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Join The Wiggles - Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon - on an exciting new adventure during this new series featuring over 70 songs, including Wiggle classis and new material.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

S01E01 Miss Polly Had A Dolly 11/09/2013 Emma's dolly is sick so she calls Dr. Sure and then we play a game called "Simon Says" and ride the Big Red Car.
S01E02 Wake Up Lachy! 12/09/2013 Captain made food for a friend. But who? Use the clues to help you guess. Then we wake up a sleepy friend, Lachy!
S01E03 Lachy Shrunk The Wiggles 13/09/2013 Lachy's inventions always result in lots of fun and this time he's shrunk Emma and Anthony! Luckily, Lachy has a solution, with even funnier results! Join The Wiggles in the world's catchiest songs like "Romp Bomp a Stomp".
S01E04 The Wiggly Singing Symphony 14/09/2013 Simon demonstrates the difference between high and low to Dorothy. Then we have fun saying the dance while Emma does the dance.
S01E05 Taba Naba 15/09/2013 The Wiggles sing 'Taba Naba', a song from the Torres Strait Islands all about having fun at the reef. Emma recites a piggy poem, and we all jump in the Big Red Car to travel through the mountains and the countryside!
S01E06 Wash Your Hands 16/09/2013 The Wiggles have all been doing different activities and are about to eat, but what have they forgotten to do? It's time to wash their hands! Emma tells us that she can see clearer now that she wears her glasses.
S01E07 Spring Has Come 17/09/2013 The Wiggles sing a song in Japanese about the coming of Spring. Emma wears a kimono while the other Wiggles wear 'happy coats' for the delightful 'Haru Ga Kita'.
S01E08 Simon Goes Quackers! 18/09/2013 It's more fun with Lachy's inventions, but with a more egg-citing twist!
S01E09 Ooey, Ooey, Allergies 18/09/2013 Captain Feathersword plays the musical memory game and then we all learn that some people have allergies through a song. There's numeracy with Wags the Dog, alphabet fun and a song about being safely 'buckled up' in the car.
S01E10 A Lot Of Camelot 19/09/2013 The Wiggles are putting on a play and use their director Gregory Griggs! Then it's fun with the alphabet and a dance party with 'Hot Potato', 'The Shimmie Shake' and 'Koala-By'.
S01E11 Tasty Science 20/09/2013 Professor Simon teaches Captain Feathersword all about volume with a tasty glass of cranberry juice! Wags learns about numbers by counting bones. Anthony recites a poem about a bee and then has fun with the alphabet.
S01E12 Toot Toot! 21/09/2013 The Wiggles dance with Wags the Dog while Emma has a riddle about goats and Simon plays 'Simon Says'. Captain Feathersword recites his pat-a-cake poem and Anthony has fun with the alphabet.
S01E13 Invisible Lachy 22/09/2013 Lachy's inventions always result in fun! This time, he becomes invisible, but only for a short time. Anthony has fun with the alphabet while we sing and dance with Dorothy the Dinosaur and do the 'Romp Bomp a Stomp!'.
S01E14 Yummy, Yummy! 23/09/2013 Dorothy the Dinosaur does some counting with oranges. Anthony and Simon sing about Michael Finnegan and then begin again! Dance to the 'Bunny Hop' and 'Hot Potato' while Lachy will engage you with his singing lesson.
S01E15 Let's Go Driving In The Big Red Car! 24/09/2013 We'll see all of our friends as we drive through the countryside in the Big Red Car! Children will listen to the clues and guess the answer to the 'Who Am I?' segment. And Anthony has fun with the alphabet.
S01E16 Excuse Meow! 25/09/2013 Poor Lachy the cat is not feeling very well! And so The Wiggles must find a way to make him better; music always helps! Anthony has fun with the alphabet and it's a musical feast when we say the dance and then do the dance.
S01E17 Let's All Shake! 26/09/2013 The Wiggles make music with percussion and then sing about their friends in 'Everybody's Here'. Captain Feathersword recites a poem about Gregory Griggs and then we dance along like different animals in 'Come On Let's Jump'.
