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Retro Game Master (known in Japan as GameCenter CX) is a Japanese television series where Shinya Arino, a member of comedy duo Yoiko, plays Japan's most popular video games (a majority of which are Famicom games) and records his progress as he works through a time limit, usually lasting up to one day. He is supported by his Assistant Directors (herein referred to as ADs) and Staff, both via moral support and actual gameplay. He also gets the chance to interview game designers and to play arcade games occasionally.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Retro Game Master

S01E01 Taito: Takeshi no Chousenjou (Takeshi's Challenge) 04/11/2003 In the first episode of Game Center CX, Arino visits Taito to learn it's history and play one of it's most difficult and cruel games Takeshi no Chousenjou. Upon first entering Taito he marvels at the Space Invaders machine. Tomohiro Nishikado, the creator of Space Invaders comes and discusses with Arino the history and impact of the game and they challenge one another to a game. After this Arino meets Akira Saito to discuss the Densha de GO! series. As the tour continues he finds out nobody from the original development team of Takeshi no Chousenjou is left so he meets Tetsuo Egawa instead to discuss it. To find out more about the legendary game he talks to Kazuhiro Hayashi who presents Arino with guidebooks for the game. Finally we see Arino tackle Takeshi no Chousenjou which includes various hilarious snippits of him getting frustrated at the game's bizarre challenges such as singing karaoke, and waiting one hour without pushing anything. Does Arino complete Takeshi's insane challenge? Watch and find out!
S01E02 Koei: Angelique Trois 18/11/2003 Arino visits the headquarters of Koei to speak with the two men behind the Dynasty Warriors and Nobunaga’s Ambition series of games. He then speaks to a PR representative about another of their popular series, Angelique before taking on the latest addition to the dating sim series, Angelique Trois. It's quite a change of pace from Arino's last challenge but that may work against him as he relaxes and opens his heart to his many suitors.
S01E03 Capcom: Tekki (Steel Battalion) 02/12/2003 Arino enters the Capcom building in Osaka and meets his first interviewee: Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man and Onimusha, among others. Then he interviews Hiroyuki Kobayash and Atsushi Inaba. Lastly, Arino takes a seat in the Fuji Multi-Theater for some extra-special playtime with Tekki (Steel Battalion).
S01E04 Sega: Roommania #203 16/12/2003 Rather than center on one company, this episode of Game Center CX explores an entire game series: specifically, Sega’s Sakura Taisen.
S01E05 Hudson: Star Force 13/01/2004 This episode centers on Hudson, featuring some of their hit games in the collection. The Challenge centers on Star Force where Arino must get the 50,000 bonus from Rarios; Takahashi Meiijin shows up to help Arino as well.
S01E06 ASCII: Astro Robo SASA 27/01/2004 During this episode Arino's challenge is to defeat Astro SASA! Will he surpass this challenge or give in?
S01E07 Namco: Galaga 10/02/2004 In this episode of Game Center CX, Arino challenges Namco's 1985 Galaga. His challenge; to get the bonus stage's 10,000 points
S01E08 Chunsoft: Door Door 24/02/2004 During this episode Arino challenges Chun Soft's Door Door. Nakamura Kouichi the creator of Door Door shows up to help Arino in his challenge.
S01E09 Konami: Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Gradius, and Track & Field 10/03/2004 In this episode Arino is faced with a 3 round Konami challenge. He must go through Yei Ar Kung-Fu, Gradius, & Konami Hyper Olympics.
S01E10 Nintendo: Super Mario Bros 1 & 2 31/03/2004 Arino is faced with the difficult challenge of beating Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Famicom Disk System. He first practices is skills with the original Super Mario Brothers before moving onto Super Mario Brothers 2; will he be able to beat the game? Or will he be defeated by one of Nintindo's own...
S01E11 Nintendo Super Maro Bros Pt. 2 00/00/0000
S02E01 Atlantis no Nazo (The Mystery of Atlantis) 20/10/2004 Arino faces the challenging platformer for the NES, Atlantis no Nazo. Will Arino get the hang of its difficult controls and unforgiving level design? We follow Arino on the first ever arcade trip (TamaGe) to the roof of a department store where he plays a number of classic prize games before being introduced to his newest assistant director. Arino then conducts an interview with Game Republic founder and the creator of a number of classic Capcom games, Yoshiki Okamoto.
S02E02 Challenger 03/11/2004 Arino faces himself up against the action-platformer Challenger by Hudson Soft. He also visits a japanese arcade that is reported to have an original Hang-On.
S02E03 Makai Mura (Ghosts 'n Goblins) 17/11/2004 This season opener acts as a reboot for the series which now centers around the challenge segment of the previous season and for his first challenge Arino tackles one of the scariest games of them all, Ghouls 'N Ghosts! At least it's not all doom and gloom as Arino continues his visit to the TRY Amusement Arcade. After encountering one of the more brutal game over screens Arino manages to recover to play a boat load of classic games but he still pines to get a chance at Xevious. Arino then speaks to one of the most revered game creators of all time, Sega's Yu Suzuki. They speak about a number of his cherished creations and even have a bout in Championship Boxing.
S02E04 Konami Wai Wai World 01/12/2004 Konami’s all-star action platformer is the challenge this time. Konami Man and Konami Lady must rescue six of Konami’s heroes in their own game worlds. This time, Arino has the strategy guide right off the bat — two of them, in fact, thanks to the staff.
S02E05 Metroid 15/12/2004 Nintendo’s classic sci-fi game is thrust upon Arino this time, and his goal is not a very noble one. Inspired by a rumor, Arino hopes to clear Metroid as fast as he can, to see if heroine Samus Aran really does take her clothes off after a speedy clear.
S02E06 Solomon no Kagi (Solomon's Key) 19/01/2005 What secrets are hidden in the many castle rooms of Solomon's Key? Arino takes control of the titular wizard and discovers the many wonders to be had in this difficult puzzle game. Arino travels to Matsudo to visit an arcade with a name fit for a boss, Mechman. Arino barely makes it inside before he finds himself fending off ninjas and flying into the Danger Zone. Arino then meets the creator of the much beloved game centric manga series, Game Center Arashi. Creator Sugaya Mitsuru discloses his favorite game and presents Arino with a gift to top off what is an informative and entertaining interview.
S02E07 Prince of Persia (1) 02/02/2005 Shortly after Arino completed Solomon’s Key, Sasano steps in with a Super Famicom and offered Arino the next challenge: Prince of Persia. With no break in between, Arino begins the challenge. He must save the princess from the evil Jafar by completing 20 stages in under two hours.
S02E08 Prince of Persia (2) 16/02/2005 Part two of the Prince of Persia challenge. The Western game completely hooks Arino in, but can he clear the game before the in game time limit?
S02E09 Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo (Mega Man 2) 02/03/2005 Arino takes on the most popular game in Capcom's Mega Man series, Mega Man 2!
S02E10 Super Mario Bros. 3 16/03/2005 The season finale is on location at the Sun Hatoya hotel in Ito. Arino spends the last show in style. The challenge room is in a lovely suite overlooking the ocean. The TV and Famicom are all set up, and he even has a new ergonomic chair to sit in and play with the least physical stress. And the game? One of the most stressful of all: Super Mario Bros. 3.
S03E01 Kato-chan & Ken-chan (J.J. & Jeff) 13/04/2005 Season 3 opens with Arino being officially "promoted" to Kacho Dairi (Deputy Section Chief). The first challenge of the season is Hudson’s Kato-chan & Ken-chan, for the PC-Engine. A quirky platformer starring a Japanese comedy duo, the game was localized overseas as JJ & Jeff.
S03E02 Power Pad: Attack! Takeshi's Castle Showdown (Family Trainer) 27/04/2005 Arino's body is pushed to its limit as he challenges the power pad game, Attack! Takeshi's Castle Showdown. Based on the hit TV series of the same name, it stars the maniacal Beat Takeshi, who you may remember as the star of the eponymous, Takeshi's Challenge. To take a break, Arino visits a lovely convenience store in Odawara containing a number of addicting prize games. There is one prize game in particular that catches Arino's fancy and before he even has a chance to buy some candy, might end up bankrupting him. Arino continues his quest for glory in Ring Ring Tactics by trying to solve the mystery of the vanishing battle screen.
S03E03 Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You 11/05/2005 To celebrate his recent engagement Arino is tasked with beating the dating sim, Tokimeki Memorial. The staff hope that his gameplay will instruct lovelorn viewers in how to succeed in the art of love. Even after being presented with the strategy guide Arino boldly declares that he won't be needing it as he embarks on his quest to win the heart of Fujisaki Shiori.
S03E04 Famicom Jump: History of Heroes 25/05/2005 In a series first this week's challenge features the licensed video game, Famicom Jump. What sets Famicom Jump apart is that it doesn't only feature a single licensed character but dozens which were popular in Jump Magazine at the time. Were licensed games always terrible? You'll have to watch to find out. For the latest TamaGe, Arino travels to a mystery arcade where the mystery itself is a mystery. When he's not scratching his head Arino finds some time to enjoy some Nintendo VS. action. And in the latest Ring Ring Tactics Arino actually begins to make some progress when he encounters a new companion on his journey.
S03E05 Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic (Super Mario Bros. 2) 08/06/2005 In a brilliant piece of network synergy Arino will challenge the disk system classic, Doki Doki Panic. Originally a promotional tool for Fuji TV, Doki Doki Panic was very famously re-skinned and released overseas as turnip picking simulator, Super Mario Bros. 2. Ring Ring Tactics features a surprise helper from the past who attempts to help Arino move ever closer to his goal.
S03E06 Hi no Tori Hououhen: Gaou no Bouken (Phoenix: The King's Adventure) 22/06/2005 Based on the classic manga from Astro Boy creator, Osamu Tezuka, it's Phoenix! The game features a mix of puzzle and platforming elements so we'll have to see if Arino's puzzling skills can compensate for his platforming ineptitude. There's also a TamaGe segment with a carnival vibe this episode. Arino enjoys the many games of skill available and has a chance to use his unique shooting technique as well as admire the owner's large collection of keys. After a disappointing last episode Arino hopes to make forward progress in Ring Ring Tactics by adding Sha Gojo to his party.
S03E07 Super Mario World (1) 06/07/2005 Arino's history with the Super Mario series is mixed to put it extremely generously. He hopes to rectify this when he challenges one of the true all time classics in Super Mario World. While some may view this game as a straight forward platformer Arino is sure to meet stiff resistance in this challenge. One of the holiest places in all of retro gaming, the mega store Super Potato, is the settings for this week's gaming excursion. Filled from floor to ceiling with classic games and systems, Arino is like a kid in a candy store. At long last Arino completes a missed connection in Ring Ring Tactics so at least this episode isn't a total failure in terms of progress.
S03E08 Super Mario World (2) 23/07/2005 We pick up right where we left off as Arino struggles to conquer Super Mario World. Watch as he ventures closer to Bowser's lair in what will prove to be the most dramatic episode yet! But if you can't handle all the stress you can calm your nerves with a little Ring Ring Tactics where we find Arino struggling to decipher a string of random letters.
S03E09 Meikyu Kumikyoku: Milon no Daibouken (Milon's Secret Castle) 03/08/2005 For this episode Arino challenges the much maligned Hudson classic, Milon's Secret Castle. This early entry in the action adventure genre has a bottomless bag of gotchas which Arino has to constantly be aware of if he is to conquer the labyrinthine castle. To give his thumbs the rest that they so sorely need Arino visits a bathhouse that happens to feature a couple of arcade machines. It's the perfect excuse for Arino to recharge his batteries before his next arduous challenge. Ring Ring Tactics moves forward after a viewer assists with solving the mysterious code before Arino encounters a new boss.
S03E10 Kamigami no Triforce (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) 31/08/2005 A few familiar faces return and present Arino with his final challenge of the season, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past! Will Arino be able to finish a game that he claims is one of his favorites? In the stunning conclusion of Ring Ring Tactics Arino calls upon Kaayan who proves to be quite useless once again. Not all hope is lost however as another viewer provides valuable information which may be just what Arino needs.
S04E01 Ultraman 19/10/2005 In this Season 4 opener, Arino challenges Ultraman for the Super Famicom! Having been promoted to Kacho, Arino sports a new blue suit and a cockier attitude.
S04E02 Final Fight 02/11/2005 A new season brings a new genre to the table with the beat 'em up classic, Final Fight. Hopefully Arino can take back Metro City from the evil gangs which now control it. An amusement park dating back to 1850 might seem dangerous but not for the Game Center CX crew and not for TamaGe! The staff enjoy a number of the amusement rides before closing out with some regular arcade gaming. To slow things down a bit enjoy a Xevious request in Secret Trick Jet Stream. Project: DVD is a short little segment where Arino and a few of the staff discuss what challenges should be included in the first Game Center CX DVD box set. The first challenge to make the cut was an early classic for both fans and the staff.
S04E03 Adventure Island 16/11/2005 There won't be any Takahashi Meijin appearance to save Arino during his challenge of another Hudson classic, Adventure Island. Will the ADs be a suitable replacement for this brutally difficult game? An arcade with the unusual title of Amusement VIKING is the venue for this week's TamaGe. Things become even more unusual when Arino exhibits actual skill when taking on a prize machine before moving on to play some of the rare VS. Super Mario Bros. For Secret Trick Jet Stream Arino receives a request for an Ice Climber glitch. In Project: DVD the staff continue their discussion over what challenges deserve to make it onto the set. The challenge that they finally settle on was one of the longest in the show's short history.
S04E04 ActRaiser 30/11/2005 One of the earliest SNES games is the challenge for this week as Arino battles with the unusual god/action game hybrid, ActRaiser. It may not be the game's difficulty and instead be Arino's tendency to be distracted that will be his downfall in this exciting challenge. This one goes out to all those Dragon Quest 2 adventurers out there in Secret Trick Jet Stream. Project: DVD has Arino answering a couple of viewer questions including what the DVD exclusive challenge will be and the design of the packaging.
S04E05 Quiz: The Feudal Lord's Ambition 14/12/2005 It's all hands on deck for the first quiz challenge in show history when Arino takes on Quiz: The Feudal Lord's Ambition. Hopefully everyone is up to date on their early 90s Japanese pop culture. Arino visits an arcade with the unusual gimmick of having games priced as low as 10 yen but soon finds that it's too good to be true. Arino doesn't sweat that detail though as he enjoys taking down kids in Virtua Fighter 4 and Final Furlong. For a change of pace things get loud on Secret Trick Jet Stream when a listener requests a hot jam from Raid On Bungeling Bay. Secret Trick Jet Stream quickly segues into Project: DVD as Arino announces the final details about the launch of the first DVD box set.
S04E06 Doraemon 11/01/2006 Another licensed game with a questionable pedigree, it's Doraemon! Arino will try and get this time travelling cat over the finish line and improve his overall record when it comes to challenging Hudson games. The first Game Center CX DVD box set recently went on sale and so we have a special report from the launch event. Arino, Tojima, Sasano and Urakawa were all in attendance to sign autographs and receive some gifts from the more ardent fans. It's another game store visit this week as Arino and Tojima visit Messe Sanoh CHAOS. Together they sample their large selection of import games including The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and God Of War, which Arino takes a shine to. It's a classic hit from Super Mario Bros. for this week's Secret Trick Jet Stream.
