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Recipe To Riches is an innovative series that takes much-loved home recipes from everyday Australians and turns them into top selling products on the shelves of Woolworths. The series will lift the lid on the food we buy and give viewers a mouthwatering insight into a recipe’s journey from its creator’s kitchen, through to the branding, product launch, and finally to supermarket shelves.


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S01E01 Snack Attack 27/08/2013 In this new innovative series, we take some much-loved home recipes from everyday Australians and turn them into top-selling products on the shelves of Woolworths supermarkets. Watch the show and buy the products the very next day.
S01E02 The Freezer 03/09/2013 Three new recipes this week with Christine Tanner bringing in her delicious vindaloo sauce, Erin Chapman has made a batch of her tasty Maple Macadamia Ice Cream, and Sara-Jade Bradbury adds some spice with her amazing chilli.
S01E03 Condiments 10/09/2013 Diana Browne serves up her African-inspired vegetable chili pickles, Laura Beaumont has a fusion of strawberry jam and Stephen Perry fries up the barbeque with his Louisiana-inspired sauce. Which condiment will be a success on the shelves?
S01E04 World Table 17/09/2013 Argentinian Leo Panetta brings his family's tasty marinade called chimichurri, Manju Jehu from India shares her secret recipe for samosas and Nillawan Thanakamonnan has her own Thai recipe for XO sauce. Which recipe will make the cut?
S01E05 Desserts 24/09/2013 Kara Jensen-Mackinnon combines a date loaf and salted caramel macarons, Vicki Cameron-Smith makes a sandwich of chocolate cookies with chocolate filling, and Katherine Keiler combines leftovers from her apple pie to create something new.
S01E06 Something Sweet 01/10/2013 Garth Midgley has a movie-inspired chocolate coated caramel popcorn recipe. Patsy McCrostie's raspberry slice's are a hit with her kids and Karen Marchsall's chocolate ganache-filled, violet macarons are much more than a mouth-watering treat.
S01E07 Do-It-Yourself 08/10/2013 Elise Strachan is passionate about her on-trend, kid-friendly snacks passed down from her mum. Chris Paschalidis has a secret dough and sauce recipe for pizzas. Amanda Bowman's friends are always asking for her apple crumble mix.
S01E08 Food for Thought 15/10/2013 Elizabeth Proctor's delicious sugar-free cakes, biscuits and sugar-free ice cream are a hit with her kids. Rebecca Hemelaar devised a healthy recipe with chicken, vegetables and quinoa. Rose Bonfa brings her gluten free biscuits to the table.
S01E09 Man Food 22/10/2013 Themis Toclis combined his two favourite meals of spaghetti and pies into one tasty recipe. Bobby Edwards loves Jamacian food and has created his own Jamacian inspired sauce and Christina Cavaleri has an old family recipe for her meatballs.
S01E10 Classics 29/10/2013 Justine Fotia from WA has adapted her grandmother's lamb shank soup into a risotto. Susie has created a mouth-watering slow-cooked oxtail. Husband-wife team Andrew and Judy's classic French dish, Grand L'Orange duck enters the competition.
S01E11 Party Food 05/11/2013 Ramsay Horton has a recipe for spicy meatballs passed down from his grandmother. Vinnie has devised what he claims to be the ultimate chicken wing marinade, and Alan is hoping his inexpensive goat sausages will become a hit.
S01E12 Finale 12/11/2013 In the season finale, we have 11 delicious products and 11 entrepreneurs. Which item has resonated most with Australian shoppers and will be awarded a life-changing partnership with Woolworths supermarkets plus $100,000 prize money?

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