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L’histoire se concentre sur une jeune fille de 15 ans qui s’appelle Suzuhara Izumiko. Elle a été élevée au fin fond des montagnes de Kumano dans le sanctuaire Tamakura. Puisqu’elle a vécu la majeure partie de sa vie en ascète, son tuteur lui suggère de faire ses études secondaires (Lycée) à Tokyo. C’est ainsi qu’elle rejoint son amie d’enfance, Miyuki.Un jour, suite à un horrible accident survenu durant leur voyage scolaire, Suzuhara apprend qu’elle est la représentante de la divinité Himegami.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Red Data Girl

S01E01 The First Transfer Student 04/04/2013 One day Izumiko decides to cut her bangs as her first step toward self change. Despite her best efforts, she is still the center of bullying at school. To make matters worse, the new transfer student is an old acquaintence who seems to hate her.
S01E02 The First Hand 11/04/2013 Izumiko and Miyuki plan to see Yukariko during their fieldtrip in Tokyo. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Izumiko begins to sense something sinister following her. Miyuki thinks it's all in her head until a series of events prevent them from seeing Yukariko.
S01E03 The First Familiar 18/04/2013 Wamiya has noticed a change in Izumiko since her brief trip to Tokyo. When it becomes clear that Izumiko no longer hates Miyuki, Wamiya realizes that he is the cause of her change. Wamiya decides that it's time to wipe Miyuki out of the picture.
S01E04 The First Roommate 25/04/2013 On the first day of school, Izumiko starts to see black figures around campus. It becomes apparent that Izumiko and Miyuki they aren't the only students with special powers. While some seem to be friends, others have taken a more aggressive stance.
S01E05 The First Makeup 02/05/2013 Mayura and Manatsu decide to retaliate against Takayanagi and invite Izumiko and Miyuki to watch. People of power are beginning to gradually take an interest in Izumiko, including the secret Student Body President.
S01E06 The First Sleepover 09/05/2013 Izumiko and Miyuki visit the Souda abode before attending a camping trip in Togakushi with the Student Body Council's Executive Committee. While on the trip, Izumiko begins to catch glimpses of the hardships that Manatsu and Mayura must endure.
S01E07 The First Time I Got Lost 16/05/2013 Mayura and Masumi put Miyuki to the test, refusing to believe that he is an inexperienced Mountain Monk. After the trial, Manatsu receives a call that Tabi is sick. Manatsu rushes to his beloved horse's aid, but things don't look good...
S01E08 The First Request 23/05/2013 After losing Tabi, Manatsu decides that it is time to leave Mayura and become one with Masumi. He thinks that it would be easier on Mayura if they both left her now, before she grows too attached to them. Can Izumiko make them change their minds?
S01E09 The First Unveiling 30/05/2013 The battle between Mayura and Takayanagi is starting to get intense. As Mayura's trump card, Izumiko needs to exercise caution, but she's entering a rebellious stage. What will happen when she dresses up like a princess and unbraids her hair...?!
S01E10 The First School Festival 06/06/2013 Strange things are happening at the school festival. The middle school girls refuse to dress up as princesses for fear of a curse and several of the girl students who have visited the Horror House have gotten sick. Could Takayanagi be behind this?
S01E11 The First Rejection 13/06/2013 Takayanagi places a spell on Izumiko that makes her believe that she is his ally. Even so, she keeps finding herself revolted by Takayanagi's schemes. Will she be able to realize that something is amiss and break the spell on her own?
S01E12 World Heritage Girl 20/06/2013 Realizing that she is the Hime-gami, Izumiko vanishes deep into an alternate plane. Miyuki, Takayanagi and Wamiya go after her, but a powerful enemy stands in their path! Can the three reach Izumiko before humanity's fate is sealed?
S00E01 Opening 04/04/2013

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