S04E07 Super Mario 64 (1) 25/01/2006 Arino had enough trouble with Mario when he was only 2D so let's see how he fares with an extra dimension in Super Mario 64. He'll have to conquer the highest mountains, ice cold tundra and searing heat on his quest to collect the required number of stars to face Bowser and save the princess. It's a bit of a special TamaGe this week as Kibe and Arino compete to get the best deal on games with only 5000 yen to spend. They both stretch their budgets a little to pick up a couple of games and Tojima makes a sudden appearance with the required gear for them to test out their purchases. The finale of Secret Jet Stream has a request for a steamy little number from the typically very serious Hokkaido Serial Murders.
S04E08 Super Mario 64 (2) 08/02/2006 Join Arino for the exciting conclusion of his Super Mario 64 challenge. Arino has it all ahead of him though as he takes on the games toughest levels to try to increase his star tally and open up the doorway to the King Of The Koopa's himself, Bowser. A new and exciting form of transport delivers Arino to this week's TamaGe location but that's not before he samples the local delicacies in Enoshima. Once at his destination Arino drives a virtual train before trying to trick AD Urakawa in a plan that quickly backfires.
S04E09 Ninja Ryukenden (Ninja Gaiden) 22/02/2006 In this episode, Arino returns to another classic NES game. This time it’s the fan-favorite Tecmo game Ninja Gaiden. With a victory here, he can bring his record for the season to a tie, but the Ninja Gaiden series is considered one of the hardest game series ever made. After some time Arino comes to the realization that it may be the hardest game he's ever played in his life... even harder than Ghosts 'n Goblins and Adventure Island! Arino pays a visit to a nostalgic little arcade with a odd name which is enjoyed by children and adults alike. There he discovers a prize machine filled with a cornucopia of pop culture icons and some strange decorations adorning the outer wall.
S04E10 Palutena no Kagami (Kid Icarus) 08/03/2006 In what could be the last challenge ever, Arino attempts to save the mythical land of Kid Icarus and rescue the goddess Palutena from the tendrils of Medusa. Along the way he'll have to berate shop keepers, deal with vegetable loving wizards and even battle death itself. Some may recall this store being the location of a previous TamaGe but this time is different. For this visit Arino is joined by the staff as they attempt to line their pockets by selling the games featured in the challenges for this season. Their true value will come as a surprise to all.
S05E01 Umihara Kawase 07/06/2006 For the season 5 opener Arino must try to complete the cult classic, grappling hook platformer, Umihara Kawase. Perhaps the new AD can impress with his gaming skills and propel the Chief to victory. In the first TamaGe outing of the season Arino visits a quaint stationary store. With the sun glaring down he makes judicious use of the sun blockers so he is able to enjoy some Metal Slug co-op along side the elderly owner. This season will feature a new segment focusing on lesser known hardware called The Aces Of Hardware Won't Appear. The hardware Arino will be introduced to today is the Sega Mark III which had a number of notable titles including Alex Kidd In Miracle World.
S05E02 Contra 21/06/2006 The Konami classic Contra is the featured challenge for this episode and its renowned co-op gameplay may offer Inoko MAX a chance to redeem himself after his poor showing last episode. The TamaGe for this episode features a wonderful store with a variety of nostalgic candy and game machines. There's also a great cast of supporting characters including classic movie stars, robots, aliens and idols. Aces Of Hardware this time will focus on the the obscure Cassette Vision from the even more obscure manufacturer, Epoch. While most of its games require a lot of imagination to enjoy Pakpak Monster has a very recognisable protagonist.
S05E03 Bonanza Bros. 05/07/2006 Arino challenges Bonanza Bros, a Mega Drive game about burglarizing buildings and hiding from the cops. A special report brings us coverage from a fan event to promote the release of the second DVD box set. The fans are teased with upcoming show merchandise before an autograph and gift giving session. The Aces Of Hardware is dedicated to Sega's Game Gear and features a couple of ports of out and out classics plus one particularly odd game.
S05E04 Dai Makai Mura (Ghouls 'n Ghosts) 19/07/2006 The game dropped on Arino's lap for his latest challenge is Ghouls 'N Ghosts, the terrifying sequel to Ghosts 'N Goblins. The knight Arthur must once again descend into the pits of hell to retrieve the souls of the innocent from the clutches of Lucifer. If this 16-bit entry in the series has a boost in difficulty to go along with its graphical one, Arino doesn't have a hope in hell. The latest piece of hardware to be dredged up from the past in Aces Of Hardware is the ill-fated 3DO. Conceived of by EA's founder, Trip Hawkins, the system bet and lost big on the full motion video craze of the 90s. Arino will be a victim of that mistake when he's forced to play the abysmal Jurassic Park Interactive and a Wacky Races video game where the game part is debatable.
S05E05 Sarada no Kuni no Tomato Hime (Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom) 02/08/2006 In one of the most talked about challenges yet, Arino tackles the much ported adventure game, Princess Tomato In Salad Kingdom. Arino will endeavour to save the kingdom from evildoers in this cute adventure game that belies a rather serious storyline. When he isn't saving nobles Arino checks out a general store which features a couple of arcade machines and is a big hit with all of the neighborhood kids. There's even some action in the bedroom as Abe and the owner argue about the value of her stamp collection. Yet another piece of Sega hardware features in Aces Of Hardware this week and this time it's the SG-1000 II. A couple of games stand out in this edition including a version of the previously challenged Star Force and the first game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka, Girl's Garden.
S05E06 Youkai Douchuuki (Shadow Land) 30/08/2006 Arino hopes to end the season on a high but it won't be easy as he has to take on the difficult platformer, Shadow Land. Arino will do his best to lead the mischievous Tarosuke through hell itself to the world of the living. For the final arcade visit of the season Arino travels to a little grocery store with a number of outdoor arcade and prize games. Arino will be hoping he can clean up on the prize games so he can win some tokens to spend inside. After all of that he might even have time to squeeze in a little Metal Slug. And for the finale of The Aces Of Hardware Won't Appear the interestingly named Pyuuta from Tomy is shown off in all of its glory.This computer may have misrepresented its power but it did have a couple of neat action games including a port of Scramble.
S06E00 00/00/0000
S06E01 Street Fighter II 01/11/2006 The veritable masterpiece, Street Fighter 2, serves as the opener for season 6. Since this genre of game is atypical for the show it's decided that an ending that is as equally out of the ordinary is required. No arcade trip this episode but instead we have a report from the Tokyo Game Show including highlights from a Game Center CX stage show as well as Arino's visit to the show's merchandise booth. The new segment for this season will be The Romance Never Ends, a segment focusing on some of the most risqué moments in gaming. First up is a candid moment from the anime based game, Magical Taruruuto-kun.
S06E02 Akumajou Densetsu (Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse) 15/11/2006 One of the most revered and hardest series on the NES, Castlevania makes its challenge debut when Arino challenges Castlevania 3. Arino will have to call on everything he has learnt over the years in order to slay the prince of darkness once and for all. If that all sounds a but too heavy then there's a TamaGe to an establishment that is a mix of arcade and diner complete with sexy outfits for wall decorations. After some light gaming Arino decides to treat the staff to a meal of his choosing. A sexy moment from a decidedly unsexy game is shown in this week's The Romance Never Ends when we take a peek at the classic detective game, Murder At The Dragon's Temple In Kyoto.
S06E03 Mighty Bomb Jack 29/11/2006 Our game-testing everyman, Shinya Arino, faces off against Mighty Bomb Jack. Mighty Bomb Jack was released in 1986 for the arcade and the following year for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, Jack makes his way through a 16-level pyramid on his way to defeat the demon Belzebut and rescue a royal family. The game is packed with oddities, like a rule that punishes a player for collecting coins too quickly, hidden passages found behind Sphinx and time-extending magical potions. The Romance Never Ends caters to all shapes when it features a hot and heavy sumo scene from Shoving Sumo Tournament.
S06E04 Red Arremer II (Gargoyle's Quest II) 13/12/2006 Mere seconds after the brutal Mighty Bomb Jack challenge, Arino gets up to leave, but is called to sit back down. He’s handed Red Arremer II (known in the west as Gargoyle's Quest II) for the next challenge. Arino finally gets to play as his enemy the Red Arremer, but in an almost ironic twist, this Arremer moves nothing like his old foe. Arino checks out a rustic batting center equipped with a few arcade games in today's TamaGe. After checking out the limited selection of semi-functional games Arino has a chance to impress with his imperious baseball skills. The Romance Never Ends in this steamy hot spring scene in Momotaro Electric Railway.
S06E05 Mighty Bomb Jack (Live Show Recap) 10/01/2007 In front of a live audience, Arino tries to complete the game that he came close to clearing Mighty Bomb Jack. The immense pressure from hundreds of eyes watching his every move makes Arino and the staff much more susceptible to mistakes. Can Arino clear his first live challenge?
S06E06 Hatena no Daibouken (Adventure Quiz: Hatena's Quest) 24/01/2007 The best that Game Center CX has to offer must once again join forces to topple the Capcom character heavy quiz game, Adventure Quiz: Hatena's Quest. In order to best this mix of adventure and quiz game the staff will rely on a certain method that has proven to be successful in the past. For a change of pace this week's TamaGe features not one but two excursions. The first has Arino visiting a prize game heavy arcade where he tries out a unique method for winning and makes a pun of spurious quality. The next stop is Home Ground which doesn't fit any typical designation. It's best described as a themed restaurant that tries to replicate the experience of playing games at home including draws full of games and some oddly personal items.
S06E07 Septentrion (SOS) 07/02/2007 The game this time is Septentrion (Vic Tokai’s "SOS" in America), a Super Famicom action-adventure taking place on a sinking cruise liner, the Lady Crithania. Arino's visiting a toy store turned arcade called Sugimoto in the latest TamaGe. Once he arrives, Arino fancies his chances against a sun faded roulette game, a robot with a loose grip and a game that brings back painful memories from TamaGe past.
S06E08 Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa 21/02/2007 A game that was commonly bootlegged as Baby Mario is in fact the Konami disk system game, Bio Miracle. The infant hero Upa has for some reason been tasked with ridding the world of the evil Zai in this precarious platformer. With the season record sitting evenly at 3-3 Arino will try and end things on a high by guiding Baby Upa to the ending through 7 colorful worlds.
S07E01 Ultraseven 02/05/2007 Ultra Seven is the sequel to Ultraman, the game that opened season 4! And from the look of the game, it seems Arino’s in for yet another kaiju-driven hellride. Will he prevail, or will this second Ultraman game begin another spiral of failure as it did before?
S07E02 Rockman (Mega Man) 16/05/2007 It's time for Arino to step into the boots of the Blue Bomber once again as he challenges Mega Man. Being the first entry in the venerated series, Arino will have to contest with some of its less refined aspects and what some fans call the highest difficulty level to be found in the original 6 games. In the second instalment of Project: Game Version Arino visits the developer of the game, indieszero. Once there, Arino grills company head Masanobu Suzui about his mouse and the history of the company. The Game & Watches that can't be left alone this week belong to the Silver Series of games.
S07E03 Wagyan Land (Wagan Land) 30/05/2007 A cute but difficult platformer which is perhaps best remembered for its unique boss battles, Wagyan Land is today's challenge. While the boss battles may the game's most unique aspect it is a piece of abstract art which will cement this episode in history. A special game starring a couple of familiar faces is spotted during this week's TamaGe as Arino visits the combination arcade and game store, Takasagoya. In fact the store is nothing but familiar sightings, from previously challenged games to the TamaGe mainstay, Metal Slug. In this instalment of Project: Game Version, Game Center CX staff members discuss various game ideas with the team at indieszero with Abe especially impressing with his character designs. Last but not least, the Widescreen Series is showcased in Game & Watch: I Can't Leave You Alone.
S07E04 Outer World (Another World) 13/06/2007 The rotoscoped masterpiece, Out Of This World is the focus of today's challenge. Developed by Frenchman Eric Chahi, how will Arino handle this strange western game? Luckily for Arino this week's TamaGe isn't too far from Fuji TV and luckier still it features a shooting range for him to show off his special technique. The operator of said shooting range may not be feeling so lucky though as Arino takes aim in his direction. In Project: Game Version Arino discusses more ideas with the team, some of which are inspired by games he has challenged in the past. The precursor to the DS, the Multi-Screen Series is highlighted in Game & Watch: I Can't Leave You Alone.
S07E05 Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Ky?shutsu Emaki (Legend of the Mystical Ninja) 27/06/2007 The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja, the much beloved SNES entry in the long running Mr. Goemon series, is Arino's challenge this time round. See if Arino, together with his usual partner in crime, can save Princess Yuki before they throw each other in the drink. Project: Game Version is a casual affair this time as the show's staff and indieszero get together for some dinner and we get an artwork presentation from AD Takahashi as well as the official logo reveal.
S07E06 Trip to Korea by Economy Class 11/07/2007 It's the 50th episode extravaganza! Game Center CX is finally hitting the big times and going abroad to South Korea for their first ever international trip for a TamaGe In South Korea! Watch as Arino and staff visit the best of Korean arcades and stores including a stall jam packed with games of a questionable and mysterious origin. Arino even gets the chance to interview a professional StarCraft team when he isn't buying odd souvenirs at the many local vendors lining the streets. But that's not all as in the finale Arino risks the show's budget on a single round of roulette! It's an ending that can't be missed.
S07E07 Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou Chu (Sword Of Musashi) 25/07/2007 Back down to earth after the highs of the previous episode in South Korea, Arino is presented with a difficult choice. He must choose between three licensed NES games for today's challenge and after sampling each he settles on the period action game, Sword Of Musashi. This week's TamaGe was actually shot while the staff were still in Korea and features a gaggle of kids and a dodgy crane game. Deciding that maybe the odds of this particular prize game aren't in his favor, Arino just buys some snacks instead. That's not the only Korean follow up as Arino and Kibe examine some of the more mysterious games that they purchased while abroad. Some questions are answered while new ones are raised in this puzzling segment. The Project: Game Version segment for this episode shows Arino getting some hands on time with the game and also recording some sound bites for the in game characters. The Game & Watch segment this week features the biggest of all the series, the Tabletops.
S07E08 Cho Makai Mura (Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts) 22/08/2007 With his series record sitting at one loss and one win this battle will determine his fate as Arino takes on the hellish Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts! It's a game filled with a myriad of hell beasts including the much reviled Red Arremer. A one off report covers the happenings at a recent Fuji TV public event where Arino shows off Retro Game Challenge and challenges members of the public to a game of Street Fighter 2. In Project: Game Version Arino and Kibe sift through fan submitted names for the princess in Haggleman as well as some fan art before we're treated to some new footage. The follow-up to the Tabletop Series is the Panorama Game & Watch Series which used a unique screen setup to grab attention in an increasingly crowded handheld market.
S07E09 Clock Tower 05/09/2007 Arino's first horror game challenge. In Clock Tower, players must guide Jennifer through the Barrows manor... where horrors beyond measure await. TamaGe hits Chiba and an arcade by the name of Nakayama Game Corner. The first game that Arino tries is very reminiscent to one that he's challenged before but never been able to beat and this time might not end so well either. Arino has better luck on another prize game before putting pedal to the metal in Super Sprint. Project: Game Version primarily focuses on the RPG, Guadia Quest, but also shows off some tricks and how Arino will feature in the game. In Game & Watch: I Can't Leave You Alone it's the Micro VS. System Series of games that is getting the spotlight. Since this series focused on multiplayer Arino and Kibe decide to work out their issues with a round of boxing.
