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Follow the ups and downs of life with best friends Amanda Zimm and Busy Ramone as they deal with adolescence, boys, family, school and friends. Throughout the show's 5 year run, the girls matured from the sixth grade to the ninth grade. The show ends when one of the main characters (Amanda Zimm) has to move to the West Coast. Her best friend on the show, Busy Ramone, stays behind.


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S01E01 Thirty-Two Double A 01/01/1993 When Amanda becomes the first girl in her class to start wearing a bra, the reaction of her friends is not what she had anticipated.
S01E02 Smoke Screen 01/01/1993 When Frankie tries out for the school basketball team and fails to get selected, he rebels by starting to smoke in an effort to give himself a cool image. Busy tries to get closer to Frankie by using cigarettes as a common medium.
S01E03 Busy's Curse 01/01/1993 When Busy gets her first period very unexpectantly, she must rely on her father to help her out. Later on, she talks with her mom about this new development in her life and insists it's no big deal especially when Amanda hears of it. Amanda is completely excited and jealous, for she has not gotten her period yet. Busy continues to call it no big deal but it really is, especially when she has a conversation with her mom about womanhood and the beauties of motherhood.
S01E04 Model Perfect 01/01/1993 Amanda goes on a diet because she wants to be a model.
S01E05 The Big Gulp 01/01/1993 When Busy and Amanda get caught spying on Chrissy's slumber party, they inadvertantly get invited into Chrissy's house. But when a group of boys from Junior High gatecrash the party, alcohol is consumed, and things start to get out of hand.
S01E06 Members Only 01/01/1993 Amanda tries to win an essay contest, in which Busy is already spending the prize money. Chrissy decides to start a club and Amanda is the only other member. But things go awry when Chrissy influences Amanda to shoplift and then blackmails her into not saying anything after Chrissy steals the essay and enters it as her own.
S01E07 The Worst Thing That Happened And The Best Thing That Didn't 01/01/1993 Busy's mom announces she is having a baby. Busy objects to the good news, fearing that she will no longer have a bedroom all to herself, as it is planned that the baby will sleep in Busy's bedroom. Meanwhile, Amanda develops a crush for Justin, when he accidently knocks her over whilst driving his sister's car on a car park.
S01E08 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 01/01/1993 Busy develops a crush on her karate instructor, and Amanda declares her love for a rock star. Both girls must come to terms with reality when they discover that the rock star is a jerk and their karate instructor is gay.
S01E09 Double Talk 01/01/1993 Amanda is crushed when she spies Chrissy and Justin making out.
S01E10 Black or White or Maybe Grey 01/01/1993 When Manny decides to take a trip, the Ramone Butcher Shop is short on staff. Busy suggests her friend Troy but upon discovering his race, Sam vetoes the idea. He finally comes around only to jump to conclusions when money goes missing.
S01E11 Origins of Man 01/01/1993 Monkey Ears begins to experience puberty.
S01E12 Wild Life 01/01/1993 When Amanda and Busy both try out for a garage band called Neon Vomit, and Amanda is hurt when only Busy gets in.
S01E13 Tricky Kisses 01/01/1993 Amanda decides to throw a party where she plans on having her first kiss with her crush, Justin. Busy becomes worried when she sees her parents fight and then her mother announces she will be visiting Busy's grandmother for a couple weeks. Busy keeps this from Amanda who when she finally figures it out and confronts Busy tells her to drop it and that it's no big deal. Amanda mistakenly mentions it to Troy the boy Busy has a crush on and Busy explodes at her best friend and refuses to attend the party. However, they make up later at the party when Busy calms down. The party is initially a dud until a game of spin the bottle livens things up. Amanda's first kiss is not what she thought it would be when she must kiss Monkey Ears! Busy runs out on her kiss with Troy but later shares a private kiss with him away from prying eyes, except for Amanda's who sees the whole moment.
