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Each episode of “Rebel Music” highlights a different country grappling with social injustice, from the revolution in Egypt, to sexual oppression India, and to a Mexican drug harbor struggling to reinvent itself as a cultural haven.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rebel Music

S01E01 Egypt: Bittersweet Revolution 18/11/2013 There was blood in streets during Egypt's Arab Spring as furious citizens raged against Hosni Mubarak's oppressive regime. In the wake of the government coup, civil rights are deteriorating as a burgeoning fundamentalist influence takes hold. On the first anniversary of the new president Morsi's election, 33 million people take to the streets in the largest protest in history. Rebel Music Egypt introduces audiences to the brave civilians using protest songs and social media to spark a change in the system and revolutionize the mindsets that tainted their nation's past.
S01E02 Afghanistan: New Dream 18/11/2013 Rebel Music Afghanistan shares the real story of Afghanistan--one that's much more than just a war-torn media headline. Though the Taliban leadership was overthrown during the 2001 American invasion, their restrictive influence still persists throughout the country. As young students and artists risk their lives in pursuit of free speech and equality, they give audiences an inside look into a rich culture evolving under intense pressure.
S01E03 Mali: State of Emergency 18/11/2013 Mali, the once bustling center of West African music, sits on the brink of civil war. Radical Islamist groups clash with the government while the country is reeling from the withdraw of French fiscal and military support. When music, the very lifeblood of Malian culture becomes to subject of extreme censorship, a defiant underground group of musicians rise up, rallying their countrymen for a return to democracy and freedom.
S01E04 India: Fearless Freedom 02/12/2013 As shocking reports of rape in India continue to make international news, Rebel Music India focuses on an emerging group of activists who are rising up against the violence. As a new generation of Indian women comes of age, they are taking control of their lives and bodies and joining the fight for personal freedom and equality. From working to change the on-screen portrayals of women, to ensuring their safety on the streets, young activists, rape survivors and filmmakers are fighting to end the systemized oppression and brutalization of Indian women.
S01E05 Israel/Palestine: Home 09/12/2013 Rebel Music Israel/Palestine gives viewers a new look into a part of the world steeped in centuries of conflict. Amidst ongoing disaccord over borders, control of Jerusalem and refugees, outspoken musicians from both sides fight for the dream of peaceful coexistence. Armed with only their music, these artists aim to build bridges of peace through their troubled yet inspiring land.
S01E06 Mexico: Borderland 16/12/2013 Tijuana, a town once known for its vibrant nightlife has become a war zone plagued by drug-related violence and illegal activity after the 9/11 terrorist attacks shook up the global economy. Working to reclaim their city, local artists use their creativity to confront the issues and bring back a sense of cultural pride. Rebel Music Mexico brings audiences across the border to a city that's always in motion.

Les critiques & échangesDiscussions et débats sur la série

Par atlza Le 07/03/2016

Vous n'allez surement pas tout comprendre, perdu comme il se doit dans le jargon et la complexité financière. Mais cela contribuera à vous plonger au coeur de ce film extrêmement bien mené, très bien porté par ses acteurs, très à l'aise dans cet univers décomplexé de golden boy et aux personnages détonnants (Brad Pitt y est d'ailleurs méconnaissable).
On regrettera peut-être deux choses : une fin moins travaillée que le reste du film, et une petite longueur vers les 2/3 du film, qui lui font perdre sa 5eme étoile.