Affiche Return to Treasure Island
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Their fates entangled once more, the rapacious pirate Long John Silver and ex-cabin boy Jim Hawkins - now having graduated from Oxford University - are caught up in the search for even more treasure still buried on the infamous Treasure Island... Made by Harlech Television (HTV Wales) for the ITV Network with funding from Disney.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Return to Treasure Island

S01E01 The Map 05/04/1986 10 years have passed since Jim Hawkins sailed with Long John Silver. Jim is the newly appointed agent to a Jamaican plantation.But with the reappearance of Long John Silver and yet another map of Treasure Island, plans for their voyage are altered.
S01E02 The Mutiny 12/04/1986 The Crew gets wind of the treasure and sets about on a mutiny scheme. Long John and Jim Hawkins are set adrift in a small boat.
S01E03 Island of the Damned 19/04/1986 Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, having been set adrift, reluctantly approach an island paradise reputedly overrun with madmen.
S01E04 Jamaica 26/04/1986 Danger befalls Jim and Long John when they are captured by Spanish soldiers. After a daring escape, they head for their initial destination, Jamaica, where they first confront the island's corrupt and power hungry governor.
S01E05 Manhunt 03/05/1986 Jim Hawkins is wrongly accused of murder by corrupt Jamaican leaders. Forced to flee the law, he discovers that the island's corruption extends even to its governor. With help from some surprising new allies, he escapes the island but is forced to surrender his map to Jamaican enemies.
S01E06 The Crow's Nest 10/05/1986 On board his escape vessel he comes face to face with Long John Silver again. Leaving Silver off on an island of pirates, the ship is waylaid when all its passengers are captured and taken prisoner.
S01E07 Fugitives 17/05/1986 Long John Silver has taken control of the crow's nest, promising his fellow cutthroat pirates a share of the wealth on treasure island.
S01E08 In Chains 24/05/1986 They set sail and Silver discovers that his plan failed.Tricked, he ends up in irons with Jim.
S01E09 Spanish Gold 31/05/1986 Long John Silver rescues Jim from prison; during their escape, Silver is determined to steal a huge amount of gold.
S01E10 Treasure Island 07/06/1986 The escapees reach Treasure Island, where double dealing abounds before the climax of their arduous search.