S07E10 Kai no Bouken (The Quest of Ki) (1) 19/09/2007 The setting for today's challenge is Bandai Namco HQ where Arino is quickly whisked away to a conference room where he'll have to contend with a towering game that will go down in show history, The Quest Of Ki. The Namco theme continues by following the progress of the Namco published Retro Game Challenge in Project: Game Version. In the final instalment of this segment for the season Arino plays a couple of games within the game some of which are still being kept under wraps. For the final Game & Watch: I Can't Leave You Alone Arino is presented with the extremely expensive but super cool Super Color and Crystal Series. But wait, there's more! Arino also checks out the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch which was only available as a contest prize and as you can probably guess, it has a price to match its rarity. The last TamaGe for the season also takes place in Bandai Namco headquarters and follows Arino as he peruses their archive of classic arcade games. Arino starts with the first Namco game ever, Gee Bee before having the privilege of playing a Gator Panic machine that still has mallets in good condition.
S08E01 Kai no Bouken (The Quest of Ki) (2) 24/10/2007 Will Arino finally be able to ascend to the top of this accursed tower and escape once and for all? Arino and the ADs will need to pull out all the stops as they slowly claw their way up, floor by floor, in the second part of this riveting challenge of The Quest Of Ki. In a special report, Arino makes his triumphant return to the Tokyo Game Show where he was part of a presentation that gave awards to some classic game creators such as Hideo Kojima. He was then escorted by his bodyguard Tojima to the Game Center CX merchandise booth as well as the Namco Bandai booth to check out Retro Game Challenge. Project: Game Version is getting down to the wire as indieszero focus on the arduous task of bug testing.
S08E02 Flashback 07/11/2007 It was only last season that Arino challenged the strange western game, Out Of This World, and now it's time for its spiritual successor, Flashback. Compared to Out Of This World, Flashback features more puzzles, a larger world to explore and unfortunately for Arino's challenge prospects, an increased emphasis on combat. This week's TamaGe takes place in Taitou-ku where Arino visits a café based on a tip from a magazine. After finally locating the entrance he sits down with a Namco cocktail cabinet and enjoys some of the specials they have on offer. Just when the wounds had begun to heal, Ring Ring Tactics returns in full force with a new game in tow. That game being the expert puzzler Championship Lode Runner which Arino will attempt to clear with assistance from the audience. This season will also feature a very short segment known as The Xevious Observation Diary which will study the effects of leaving a copy of Xevious running forever with invincibility on.
S08E03 Bikkuriman World 21/11/2007 A game with a very complicated history but straight forward gameplay is the challenge for this episode. It's Sega's Bikkuriman World! or Wonder Boy In Monster Land! depending on who you ask. It's a leisure center visit for this episode's TamaGe and what a leisure center it is. It has arcade games that require some active participation of the player as well as indoor fishing, pool and something called auto tennis. The second instalment of Ring Ring Tactics picks up with Arino struggling with stage two but luckily there's someone who claims they can help him out with a technique straight out of the pied piper's hand book. 2 days and 18 hours after starting, the Xevious Observation Diary experiences its first score rollover.
S08E04 Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru (Masked Ninja Hanamura) 05/12/2007 Another week and another game with an odd backstory. It's the game that was later turned into a mascot platformer for a pizza chain, Masked Ninja Hanamura! Don't fret though, the original had skateboarding too. This episode also brings us a mini-documentary of sorts that follows Arino over a single day as he must attend three promotional events in three separate cities to promote Retro Game Challenge. What sounds like three simple fan events crammed into a single day is turned on its head when Arino makes a disastrous mistake on his way to the second event. The test pilot gets some words of encouragement in the Xevious Observation Diary.
S08E05 Super Fantasy Zone 19/12/2007 Despite his lack of skills with shooters, Arino must face the challenge of Super Fantasy Zone, SEGA's smash hit shooter series. ormer AD Sasano informs Arino of a great arcade that features over 200 classic arcade games in this university town set TamaGe. Though he's spoilt for choice, Arino tries hitting a home run before taking on Tanii in an unfair game of Space Wars. Arino tries to beat the ladder filled stage 3 of Championship Lode Runner in Ring Ring Tactics. Unable to do it himself he turns to a viewer who suggests using a fake-out technique to get the better of the robots. In a one off segment Abe, Arino, Kibe and director Fujimoto discuss what game should be challenged during the upcoming Christmas live challenge. Will it be Quest Of Ki? Another Mario game perhaps? Most importantly of all, will Abe cook anything?
S08E06 Bonk’s Adventure 16/01/2008 Hudson's famous mascot finally makes an appearance when Arino challenges Bonk's Adventure. It's another in a long line of cute platformers which take a quick turn into masochistic territory and will put Arino's reflexes to the test. This episode also features a documentary which covers the Christmas Live Challenge which featured Arino trying to finally complete Quest Of Ki and the increasing levels of drama which occurred as the deadline drew closer and closer.
S08E07 Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi (53 Stations Of The Tokaido) 30/01/2008 The goal of The Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi is to guide the fireworks maker, Kantaro through 21 extremely difficult stages. The games difficulty may prove to much for Arino to handle, and in an effort to help Arino AD Tsuroka ends up showing the staff his "singing" skills. At the amusement center, Arino soon spots Namco's awesome Lucky & Wild but it's not really his speed so he persuades Kibe to play him in Puyo Puyo. The trip ends with Arino, Kibe and Tojima trying not to embarrass themselves when they challenge each other to some bowling. There's also the latest instalment of Ring Ring Tactics in which Arino finally receives correspondence from a high school girl. The Xevious Observation Diary hits the 10 day mark and a surprising new character appears in the score.
S08E08 Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun (Kid Dracula) 13/02/2008 Having had a horrifying experience with the third instalment of the Castlevania series perhaps Arino will have better luck with a spin-off of the series when he challenges Kid Dracula. He better beware though as this platformer is scarily difficult in its own right. Ring Ring Tactics reaches its hardest challenge yet in stage five which will require the use of a special bridge technique to beat. The score grows increasingly bizarre in the Xevious Observation diary.
S08E09 Quinty (Mendel Palace) 05/03/2008 The last challenge of season 8 has a subtle connection to the last episode of the first season. It was then that Arino met Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the Pokémon series who also created the quirky puzzle game featured in today's challenge, Mendal Palace. It wouldn't be a season finale without a TamaGe and so Arino obliges by paying a visit to Fukushima Toys. Arino checks out a couple of sun faded arcade machines before perusing the shelves of forgotten pop culture items in store. In the epic conclusion to the Ring Ring Tactics saga Arino must finish the sixth stage of Championship Lode Runner with the help of a kid named Tatsuya. After the release of Retro Game Challenge Arino decides it's time he checks up on the progress each of the staff members has made in the game. The most accomplished person may surprise you (but probably won't). The Xevious Observation Diary is about to have its plug pulled until AD Tsuruoka steps in to save it, allowing the segment to live long enough to see another season.
S09E01 Sonic the Hedgehog 25/06/2008 The time has finally come for Arino to challenge Sega's blue blur when he takes on the first entry in the classic series, Sonic The Hedgehog. Unfortunately for him, Sonic won't have his buddy Tails until the sequel so he'll be flying solo on this one. This episode also brings us a special report from a Game Center CX museum exhibit which featured playable games, merchandise and memorabilia from the show. There were even a few stages acts including gaming themed comedy and a screening of a TamaGe starring Tojima. There's also a quick segment showing the Yamanote train line emblazoned with advertising for the new DVD box set.
S09E02 The Kacho Goes to the Cannes Film Festival 02/07/2008 First there was South Korea, now the Chief is hitting the red carpet at the Cannes film festival to sell the show at the international film and TV market. It's not all business however as Arino visits a number of local stores and arcades. At one particular store Arino looks at their selection of Japanese games before blowing the mind of the owner with a little surprise. When they hit a local arcade, Arino and Tojima get the thrill of their lives in a full body roller coaster experience. Even with all of this we're introduced to a new segment for season 9, the Famicom Mange Café, which will focus on comic series devoted to video games. This first segment shines a light on one of the better known series of this type, Famicom Rocky.
S09E03 The Kacho Returns (Super Mario Bros. & Dr. Mario) 16/07/2008 The date is July 7th and Arino is returning to work at Game Center CX for the first time in a month. He's been out of commission due to an issue with his lungs and since he is still recovering the staff have decided to take it easy on him. This episode will feature two smaller challenges against Super Mario Bros. as well as Dr. Mario and also feature some show highlights from recent memory. Don't fret though as we've also got a new Famicom Mange Café where Arino reads Famicom Soldier Of Fortune, a series about a boy who dreams of becoming a game programmer. We also have a TamaGe where Arino visits a very quaint neighborhood store with a classic mechanical game outside and a variety of classic sweets inside. It's another TamaGe location clearly adored by the local kids who even get to enjoy a little gaming time with Arino afterwards.
S09E04 Abarenbou Tengu (Zombie Nation) 30/07/2008 After a couple of out of the ordinary episodes Arino is back with a traditional challenge of an untraditional game. It's the shooter Zombie Nation, a game in which the player controls a disembodied head as it travels the United States and fights a number of icons from American culture. It's exactly as crazy as it sounds. Arino gets to enjoy the hospitality of a store owner who goes above and beyond when he visits their business in today's TamaGe. But when he's not being treated like a king he's playing games and attempting to win prizes of questionable quality. In the latest instalment of Famicom Mange Café Arino checks out Famicom Cap which focuses on our eponymous hero who partakes in high intensity video game battles.
S09E05 Madoola no Tsubasa (The Wing Of Madoola) 03/09/2008 Not since Clock Tower has Arino played as a girl in a challenge game before, but this season we have The Madoola no Tsubasa, starring the female knight Lucia. Can Arino help her get through 16 stages and help recover the stolen Wing? Arino stops by the wordy Game Corner Station-Front Center to check out some of the many fighting and shmup games they have on offer. He's immediately drawn to the graphically impressive Tekken 6 but soon moves onto some Bomberman before trying to survive a bullet hell shooter. In the Famicom Mange Café Arino reads from the bizarrely named Cyberbrain Boy. It features a story we can all relate to, a boy who struggles with school work but is a savant when it comes to video games.
S09E06 Dragon Slayer IV (Legacy of the Wizard) 17/09/2008 It's a family affair when Arino takes on Legacy Of The Wizard which was actually the fourth game in the Dragon Slayer series of games. This one features a family of adventurers with unique abilities that Arino will have to juggle if he wants to see the ending. Fuji TV recently had another outdoor event and as usual Game Center CX featured heavily. The highlight of the show was the reveal of a special Game Center CX themed version of Space Invaders. Sadly this episode will be the last visit to the Famicom Manga Café. Famicom Wolf is the featured series this time and follows a protagonist who was raised by Wolves and who can call on their spirit to assist him with his gaming. It was five months ago that the Xevious Observation Diary experiment was enclosed in a box and left to run unattended. AD Nakayama reveals the ultimate fate of the experiment.
S10E01 Dragon Ball: Mystery of Shenlong (Dragon Power) 15/10/2008 For the season 10 opener we have a game that was memorably mangled in its overseas release, it's Dragon Ball! As it turns out, Master Roshi doesn't like sandwiches as much as you might have originally thought. It's that time again as the Game Center CX crew pay a visit to the Tokyo Game Show and they brought the massive announcement of Retro Game Challenge 2 along with them. There was also some talk of the English release of Retro Game Challenge as well as Arino's usual visit to the Game Center CX merchandise booth. Sing Whatever The Hell You Want is the title for season 10's new segment and it gives you exactly what it says on the tin. In it Arino sings submitted lyrics to the tune of famous video game music or sound effects. This week's tune is the theme from world 1-2 in Super Mario Bros. To go along with the announcement of the game sequel a sequel to Project: Game Version has also been launched. Since the game is still in the very early stages this first report has Arino speaking to the producers about the vision for the game.
S10E02 Chelnov (Atomic Runner) 12/11/2008 The original endless runner, Atomic Runner Chelnov, is the star of today's challenge. While Arino can stop the Runner when he desires the screen will always keep moving in this high tempo action game. For the second Singing Whatever The Hell You Want Arino belts out some lyrics over music from Super Mario Bros., Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man 2. Project: Game Version 2 is making steady progress as Arino and Abe both present some character ideas to the staff of indieszero. A few weeks later and it's indieszero's turn as they show off a big character poster for the adventure game that'll appear in Retro Game Challenge 2.
S10E03 Yuuyu's Quiz De Go! Go! 26/11/2008 The quiz genre makes a triumphant return to the show with Yuuyu's Quiz De Go! Go! The eponymous Yuuyu was a popular teen idol during the 80s and 90s who also acts as the quiz master in the game. Will a group of adults be able to handle the precocious teenager or will Yuuyu leave them stumped? For this TamaGe the staff pay a visit to one of the most famous locations in all of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower. It houses an arcade on the fourth floor where Arino and Abe enjoy a high octane bike race. We in Project: Game Version 2 that Retro Game Challenge 2 is making swift progress as Arino presents some game ideas and we get to see some footage from the upcoming game. Finally, Arino decides to Sing Whatever The Hell You Want to the tunes of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Gradius.
S10E04 Lemmings 10/12/2008 Lemmings, a puzzle game inspired by a long held misconception of the small rodent, is Arino's challenge for the day. Like that misconception, the creatures in Lemmings have no regard for their own well being and it will be up to Arino to steer them safely through 30 trap filled stages. We join Arino in the offices of indieszero as he checks out a near complete version of Retro Game Challenge 2's adventure game in Project: Game Version 2. We're also given an overview of the game shop which contains some special versions of games found in the first Retro Game Challenge. No one can stop Arino from Singing Whatever You Want over tunes from Dragon Quest 3, Super Mario World, Twinbee and Spelunker.
S10E05 First Samurai 14/01/2009 For today's challenge Arino will take on the bizarre European made (though you wouldn't know by looking at it) First Samurai. It's a difficult game but it's most challenging aspect may be deciphering it's voice samples. We also get a report from a recent launch event for the fifth DVD box set which included a stamp rally and the usual meet and greet. Arino attempts to sort the wheat from the chaff as he reads entries for a Retro Game Challenge 2 competition in the latest Project: Game Version 2 segment. But that's not all as there's also new footage of two sequels to games that appeared in the first Retro Game Challenge. In what will be the final time Arino gets to Sing Whatever The Hell You Want he's backed by tunes from Ghosts 'N Goblins, Final Fantasy and Mega Man.
S10E06 Super Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) (1) 21/01/2009 It's been a while since the show has featured a bona fide classic but that's about to change when Arino takes on Donkey Kong Country. This being a Rare developed game Arino can expect great graphics and deceptively difficult gameplay. Arino travels to a restaurant with a gaming themed dish in the latest TamaGe, and while he's waiting for his meal he partakes in some retro games of chance. Project: Game Version 2 picks up steam as we step into the recording booth with Arino. We also get a sneak peek at a few staff cameos in the game.
S10E07 Super Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) (2) 04/02/2009 Given the game length and pedigree of the developer it's no big shock that the Donkey Kong Country challenge has been extended to part 2. There will however be no more extensions as Arino tries to topple the evil King K. Rool. In the latest Project: Game Version 2 update we get to see a new feature inspired by Arino's behaviour on the show. Plus the last game of the collection is revealed to be 16-bit inspired.
S10E08 Garou Densetsu Special (Fatal Fury Special) 18/02/2009 It's time for the console that towers above all the rest when AD Nakayama presents Arino with a Neo Geo and a copy of Fatal Fury Special for today's challenge. Arino has had a poor history with the fighting genre before but maybe a change a system is all that he really needed. Warehouse Kawasaki is the venue for this episode's TamaGe and it may be the strangest of them all, on the outside at least. Encased inside a rusted windowless tower that looks like something from a horror game Arino finds plenty of arcade games, both old and new. With Retro Game Challenge 2 complete at last, Arino can sit down to enjoy the finished product in this final instalment of Project: Game Version 2.
