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Remedy Me! is a television documentary series. Are your Doshas out of balance? Is your Yin overtaking your Yang? How’s your Prana? Each week, the documentary series Remedy Me! enters the lives of two different people suffering from the same disagreeable and often embarrassing ailment – from gas and hemorrhoids to restless legs syndrome and PMS. Each has exhausted their options with conventional medicine and is ready to try something new. Join them on their personal quest as they explore the world of complementary and alternative medicine in search of a remedy. The results are surprising, shocking, sometimes distasteful, often relieving and usually humorous.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Remedy Me!

S01E01 Gas 07/02/2011 Embarrassed by chronic gas problems, spicy food-loving Margaret tries chiropractic therapy for some gas-busting relief.
S01E02 Snoring 14/03/2011 Mike’s snoring is so bad he’s been banished from the bedroom and his marriage is on the line.
S01E03 Overactive Bladder 21/03/2011 With overactive bladders, David and Birgitta are on the toilet three to five times per hour, around the clock.
S01E04 Headaches 28/03/2011 Chronic headache and migraine sufferers Annette and Brian are desperate to stop popping painkillers and emerge from their darkened rooms.
S01E05 PMS 04/04/2011 Shelley’s husband can set his watch by her premenstrual mood swings and braces himself every 28 days.
S01E06 Hair Loss 11/04/2011 Could hot mustard oil treatments make Anu’s comb-over a thing of the past? Will acupuncture help restore Velena’s formerly thick tresses?
S01E07 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 18/04/2011 Two women suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.
S01E08 Adult Acne 25/04/2011 Two aspiring actresses are afflicted with adult acne.
S01E09 Sweating 02/05/2011 Fed up with the hassle of excessively sweaty hands and soggy feet, stay-at-home mother of two, Darla, tries traditional Chinese medicine to stop her extreme sweating.
S01E10 Toothgrinding 09/05/2011 For Jean-Francois and Jaymie, the daily grind can lead to fractured teeth, aching jaws, and chewed-up night guards.
S01E11 Restless Leg Syndrome 16/05/2011 Two women have uncontrollably jumpy legs. Liz’s twitching keeps her up at night.
S01E12 Hemorrhoids 23/05/2011 Daniel’s and Shannon’s hemorrhoids are a real pain in the butt.
S01E13 Skin Ailments 30/05/2011 Pinky’s three young children make her itch—stress inflames her chronic eczema.

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