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The BIGGEST renovation knockout Australia has ever seen: Redbacks v Bluetongues! Who will be the last standing as teams renovate TWO Houses every week?


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S01E01 Mill Park - Week 1 Houses Begin 05/05/2015 Tonight, meet Australia's two newest teams of renovators, the Blue Tongues and Red Backs. They'll be transforming two houses every single week, creating dream homes and changing the lives of some deserving home owners.
S01E02 Week 1 First Rooms Revealed 06/05/2015 The couples are busy renovating their bedrooms, but sticking to the home owner's brief is difficult for some. Judges Romy Alwill & Darren Palmer inspect the completed bedrooms & Darren is so impressed with the efforts of one team that he can't decide who will win.
S01E03 Week 1 Immunity & Second rooms begin 07/05/2015 Reno Rumble's first winning team is announced but there's no rest for the renovators who get straight to work on their second rooms. Nick and Chris spend up big on a fireplace but the other Blue Tongues aren't convinced that they are willing to be part of the team.
S01E04 Week 1 Second Rooms Continue 10/05/2015 Despite being one team member down, the Blue Tongues do their best to unite as the end of the week draws closer. The competition heats up with the harmonious Red Backs feeling very confident about their renovation.
S01E05 First Week Houses Revealed & Elimination 11/05/2015 Tonight the two homes are completed and the judges decide on a winning house. After a great week, both the Redbacks and Blue Tongues are confident and the results are close. Scotty brings the lucky home owners through their newly renovated houses.
S01E06 Northcote - Week 2 Houses Begin 12/05/2015 There's fallout from last night's judging as the losing team struggles to come to terms with one couple being eliminated. But its on with the show and another two houses to renovate in just seven days.
S01E07 Week 2 First Rooms Revealed 13/05/2015 Halfway through the renovating week and the first rooms are judged by Darren and Romy. One couple is awarded immunity and their team is thrilled with a two point advantage.
S01E08 Week 2 Second rooms begin 14/05/2015 Scotty arrives to inspect progress of both homes where there's tension within more than one team. The stakes are high as no one wants to see their team members eliminated this week. There's plenty of stress as everything that can go wrong does go wrong.
S01E09 Second Week Houses Revealed & Elimination 17/05/2015 Another transformed house is revealed to some happy home owners, which means the teams must face Scotty once again for the weekly elimination. There are tears from one team and triumphs for another, with a six point difference between them.
S01E10 Hampton - Week 3 Houses Begin 18/05/2015 The Blue Tongues and Red Backs get ready to rumble once again for another week of renovating with new team captains and two new design briefs from this week's home owners.
S01E11 Week 3 First Rooms Revealed 19/05/2015 The Blue Tongues are fighting and struggling to complete their first rooms. One decision made by team captains Michelle and Steve doesn't impress the judges. Scotty awards immunity to one relieved couple.
S01E12 Week 3 Second rooms begin 20/05/2015 The week of renovating isn't getting any easier for the Blue Tongues, who are fighting about the budget allocated to the bathroom. Even in the relative calm of camp Red Back there is unrest at the business end of the week.
S01E13 Third Week Houses Revealed & Elimination 24/05/2015 The Red Backs continue to struggle with a bathroom curse. The Blue Tongues are frustrated when they can't find what they're looking for to give their bathroom the winning edge. The 72 hour challenge culminates in another elimination as the teams meet Scotty.
S01E14 Yarraville - Week 4 Houses Begin - Team Swap & Bedroom Reveals 25/05/2015 Tonight the remaining Red Backs and Blue Tongues begin another Rumble. This week, there's more construction than ever before as one team discovers termite damage. Darren and Romy judge the first rooms and one lucky team is awarded immunity.
S01E15 Working With The Enemy 26/05/2015 Scotty pays a visit to check on progress as cracks start to show in some previously solid friendships. The teams get started on their second rooms and its the business end of the week with the Red Backs feeling confident of a win this week.
S01E16 Fourth Week Houses Revealed & Elimination 31/05/2015 The Reno Rumble gets serious as Josh fights with Ben and the pressure to survive elimination intensifies. The two homes are completed and one of the completed kitchens doesn't score well with the judges. Another team leaves the competition.
S01E17 Kingsville - Semi-Final Week Begins 01/06/2015 A new Rumble begins in Kingsville, its semi final time as Scotty announces new changes to the competition. Both teams must bring something special to this week's makeovers and both plan structural changes and extensions.
S01E18 Semi-Final Bedroom Reveals 02/06/2015 Tonight there's a mad dash to finish the first rooms as all the teams work through the night. The hard work pays off as the judges love all the rooms and both teams receive a much appreciated award.
S01E19 Semi-Final 72-hour Challenge 03/06/2015 The seventy-two hour challenge begins. Josh and Jenna aren't seeing eye to eye on measurements, and one team struggles so much with the budget that they are forced to re-think the furniture for their rooms.
S01E20 Semi-Final Houses Revealed & Elimination 07/06/2015 Tensions are high as the Red Backs and Blue Tongues race to finish their houses. With extensions on both homes, this Reno Rumble has been the biggest so far. Tonight it's a double elimination so every point from the judges counts.
S01E21 Grand Final Week Begins 08/06/2015 After a gruelling double elimination, our two remaining teams begin the grand final. The teams have similar briefs this week from our lucky homeowners. Early planning and good communication are what the teams need on the first day.
S01E22 Grand Final Week Bedrooms Continue 09/06/2015 The two remaining teams must bring something special to the grand final week. One contestant orders fifteen skylights for their home, in an attempt to have the upper hand with the judges. Another struggles to keep all the original features in their home.
S01E23 Grand Final Week First Room Reveals 14/06/2015 A disastrous phone call stops one team in their tracks as the clock ticks down to the first room reveals in Grand final week. The judges are blown away by the results as Scotty reveals the scores and a game changing twist.
S01E24 Grand Final Week Front & Back 15/06/2015 The Reno Rumble final challenge is here and it's massive. The Red Backs and Blue Tongues are renovating identical side by side houses, and in a Reno Rumble first, will makeover front and back gardens.
S01E25 Grand Final Week Continues 16/06/2015 Reno Rumble is in full swing and the couples are cranky with each other with two entire houses due to be completed in just two days. One team is so far over budget that they're at risk of being disqualified.

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