S01E18 Beautiful Ballet 27/09/2013 Emma demonstrates some beautiful ballet for the children to join in. The Wiggles sing a song from the Pacific Islands and Anthony has fun with the alphabet while Lachy counts eggs.
S01E19 Who Am I? 28/09/2013 Children will listen to the clues and play 'Who Am I?' Wags the Dog learns some musical science as he sees what will float in water. Meanwhile Anthony has fun with the alphabet.
S01E20 A Hair Disaster! 29/09/2013 Lachy's inventions always result in fun, so when he creates something that can change hair styles it becomes a hair disaster! Can Madam Bouffant save the day? Meanwhile anthony has some alphabet fun.
S01E21 Pirate Poetry 30/09/2013 Emma does a rhyming song about goats and Captain does a poem about his life as a pirate!
S01E22 The Mango Walk 01/10/2013 Professor Simon gives Emma a fun science lesson using a glass of orange juice while Anthony and Dorothy the Dinosaur learn about the alphabet using an apple, but all that learning makes Anthony hungry!
S01E23 Emma's Missing Bow 02/10/2013
S01E24 We Like Fruit 03/10/2013 The Wiggles need to keep healthy and strong so that they can sing and dance with all their friends, and the best way to do that is to eat lots of healthy fruit and vegetables!
S01E25 Is That Lachy? 04/10/2013
S01E26 Hula Hoop Symphony 05/10/2013 The Wiggles have so much fun playing with their hula hoops that they decide to form a hula hoop symphony! Spinning a hula hoop and singing at the same time makes Lachy pretty sleepy, so they need your help to wake him up!
S01E27 Clean Your Teeth! 06/10/2013 Before The Wiggles leave for a big show they remember that they have to take care of their teeth! The Wiggles invite their friend Dennis the Dentist over to learn about brushing and taking care of their teeth.
S01E28 Percussion Party 07/10/2013
S01E29 Marty Party 08/10/2013 Today is a special day in Wiggle House because it is Anthony's birthday! The Wiggles are throwing a huge party to celebrate Anthony's special day, but they need help to make it the best birthday party ever!
S01E30 Is It Captain Feathersword? 09/10/2013 Anthony has a crazy new dance which he wants to try out with one of his wiggly friends! Using Anthonys clues, have fun trying to work out who the mystery friend is!
S01E31 Is That Wags? 10/10/2013 Captain Feathersword has cooked a treat for one of his friends, but he wants you to try and guess who! Use the clues and see if you can solve the mystery! Join The Wiggles as they sing a traditional Eskimo song.
S01E32 Harry Hula 11/10/2013 The Wiggles love playing with hula hoops and seeing who can keep their hoop spinning the longest, but their friend Captain Feathersword doesnt know how to hula! Emma tries to teach Captain Feathersword how.
S01E33 Musical Memory 12/10/2013
S01E34 Doctor Entertainment 13/10/2013
S01E35 Singing With Lachy 14/10/2013
S01E36 Quack, Quack! 15/10/2013
S01E37 Slow Motion Anthony 16/10/2013
S01E38 Lounge Room Symphony 17/10/2013
S01E39 Wiggly Yoga 18/10/2013
S01E40 Musical Cake 19/10/2013
S01E41 The Glass Is Half Full 20/10/2013
S01E42 Simon Says 21/10/2013
S01E43 Sign The ABC 22/10/2013
S01E44 Joannie Works With One Hammer 23/10/2013
S01E45 Doctor Anglais 24/10/2013
S01E46 Is That Simon? 25/10/2013
S01E47 Professor Simon's Musical Challenge 26/10/2013
S01E48 Captain's Experiment 27/10/2013
S01E49 Doctor Treble Clef 28/10/2013
S01E50 Captain and the Tomatoes 29/10/2013
S01E51 A Juicy Story 31/10/2013

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