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This series reveals the corruption and embezzlement at the heart of the Soviet Union. Following recent media coverage surrounding Putins election to President, this timely and stylish drama documentary series gives a fascinating insight into the origins of modern, post-Soviet, Russia.


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S01E01 Inside the Retail Mafia 1983 14/10/2011 The story of Yuri Sokolov, manager of the famous Eliseyev Store in Moscow, who was sentenced to death for corruption in 1983. A total of 147 people in the retail industry, including govenment bureaucrats, were arrested. I the country rumors spread that the new General Secretary Yuri Andropov was struggling aganst the nomenklatura, but few knew what was really going on.
S01E02 Inside the Political Mafia 1983 21/10/2011 The struggle between Yuri Andropov, head of the security service KGB, against the corrupt Nikolai Shchelokov, head of Soviet police and the Ministry of the Interior, which ended in Shchelokov downfall and suicide in 1984.
S01E03 Military Scams 28/10/2011 In 1952 no ordinary Soviet citizens could imagine that a secret mafia could have existed without the knowledge of the authorities to conduct business on a nationwide scale. When it was uncovered even the highest circles of the communist party were surprised.
S01E04 The Trophy Case 04/11/2011 In June 1946, an investigation was initiated against Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. It showed that he had taken furniture, works of art and other German war trophies for his personal use, leading to the fact that Zhukov was sent into exile by Stalin.
S01E05 Operation Ocean 11/11/2011 In 1977 workers in the fisheries trade started getting arrested. 120 investigators working under Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB, uncovered massive corruption involving hundreds of tons of goods labelled as herring and mackerel exported from the Soviet Union. Was it just a corruption case, or was it a chit in the Kremlin power struggle?
S01E06 Inside the Disappearing Gold 1921 18/11/2011 While leading the world proletarian revolution, fighting a devastating civil war, and starvation rampant among the peasant population in the early 1920s, leading Bolsheviks were selling off the Imperial Russian gold reserve on the world market. Who was really the Gold Bolshevik?

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