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Only those with a great imagination can see the mystical railway known as the Rainbow Line (レインボーライン Reinbō Rain?), on which run massive trains known as Ressha (烈車?)[Note 1] are driven by five warriors. These five warriors, known as the ToQgers (トッキュウジャー Tokkyūjā?),[Note 2] protect Earth's peace from the evil forces of the Shadow Line (シャドーライン Shadō Rain?) who are using the fear and sadness of those they are abducting to establish their own railway to consume the world in darkness.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ressha Sentai ToQger

S01E01 Starting Station: Let’s Ride the Limited Express Train 16/02/2014 When the evil Shadow Line begins to use their evil train the Kleiner to kidnap children, a young man named Right is amongst those nearly captured. He then sees the prismatic Rainbow Line and its Ressha trains appear, along with four of the ToQgers, inspiring him to help protect the children with them.
S01E02 Station 2: We Are Here 23/02/2014 The ToQgers arrive at a train station taken over by the Shadow Line which has been renamed "Kettougahara" controled by the Shadow Line's Sabre Shadow who makes everyone duel. Right and the others do their hardest to protect a boy who is scared at what the Shadow Line has done to his neighborhood and figure out a way to end the Shadow Line's control.
S01E03 Station 3: Desperate Once Convinced 02/03/2014 After Ticket warns the ToQgers that the Ressha trains will not wait for them, Kagura is left behind and despite her fears must take on Chain Shadow by herself.
S01E04 Station 4: Beware the Thing Left Behind 09/03/2014 When having some time off at a station stop, Tokatti loses his Rainbow Pass somewhere, forcing him to follow the others on standard forms of transportation. While Right, Hikari, and Kagura battle a Shadow Creep, Mio helps Tokatti search for his missing pass.
S01E05 Station 5: The Other Side of the Disappeared Railroad 16/03/2014 The Rainbow Line makes an abrupt stop at a river, requiring the use of the Car Carrier Ressha to cross, but their Imagination is not enough to power it. As Tokatti and the others try to come up with a way to cross, Bucket Shadow starts to collect darkness by making people feel hungry. However, Right comes across a campsite and campers under the Shadow Kaijin's thrall.
S01E06 Station 6: What Are We Looking For? 23/03/2014 Right managed to find one of the missing Support Ressha while out in the woods, so he and Tokatti go out to find it. However, General Schwarz has been spying on the ToQgers and heads out to capture the Support Ressha for the Shadow Line.
S01E07 Station 7: Inconsolable, Unmotivatable 06/04/2014 After getting too emotionally involved in a ninja movie, Kagura accidentally breaks Hikari's kendama toy, and is worried about telling him. However, the Ressha stops at a new Dark Station where Hanko Shadow has made everyone lose their motivation, and Right, Tokatti, and Mio fall under his spell.
S01E08 Station 8: Big Explosion on the Rainbow Line 13/04/2014 The signal from the lost Diesel Ressha is found, but because it is so weak there might be a chance it cannot work again. Right is sent out to find it, as his strong Imagination can restore it, but when the Ressha's brakes are discovered to be broken, everyone fears that the Shadow Line has planted a bomb on them.
S01E09 Station 9: Memory Is a One-Way Ticket 20/04/2014 While the Ressha is under maintenance from the previous battle, the group uses the Support Ressha. At the next stop, Right wants to try a new buffet, but Mio meets someone apparently from her past who was in love with her.
S01E10 Station 10: Tokatti Dies at Sunset 27/04/2014 After Tokatti meets a young man named Hiroki Fujisawa who seems to be able to see the Ressha, Type Shadow sentences Tokatti to die at sunset.

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