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Legendary chef Raymond Blanc welcomes the cameras into his kitchen to share his cooking secrets. Filmed in the lively surroundings of his Oxfordshire restaurant kitchen, this programme features a range of achievable and inspirational recipes for cooks of all abilities.


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S01E01 Chocolate 15/02/2010 Raymond focuses on chocolate, creating four mouthwatering recipes: the simplest mousse, an impressive and rich chocolate delice, a fondant with a melting middle, and his impressive signature dessert - cafe creme - a cup sculpted from chocolate filled with a mousse and coffee sabayon. Raymond also visits protege and champion chocolatier William Curley in his test kitchen in Richmond.
S01E02 Fish 22/02/2010 Raymond dives into the world of fish. Underused and affordable mackerel is used in his first recipe to create a light lunch or supper of grilled mackerel with a soy lime dressing. Another of the cheaper fish available, pollock, is given a French twist with a sauce Grenobloise made with capers, butter and lemon, all served on a base of creamy mash. Provence provides the inspiration for a pair of Cornish fish soups served in a traditional style and to finish, an impressive but easy dinner party centrepiece - braised turbot with scallops. Raymond also heads to Rye in Sussex, where he joins fishing boat Amadeus on an early morning trip into the English Channel.
S01E03 Apples 01/03/2010 Raymond looks to apples for inspiration and returns to memories of childhood with a simple apple tart made with a foolproof pastry and custard filling.
S01E04 Winter Vegetables 15/03/2010 Raymond attempts to make roots exciting with delicious recipes including a simple beetroot salad, watercress soup and celeriac puree served with roast duck.
S01E05 Game and Mushrooms 22/03/2010 Raymond uses two wonderfully seasonal ingredients - game and mushrooms. His first recipe is delicate cep mushroom tortellini made using fresh pasta. He follows this up with a French version of a pasty called pithivier, filled with a rich mix of pheasant, chestnuts and dried fruits. Next is the simplest fricassee of wild mushrooms with herbs and croutons cooked in the company of restaurant maintenance manager Steve Truman. For the finale, a salt crust baked pigeon uncovers a technique perfect for cooking game and poultry. Along the way, Raymond and Steve join a shoot in Perthshire and go mushroom hunting in the Scottish woodlands.
S01E06 Bread 29/03/2010 Raymond focuses on bread and the miracle of yeast. His first recipe is a French classic, brioche, a buttery bread using eggs that is the easiest of bread recipes. Using this as a base, he makes a celebratory gateau a la creme brioche filled with a lemony creme fraiche. To follow, we get down to basics with a French country bread recipe essential to any bakers' repertoire, that is formed into beer-topped rolls, a basket-shaped loaf and an olive-and-tomato-topped fougasse. To finish, there's a delicate yet spectacular dessert of apple croustade made from the thinnest pastry baked until crisp and golden. Along the way, Raymond visits one of the UK's oldest flourmills, Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire, to experiment making bread with gluten-free flour.
S01E07 Eggs 05/04/2010 Raymond uses two staple ingredients with infinite uses - eggs and cheese. He kicks off with a classic omelette made perfectly thanks to a secret technique. The perfect sabayon is key to any cooks repertoire and this version makes a frozen parfait before Raymond returns home for a Maman Blanc classic, Floating Islands, clouds of meringue sitting atop a vanilla cream and covered with a chewy caramel sauce. Raymond's next recipe requires the best of cheeses and he is brought a selection by award winning cheesemonger Patricia Michelson. A fine Comte from his home region in eastern France goes to making a family style souffle guaranteed to rise to the occasion. For his finale a greengage casoulette is made from praline and topped with meringue and sabayon. Along the way, Raymond visits his old friend Eric Charriaux at his London fromagerie where they each choose their perfect cheese boards to enjoy at the end of a meal.
S01E08 Tomatoes 12/04/2010 Raymond focuses on tomatoes, opening with a simple recipe for a salad inspired by his mother. The lightest tomato essence is not only a dish in itself, it forms the base of a fresh yet creamy risotto. A supper dish of stuffed tomatoes glazed with cheese takes us back in time and for the finale an impressive tomato-themed series of ices and sorbets cleanses the palate with elegance. Along the way, Raymond visits the UK's tomato capital, Preston, to challenge the world of hydroponically grown tomatoes to prove their worth.
S02E01 Shellfish 08/11/2013 In this episode Raymond shares his love of seafood, celebrating the best of British shellfish. To begin, a French favourite using a very British ingredient, moules mariniere made with sweet, plump mussels from Devon bathed in a heady garlic, wine and herb broth. Next a spicy, seared squid salad served with colourful Provencal vegetables and crisp fennel. Sweet, juicy scallops are given an exotic twist, resting on a bed of silky cauliflower puree with spiced cauliflower bhajis and an aromatic curry oil. For a finale fit for a king, Raymond prepares a feast of perfectly succulent Scottish lobster with a rich red pepper and cardamom jus and exquisite caviar pearls. And it's a first for Raymond as he visits a fishing village in Fife to join local fishermen on board as they trawl for lobsters.