S02E01 Beyond the Birds and the Bees 01/01/1994 While babysitting Amanda and Busy spy a sex book and their curiousity gets the best of them when they decide to look at it. So as not to get caught reading it, Amanda takes it home with her and has no idea what to do with it. She takes it to school with her for safekeeping with a plan to return it later but accidently loses it. Turns out Monkey Ears has taken it and is selling photocopies of the graphic pictures. When he is caught he fingers Amanda as the owner of the book and she gets in trouble too. This leads to a very in depth conversation with her mother about sex. Meanwhile, Busy questions her brothers about sex with interesting results.
S02E02 First Date 01/01/1994 Troy Edwards has a crush on Busy, and sends her a poem to express how he feels about her. Soon, Troy plucks up the courage to ask Busy out.While Troy prepares for the date by trying to shave, Busy allows Amanda to give her a facial and manicure. Unfortunately, neither Troy's or Busy's preparations go to plan. Having listened to brother Dom's advice, Busy dresses for the date in a more feminine style unaccustomed to her usual tom-boy image. Dressed in a short skirt and pink tights, Busy finds it both uncomfortable and difficult to compete with Troy at bowling. Half way through their game, Busy goes to the toilet to change back into her normal, more comfortable clothes. When she returns, Busy starts to relax, and finds herself beating Troy at bowling. Unable to cope with a girl beating him, Troy's male ego is beaten, and drifts into a mood. Later, Troy apologises to Busy.
S02E03 Family Therapy 01/01/1994 Busy's family seek advice.
S02E04 Poor Little Rich Girl 01/01/1994 Amanda's father losses his job. Amanda decides that if she doesn't want to get teased at school by Chrissy anymore she needs to get the ""cool"" clothes. But they cost alot of money. Amanda decides to get a job.
S02E05 A Little White Lie 01/01/1994 Busy & Amanda win concert tickets.
S02E06 White Girls Can't Jump 01/01/1994 Busy plays basketball with the ""guys.""
S02E07 Break Up 01/01/1994 Amanda and her mom move out.
S02E08 Amanda's Romance 01/01/1994 Amanda meets Danny Masters.
S02E09 Dear Troy 01/01/1994 When Busy's boyfriend Troy tries to be more than just her good friend, Busy realizes that she wants to break up with him. Amanda tries to deal with the fact that her boyfriend Danny is going home to live with his mom in New York City. Busy's brother Manny breaks the news of his new live-in girlfriend Sheila to the family.
S02E10 The New Deal 01/01/1994 Amanda is very upset when her mother starts dating again and attempts to ruin her love life. After her mother catches on to her, Amanda is forced to deal with the fact that her parents are not getting back together and that they're moving on with their lives.
S02E11 Monkey See, Monkey Do 01/01/1994 When Busy meets a great older guy named Peter who enjoys her music and wants to play with her, Busy is ecstatic. However, she's unsure of what to do when she learns Peter's dad abuses him and Peter asks her to not say anything. After a great deal of thought Busy does tell but Peter says they're not friends anymore.
S02E12 Flunky 01/01/1994 Amanda struggles with popularity when she must tutor Krissy the most popular girl in school but soon learns that being popular doesn't really mean anything because everyone has their own problems.
S02E13 Am I Perverted Or What? 01/01/1994 Amanda worries that her natural curiousity really means she's perverted, after she deliberately spies on Busy's brother Dominick in the shower. Busy is on a mission to determine whether it was really Dom that she heard on the sex radio show confessing to his girlfriend's sexual fetish of sunglasses.
S03E01 My Buddy Buddy 01/01/1995 Busy and Amanda arrive at summer camp only to learn that they are in separate cabins. While Amanda tries to figure out how to transfer to Busy's cabin, Busy has a great time with her bunkmates. Amanda is stuck in a cabin with a bunch of girls who've known each other for several years and a small annoying young girl everyone calls Niblet. While Amanda takes a liking to this kid, she also tries to get in good with her bunkmates even stooping so far as to participate in the destruction of Niblet's prized possession: Buddy the dummy. However, Amanda is the only one who confesses the truth to Jessica Niblet which makes her new friends blow her off but Amanda later introduces Jessica to Busy as her friend.
