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Nineteenth-century Britain was a golden age for Christian missionaries, who took the word of God around the globe to countries in which that religion remains and is now thriving. In a reverse of those great missionary journeys, idealistic modern-day missionaries travel to Britain to discover the historical roots of their faith and try to pursue their own missionary agenda in 21st-century Britain, trying to breathe new life into churches with declining attendance.


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S01E01 Episode 1 16/03/2012 Jamaican Baptist pastor Franklin Small is on his way to King's Stanley, a village in the Cotswolds. It is home to the oldest Baptist church in Gloucestershire, which is now threatened with closure. It was also home to Thomas Burchell, a missionary at the vanguard of the anti-slavery movement in the Caribbean. Pastor Franklin tries to bring some of his energetic Jamaican preaching style to the Cotswold community - but in the face of apathy, can he succeed in encouraging locals to embrace faith and take an interest in their church? Inspired by the life of his hero, Franklin also undertakes a fascinating historical journey, meeting Burchell's great, great, great grandson and paying his respects on the spot that he was baptised over 200 years ago.
S01E02 Episode 2 23/03/2012 In the city of Blantyre, Malawi, John Chilimtsidya is the pastor of a church that is flourishing. The Charismatic Renewal church is one of the fastest growing in Malawi. In just four years Pastor John's congregation has grown from 25 to 800 - many of them young people. It was 150 years ago that Dr David Livingstone left his home town Blantyre, Scotland, for Africa. He is credited with opening up Africa to Christianity. Now in a reverse mission, Pastor John is coming to Livingstone's home town where attendance at the local Congregational Church is in decline. Can Pastor John's high-energy evangelical style and his use of music bring young people to the church community? And how will he be received by a congregation wary of change? On the streets, John faces a huge culture shock - kids who know Jordan but not Jesus, and a Saturday night out in Glasgow that leaves the African pastor reeling. He seeks inspiration from Livingstone's story.
S01E03 Episode 3 30/03/2012 Kshama Jayaraj's Church in Mumbai, The House of Prayer, spreads the gospel through a mixture of dance, music and prayer. It is proving a hit amongst young people - but can she do the same in Belfast? Belfast was home to Kshama's inspirational heroine, Victorian missionary Amy Carmichael, who spent 50 years in India helping vulnerable children. Now, in a reverse mission, Kshama arrives in a city still divided along religious lines but with some church attendances at an all time low. After seeing the paramilitary murals on the walls, Kshama is inspired to create her own. However, this will be a mural with a peaceful message and her challenge will be to try and get young people from both communities to come together and help. But will anyone turn up? Kshama's historical journey finds her visiting a church that Amy Carmichael founded at the age of 22 to help Belfast's young millworkers. In the footsteps of her hero, Kshama tries to encourage a young mum who has never been to church to have her baby blessed.

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