S02E02 Cakes and Pastries 15/11/2013 In this episode Raymond pays tribute to the sweetly satisfying extravagance of cakes and pastries. To kick off, a feather-light lemon tea cake, generously coated in sticky apricot jam and a tangy lemon glaze. Next pure chocolate indulgence - crisp, fluffy choux pastry filled with a cooling chocolate cream and covered with a glossy chocolate icing. The secrets of the perfect macarons - the fashionable and delectable almond based pastries - are shared and used to decorate a flourless chocolate cake. For the finale, Piece Montee Croquembouche: the quintessential French celebration cakes that stand a metre tall. Raymond also goes to Paris to visit protégé and world famous patissiere Laurent Duchene.
S02E03 Lamb 22/11/2013 In this episode Raymond shares his favourite mouth-watering lamb dishes. To start, succulent lamb's liver with caramelised potatoes and a dusting of traditional French seasoning. Shoulder of lamb is slow-roasted with garlic and herbs and served with an earthy potato and turnip gratin to create a hearty but melt-in-the-mouth meal. Next Raymond returns to his roots with a truly French-inspired dish. Lamb Provencal sees a vivid, herb-encrusted rack of lamb accompanied by a juicy ratatouille. To finish, each tender cut of lamb comes together on one plate surrounded by lively vegetables and a rich tapenade to create a show-stopping finale.
S02E04 Pudding 29/11/2013 This episode is a treat for the taste buds as Raymond celebrates his passion for puddings, sweet and savoury. To kick off there is a French childhood favourite, riz au lait, a velvety vanilla rice pudding with a crunchy caramel topping and a tangy fruit compote. Next is another French classic, tarte tatin. Glossy caramelised apples embedded in golden puff pastry create a sumptuous dessert and comforting finale to any meal.
S02E05 Charcuterie 06/12/2013 Celebrated chef Raymond Blanc invites the cameras into his kitchen to share his treasured cooking secrets. Filmed in the lively surroundings of his working Oxfordshire kitchen, the series features a range of inspirational and achievable recipes for cooks of all abilities. In this carnivorous episode, Raymond shares his love of the art of charcuterie: cooked or preserved meats. To begin, wafer-thin slices of duck ham cured in herbs and juniper berries are joined by crispy lardons to create a delicious dish packed with crunch and flavour. Next, a rich, buttery chicken liver parfait with a zesty, spicy coating, and pot-au-feu, a meaty medley slow-cooked in a velvety broth. Finally, an eye-catching ham hock terrine showcasing a mosaic of meat and vegetables served with home-made pickles.
S02E06 Spices and Chillies 21/10/2013 Celebrated chef Raymond Blanc invites the cameras into his kitchen to share his treasured cooking secrets. Filmed in the lively surroundings of his working Oxfordshire kitchen, the series features a range of inspirational and achievable recipes for cooks of all abilities. In this episode, Raymond draws upon memories of his travels through Asia to create dishes full of fragrant spice and fiery heat. To kick off, a mouth-wateringly fresh green papaya salad with the sweet crunch of pomegranate and a tangy dressing of chilli and lime. The inspiration for Raymond's next dish comes from no further than his own kitchen. Indian vegetable curry infused with a complex blend of masala spices is one of his much-loved family recipes. Next tender, slow-cooked pork belly marinated in a Chinese-style blend of aromatic spices with a crisp, crunchy crackling, drenched in an intense meaty broth.
S02E07 Summer Fruits 25/10/2013 In this episode, Raymond demonstrates the versatility of the summers juiciest fruits. To begin, a simple but impressive berry-strewn pavlova. Next a spicy cherry clafloutis sees the vibrant fruit cushioned in a bed of soft, sumptuous pastry. A ruby red fig tart adds a touch of decadence, and for the finale there is an aromatic fruit soup topped with a delicate caramel cage and light bubbles of champagne. Raymond also travels to Fife to visit a traditional fruit farm to witness how his favourite variety of raspberry is grown despite the temperate climate.
S02E08 Summer Greens 01/11/2013 Chef Raymond celebrates the freshest summer greens. Beginning with a simple yet vibrant pistou soup, laden with summer vegetables and bursting with basil, topped with crispy croutons and meltingly rich parmesan. Next a dish ideal for a warm summer's day - poached salmon resting on a bed of citrusy sorrel served with a zingy lemon sauce. The combination of crisp chicory, ripe pears and walnuts creates a flavour-packed salad perfectly paired with a rich, creamy Roquefort dressing. And to round off, an exquisite spinach ravioli encasing a perfectly poached quail's egg, accompanied by a light beurre blanc, earthy wild mushrooms and fragrant micro-herbs - delivered direct to Raymond's kitchen by specialist grower Richard Vine. Raymond also visits the Cotswolds to discover a nutty alternative to olive oil - beautifully golden, cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

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