S03E02 The Last Hurrah 01/01/1995 After being frightened at camp, Amanda wets her bed and in order to live down the embarrassment must get in on a trip to the boys camp for revenge and ends up being the strongest girl there.
S03E03 Tongue Tied 01/01/1995 Amanda and Busy spend the weekend at Amanda's father's place, where a French man and his two cute sons are visiting as well.
S03E04 Under One Roof 01/01/1995 All Busy wants to do is play at her band's first big gig, a talent showcase that happens to fall on her Ramone family reunion. But Busy happens to get a nose ring, insult her father's business as well as his Italian family along the way and feels really bad when things are said and done. Of course, things don't go smoothly when the showcase is cancelled and Busy must make up with her father. They do make up and Busy's band even plays at the reunion.
S03E05 Crossing The Line 01/01/1995 Amanda, Busy and her brother Frankie spend the day at Stickleback's Sports Park. Busy's plan is to hang out with the cute guy at the gocart track which she does but unfortunately things get a little too heavy for her and she is forced to push Steve away from her and run from him. Meanwhile Amanda and Frankie spend the day together and start liking each other. When they visit the fortune teller they end up holding hands and sharing their first kiss. Frankie asks Amanda not to say anything to Busy about their day and she agrees. A few days later, Busy confesses to Amanda about her experiences with Steve the gocart guy and Amanda tells her it was not her fault that Steve wouldn't take no for an answer when he tried to kiss her.
S03E06 Three's A Crowd 01/01/1995 Still crushing on Frankie, Amanda attempts to get closer to him. Busy, suspicious of Amanda's interest in Frankie, spies on the two of them sharing their second kiss, and doesn't know how to handle the situation. Much to Amanda's chagrin, she realizes they're not dating when she in turn spies Frankie kissing a girl his own age.
S03E07 Crater Face 01/01/1995 When Amanda's boyfriend, Danny returns from New York, she finds he doesn't look the way she remembered. He's now got a face full of acne which embarrasses her. Danny is hurt when she fails to defend him in front of her classmates, especially when she proclaims he's not her boyfriend. Amanda attempts to make up for her wrong doings by buying him some zit cream which he explains to her won't help. She tells him he's changed and he remarks to her that she's the one who's changed: because she has become so superficial. Later on she realizes Danny is right and attempts to become his friend again before he leaves to go live in New York with his mother permanently.
S03E08 Thin Ice 01/01/1995 Amanda and Busy learn that Kurt Browning is in town to film a commerical and are stoked to learn that they could audition to be in it with him.
S03E09 Swear To God 01/01/1995 Amanda questions her religious beliefs as a Jew and decides to explore her heritage and even with the hatred that comes with it.
S03E10 Just Friends 01/01/1995 Busy has a big crush on her friend Jamie who only has eyes for Amanda. Busy attempts to discourage Jamie from liking Amanda and keep him to herself but her plan backfires. After putting the blunt truth to Jamie, that Amanda likes another guy named Alex, Busy walks home with Jamie. She then kisses him and he gives her the we're just friends statement. A few days later, at school Jamie avoids Busy but then later tries to make amends and Busy informs him that not now but maybe in a few days, they can hang out again.
S03E11 Sweet Thirteen 01/01/1995 It's Amanda's 13th birthday and all Amanda wants to do is complete her list of accomplishments by the time she turns thirteen. These include skipping school with Busy and hanging out with some bad kids. Unfortunaely for Mel, Amanda's mom's boyfriend, Amanda is encouraged by the bad crowd to spray paint graffiti on his car. Amanda,feeling guilty,ends up confessing her crime to Mel.