S11E01 Fukuoka Trip 15/04/2009 In a special episode of Game Center CX Arino goes on the last leg of a promotional tour of Retro Game Challenge 2 to the home prefecture of a number of staff members, Fukuoka. Things start off with a stroll through a market on the way to Dazaifu Amusement Park which is home to a number of rides that Arino tries out with Watanabe. Then it's Abe's turn to team up with Arino when they try to take down an Ogre at a shooting range. Next stop is a bowling alley where Abe and Arino go head to head in a motorcycle race. The staff then have a little bowling tournament before ending the night with a nice meal. For the game tour itself it's a race against time as Arino and the staff attend fan events in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo in the space of a single day. To prevent himself from getting carpel tunnel Arino doesn't give out the typical autographs and instead slaps down a hand print instead, much to the surprise of the many hardcore fans. There's also a follow up of sorts to the Cannes Special with the show now being sold at the Dubai Character Expo.
S11E02 Layla 29/04/2009 Layla, an obscure game with misleading box art, is the subject of today's challenge. With only eight stages perhaps Arino will be able to see it through but he's had trouble with less in the past. Today's TamaGe takes to the air when Arino takes a cable car to the top of Mount Nokogiri to visit the arcade at the summit. When he arrives he partakes in a bit of mole whacking and shares a meal with Watanabe. In a new segment for season 11, four members of the show's staff are given a life lesson by a priest based on the hidden teachings found in strategy guides. This convoluted setup has an equally impressive title, Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides, and the strategy guide for this episode belongs to Mother.
S11E03 Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari (Kirby’s Adventure) 13/05/2009 Kirby's Adventure, the NES sequel to the Game Boy exclusive Kirby's Dream Land, is Arino's latest challenge. The sequel truly defined what a Kirby game was when it introduced the ability to take on enemy abilities and Arino will have to make full use of this power if he hopes to prevent Dream Land from slipping into a nightmare. The latest TamaGe tip-off sets Arino's sights on Okawa Store, a candy store adored by children for more than 50 years. While the store has a couple of very cheap arcade machines outside the goods inside are the main attraction. When Arino is done flicking through some nostalgic sticker cards he sits down to indulge in some monjayaki with Nakayama. The strategy guide for Solomon's Key gives guidance on keeping ones hopes and dreams alive in Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides.
S11E04 Battle Golfer Yui 27/05/2009 Battle Golfer Yui is probably one of the most unique games ever made. It's part RPG, part adventure, and part golf. In addition the new AD Emoto arrives to help Arino, and Arino ends up in a vs mode against the new AD, and the camera assistant Ban. For today's TamaGe we find ourselves in Itabashi and at a toy store favored by famed Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri. Once inside it's easy to see why with its large collection of mint in box retro games. 53 Stations Of The Tokaido actually contains an important life lesson in this instalment of Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides.
S11E05 Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (Mega Man 3) (1) 10/06/2009 It's the third entry of a series Arino has a mixed history with, Mega Man 3. While generally not thought of as being one of the most difficult in the series, it is one of the longest and will push Arino's endurance to the limit. Everything Important In Life, I Learned From A Dog Eared The Tower Of Druaga Strategy Guide.
S11E06 Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!? (Mega Man 3) (2) 24/06/2009 Arino was damned if he was going to let all of his hard work go to waste in making it to the final stages of Mega Man 3 and so the challenge enters part 2. It will be an uphill battle as Arino fights some of the hardest bosses in the series including version 2.0 of an old favorite, Just like last episode, today's TamaGe is in Itabashi, but this time the show is visiting the 10 yen game museum. As the name implies the museum is filled with mechanical and amusement machines that are only 10 per play. We learn that jumping in Adventure Island contains lessons applicable to us all in Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides.
S11E07 Super Gussun Oyoyo 08/07/2009 While puzzle games are traditionally Arino's strong suit, Super Gussun Oyoyo has a little twist. It's a block based puzzle game but you are using those blocks in order to guide an AI controlled Gussun to the exit of each stage. Arino will have to keep the little fella in one piece if he hopes to see the ending. Things get crazy at Miracle In, the location for today's TamaGe. But before things get too wacky, Arino partakes in a bit of magnetism and the thrill of reading technical manuals. Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides teaches us that Starship Hector contains an important message about overcoming our fears.
S11E08 Genpei Touma Den (Genji and the Heike Clans) 22/07/2009 Arino must traverse the Japanese underworld as he challenges The Genji And The Heike Clans. The settings is appropriate as this will ultimately prove to be one of the more difficult challenges in recent memory. In a short bit a Game Center CX news, we follow the themed Space Invaders machine as it travels Japan. The wisdom imparted from Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides comes from Bomberman this week.
S11E09 Punch-Out!! 05/08/2009 It's time for Arino to get his lights knocked out by Punch-Out!! The game was only released in Japan sans Mike Tyson and as a prize in a tournament so the challenged cartridge comes in fancy gold plating. Don't think Mr. Tyson's absence will make this challenge any easier as Arino tries to prove he's a true contender. The Tower Of Druaga proves to be an endless well of wisdom in Everything Important In Life, I Learned From Video Game Guides. This episode also features a discussion between Abe, Kibe, Arino and director Fujimoto on the subject of the upcoming 24 hour challenge.
S11E10 Golden Axe 26/08/2009 For the first time since Final Fight, Arino is given another beat-em-up to play: Sega’s Golden Axe for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Taking control of either Gilius the dwarf, Tyris the amazon, or Ax Battler the barbarian, Arino must get through all eight stages and defeat Death Adder. Arino heads to a rooftop arcade in today's TamaGe that features both rides and games. The first game Arino plays is a Dragonball Z card battler before he gets cosy with Suda and Watanabe in a Sonic themed police car. It turns out that the Ninja Hattori strategy guide will provide you with everything you need to know in life.
S11E11 Dig Dug II 09/09/2009 Air pump simulator, Dig Dug 2, is the subject of today's challenge. Being more of a puzzle game than straight arcade like its predecessor it's hoped that Arino will clear it, it does however contain a whopping 72 stages. Arino fills his stomach with a sesame seed ball before heading to a nearby toy store which is the location of today's TamaGe. While the store has a number of classic arcade game including Konami's The Simpsons the staff are quickly drawn to it's slot car circuit. Castlevania 3's strategy guide contains the only lesson you will ever need to learn.
S11E12 Lemmings (Live Show Recap) 21/09/2009 All roads lead to this. It's the 24 Hour Lemmings Challenge Documentary Spectacular! This documentary special follows all aspects of the production on the day, starting from when Arino first arrived at Fuji TV HQ and leaving off shortly after the conclusion of the challenge. Not only do we get to see the behind the scenes stress of Kan, Kibe and the rest of the staff but a number of special interludes that were used to break up the monotony. These include some surprise guests, Abe's wonderful cooking and a tour of the hall of faxes. Then there was the challenge itself which turned out to be one of the closest in the history of the show and left everyone involved on the edge of their seats as it seemed that it could have easily gone either way.
S12E01 Dragon Buster 14/10/2009 The NES port of Namco's popular Dragon Buster is today's challenge. Arino must navigate twelve worlds filled with labyrinthine dungeons and dragons (obviously) in order to reach the ending. It's the segment that comes but once a year, a visit to the Tokyo Game Show . At this year's show Arino was the host of a talk with game creators and made his usual visit to the Game Center CX booth. Kibe comes bearing gifts in the new segment for season 12, A Waste Of Color. Each episode Kibe will share a few Game Boy games with Arino to try on the Super Game Boy. After playing each one Arino will choose which he thinks deserves a color remake and then draw what he imagines that would look like. First up is Super Mario Land, Bomber Boy and Heiankyo Alien.
S12E02 Kakefu Kun no Jump Tengoku: Speed Jigoku (Kid Kool) 28/10/2009 Another season and another game featuring an obscure Japanese child star. It's Kid Kool starring Kakefu-kun who, as we will come to learn, is no longer living a celebrity life of excess. For today's TamaGe, Arino heads to Nikoniko Shop where he immediately encounters a classic car themed coin flipper outside. He then heads inside to enjoy a bit of Metal Slug with Nakayama and a meal with Watanabe. Next up is another instalment of A Waste Of Color where Arino must declare what he'd like to see remade out of Gargoyle’s Quest, Burgertime Deluxe and ONI.
S12E03 Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Furai no Shiren (Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer) (1) 11/11/2009 Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Furai no Shiren (Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer) is a "roguelike" dungeon crawler, where death is swift and frequent. Can Arino even reach the double-digit floors before dusk falls? Arino heads to a bowling alley in Chiba to check out some games and maybe play a few frames in the newest TamaGe. Inside he tests his strength before spotting a familiar face decked out in a full set of bowling gear who takes him on. A Waste Of Color features For The Frog The Bell Tolls, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and the game that has been seen in color a million times in different forms including in the previous segment, Qix.
S12E04 Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Furai no Shiren (Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer) (2) 25/11/2009 Unsurprisingly, Fushigi no Dungeon 2 left Arino beaten and bruised beyond recognition last time. His attempt to get through all 30 "floors" of the game’s dungeons fell pretty short of that number. It was a learning process the entire way, as Arino’s mistakes had grave consequences — having to start all over with nothing. In A Waste Of Color, Arino tries out Mercenary Force, The Sword of Hope and Mole Mania which Kibe suggests may be good fodder for a challenge but Arino is having none of it. Then we have a special report on Game Center CX's recent SkyPerfect award win which was humbly accepted by Abe and AD Emoto.
S12E05 Densha de GO! (Go by Train!) 09/12/2009 Arino immediately knows today's challenge is a special one when he enters the conference room and he ain't wrong. In celebration of the Yamanote train line's 100th anniversary it's time to take on Taito's famous train simulator, Go By Train! If that's not exciting enough there's also a TamaGe to go along with it. Starlight Takayama is today's venue and it's an arcade that features a large variety of competitive games that Arino challenges the ADs on.
S12E06 2010 Street Fighter (Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight) 13/01/2010 Known for being one of the most infamous examples of Capcom's exploitation of the Street Fighter franchise, today's challenge is Street Fighter 2010. Player's take on the role of everyone's favorite Street Fighter, Kevin, as he tries to rid the galaxy of evil parasites. Today's TamaGe takes place in the hybrid sports center and arcade, Ikebukuro Batting Center. After playing a few games and showing off his super human strength Arino decides he wants to hit a few home runs in the batting cages. A Waste Of Color starts to push standards and practises as three games that basically already exist in full color are presented to Arino for perusal.
S12E07 Ninja Ryukenden II: Ankoku no Jashinken (Ninja Gaiden II) (1) 27/01/2010 Four years after tackling the original Ninja Ryukenden (Ninja Gaiden), our hero is forced to endure that game’s sequel: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. It’s definitely no softer than its predecessor, but will Arino get far without the help of three ADs at his side, like last time? On a chilly summer day an event was held in Akihabara to celebrate the release of the 6th DVD set. It proved to be yet another popular event with fans given the chance to win a new year's card from Arino and even a Game Center CX stock certificate if they collected enough stamps from the show's staff. When Arino goes in search of the latest hidden TamaGe gem he's soon distracted by premium food before being stumped by a sweets shop. After finally reaching the Space Invaders clone he was searching for, Arino's game time is interrupted by AD Watanabe and her healthy appetite. Arino will only be looking at three games in his A Waste Of Color class today. First is It's A Wooden Hammer! It's A Quiz! It's Hammerin' Harry!, a quiz spin-off of the Irem action game. Then Arino gets a double dose of sports from Tonkin House with Dodge Boy and Seaside Volleyball.
S12E08 Ninja Ryukenden II: Ankoku no Jashinken (Ninja Gaiden II) (2) 10/02/2010 Part 2 of the Ninja Gaiden II challenge. Arino continues to fight his way through the brutal game. In order to help him, Tojima returns with multiple AD's from past and present at his side. It will take the all of their combined power to finally put an end to Jaquio. In January of 2010, Game Center CX held a company day trip which doubled as a fan appreciation event. 120 lucky people were taken by bus to the event where they were greeted by Arino before moving on to a bowling alley, a picnic and finally a wrestling match which would be considered bizarre even by Japanese standards. In A Waste Of Color the first game that Arino plucks from Kibe's supply is the unique card focused RPG, Monster Maker. He then selects the Ghosts 'N Goblins spin-off, Gargoyle's Quest, a game that eventually went on to spawn a console exclusive series. The last game he chooses is a personal favorite of Kibe, Space War Of Mu.
S12E09 Pilotwings 24/02/2010 After the brutality that was Ninja Gaiden 2, Arino escapes to the air with his challenge of Pilotwings. Or at least he would like to but Pilotwings' difficulty curve and strict instructors have different ideas. In a very special report we are presented with footage from Tojima's recent wedding which also featured a brief recorded message from Arino who wasn't able to be there. In the final instalment Kibe is literally scrapping the bottom of the bag as he presents Arino with Prince Of Persia and Street Fighter 2.
S12E10 Rainbow Islands 17/03/2010 It's time for another deceptively difficult game with a cute aesthetic when Arino challenges Rainbow Islands. This Bubble Bobble sequel seems like a pretty straight forward arcade action game but it has a unique win condition which makes it truly special. Arino is going for a bit of fishing in this TamaGe segment and the spot he chooses is Super Fishing Adachi. Don't let the name fool you though, this fishing center also features a decent selection of arcade games to choose from. Arino knows the show has truly made it when he and Nakayama visit a karaoke parlor to sing a recent addition to the set list.
S12E11 Wrecking Crew 31/03/2010 The last episode of season 12 is also a milestone in the show's history. It's the 100th episode and to commemorate the special occasion Arino will challenge one of Ninendo's lesser known games, Wrecking Crew. Let's hope that Arino can end the season and celebrate this momentous occasion with a win. The only other segment is a small interlude where Arino finds Nakayama messing about with a noise making, controller shaped toy. It turns out that Bandai has made 100 Game Center CX themed ones that will be given away to lucky viewers.
S13E01 Golgo 13: Kamigami no Tasogare (Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode) 29/07/2010 Arino's challenge, should he choose to accept it, is to take down a global conspiracy in Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode. The star of Top Secret Episode is Duke Togo, codename: Golgo 13, a professional assassin who finds himself entwined in a dastardly plot which threatens the entire planet. With the clock ticking Arino will only have one shot to foil the plan and save the world. JJ Club One Zero Zero (or is it 100?) has been selected as the TamaGe for the 100th broadcast of the show. The number 100 is actually a misnomer as the mammoth amusement center has 125 arcade machines and 20 different activities to enjoy. Spoilt for choice, Arino settles for playing some Irritating Stick and having a Virtual On battle against a little boy. Arino is lured into Inoko MAX's tiny apartment where the AD explains the premise of this season's new segment. Shocking Videos: MAX, as he's called it, will feature the most shocking footage from the world of videos games which Arino will be forced to endure. First up are 4 shocking scenes from 3 games, Excitebike, Balloon Fight and Elevator Action.
