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Welcome to the Regular Joe guide at TV Tome. Joe Binder (Daniel Stern, "Dilbert", "Danny") is a recent widower who lives with his teenage son, Grant (John Francis Daley, "Freaks & Geeks", "The Geena Davis Show"), his daughter, Joanie (Kelly Karbacz), and Joanie's infant daughter, Zoe. Now playing the role of both parents, Joe has his hands full as he helps Grant navigate the treacherous waters of high school and Joanie - a sardonic college freshman - face the trials and triumphs of single motherhood. Complicating his life further are his well-meaning but intrusive father, Baxter (Judd Hirsch, "George & Leo", "Numb3rs"), and Sitvar (Brian George), the high-strung employee at his hardware store. (ABC Press Release) RATINGS #116 - 2003 (Mid Season)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Regular Joe

S01E01 Puppetry of the Pennies 28/03/2003 The Binder family bands together to come up with some extra money when Joanie is admitted to Columbia University — but Grant and his dad are at odds over a two-dollar raise.
S01E02 Time and Punishment 04/04/2003 Feeling that his family is drofting apart Joe decides to spend some quality time with his children so he calls a family meeting declaring a ""family night."" They do not have a good time a first, when Joe gives up, Grant and Joanie decide to surprise their dad with dinner and a little quality time, but when his dad calls, and tells him the connection for the fight tickets came through, nothing can stop from attending the fight of the century.
S01E03 Boobysitting 11/04/2003 Joanie has to go out, so she needs a babysitter. Grant volunteers, but Joanie ignores him. She hires her friend Nikki, who knows nothing about babysitting. Grant instantly is attracted to her, and tries to ""teach"" her how to babysit right. This includes sitting in the tub with her for an hour, until the water is warm enough. Meanwhile, Sitvar tries to sabotage Joe, so he can show him how much the hardware store means to his dad.
S01E04 The Mourning After 18/04/2003 Baxter joins Joe's children in pressuring Joe to go on his first date since the death of his wife. As Joe tries to juggle teaching Grant to drive, taking care of baby Zoe and gussying up for his first big date, Joanie comes to the realization that she may actually not be ready for her father to move on.
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