S03E12 Sister, Sister 01/01/1995 Amanda spends the weekend with her mom, Mel and Mel's 14 year old daughter Leslie, whom she dislikes very much because she believes she's trying to steal her mother, because hers died when she was young. Leslie also doesn't like Amanda much but they eventually come to an understanding in the end even though their feelings haven't changed.
S03E13 Nothing In Common 01/01/1995 After Amanda and Busy get into a fight over Amanda's poetry and her desire to be published by Busy's uncle Pasquale, they stop being friends. They both hang out with their other friends but soon tire of them and miss each other too much. Amanda and Busy ditch their new friends and make up as best friends once again.
S04E01 First Day of Junior High 01/01/1996 Amanda and Busy begin the ninth grade at a new school and meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.
S04E02 The Grass is Greener 01/01/1996 Convinced the other has an easier family life, Amanda and Busy switch families for the weekend.
S04E03 Where Do I Belong? 01/01/1996 Busy's brother Manny gets engaged. Amanda gets a part in The Wizard of Oz---as the tornado. Manny and Sheila move into the basement where Busy practiced her drums causing her to feel like an outsider in her family. To make matters worse, Busy is ousted from her band when their old drummer returns. While Amanda and Busy are at odds with one another, Busy meets an intriguing young man named Sag who has a very interesting view on life and music. Later on Amanda and Busy make up and Busy reconnects with Sag, making it the beginning of another beautiful friendship.
S04E04 Glamour Girl 01/01/1996 After her play is a bomb, Amanda tries to reboost her ego by starting a modelling career, but after one nasty comment, she's plunged into a world with low-self-esteem and thoughts of plastic surgery.
S04E05 I Do, I Don't 01/01/1996 Busy's brother, Manny's wedding is approaching and Busy must struggle to find a date when she learns Amanda is bringing one. Amanda asked out her crush after acting like she was interested in everything he did. After two attempts at wrangling her own date, Busy gives up and lets Amanda set her up with her date's friend. On their pre-wedding double date Busy can't stand her guy Matt because they disagree on music, and Amanda's date, Cam discovers Amanda is not who he thought she was. Turns out he wanted her to be her own original self, like Busy was being with Matt when they totally clashed. In the end both girls decide to go together to Manny's wedding.
S04E06 The Girlfriend 01/01/1996 Busy gets jealous when Sag's former girlfriend, Colleen keeps hanging around. Amanda convinces Busy that she's jealous of Colleen because she likes Sag and wants to be his girlfriend. Busy and Sag do start dating but things get really awkward between the two of them and they break up. They're left with a tentative friendship in need of repairing. Meanwhile, Sag's hyper friend Henry inspires Amanda to test her limits by bungee jumping but it's Amanda's mom who ends up taking the plunge.
S04E07 Prince Charming 01/01/1996 Amanda faces the prospect of moving out of her home and into the home of her mom's boyfriend. Distraught, Amanda seeks the advice of her art teacher, Mr.Sark, but soon becomes smitten with him when she realises they both share something in common.
S04E08 Family Album 01/01/1996 Amanda immaturely implies that she has a much better time with her dad than with her mom. Whilst spending the weekend with her father, Amanda is told that her father has named his latest (Gameboyâ„¢) game after her: ""AMAZIM"". Amanda is then asked to demonstrate the game next week at a convention. Amanda borrows her father's jacket and is shocked by what she finds in the pocket. Consequently, we discover for the first time the plausible reason for the breaking up of Amanda's parents' marriage. With this on her mind, Amanda becomes upset and storms out of the ""AMAZIM"" demonstration. Feeling guilty of the way she treated her mom, Amanda indirectly apologises to her mom. The episode concludes with an emotional confrontation between Amanda and her father. Some time later, we see Amanda writing a letter to her dad; trying to put into words how she feels about him.