S13E02 Super Puyo Puyo (Kirby's Avalanche) 05/08/2010 Arino has traditionally been very good when it comes to puzzle games but how will he fair when he challenges the competitive Super Puyo Puyo? He may have been feeling confident from the outset but that soon changes when he is informed that today's challenge will be against the hardest difficulty. Kids both young and old can enjoy the candy store featured in today's TamaGe. As soon as he arrives Arino is hounded by children as he tries to take in some Metal Slug before heading inside to spend his remaining money on yummy goodies. Things get extreme in Shocking Videos: MAX when Inoko MAX shows Arino footage from Ghosts 'N Goblins, Super Mario 64, Ice Climber and Mach Rider.
S13E03 Koshien Baseball 19/08/2010 Koshien takes its name after Koshien Stadium, the regular home of Japan’s National High School Baseball Championship. All Arino has to do is complete the tournament in the game, a six-team gauntlet. For the occasion, AP Ishida will be keeping score, and AD Katayama follows by giving Arino a baseball cap.
S13E04 Gegege No Kitarou: Fukkatsu! Tenma Daiou (GeGeGe Kitaro: Great King Tenma Resurrected!) 09/09/2010 A game that Arino is surprisingly unfamiliar with, GeGeGe Kitaro, will be his challenge for today. The first 16-bit instalment in what is a decades old media franchise follows the hero Kitaro as he tackles a variety of creatures from Japanese folklore. Arino will be hoping that its horrifying aesthetic doesn't reflect its difficulty as he attempts to traverse the game's 19 stages to reach the ending. The Shinjuku based Game Center Mikado is where Arino is headed for his latest arcade visit. The massive selection of games inside allows Arino to indulge in both retro and modern classics and he even has the chance to impress with his DJing skills. Arino is forced to avert his eyes from clips of Ninja Warriors, Mega Man, Section Z and Wizards & Warriors in the latest edition of Shocking Videos: MAX.
S13E05 Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu (Hokkaido Serial Murders: Fade to Okhotsk) 23/09/2010 As a hint of things to come, Arino challenges Yuji Horii's Hokkaido Serial Murders. Horii, who would go on to create the Dragon Quest series, imbued this adventure classic with a strong story and sense of atmosphere and it's up to Arino to crack the case. In the latest piece of Game Center CX news we get a report from another Fuji TV public event. The staff were all there to promote the new 24 Hour Challenge DVD and Arino even took on members of the public in Super Puyo Puyo. It's the segment everyone is talking about, Shocking Videos: MAX. This time Arino diverts his eyes from shocking moments in Super Arabian, Adventure Of Xandra, Faxanadu and City Connection.
S13E06 Special: Yuji Horii Interview 07/10/2010 Horii’s game career began in 1983, but before that, he was kicking around as a freelance writer. But his love of games led him to enter an Enix game design contest in 1982, the same contest that Koichi Nakamura, another part of the Dragon Quest team, would enter. Horii’s entry was a game called Love Match Tennis. Both his and Nakamura’s games ended up published, and from there, Horii was in it to win it.
S14E01 Paris-Dakar Rally Special 28/10/2010 The first game to be challenged in season 14 is the bewildering Paris-Dakar Rally Special. While the title might suggest that this is a straight forward racing game it actually contains a series of strange stages that just happen to contain a car, and that's after the ordeal you have to go through to even get a vehicle. In a short piece of Game Center CX news we get the annual report from the Tokyo Game Show where Arino was a presenter at an awards ceremony and also made his regular appearance at the merchandise booth. To Catch A Catch Copy is the new segment for the season and this time it is a competition between Tojima, Nakayama and Arino. They have a pile of games in front of them and when read the game's tagline have to be the first to match it to the correct game. The first taglines speak of dreamy adventure, dramatic action and new fun.
S14E02 Jerry Boy (Smart Ball) 11/11/2010 Another of Game Freak's lesser known games is the subject of today's challenge when Arino slowly rolls his way to victory in Smart Ball. Will Arino be able to clear 8 stages and rescue the princess or will the curse afflicted Jerry Boy be stuck as a slime ball forever? Jambo is an arcade situated near a railway station that's usually frequented by salary men but today Arino will be paying it a visit. Arino and Takahashi take their aggression out on the pitch in Pro Evolution Soccer before teaming up to shoot baddies in the latest Time Crisis release. There's some more mental gymnastics in To Catch A Catch Copy as the guys try to identify which games had taglines about growing stronger with Mario, a reluctant hero and a hard but fun game.
S14E03 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1) 25/11/2010 It was 5 years ago that Arino first challenged a Nintendo 64 game when he took on Mario's jump to 3D and now it's Link's turn. Arino will finally be challenging Nintendo's masterpiece, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Will Arino be able to become the hero of time or will the world of Hyrule be thrown into eternal darkness? Ribbit! It's a frog filled TamaGe when Arino takes a night scroll to Honjo Kaeru Honpo. While they do have a couple of frog themed arcade games it's not long before Arino and Kibe are enjoying some monjayaki together instead. The subject of the taglines in To Catch A Catch Copy are described as a true mystery, a real fighter and an awakening.
S14E04 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (2) 09/12/2010 As it was with Mario's leap to 3D so it is with Link's, it's part 2 of Arino's challenge of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. In the second part of this epic challenge, Arino has two more medallions to collect before he must fight for the fate of Hyrule against the dark lord himself, Ganondorf. Tojima and Nakayama attempt to take an outright lead in the latest To Catch A Catch Copy by spotting a dangerously fun game, a Roman sequel and a game that thinks quite highly of itself.
S14E05 Super Star Force: Jikureki no Himitsu 06/01/2011 Arino has a horrid record when it comes to traditional shmup games so it might be lucky that Super Star Force isn't strictly that. Unlike the original that Arino previously challenged, Super Star Force is a mix of shooting and adventure gameplay which will hopefully be better suited to his unique set of skills. Today's TamaGe jaunt will take place at the developer owned Plaza Capcom. As you'd expect the entrance is teeming with Street Fighter iconography and the arcade proper is filled with a number of their classic and latest games, including Super Street Fighter IV on which Arino battles Nakayama. Chess dreams, hungry wolves and sumo are the subjects of the taglines in To Catch A Catch Copy as Arino tries to close the gap.
S14E06 Saigo no Nindou (Ninja Spirit) 20/01/2011 While Arino would probably fair poorly against Irem's shmups he might have a better shot at their action classic, Ninja Spirit. Similar to another ninja themed series of games, Ninja Spirit can be very difficult and the player has to contend with one of the hardest gauntlets in any TurboGrafx-16 game. Arino goes back to basics with a country excursion to Nagatoro where he takes in the scenery on an electric bicycle before heading to the local arcade, Game Cosmos. After working up a sweat Arino wins a prize of questionable origin that he can use to dab his face before moving on to games with more traditional prizes. To Catch A Catch Copy has games in all shapes in sizes that hopefully match taglines about excitement in the outfield, beating 100% and the gong show. Lastly there is a small bit of Game Center CX news from a recent Santa themed stamp rally to promote the latest DVD release.
S14E07 Kamaitachi no Yoru (Night Of The Sickle Weasel) 03/02/2011 Night Of The Sickle Weasel is more interactive story than it is a traditional video game but it is very interesting nonetheless. Arino will attempt to identity the killer in this classic story setup of a group of strangers trapped in a cabin during a fierce snow storm. To keep with the theme of the challenge, Arino will be paying a visit to a charming convenience during dusk. Arino tries his hand at a typical coin flipping game before he shares some games and conversation with a couple of local kids. Arino will try to make up his deficit in To Catch A Catch Copy by picking out a historic adventure, a puzzling fantasy game and a co-operative adventure.
S14E08 Rockman 4: Arata Naru Yabou!! (Mega Man 4) (1) 17/02/2011 With the record for this series leaning slightly in his favor, Arino takes on its fourth instalment, Mega Man 4. While this entry is not known for introducing too many innovative features to the franchise it did make once major addition, the ability to charge up your mega buster shots, which Arino must make heavy use of if he wants to see the ending. On a cold and miserable day the best way to warm one's soul is with an arcade visit and so Arino will be visiting the Chiba North Skyland recreation center. The activities that are offered include a batting center, indoor fishing, mini-bikes and games which are all sure to keep Arino warm as he waits out the weather. Tojima and Arino will attempt to catch up in today's To Catch A Catch Copy by identifying an international game, a game that's sure to make you cry and a game that's suitable for everyone.
S14E09 Rockman 4: Arata Naru Yabou!! (Mega Man 4) (2) 03/03/2011 As it was with the third game so it is with the fourth. Mega Man 4's challenge has entered its second day. After finally reaching the evil Doctor's castle last time out Arino has an uphill battle ahead of him as each stage is harder than the last until the final showdown with the Doctor himself. Once you get past the bizarre German theming and angel pig mascots, Tokyo German Village houses a traditional arcade inside its walls. Arino tries his hand at feeding some zoo animals before taking on some ADs at a game of soccer with a unique control mechanism. With the race relatively even one contestant will try to pull ahead in To Catch A Catch Copy by identifying a mysterious game, a game with strong enemies and a bird simulator.
S14E10 Tower of Babel 17/03/2011 Being the Puzzle Chief, Arino actually selected this game to be his last challenge of the fourteenth season during the new year's special. And so he will attempt to build a series of staircases to heaven in Namco's puzzle classic, Tower Of Babel. It is the final round of To Catch A Catch Copy and Arino and Nakayama are evenly poised to take the honors. One will attempt to pull ahead for good by matching games to taglines about the number one arcade port, a terrifying experience and a challenging game fit for a genius.
S15E01 Gimmick! (Mr. Gimmick) 14/04/2011 Considered by many to be the swan song of the NES, Mr. Gimmick contains vivid graphics, a memorable soundtrack and wickedly difficult platforming. It is this last point that Arino will be most concerned with when he tries to beat Mr. Gimmicks 6 stages and start season 16 off with a win. Picking up right where the last TamaGe left off, Arino is enjoying the variety of amusements that Tokyo German Village has to offer. Those amusements include a bit of pitching practise, pigging out and weapons training.
S15E02 F-Zero (1) 28/04/2011 Arino takes to the hover track when he challenges Nintendo's futuristic racing classic, F-Zero. Arino claims he played the game exhaustively as an adult and so boldly sets the game to the highest difficulty. Will his confidence prove to be his downfall or is he really the fastest thing on no wheels? Today Arino will visit Miharashiya Candy Shop which is referred to as a children's store and it's easy to see why as the place is soon heaving with them. Arino tries to play some In The Hunt and Monster Land in the sea of children until he retreats into the store to buy some candy for himself. Arino and Ms. Nishiyama discover the true meaning of love when they read a key scene from Fire Emblem in Retro Read Aloud.
S15E03 F-Zero (2) 12/05/2011 Evidentially setting the difficulty to expert wasn't a great idea as Arino's standard challenge of F-Zero enters its second lap. Arino will hope he can keep a certain elderly driver at bay as he races towards the finish line. A stationary store loved by children and even immortalised in a song will be the venue for today's TamaGe. The store has a few games outside including not one but two Metal Slug games, one of which Arino and AD Katayama play together. Inside the store, AD Takahashi just can't walk away from the opportunity to win a poster of his favorite AKB48 member. Ms. Nishiyama is slightly confused by an infamous scene from Dragon Quest 3 during Retro Read Aloud, but luckily Arino is there to set her straight.
S15E04 Tant-R 26/05/2011 All the way back in season 5 Arino challenged Bonanza Bros. and now the time has come to challenge its pseudo-sequel, Tant-R. While the previous game was quite hard to categorize Tant-R falls squarely into the category of mini-game collection. Arino will have to tackle 4 pun filled stages if he wants to come out on top. After some light snacking Arino makes it to his latest TamaGe destination, a small candy store in Akabane. After failing to resist the beckoning call of Metal Slug Arino ducks inside where he gives the owner the wrong impression, Arino and Ms. Nishiyama re-enact a heated exchange from the first Famicom Detective Club title. In order to support the Tohoku-Kanto region a fundraiser was held where each of the over 12,000 not only supported a great cause but received a number of gaming related goods.
S15E05 Bio-Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai (Bio-Warrior Dan) 09/06/2011 It's time for Arino to challenge a game that was deemed too bad to be released in the United States, Bio-Warrior Dan. Arino will travel back to the distant past of 1999 and do battle across 5 alien worlds to try and prevent an evil alien, Increaser, from enslaving the future. Today's TamaGe isn't to an arcade but to Café Charade, a husband and wife run business with but a solitary slot game inside. After his luck turns Arino moves on from the game to an expensive capsule machine. Although Arino isn't too pleased with his prize an egg sandwich leaves him feeling much better. It's a classic scene from a classic game in Retro Read Aloud when Arino and Ms. Nishiyama read Frog's introductory scene from Chrono Trigger.
S15E06 Comix Zone 23/06/2011 It's another Genesis challenge, the king of 90s cool, Comix Zone! Pulled into a world of his own creation, Arino and his trusty pet rat will have to beat the villainous Mortus if they have any chance of busting out of this printed nightmare and returning home. After getting sidetracked by some aromatic food Arino arrives at the latest TamaGe location. This little store situated in Kita has a few fighting games which Arino thinks he can take Tanii in before he realises that might not have been a good idea. Another idea that may be less than good is the purchase he makes of a controller with a feature that sounds to good to be true. Ms. Nishiyama is a bit baffled when she gives a sad reading as Zero from Mega Man X in Retro Read Aloud.
S15E07 Kirby Bowl (Kirby's Dream Course) 07/07/2011 Arino takes to the putting green when he challenges the pseudo golf game, Kirby's Dream Course. Not strictly a golf game with its mix of golf and pool like gameplay, Arino will hope this Kirby game keeps with series tradition by staying on the easier side of things. There's a surprising and awkward cameo in Retro Read Aloud when a scene filled with hope from Mother is read.
S15E08 Juuryoku Soukou Metal Storm (Metal Storm) 21/07/2011 The last time Arino dealt with an Irem action game he dispatched it in record time but Metal Storm will prove to be a different beast altogether. Arino will have to wrap his head around Metal Storm's most famous feature, the ability to flip gravity at will, if he has any hope of completing this action classic. While the location of today's TamaGe technically doesn't have any arcade machines it more than makes up for it. Iseki is part laundromat and part candy store but Arino and AD Takahashi are far more interested in the AKB48 keychain filled capsule machine out front. In Retro Read Aloud, Arino and Ms. Nishiyama recite a heartfelt scene from the third Detective Saburo Jinguji game, The Dangerous Pair.
S15E09 Kosodate Quiz My Angel (Child-Rearing Quiz: My Angel) 11/08/2011 Former producer Nagashima has an ulterior motive in mind when he presents Arino with Child-Rearing Quiz: My Angel for the day's challenge. You see, Nagashima is now the father of a baby girl so he'd like to watch the more experienced father, Arino, at work. Will Arino be able to raise a well adjusted girl or, heaven forbid, will she be just as geeky as her dad? A flirtatious scene that soon goes awry from Final Fantasy 2 is brought to life in Retro Read Aloud.
S15E10 Battle Formula (Super Spy Hunter) 08/09/2011 Super Spy Hunter is two things: rare and expensive (in Japan, anyway), and infamously difficult. Can Arino finish all six stages, or will he crash and burn? Also featured is a look at the latest GCCX stage show at the United States of Odaiba, where Arino continues to challenge F-Zero, and the next edition of Retro Read-Aloud, featuring Secret of Mana.
S15E11 Hello! Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures) 22/09/2011 Arino will have to draw upon his greatest strength, his patience, when he tries to coerce Pac-Man to do his bidding in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. After producing one of the biggest arcade hits of all time Namco decided that the direct sequel should be a mix of god and adventure game styles and now Arino will have to pay for their mistake. Bowling is always a good way to relieve stress and so Arino pays a visit Fuji Bowl. As with most bowling alleys Fuji Bowl features a robust selection of arcade games, but more interesting than that is a familiar figure looking for revenge. In the final Retro Read Aloud, a quartet of readers read from one of the more obscure endings of the sound novel, Night Of The Sickle Weasel.
