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There are tons of restaurants across the country that aren't doing as well as the owners would like and there are seemingly as many shows that offer to help turn around failing restaurants. ``Restaurant Redemption'' is unique in that it focuses on restaurants that serve Asian cuisine. Taiwanese chef Ching-He Huang travels across the U.S. to help struggling restaurant owners by revitalizing their restaurants' menus and giving them new direction to turn around the businesses. In addition to updating the menus, Ching updates each eatery's decor. Her hope is that by tapping into her Asian heritage and culinary expertise, she can help save the owners from financial ruin.


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S01E01 King Yum 29/10/2013 Ching is heading to Fresh Meadows, New York to help save a failing Tiki themed Chinese Restaurant. King Yum has been in Robin Ng's family for over 60 years, but in recent years business has dropped drastically. Ching will have to convince Robin and his wife that the over fried, greasy, bland dishes that they insist their customers love have to go. Will Ching's culinary expertise and tough love be enough to turn this restaurant around and help Robin rediscover his passion?
S01E02 New Mandarin 05/11/2013 Ching packs up her cleaver and heads to Farmington Hills, Michigan to save failing family restaurant New Mandarin Garden. There Ching takes on bickering brothers Gary and Jerry Che, as they work together to revamp this outdated Chinese restaurant and bring it into the 21st century. Can the brothers get along long enough to make the restaurant a success? Only time will tell.
S01E03 Shogun Palace 19/11/2013 Shogun Palace in Flushing, Queens boasts a whopping 23,000 square foot dining room and banquet hall...all of it empty. To save the business, owner David Wong and Chef William Chen enlist Ching's help to transform their over-the-top banquet style menu to modern Japanese. In the process David and William bid farewell to some seriously fishy decor in the dining room.
S01E04 Saigon 39 26/11/2013 Ching is headed to Kansas City, MO to a family run Vietnamese restaurant. Mimi Perkins opened Saigon 39 to rave reviews and lines down the block. Now, over 20 years later, the restaurant is in the hands of Mimi's children, Linda and Victor, and business has plummeted. Although officially retired, Mimi is still the boss. Ching needs to bring the dishes and the decor into the 21st century and get Mimi to take a step back and let Victor and Linda run the restaurant. Victor and Linda say they are ready for change...but are they really up for the challenge?
S01E05 Ye Ching Express 03/12/2013 John Bian along with his parents and wife run a struggling Chinese restaurant in Bloomington, IL. The restaurant is the only income for the family and as sales continue to drop, tensions have begun to run high. Due to the families lack of communication and leadership the restaurant has fallen into a state of disrepair. To turn the failing restaurant around Ching will need to convince the feuding family that they need an entirely new restaurant concept - and that they need to work together to make it happen.
S01E06 Assembly 24/12/2013 With their profit margins in the red, Assembly Steakhouse had to lay off 90% of their staff. Now, owner Jack Koumbis is pushing his three children to help him run the business. But, his leadership techniques are questionable, and temperatures are flaring at home and in the kitchen. So, it's up to Ching to help this family stick together, while updating their miserable restaurant, before everything goes up in flames.
S01E07 Tenshi Sushi 07/01/2014 Ching travels to Houston, Texas to help battling siblings Nina and Ung get their fledgling Sushi restaurant back on track. Instead of fighting against their Laotian roots, and each other, Ching shows them how to bring their heritage to the forefront and create a successful spin on traditional Southeast Asian cuisine. Can brother and sister finally set aside their differences to make their business a success?
S01E08 Flame Asian Tapas 14/01/2014 Don, Bryan and Li opened Flame Asian Tapas in Rossford, Ohio only six months ago, but they're already in danger of closing. Ching must streamline their unique restaurant concept in order to turn their business around. She'll be swapping their existing sub-par flaming dishes with easy to share and easy to prepare Asian tapas with a focus on the owners' Korean heritage. With their lack of restaurant experience will Ching be able to teach these three old college buddies all they need to know to pull their restaurant out of the red?
S01E09 Shiki Wok 21/01/2014 In Bloomfield, New Jersey Ching faces one of her toughest challenges yet at a traditional Chinese restaurant that hasn't been touched in over 20 years. Ching helps owner Ming bring his old and tired dishes from outdated to modern Chinese American with a twist. Can Ching convince Ming that his old ways will drive him out of business if he doesn't heed her advice?
S01E10 Satay 28/01/2014 Ching takes off for Austin, Texas to revive a 26 year old Thai restaurant that is stuck in the 1980's. With tired Thai cuisine on the menu, Ching must convince stubborn owner Foo that updating her food won't drive away customers but give the restaurant a whole new life. Can she bring Foo the success she once had again?
S01E11 Crimson 04/02/2014 In Dallas, Texas Ching arrives to help two former best friends, Selena and Hanna, mend their friendship and their failing business. After a falling out has led these two friends of 20 years to stop talking and stop making a profit, Ching shows them how to fix their Vietnamese cuisine while hashing out their personal issues in the process.
S01E12 Session Bistro 11/02/2014 After investing over $200,000 of his own money into struggling restaurant Session Bistro, Joe Troy's desperate. So Ching-He Huang heads to Maywood, NJ, to give this confused fusion restaurant a serious menu and decor overhaul.
S01E13 Xie 18/02/2014 Ching travels to the college town of Iowa City, IA to help General Manager Wes Lewis save struggling restaurant Xie...and learns of a unique deal. If Wes can help the restaurant bring in $30,000 in one month, owner Jennifer Xie will let him take over the restaurant. If he can't, she will cut her losses and close the restaurant's doors. With the clock ticking, can Ching turn this sinking ship around?

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