S04E09 First Serious Party 01/01/1996 Amanda, now living with her mom at Stephen's place, is ecstatic when they go away for the weekend. Amanda throws a party that gets out of hand and she regrets it.
S04E10 Heroes 01/01/1996 Busy reluctantly befriends the new boy in school, who's in a wheelchair, but soon learns Aidan has a tough life and she really connects with him.
S04E11 Warts And All 01/01/1996 Amanda is anxious to befriend a clique of girls and drags Busy along to a dinner club meeting, where Busy accidently reveals a secret about Amanda to the other girls.
S04E12 Girls Night In 01/01/1996 Busy and Amanda, anxious to spend a night alone watching a movie, end up stuck at home in a blackout with Sheila, who reveals she's pregnant.
S04E13 What's Yours is Mine 01/01/1996 Amanda, anxious to get into a prestigious art camp, enters one of Stephen's son, Gregory's set models, as her own and doesn't know what to do when she wins.
S05E01 Coming Home 01/01/1997 When Dom flunks out of college, it's up to Busy to help him come home and tell their parents the truth.
S05E02 Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up 01/01/1997 When Busy rescues a fellow student from drowning, and gets her fifteen minutes of fame, she's appalled when she learns the girl staged the whole thing for the attention. Meanwhile, Amanda tries out for a youth drama company.
S05E03 Cross My Heart 01/01/1997 When Amanda promises to spend a whole day babysitting Stephen's young daughter, Phoebe, she really would rather be at her drama group, and goes to extremes to do that instead, much to Phoebe's dismay.
S05E04 Your Own Money 01/01/1997 Busy, determined to make enough money to buy Stephen's keyboard, competes with Sag for a job at a record store.
S05E05 Let Me Make My Own Mistakes 01/01/1997 When Amanda's grades start to fail, her mom decides that her drama group must go and Amanda attempts to sneak around and still be in the play.
S05E06 When A Kiss Is Just A Kiss 01/01/1997 Busy decides between Ernie and Jonah
S05E07 Get A Life 01/01/1997 Amanda and Busy both have important decisions to make when they learn that they can choose to apply to several high schools, which could mean they'd be going to different schools next year.
S05E08 Saint Carla 01/01/1997 When Carla is killed in a car accident, Amanda and Busy try to come to terms with their own grief, including whether Amanda should continue Carla's role as Juliet in the play, ""Romeo and Juliet"".
S05E09 Graduation 01/01/1997 Amanda and Busy prepare for graduation from 9th grade and into pending adulthood. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to reconnect with her father.
S05E10 Second Generation 01/01/1997 Busy gets involved in her own Romeo and Juliet situation when she meets a young man who runs a rival hot dog cart and learns their fathers have a past together.
S05E11 All Or Nothing 01/01/1997 Amanda gets caught up with a new friend who's into protesting but when she takes it too far, Amanda realizes she's losing Milan.
S05E12 Great Is...Great 01/01/1997 Milan and Amanda break up.
S05E13 Hello, Goodbye 01/01/1997 Amanda reveals to Busy that she's moving out West before school starts. Busy is extremely shocked at the thought of this, as she realises this could mean the end of their wonderful friendship. Amanda gives Busy a ring which used to belong to her grandmother, as a sign of their eternal friendship. The girls are on their way to a Warehouse Party, which Amanda is excited to go to, if only to be able to say goodbye to her friends and to Milan. Once at the party, Amanda inadvertantly sees Milan and another girl kissing. Although Milan and Amanda had split up, the sight of her ex-boyfriend kissing someone else upsets Amanda, and so Amanda runs away and tries to leave the party. Meanwhile, Busy finds out that she has lost the ring Amanda gave to her, and does not know how to break the news to Amanda. As the girls try leaving via an old elevator, the elevator malfunctions, and the girls naturally become frightened. Soon, the elevator plummets downwards, resulting in hospital beds for both Am