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Prepare to enter a realm of battles, magic, costumes and roleplaying - REALM OF LARP.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Realm of Larp

S01E01 The journey begins 25/06/2012 Our foam wielding heroes in rubber armor begin their epic quest into the REALM OF LARP! The team is summoned to the mysterious Manor of Lord Winston, but are stopped in the forest by an unexpectedly large group of Goblins. What will become of our larpers?
S01E02 Ambushed! 02/07/2012 We last saw our intrepid heroes in the middle of a goblin ambush. Will they survive and continue their epic journey?
S01E03 The seer and the blind man 16/07/2012 Having been tasked by the Lord Winston to find an amulet, the band of heroes seeks out a mysterious seer who gives each character a clue about the future.
S01E04 The forever gates 23/07/2012 Our intrepid heroes continue their journey after the innocent bloodshed from their last encounter and reach the Forever Gates.
S01E05 Den of the ahkdahla 30/07/2012 We find our heroes severely tested when tactics and strategy are abandoned and they enter the Forever Gates.
S01E06 A game of death 06/08/2012 Down two party members from their encounter with the Ahkdahla, the remaining three members continue their journey only to encounter a life or death game of skill and strategy.
S01E07 The dead man's sword 13/08/2012 After passing the Game of Death our heroes have encountered an Eternal knight that stands in the way of retrieving the Amulet of Life.
S01E08 Save your anger for Kronin 20/08/2012 Having hastily fled through the portal without following the rules, the intrepid heroes do not yet know the peril that lies before them...
S01E09 Bandit Camp 27/08/2012 Our intrepid heroes have made their way to Kronin's camp, and formulate a plan of attack, with an unexpected player rising to the occasion.
S01E10 They've killed everything 03/09/2012 The battle rages on in the bandit camp. Can the adventurers triumph over Kronin and reclaim the Amulet of Life?
S01E11 Facing the dead 10/09/2012 The epic journey comes to a close in this exciting finale of Realm of LARP!