this menace, Thera must transform herself into the ultimate fashion diva.
S01E49 Thera's Brother the Car 30/01/2012 When Les winds up in a bodycast trying to impress Holly Hotley, the team helps him awesomize his plaster cocoon into a high-speed racer... that attracts the envy of super-competitive skater Ned Falcon.
S01E50 E.T. Phone Nome 30/01/2012 Noam's newly awesomized guitar accidentally attracts beings from another world, who invite him to join their band on a tour of the galaxy.
S01E51 Against All Awesome 31/01/2012 The town's 200th birthday party turns into its number one disaster when Les learns a hard lesson about flattery - and the team's newest member quickly becomes their worst enemy.
S01E52 Planet of the Gills 31/01/2012 When the team awesomises Noam's pet fish, he discovers having a piscine companion is much cooler than he thought - especially when Glickersville's hit by a full-on finned revolution, thanks to Lars' inexhaustible appetite.

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