S15E12 Strider Hiryu (Strider) 20/10/2011 Arino takes on a Mega Drive game, and it’s another well-regarded title: Strider, Sega’s port of the Capcom arcade game. It’s a relatively short game — just five stages — and not as brutal as, say, Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts, but it still has its moments.
S15E13 Hiryuu no Ken: Ougi no Sho (Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll) 03/11/2011 Arino’s challenge this time is Hiryu no Ken for Famicom, a simple action game from the company that would become Culture Brain. You play as a young man named Ryuhi, martial arts master trying to recapture the secret scrolls of the Hiryu-no-Ken. The game alternates between platformer stages and one-on-one tournament battles, and Arino must finish the world tournament at the end of the game to win.
S15E14 Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu 17/11/2011 It’s time to challenge Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu, the first Famicom game based on the popular manga/anime Saint Seiya. It’s a regular action game with some RPG elements and loosely follows some plot-lines from the manga.
S15E15 Tenka no Goikenban (Mito Koumon) 01/12/2011 To bid farewell to the extremely long running historical TV drama of the same name, Arino will challenge Mito Koumon. Arino should be wary of this challenge however as the creators of Ikki and a licensed video game could make for a very dangerous combination. The suggestion for today's TamaGe comes directly from behind the camera as Abe suggests Arino visits Yamamoto Store. After being distracted by chopsticks and fine food along the way, Arino finally reaches his destination and plays some Metal Slug before playing dress up. Hori's series of commander video game controllers are the subjects of this week's Project CX. They all feature a standard turbo feature but each has their own pluses and minuses.
S15E16 Battletoads (1) 15/12/2011 While relatively unknown amongst Japanese gamers, Battletoads is infamous with the rest of gaming world as being one of the single most challenging, yet rewarding games for the NES. And now the time has finally come for Arino to take it on. Arino will have to slip, slide, crash and bash through 12 stages of unrelenting platforming action if he is to rescue Princess Angelica and save the day! If one infamously difficult game isn't enough then the arcade that Arino visits packs another. As soon as Arino enters Game Fuji he spots Ghosts 'N Goblins and he has to know if his skills still hold up. He then spots different instalments in series he's challenged before, namely Gussun Oyoyo and Go By Train! 2. The first peripheral shown off in this week's Project CX is Hudson's Joy Stick which Arino puts through its paces with a mini challenge in Super Star Force. Next he looks at the Joyball trackball controller from Kirby maker HAL.
S15E17 Battletoads (2) 12/01/2012 We all knew that a game with as many tricks as Battletoads couldn't be bested in a single episode and so the challenge speeds into part 2. When last we left Arino he was entangled with snakes but his troubles with them will seem like child's play compared to what awaits him. Will Arino beat this challenge by the skin of his teeth or will Battletoads chew him up and spit him out? If the challenge didn't contain enough frustration then Project CX certainly will when Nintendo's R.O.B. finally makes an appearance. This toy, that assisted you in playing one of two games by acting as a second player, was notoriously finicky and as Arino illustrates, perhaps not worth the effort. Plus, when Arino tries to catch an ice cream break Kan informs him that the show has a special birthday treat planned for him.
S15E18 Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen Satsujin Jiken (Detective Saburou Jinguuji) 26/01/2012 Things need a chance to cool down after what as a red hot challenge last time out and there's nothing cooler than noir. Arino will take on the role of the chain smoking Detective Saburou Jinguuji as he tries to solve of a case of murder most foul in neon lit Shinjuku. When he's not walking the beat Arino takes a casual stroll to a recreation center called Chiba: Daikeien. Arino shoots some 3s, has yet another rematch with his arch nemesis and swings for the fences in this laid back TamaGe. In Project CX, the staff discuss one of the most interesting peripherals of its time, Hori's Game Repeater. While a device that records and plays back your gameplay seems incredibly useful it soon becomes clear that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Another DVD release brings another Christmas themed stamp rally in the latest bit of Game Center CX news.
S15E19 Alex Kidd in Miracle World 09/02/2012 Arino takes on SEGA's original mascot game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the SEGA Master System.
S15E20 Gradius 08/03/2012 As has been typical, Arino and shoot-em-ups don’t exactly mix, so they haven’t been featured on the show often. But when it comes to truly classic shooters, there’s no ignoring Gradius, which Konami made into a bigger hit thanks to the Famicom version. And that’s just what Arino is playing today.
S15E21 Gradius 08/03/2012 As has been typical, Arino and shoot-em-ups don’t exactly mix, so they haven’t been featured on the show often. But when it comes to truly classic shooters, there’s no ignoring Gradius, which Konami made into a bigger hit thanks to the Famicom version. And that’s just what Arino is playing today.
S16E01 Super Chinese (Kung Fu Heroes) 12/04/2012 Arino goes HIYA! in the first installment of the Super Chinese series on the Famicom.
S16E02 Dynamite Headdy (1) 26/04/2012 Dynamite Heady is the strange hero of one of Mega Drive's finest, and hardest, platformers. Can Arino figure out this treasure and conquer it?
S16E03 Dynamite Headdy (2) 10/05/2012 Arino continues his struggle with the detachable hero, Dynamite Headdy. Is all hope lost?
S16E04 Kattobi! Takuhai-kun (Full Speed! Delivery Boy) 24/05/2012 Another entry in the perpetually neglected delivery boy simulation genre, it's time for Arino to challenge Full Speed! Delivery Boy. Arino's patience and driving etiquette will be put to the test as he delivers packages to the town's residents and tries to clear all 30 stages. P-Koen, an arcade that specialises in classic 10 yen arcade and mechanical machines, is the stop for today's TamaGe. Inside Arino spots a machine that the owner claims has been never been conquered, which is a challenge that Arino simply can't walk away from. Arino, The Living National Famicom Treasure, is asked to explain Tokimeki Ninja Girl Memorial. The master explains that this is a dating sim before he pontificates on the pitfalls of ninja love.
S16E05 Captain Tsubasa (Tecmo Cup Soccer Game) (1) 07/06/2012 Arino goes for the gold trophy in the first of Captain Tsubasa's Famicom adventures. How will Arino score in this adventure sports hybrid game?
S16E06 Captain Tsubasa (Tecmo Cup Soccer Game) (2) 21/06/2012 Will Arino's team be taken out of the cup, or will he score the final goal and lead them to victory?
S16E07 Pilotwings Live In Iwate 05/07/2012 The story of Arino and Pilotwings is not a happy one. This game was meant to serve as a victory lap during his 40th birthday challenge and instead it humbled him for the second time. Arino is not one to let sleeping dogs lie, and so he will once again challenge Pilotwings, but this time he'll be doing it in front of a live audience of hundreds in the city of Iwate. Before we get to the challenge proper it's decided that it would be remiss not to have the first ever TamaGe in Iwate. He stops by the Shizukuishi Retrospective Store which is brimming with nostalgic food, games and paraphernalia. Arino picks up some goodies, plays some games with local kids and then checks out some more traditional games being played in the store.
S16E08 Gun-Dec (VICE: Project Doom) 19/07/2012
S16E09 Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha (Famicom Detective Club) 02/08/2012 It seems that someone has been knocking people off in connection to a large family inheritance and it will be up to super sleuth Arino to crack the case in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir. Arino will be struggling to keep his clearance rate in the red when he takes on this sprawling crime drama. Arino's off to pay a TamaGe visit to a quaint little candy store in Kiyose City which he hears has a number of classic 10-yen games. Once he arrives he's greeted by a few kids who quickly share some insider tips that'll net him the most bang for his buck. The Living National Treasure is presented with an early famicom game that he's familiar with by the name of Uradius. Unlike the similarly named Gradius, Uradius is a simulation of the life of a certain Assistant Director.
S16E10 Karnov 06/09/2012 The game being featured in today's challenge is the classic action game starring a mustachioed hero, Karnov. It turns out that God isn't pleased with how things are going on Earth so he decides to send a hulking sinner to handle the clean-up. Arino will have 9 stages to work his way through as the eponymous hero in order to see the ending and regain his freedom from God. The United States Of Odaiba event was held again this year and like previous years there was a live stage challenge. This year Arino was challenging a game that had recently been featured on the show and he did his utmost to send the crowd home happy. In the final instalment of The Living National Famicom Treasure, Arino is asked about Great Detective Tsurube. It just so happens that Great Detective Tsurube is about a subject that Arino is intimately familiar with, the world of comedy.
S16E11 Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 2 (Legend of the River King 2) 20/09/2012 It's the second instalment in the cult hit River King series, Legend Of The River King 2. In this fishing RPG challenge, Arino must battle fish and all manner of woodland creatures to level up and reel in the River King and the ending too. A concerned fan has suggested that Matuzakaya's arcade get the TamaGe treatment as rooftop arcades of its kind are getting rarer and rarer. Arino duly obliges and justifies his decision when he wins big on a couple of their many prize games. During a little ice cream break producer Kan quizzes Arino on who would best represent Japan in the Olympics if video games were included. Arino doesn't fancy his chances but Kan thinks there is a country that he'd have a better shot at representing.
S16E12 Pulseman 25/10/2012 Today Arino will be challenging Game Freak's forgotten masterpiece, Pulseman! Intended as a competitor to Sonic, Pulseman unjustifiably fell into obscurity thanks to only being released physically in Japan. Now Arino will have to battle his way through 8 electrifying stages in order to defeat the evil Dr. Wakayama. Another year, another visit to the Tokyo Game Show. It was standard fare this year as Arino presented at the Japan game awards and fans flocked to the show's merchandise booth. But there was a slightly sadly note brought on by a notable absence. This episode also marks the beginning of a segment that will surely go on to be a classic, Barcode Gambler. In this segment Arino must place a bet on the winner of a showdown determined by the Barcode Battler, a device that scans and generates a fighter based on a given barcode. In this inaugural installment we get a real battle for the ages, Sonic The Hedgehog vs. Super Mario Bros.
S16E13 Meikyuujima (Kickle Cubicle) 08/11/2012 The puzzle chief returns once again to tackle Irem's puzzle classic, Kickle Cubicle. This ice themed action puzzler involves the creation and manipulation of ice blocks in order to gather the dream bags found on each stage. Will Arino melt under the pressure of this challenge or will he once again prove to be as cool as ice? Today's TamaGe isn't really a TamaGe at all. Rather it's a clip from the trip to Cambodia where we get to see Arino and eventually someone else enjoy some noodles. Today's Barcode Battler will put an end to the age old argument of Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Quest. Whatever camp you're in the outcome will leave you shocked.
S16E14 Parappa Rappa (PaRappa the Rapper) 22/11/2012 It's not every day that we see a Playstation challenge but only something truly special would be worthy of the 150th episode's challenge. That something special is the rhythm masterpiece, PaRappa The Rapper. Arino's rhythm and rhyme will truly be put to the test in this anthropomorphic music classic. When Arino isn't busy laying down hot beats he likes to relax and visit arcades and so he decides to do just that in Toy Park Masamiya. Primarily a store stocking a lot of retro toys they also have a few arcade machines including, would you believe, Metal Slug. The two titles duking it out in Barcode Gambler this time are both giants of the historical simulation genre. In the red corner there is Nobunaga's Ambition and in the blue corner is the much cooler sounding Black: Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.
S16E15 Yumemi Yakata no Monogatari (Mansion of Hidden Souls) 13/12/2012 Arino is about to get a glimpse of what was once thought to be the future of video games as he challenges the FMV Mansion of Hidden Souls on the Sega CD. The story follows a young boy who must save his sister from being transformed into a butterfly. Arino will have to discover the many secrets hidden within the mansion if he wants to save his sister and himself. On this week's TamaGe Arino heads to a cute little candy store in Itabashi. It has all the features one would expect from a store of this type. Sun bleached coin flippers outside, friendly old ladies, Metal Slug and degenerate gambling. Find out who will be declared the king of comedy as Sanma and Beat Takeshi go head-to-head in the latest bout of Barcode Battler!
S16E16 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1) 10/01/2013 It has taken a good long while for everyone to calm down after the conclusion of his last Mario challenge but the time has come to take on another entry in the series, and this time it's Yoshi's Island. Being a parent himself, Arino will hopefully have the patience of a saint required to guide Baby Mario to the ending and to reunite him with his family. The name of this arcade may be mundane but Retro Game Museum makes for a memorable visit. Not only does it have a great selection of arcade classics, each accompanied with blaring music, but an owner with a unique manner of speaking. It's a testosterone fuelled instalment of the underground Barcode Gambler. This time it's the battle of the action stars when Arnie's Terminator 2 takes on Sly's Rambo.
S16E17 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (2) 24/01/2013 As any new parent knows, newborns can be a real handful, so it's no surprise that Arino's challenge of Yoshi's Island has been extended into part 2. Arino is determined that this family reunion will be a happy one but there's one scary fellow who will have something to say on the matter. To test his might Arino has come Fujimidai Game Park, an arcade that has a large assortment of fighting games. Arino gets a little roughed up and then miffed once he realises who's been handing out the beatings. The hits keep on coming in Barcode Gambler when it's time for two super hard games to take to the ring. It's Adventure Island VS. Ghosts 'N Goblins in a showdown for the ages. We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a special report of a live event. This time it was a stamp rally focused on finding producer Kan's murderer. The truth may be shocking and viewer discretion is advised.
S16E18 Metro-Cross (1) 07/02/2013 The subject of today's challenge is Namco's odd classic, Metro-Cross. Perhaps best known in the west for its appalling box art, this challenge will see Arino running (and skateboarding) for his life as he attempts to beat the clock on the game's 32 tracks. Toshimaen, an amusement park that features not one but two arcades is the destination for this week's TamaGe. Rather than trying out the typical arcade games Arino is more interested in the prize games typical of an amusement park but when his luck begins to turn he has a special guest step in. The two pugilists duking it out in Barcode Gambler this week are the notoriously lightweight protagonists of Spelunker and The Mystery Of Atlantis. It's a hero who is fallible to bird droppings versus a man who can be left crippled by a one foot drop in this dynamite battle.
S16E19 Metro-Cross (2) 21/02/2013 Arino is racing towards the finish line in the pulse pounding conclusion to his Metro-Cross challenge. There is no let up after reaching the half way point in the game as the strange obstacles continue to pile on. Perhaps a little role-playing will give him the final push he needs towards the goal. Not only has Metro-Cross stretched into a second part but so has the TamaGe visit to the Toshimaen amusement park. First up Arino tries out a cooking game with a unique input device before he takes on Abe's daughter Amane in Mario Kart and Final Furlong. Two very fitting competitors have stepped into the ring for the latest round of Barcode Gambler. In the red corner is the incumbent, Street Fighter 2 while in the black corner is the up and comer Virtua Fighter.
S16E20 Space Hunter 07/03/2013 After finally getting across the line against his challenge of Metro Cross Arino is immediately thrust into his next challenge, Space Hunter. Space Hunter is a 'game' played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a TV accompanied by what can be generously described as music. God speed Arino. Since this is the last episode of the season we need to squeeze in two installments of Barcode Gambler. The first is a Nintendo vs. Sega bout followed by a battle of the live challenges. As Arino has already run out of coins he has to get creative to stay in the game. We're also treated with a bit of GCCX News where we get to see Arino enjoy playing Fix-it Felix Jr., a promotional game made for the movie Wreck It Ralph.
S16E21 Space Hunter 07/03/2013
S17E01 Mickey no Magical Adventure (Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse) 11/04/2013 Season 17 is a special season, the 10th anniversary season! In the first episode of this special season, Arino plays his first Disney game, the Capcom-made Magical Quest for the SNES. Can Arino-Mickey rescue Pluto and save the land from the clutches of the evil Emperor Pete?
S17E02 Family Trainer Jogging Race 25/04/2013 It's hard to believe but it's been 8 years since the last time Arino took on a power pad game. Back then it was a sprightly 33 year old who took on a mad count in Attack! Takeshi's Castle Showdown, but fronting up to challenge Power Pad: Jogging Race is a battle weary 41 year old. Will the middle aged Chief have enough left in the tank to go the distance and complete this marathon of a challenge? As if Arino wasn't getting enough exercise this episode, there's also a TamaGe at Ohtsuka Batting Center. After Arino tries in vain to serve the perfect beer he spots a competitive motorcycle game and Abe instinctively knows what's up. While the games were fun Arino really wants to work on his batting, a task AD Matsumura might be able to help him with. Famicom Sniper is a brazenly bizarre new segment where Arino has to identify a game that he has previously challenged. The twist is that he's trying to spot it from a sniper's perch as it's being exchanged surreptitiously by two individuals. For his first shot, Arino spies a red cartridge, but before he can take the shot he needs to nail down what was on the label.
S17E03 Tom Sawyer no Bouken (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) 09/05/2013 Today Arino will be challenging a video game adaptation of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. While this action adaptation is far less infamous than the RPG interpretation produced by Square it is far superior in the weirdness department. Arino needs to beat all 6 stages and save Tom's girlfriend Becky if he wants to close the book on this challenge. To escape from the insanity of the challenge Arino heads to a pinball heavy arcade called Neverland for a TamaGe trip. Inside Arino tries to ascend to the peak in the classic Mountain Climbing Game before he closes out his visit with an education in pinball basics from the owner. Arino has two men, a bicycle and a white cartridge in his sights in Famicom Sniper. Will Arino be on the mark with his guess or will it be another near miss?
S17E04 Cho Wakusei Senki Metafight (Blaster Master) 23/05/2013 Metafight (Blaster Master to the rest of world) is a swift kick in the pants for a guy who realizes he can barely make out the tiny print in the manual these days. The Kacho keeps at it though, and through failing eyes and sluggish thumbs tries to push through some treacherous boss battles, and towards that end screen.
S17E05 Best Keiba Derby Stallion (Derby Stallion) 06/06/2013 Arino is off to the races when he challenges the first instalment of the venerated Derby Stallion series. Despite appearing on the NES this horse racing simulation game packs an incredible amount of depth and an unrivalled devotion to accuracy. Arino will have to breed a winner if he is to complete the challenge of winning all 12 cups of the G1 class. From his Famicom Sniper perch Arino has spotted some suspect individuals involved in the exchange of a cartridge. With only one shot however, he'll have to determine the color of the metallic glint he thinks he spotted. Lastly, Kan has some exciting news for an ice cream eating Arino about the future of the Retro Game Challenge series.
S17E06 Super Donkey Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) (1) 20/06/2013 Four and a half years on from his challenge of the original Arino is taking on Donkey Kong Country 2. Since DK himself has been kidnapped this time it'll be up to Diddy and his girlfriend Dixie to conquer the game's whopping 41 stages to save him. Today's TamaGe visit has a touch of sadness as the store being visited was conducting its closing down sale. This didn't stop Arino from enjoying himself with some light gaming and checking out some of the great bargains on offer. Arino may finally have a shot in Famicom Sniper when he thinks that there's only a single match for the shade of cartridge he's spotted in his sights. To match the size of his ice cream treat the news being delivered to Arino during his break is equally big.
S17E07 Super Donkey Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) (2) 04/07/2013 After starting his Donkey Kong Country 2 challenge brimming with confidence Arino was quickly brought back to earth in the way only Rare games know how to do. With some 'words of encouragement' given by AD Matsui this is a quest Arino feels he must complete. A short GCCX News segment brings us to a press conference where a number of exciting announcements were made regarding the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the show. The size of Arino's ice cream is directly proportional to the size of the announcement so you know today's ice cream break is going to bring big news. Two suspicious fellows exchange a white package in the middle of a busy intersection but it's not the plot of a crime thriller, it's Famicom Sniper.
S17E08 Super Donkey Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) (3) 18/07/2013 In what is a first for the show Arino's challenge of Donkey Kong Country 2 was stretched into a third day. With only the last world standing between Arino and victory he'll be praying that this challenge won't throw up any more surprises than it already has. For this week's TamaGe Arino is tipped off about a miraculous toy store. First up Arino plays a class beat-em-up before speaking to the owner in order to discover the true nature of the miracle of which the postcard spoke. Arino will have to deal with a special guest who's quick on the draw if he hopes to guess the game in Famicom Sniper. This Project: Game Version 3 segment brings us what will undoubtedly be the first of many production meetings to discuss ideas for the third Retro Game Challenge title.
S17E09 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 08/08/2013
S17E10 Yami no Shigotonin Kage (Shadow of the Ninja) 22/08/2013 While Arino may not initially be familiar with developer Natsume he won't soon forget the name after he challenges their stylish action game, Shadow Of The Ninja. Bearing a striking resemblance to a pair of Ninja themed action games that he previously challenged, Arino will be hoping that those similarities don't also extend to its difficulty if he hopes to notch another win for season 17. It's a candy store TamaGe this time out as Arino visits Harada Market in Kawasaki. More than its limited selection of games, the store is known for its adorable elderly owner who isn't afraid to toot her own horn. In the latest edition of Project: Game Version 3, Arino pays a visit to G.Rev HQ to see how things are progressing. After sitting down with President Maruyama he gets to see which, if any, of his proposed ideas have been included in the game.
S17E11 Skykid 19/09/2013 A shooter! As the show enters its 10th year it's finally time that Arino conquers his fear of the shooting genre and the challenge that will hopefully help him transition is Namco's Skykid. With such a cute aesthetic and a grinning plane as a protagonist Skykid seems like the perfect starting point but it's not longer before Arino begins to experience some turbulence. The attendees of 2013's United States Of Odaiba event were once again treated to an on stage live challenge. This time out Arino wanted to right a wrong that occurred during the recent Power Pad: Jogging Race challenge. In Project: Game Version 3 Arino shares some ideas with the staff at G.rev including an ingenious pitch for a versus game.
S17E12 Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen 24/10/2013
S17E13 Nitropunks: Mightheads (Rocky Rodent) 07/11/2013 Today Arino will be challenging Rocky Rodent which marries two of his favourite topics, hair care and organised crime. Apparently the Mafia has kidnapped a girl and with the incentive of free food as a reward Arino is on the case. During this week's TamaGe outing Arino will be visiting Ichise Market with the promise of meeting the famous Mr. Tora. After checking out a few of the games, including a rare appearance by Metal Slug, Arino discovers Mr. Tora along with a bevy of other famous faces. Celebrations of the SG-1000's 30th anniversary continue as Kibe and Arino check out 3 more hot hits from the system's library. Which of Congo Bongo, Yamato or Star Jacker leave the biggest impression on Arino? In Project: Game Version 3 we get a run-down of the videos that will be included on the DVD that comes with limited edition of the upcoming game. We also get a glimpse of the filming of one of these videos, namely Arino's challenge of Retro Game Challenge 2.
S17E14 Aigina's Prophecy: From the Legend of Balubalouk (1) 21/11/2013
S17E15 Aigina's Prophecy: From the Legend of Balubalouk (2) 12/12/2013
S17E16 Budokan Backstage Access 09/01/2014 With the triumph that was the Budokan live challenge still fresh in the memory we're granted a behind the scenes look at how it all came together. From begging to end see exactly what went to plan and what didn't in this all access look at Arino's challenge in Budokan. Kibe is not easily deterred and so the SG-1000 anniversary party keeps on rolling. This week Arino will deliver his verdict on 3 genuine classics, the Yuji Naka made Girl's Garden, Flicky and Zaxxon.
S17E17 Oishinbo: Ky?kyoku no meny? sanbon sh?bu (Oishinbo: The Ultimate Menu Three-Course Showdown) 23/01/2014 The challenge being served up today is in Oishinbo: The Ultimate Menu Three-Course Showdown. Arino will have to draw on all of his culinary expertise in order to craft the ultimate menu and please a set of notoriously picky food critics. That's if he can manage to stay on the right side of the law for long enough. In the lead up to the release of Game Center CX: The Movie we're given a brief behind the scenes look at some of the special cameos we can expect to see including famous game creators and the show's staff. Celebrations of the SG-1000's 30th anniversary continue with a look at three games made for the card catcher accessory. They are the unfortunately named Dragon Wang, the space shooter Zoom 909 and the puzzle action game Dokidoki Penguin Land.
S17E18 Woody Poko 06/02/2014
S17E19 Nosferatu (1) 20/02/2014 Arino's getting a sense of déjà vu as he attempts to once again vanquish Dracula. This time the count has kidnapped the protagonist's girlfriend with fiendish plans to convert her into a vampire and it'll be up to Arino and his two fists to put him in the ground once and for all. A seafront market is not your typical TamaGe destination but that's exactly what Arino is checking out today. After gorging himself on local treats Arino tries to burn off some calories by beating some alligators and then a drum. With the Game Center CX movie only 2 days from release we get a brief behinds the scene look at some of its production including some very nostalgic set dressing. The SG-1000 party rolls on as Arino and Kibe continue to check out some of the systems classic titles. This time they take a gander at Gulkave, Ninja Princess and try out some 2-player Champion Kendo.
S17E20 Nosferatu (2) 06/03/2014 The similarities between Prince Of Persia and Nosferatu don't end with the gameplay and both of their challenges have entered a second day. Back in 2005 Arino was eventually able to lead his Prince to victory but he'll soon find out that the later stages of Dracula's castle pose a far greater obstacle to overcome. For today's TamaGe outing Arino is headed to a huge amusement center that's filled with video games and other assorted activities. Obviously his first instinct is to try out the video games before showing off his physical prowess, culminating in a show of strength against the show's crew. In a spot of GCCX News we get to see footage from the premier of Game Center CX: The Movie as well as some new footage from the third installment of the Retro Game Challenge series. In what will be the final installment of the SG-1000 party, Arino and Kibe sign off with a look at Wonder Boy, Champion Billiards and the Sherlock Holmes adventure game, Portrait Of Loretta.
S00E00 Game Center CX Live at Budokan 00/00/0000
S00E01 Pokémon Interview & Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 30/05/2004 In the closing episode of this first season, Arino visits one of the most famous and yet reclusive developers in the world, Game Freak. Arino discusses their history with company founder Satoshi Tajiri as well as their most famous creation, Pokémon. This week's challenge is a continuation of last week's and finds Arino attempting to finish Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Just as it looks as though Arino is no chance, Tojima presents him with a gift that could change the tides in this challenge. Lastly there is an extended travelogue centered around visiting arcades in hot springs located in the tourist town of Hakone. When he isn't indulging in the hot springs themselves he's playing impossible prize games, broken shmups or leaving his mark with his trademark high score name.
S00E02 DVD-BOX1 Challenge - Transformers: Mystery of Convoy 23/12/2005 The fans have spoken, and their choice of game that Arino is to challenge for the first GCCX DVD release is Transformers: Mystery of Convoy! Can Arino step up to the challenge in this legendary difficult Famicom game?
S00E03 The Far North Game Travelogue Part 1-2 12/04/2006 Arino starts the journey at Tonekko no Yu, an indoor hot spring center in Monbetsu-cho. He steps into the game center, where the "Money Exchanger" sign is bigger than the actual "Game Corner" sign. Consider it all too telling: as soon as he steps in, Arino’s surprised by the small size of the place compared to the rest of the building. And there are more prize and pachislo machines than video games.
S00E04 Northernmost Game Travelogue (Parts 1 & 2) 12/04/2006 Arino starts the journey at Tonekko no Yu, an indoor hot spring center in Monbetsu-cho. He steps into the game center, where the "Money Exchanger" sign is bigger than the actual "Game Corner" sign. Consider it all too telling: as soon as he steps in, Arino’s surprised by the small size of the place compared to the rest of the building. And there are more prize and pachislo machines than video games.
S00E05 Northernmost Game Travelogue (Parts 3 & 4) 26/04/2006 The gang travels to downtown Asahika. Unfortunately the larger number of people around hasn’t made it any warmer. At any rate, he walks down to the next target: a dedicated game center called the Sugai Amusement Factory.
S00E06 Northernmost Game Travelogue (Parts 5, 6 & 7) 10/05/2006 This time we’re in Kayoru, and the gang is getting ever closer to the northern tip of the island. The next place to visit is Sun Pillar, another hot spring center surrounded by trees.
S00E07 Northernmost Game Travelogue (Parts 8 & 9) 24/05/2006 Arino’s arrived at Wakkanai Station, signifying the northernmost town in Hokkaido and the home stretch of the journey. But there’s still a couple more places to check out! Arino heads over to Hitoshi no Mise for a bite to eat, and he asks the owner about the area before settling down with an order of kanimeshi (crab & rice).
S00E08 Northernmost Game Travelogue (Compilation) 24/05/2006 During the break between season 4 and 5 of Game Center CX viewers were treated to a number of short TamaGe segments that chronicled Arino's journey to discover the northernmost arcade game in Japan. These segments were later collated into a single extended DVD special and that is what is presented here. So put on some extra layers and join Arino as he makes expert use of his parental leave to travel to Hokkiado, GPS unit in hand, in search of the northernmost arcade game. Things start out promising with arcades brimming with games but the further north he travels the lower that density becomes until he can finally crown a single game the winner.
S00E09 DVD-BOX2 Challenge - Ikki 23/06/2006 It's time for Arino to take on Sunsoft's Ikki in a challenge that carries an ending so shocking that viewers are asked not to spoil it for others. But don't go in thinking that the ending will be the only thing to leave you in awe. It's a challenge filled with twists and turns with a riddle at the center of it that will leave Arino guessing till the very end.
S00E10 DVD-BOX3 Challenge - TwinBee 22/12/2006
S00E11 DVD-BOX4 Challenge - Bomberman 21/12/2007 In this exclusive challenge from the fourth DVD box set, Arino will attempt to finish all 50 stages of the seminal Bomberman. At least that was the original intent of the staff but when Arino is cruising they decide to spice things up. To get his own back Arino grills them about their personal lives but they needn't worry as no one will ever see this challenge, right?
S00E12 The Quest of Ki LIVE 24/12/2007
S00E13 Nintendo Channel 1 - Mega Man 9 (1) 24/09/2008
S00E14 Nintendo Channel 1 - Mega Man 9 (2) 01/10/2008
S00E15 2008 Holiday Special with Southernmost Game Travelogue 15/12/2008 Arino and company search for the game center that's the farthest south possible in Japan.It was in 2006 that Arino ventured to the far north of Hokkaido to find the northernmost game in Japan, and in 2008 he'll do the exact opposite. Finding the southermost game is a great excuse for a trip to Okinawa to enjoy the food, the sun and maybe play a couple of games. After checking out a mechanical prize game on the side of the road, the crew fill up on tempura in Okinawa City. Then it's on to a candy shop with a few arcade games including the perennial mainstay, Metal Slug. To the southwest is Senaga Island and their next destination, Senaga Island Sports Park. The sports park packs quite a few arcade games including, to the glee of Arino, a game with a love test mode for him to try out with Kibe. Day 2 now and the weather has started to turn. After hitting another arcade the crew receive a tip that there might be arcade machines at a local meeting hall. Will this lead them to the southermost arcade game or will it just leave them chasing their tails?
S00E16 DVD-BOX5 Challenge - Tower of Druaga 21/12/2008
S00E17 DVD Special Challenge - Game Center CX: Arino no Ch?senj? 26/02/2009 Special episode released as a bonus DVD with the release of Game Center CX: Arino no Chosenjou 2. For the first time in show history Arino will not only have to contend with a series of challenges issued by the staff but his evil alter ego in this very special challenge of Retro Game Challenge. Like a snake eating its own tail, Arino faces down King Arrino as he attempts to prove that he's the real deal.
S00E18 Nintendo Channel 2 - Virtual Console Demonstration 05/04/2009
S00E19 Nintendo Channel 3 - Star Force 08/04/2009 After sampling the best of what the Wii's Virtual Console has to offer, Arino will be challenging the arcade version of Star Force. But before he sits down with the Virtual Console version an actual arcade machine is wheeled in for him to warm up on. What challenge is he warming up for exactly? A challenge he succeeded in all the way back in season 1, defeat Larios and be awarded 50,000 points.
S00E20 Nintendo Channel 4 - Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shugou! 14/05/2009 The unbelievably wordy Downtown Special: It's Kunio's Samurai Drama! Gather 'Round Everybody! is the subject of today's challenge. This instalment in the long running Kunio series of game is set in the Edo period and Arino has been tasked with beating this period piece in only 5 hours. Downtown Special features the same great cooperative gameplay that made another Kunio game, River City Ransom, such a big hit and Arino will have to make use of that feature if he has any hope of completing this time sensitive challenge.
S00E21 Takeshi no Chousenjou LIVE 12/04/2009 After a botched introduction Arino begins the first live challenge in 2 years when he once again tackles Takeshi no Chousenjou. When Arino originally completed the game it took him 5 hours but with years more experience it's hope he'll be able to finish it in just 2 hours. A stiff challenge to be sure but if there's anyone who can do it's the Chief. So join Arino as he dares to do battle with a plate of sushi the size of your head, bad karaoke, worse impersonations and a man that Taito should have just said no to.
S00E22 Nintendo Channel 5 - Splatterhouse 17/06/2009 A bright conference room isn't the ideal environment for playing horror games but chills will soon crawl up Arino's spine when he challenges Splatterhouse. This gory arcade classic follows the possessed protagonist Rick as he tries to rescue his girlfriend Jennifer from the clutches of evil. Arino has 5 hours to clear this challenge and save Jennifer otherwise she'll be lost forever in the blood soaked halls of the West Mansion.
S00E23 Nintendo Channel 6 - Volfied 01/07/2009
S00E24 Nintendo Channel 7 - Super Mario Kart 22/07/2009 For today's Nintendo Channel challenge Arino will take to the asphalt of Super Mario Kart's first track. Arino will attempt to beat Nintendo's goal time of 1 minute and 3.68 seconds to claim victory and stand atop the podium. It's not long before the challenge hits a road block though, as Arino can't even decide which racer to pick.
S00E25 Lemmings 24-Hour LIVE 29/08/2009 It is surely a moment Arino regrets, an offhand comment about a 24 hour challenge which would have been laughed off by the staff of any other show. But this is Game Center CX we're talking about, and so it actually came to be that Arino challenged Lemmings for a 24 hour live challenge. Game Center CX first 24 live show held in the Fuji TV Multi Theater on August 29th, 2009 in front of a live audience. Arino once again challenges Lemmings.
S00E26 Nintendo Channel 8 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (1) 11/11/2009
S00E27 Nintendo Channel 8 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (2) 25/11/2009
S00E28 Nintendo Channel 8 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (3) 02/12/2009
S00E29 DVD-BOX6 Challenge - Yie Ar Kung Fu 18/12/2009
S00E30 Revenge Challenge 1 - Legend of the Mystical Ninja 18/12/2009 Two years is a long time to hold a grudge but that's exactly how long Arino has had to wait in order to re-challenge The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja and exact his revenge. First up he'll have to topple of precariously placed boss before he takes a stroll down memory lane in the game's final brutal stage. Will Arino come out on top or was this a challenge best left in the past?
S00E31 Nintendo Channel 9 - Super Metroid (1) 01/05/2010 With the goal of getting Samus down to a bikini, Arino takes on Super Metroid!
S00E32 Nintendo Channel 9 - Super Metroid (2) 06/05/2010 The second part of the three-parter Super Metroid Game Center CX episode!
S00E33 Nintendo Channel 9 - Super Metroid (3) 12/05/2010 The finale of the three-part Super Metroid episode!
S00E34 Nintendo Channel 10 - Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo 07/07/2010 Another special virtual console episode, Arino will be playing the game Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Can he conquer Fire Emblem and solve the mystery?
S00E35 DVD-BOX7 Challenge - Binary Land 24/12/2010 For the exclusive challenge for the seventh DVD box set, Arino will do battle with another fondly remembered Hudson game, Binary Land. Being the Puzzle Chief the staff anticipate he won't have any issues with clearing its 99 stages and so they throw a spanner in the works. Being as the theme of the game is that of love between the two playable penguins the staff have declared that every 10 stages Arino must pick a random romantic question and answer it as honestly as he can. The Chief's heart is laid bare in this truly one of a kind challenge.
S00E36 New Year's Special plus Kirby Super Star with Yoiko LIVE 31/12/2010
S00E37 Nintendo Channel 17 - Satoru Iwata Interview with Balloon Fight 26/10/2012 Just as Arino sits down to record a Nintendo Channel challenge of Balloon Fight he's informed that he'll have a rather special guest for today's challenge. That guest is none other than Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo and one of the developers who worked on Balloon Fight. It turns out the President is here to interview the Chief for his Iwata Asks series were he interviews various game creators and luminaries. They discuss their own relationship to and histories in gaming before taking turns at a Balloon Fight challenge.
S00E38 Nintendo Channel 12 - Xevious 15/06/2011
S00E39 Nintendo Channel 13 - Star Fox 64 06/07/2011
S00E40 Game Center CX in U.S.A. - Robocop 06/10/2011 Many dreamt. Few believed. But they delivered. It's time for Game Center CX In The USA! And since there's just about nothing more American than a road trip the staff of Game Center CX will hit the highway as they travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles where a legion of adoring fans await them... they hope. If all the excitement of a trip to the USA wasn't enough, there's still the matter of Arino's challenge. To keep with the theme Arino will be taking on the role of one of America's favorite pulp culture icons, Robocop. It's an American movie classic by way of a Japan in this blockbuster of a challenge. Arino's journey begins in San Francisco with a visit to Musée Mécanique, a unique location that's part museum and part arcade. While Arino has fun with the more traditional video games it's the variety of mechanical oddities, especially End Of The Trail, that really blow his socks off. After filling up with crab at the wharf the staff head into the city to check out South Town Arcade, a hot bed for competitive fighting game action. Spotting a local on Super Street Fighter IV Arino just has to know if his fabled Yoga Fire technique holds up as well in the west as it does back home. The next stop is at a game store in the suburbs where Arino finally gets his hands on this NES he's heard so much about. Once the staff is done blowing into cartridges they end their visit to San Francisco with a hearty steak dinner. Now on to the main course of the trip, the fan event in Los Angeles. Held at a shopping mall arcade, Arino has expectations of a modest 50 person attendance but the event would blow both the expectations of the show's staff and the show's fans, completely away.
S00E41 DVD-BOX8 Challenge - City Connection 22/12/2011
S00E42 Revenge Challenge 2 - The Genji and Heike Clans 22/12/2011 When Arino first challenged The Genji And The Heike Clans he found himself stuck in a literal platforming hell. Now, two years on, he wants his revenge and the only thing that stands between him and the ending are 4 more demanding stages. And some birds. A lot of birds.
S00E43 Dullest New Year's Special in History 31/12/2011 Arino, Abe and director Fujimoto wave goodbye to 2011 in this special broadcast. With only 5 minutes until the clock strikes 12 the group look back on the year that was before Inoko MAX clumsily leads them into the new year and a discussion of upcoming events in 2012.
S00E44 Nintendo Channel 14 - Donkey Kong 22/02/2012
S00E45 Pilotwings LIVE: Arino's Final Live Challenge of His 30s (40th Birthday Challenge) 24/02/2012 A live challenge was the only way that seemed fitting to celebrate Arino's 40th birthday and so it was. The last challenge of his 30s and first of his 40s was against Pilotwings but this compilation is less concerned with that and more with the pile of gifts that Arino received. Arino was able to select from a pile of 40 gifts throughout the show that were given by everyone from revered game creators to people who made one time cameos. This video highlights each of the gifts he was able to open as well as the moment he turned 40. Plus, if you keep your eyes peeled you may see your message of support adorning the walls as Kibe shows off all the faxes the show received from overseas viewers.
S00E46 Game Center CX in Paris (Mario & Wario) 14/10/2013 Il est de retour! After a long absence Arino has finally returned to France in order to attend the 14th annual Japan Expo in Paris. Has the show reached the people of France or will Arino be performing to empty seats? As is tradition with overseas trips we're also treated to a full length challenge filmed back in Japan. Arino will be challenging Mario & Wario, a puzzle game that was only released in Japan. It's controlled entirely with Nintendo's SNES mouse.
S00E47 Nintendo Challenge 16 - Kirby's Dream Collection: New Challenge Sampler 22/06/2012
S00E48 Game Center CX in U.S.A. DVD Challenge - Dynamite Deka (Die Hard Arcade) 31/08/2012
S00E49 Game Center CX in Asia (with Super Mario Kart) 05/10/2012 Not satisfied with being the crowned Prince Of Games in his native Japan, Arino has now set his sights on Cambodia where he plans to win a local tournament to prove his credentials! It won't be all business however as Arino has a chance to sample the best of what Cambodia has to offer. Much like the USA Trip episode, this trip is accompanied by a challenge shot back in Japan. Arino's objective this time will be to earn 4 gold trophies in the 150cc class in Super Mario Kart. He'll be hoping he gets to grips with it quicker than the last time he challenged it, otherwise he's in for a rough ride. Back in Cambodia, Arino heads to an arcade in the sole shopping mall in the city of Siem Reap, to see what games the locals are playing. After a bit of fishing the staff take a trip to an amusement park where Arino checks out a variety of rides and games of skill. Arino and Kibe decide it's time to do a bit of shopping next so they head to a local game store and they're mightily impressed by the selection and Cambodian ingenuity. The next stop is an arcade in the capital, Phnom Phen, called Happy Land. As expected from the biggest arcade in the country, Happy Land is jam packed with patrons and games including the latest hits from Japan and China. But it seems like Arino is less concerned with the latest fighting game release than getting a monkey intoxicated. The final stop is, of course, the tournament itself where Arino will battle it out against Cambodia's best in Street Fighter 2 to prove that he truly is the Prince Of Games. Yoga Fire!
S00E51 DVD-BOX9 Challenge - Spelunker 21/12/2012
S00E52 Nintendo Channel 18 - Balloon Fight (Wii U VC) 24/01/2013 Balloon Fight was recently released on the Wii U Virtual Console to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Famicom. This makes for a great excuse to film a challenge in HD as well as revive a recent Nintendo Channel challenge. That challenge was to pop 20 green balloons in trip mode and was attended by the CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, who explained he later went home and cleared it on his own time. He suggests that Arino should try and get his revenge as well, but it isn't long before things start to escalate.
S00E53 Nintendo Channel 19 - Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo (Wii-U VC) 20/02/2013 Arino previously challenged Fire Emblem: Mystery Of The Emblem when it appeared on the Wii Virtual Console but its release on the Wii U makes for a perfect excuse to double dip. Given that Arino has played it before you may think he has an advantage but fortunately he has absolutely no memory of playing the game let alone what it even entails. So his challenge to clear Book One: Chapter 3 without the loss of a party member could prove tough.
S00E54 Nintendo Channel 20 - Mother 2 20/03/2013 To celebrate the long demanded and much belated release of Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console, Arino is tasked with finding the first Your Sanctuary location in the game and recording its melody on the Sound Stone. Along the way he'll be introduced to the weird and wonderful world of this cult classic where he'll battle hula hooping gangsters, rabid dogs and wooden robots. His quest to reach Giant Step begins now.
S00E56 Super Mario Bros. LIVE (Fuji TV One/Two/Next 15th Anniversary Promotion) 18/07/2013
S00E59 DVD-BOX10 Challenge - Pooyan 20/12/2013
S00E60 Arino's Challenge in Budokan 01/01/2014 The Nippon Budokan is an indoor events center located in central Tokyo. It has played host to Bob Dylan, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra and after tonight, a comedian who plays difficult video games for entertainment purposes. In front of 7000 screaming fans Arino will attempt to exact his revenge on a selection of 5 games, one of which is shrouded in secrecy. Arino will need to draw on a decade of experience if he has any hope of conquering the 5 massive hurdles in front of him before the night is over.
S00E61 DVD Special Challenge - Game Center CX: Arino no Ch?senj? 2 21/03/2014
S00E64 Nintendo Channel 22 - NES Remix 1+2 (2) 22/04/2014
S00E65 The People In My Head 31/08/2012 In The People In My Head the show's numerous staff members have been tasked with drawing some of the more well-known characters that have been featured on the show over the years. The twist is that they're doing it from memory and have Arino as the sole critic of their work. Originally released on the official GCCX mobile site, this series of segments proved to be so popular they were included with the GCCX In The USA DVD set.
S00E66 Super Mario 30th Anniversary - Game Center CX SP at NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 25/04/2015
S00E67 Super Mario Maker Player Chapter 12/12/2015 It's time for another dose of Super Mario Maker action. This time Arino will be sampling a number of different levels from creators as presented by the game's main modes. After subjecting several hapless players to his diabolical creations during the NicoNico event Arino is about to get a taste of his own medicine.
S00E68 Game Center CX in Vietnam Special 18/07/2015 After two long years it's finally time for another overseas trip for Game Center CX. This time out the crew will be headed to Vietnam with a specific goal in mind. Not only will they experience the local culture, gaming or not, of Hanoi but Arino will be hoping to avenge his Casino loss in South Korea all those years ago. As is tradition this overseas special is accompanied by a challenge and the game being challenged today is The Return Of Ishtar from the creator of Tower Of Druaga, Masanobu Endou. The Return Of Ishtar is a sprawling action RPG with a unique gameplay gimmick, the two onscreen characters are both controlled with a single controller. Arino usually has trouble enough controlling one character so how will he fare when he has to control two at the same time?
S00E69 Game Center CX Mario Maker Live Broadcast - Arino Kacho vs 10000 Creators 00/00/0000
S00E70 Game Center DX - Yoshi's Woolly World 07/07/2015
S00E72 Lemmings Christmas Special (Last 1 Hour) 24/12/2009 A recap broadcast of the Lemmings 24-Hour LIVE.
S00E74 DVD-BOX11 Challenge - Castlevania 19/12/2014
S00E75 DVD-BOX12 Challenge - Resident Evil: Director's Cut 18/12/2015
S00E76 Mega Drive Special - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 02/09/2016
S00E77 DVD-BOX13 Challenge - Ganbare Goemon 2 16/12/2016
S00E78 PC Engine Special - Takahashi Meijin no Shin Boukenjima 02/08/2017