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Rhoda which began in the fall of 1974, began each episode (at least the 1st season) with Valerie Harper stating: "My name is Rhoda Morgenstern. I was born in the Bronx, New York in December, 1941. I've always felt responsible for World War II. The first thing I remember liking that liked me back was food. I had a bad puberty, it lasted 17 years. I'm a high school graduate, I went to art school. My entrance exam was on a book of matches. I decided to move out of the house when I was 24, my mother still refers to this as the time I ran away from home. Eventually I ran to Minneapolis where it's cold, and I figured I'd keep better. Now I'm back in Manhattan. New York, this is your last chance!" Rhoda is the successful spin-off to the classic The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rhoda

S01E01 Joe 09/09/1974 While on vacation in New York, Rhoda meets a man (Joe) and she decides not to return to Minneapolis.
S01E02 You Can Go Home Again 16/09/1974 Rhoda has difficulty finding an apartment in New York City and finally moves into the one place she never even considered--her parents' apartment.
S01E03 I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes 23/09/1974 Rhoda's smooth romance with Joe gets a little bumpy when he decides it might be best if the two of them begin dating other people as well as each other.
S01E04 Parents' Day 30/09/1974 Rhoda and Joe decide to set aside one day to tackle the generation gap, and schedule lunch with his parents and dinner with hers.
S01E05 The Lady in Red 07/10/1974 Rhoda lands a job with a small publishing firm and ends up delivering the eulogy at the funeral of an author whose specialty was X-rated books.
S01E06 Pop Goes the Question 14/10/1974 Joe pops the question, but it's not exactly the one Rhoda wants to hear. Instead of "Will you marry me?" it's "How about living together?"
S01E07 The Shower 21/10/1974 Unable to think of just the right gift to get Rhoda, Brenda decides to throw a shower for her soon-to-be-wed sister and uses the occasion to stage a small reunion for Rhoda with some of her old high school classmates.
S01E08 Rhoda's Wedding (1) 28/10/1974 Complications arise when Rhoda and Joe's plans to have a small wedding is complicated by Ida, who invites all of her friends.
S01E09 Rhoda's Wedding (2) 28/10/1974 Rhoda almost doesn't make it to her own wedding when, at the last minute, Phyllis forgets to pick her up.
S01E10 The Honeymoon 04/11/1974 Rhoda and Joe's cruise doesn't turn out the way they expected.
S01E11 9-E is Available 11/11/1974 Rhoda wants a new apartment, especially after an old beau of Joe's lets herself in with a key.
S01E12 I'm a Little Late, Folks 18/11/1974 Rhoda thinks she may be pregnant, but she isn't sure enough to tell her husband Joe, especially when he comes home with the news that his business is facing economic troubles.
S01E13 Anything Wrong? 25/11/1974 Joe goes to his father for marital advise.
S01E14 'S Wonderful 02/12/1974 Despite Joe and Brenda's insistence that she butt out, Rhoda continues to plunge ahead to prove to her younger sister that her new boyfriend is really a married man.
S01E15 Good-Bye Charlie 09/12/1974 It's a case of mutual dislike at first sight when Rhoda meets Joe's friend Charlie Burke, a patronizing "man's man" who is not exactly thrilled with his best buddies wife.
S01E16 Guess What I Got You for the Holidays 16/12/1974 With his business on the verge of failure, Joe becomes ever increasingly worried, resisting Rhoda's advice to free his emotions, even if it means crying.
S01E17 Whattaya Think It's There For? 06/01/1975 At Ida's insistence, Rhoda talks Joe into asking her father for the money he needs to save his business, but then is surprised to learn things about her dad's financial state that are news to even her mother.
S01E18 Not Made for Each Other 13/01/1975 Rhoda's shy, retiring high-school chum, Myrna Morgenstern, shows up unexpectedly to demonstrate her new, Rhoda-like, head-on approach to life, and she begins a tumultuous non-romance with Joe's best friend.
S01E19 Strained Interlude 20/01/1975 Rhoda and Joe work very hard at being the perfect modern couple, free of all jealousies and hang-ups until a man Rhoda once loved asks her out for dinner.
S01E20 Everything I Have is Yours, Almost 27/01/1975 When Rhoda discovers Joe has been visiting a doctor without telling her, she begins to worry, but not as much as when she finds out what kind of doctor he is.
S01E21 Chest Pains 03/02/1975 Rhoda and Brenda have to take their mother on her very first trip to the doctor, a visit that mama Ida faces with a combination of fear and embarrassment.
S01E22 Windows by Rhoda 10/02/1975 Distracted by visitors who keep interrupting her work at home, Rhoda opens an office and soon learns about the problems faced by a woman launching her own business.
S01E23 A Nice Warm Rut 24/02/1975 Brenda decides to break out of her "nice, warm rut" by moving to San Francisco, a plan that isn't discouraged by Rhoda, but one that Joe thinks is rotten.
S01E24 Ida, the Elf 03/03/1975 Bored with her life, Rhoda's mother Ida decides to become a "now" woman and surprises Rhoda and Brenda by announcing she's launched a whole new career.
S01E25 Along Comes Mary 10/03/1975 Mary Richards shows up unexpectedly and throws a monkey wrench into Rhoda's and Joe's plans for a long-awaited weekend alone at Cape Cod.
S02E01 Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye 08/09/1975 After Rhoda and Joe are robbed, Rhoda blames the mishap on Carlton's lack of ability to handle his job, causing Carlton to be fired.
S02E02 Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife 15/09/1975 All of Rhoda's insecurities surface when she meets Joe's ex-wife, who turns out to be beautiful.
S02E03 Ida's Doctor 22/09/1975 Ida Morgenstern finds herself tempted to have an affair with her doctor.
S02E04 Mucho, Macho 29/09/1975 Rhoda and Joe have a difficult time trying to celebrate their first anniversary pleasantly when their tempers keep getting the best of them.
S02E05 The Party 06/10/1975 A psychiatrist tries to give the Gerards' party a boost by directing a group-encounter session, revealing some interesting suppressions from the guests.
S02E06 Brenda's Unemployment 13/10/1975 That rotten job Brenda felt she held at the bank looks like a rose garden after she quits being a teller and is faced with the thorns of unemployment.
S02E07 With Friends Like These 20/10/1975 Seething tempers result when two of Rhoda's and Brenda's closest friends take advantage of them.
S02E08 Somebody Down There Likes Him 27/10/1975 To help the financial burden of a rent increase, Brenda takes on a roommate, but it's the beautiful roommate who turns out to be a real burden when she comes on strongly to Joe.
S02E09 Call Me Grandma 03/11/1975 Mama Ida's innocent but overzealous desire to become a grandmother results in her arranging another rock-bottom date for Brenda.
S02E10 Myrna's Story 10/11/1975 Business is booming at Rhoda's window-dressing firm, due partly to her creative sketches, but also because of Myrna Morgenstern's "persuasive" sales pitches, something which Rhoda puts an end to.
S02E11 Love Songs of J. Nicholas Lobo 17/11/1975 Against his better judgment, Joe hires Nick, Brenda's obnoxious boyfriend, to become a wrecker at his demolition firm.
S02E12 Friends and Mothers 24/11/1975 Rhoda's new, delightful, vivacious middle-aged neighbor becomes a threat to mother Ida.
S02E13 A Night with the Girls 01/12/1975 Rhoda is determined to prove to her friends that women can have a great time without men, although she becomes dubious of her own theory when she tries it one night.
S02E14 Bump in the Night 08/12/1975 Somewhere in Rhoda's neighborhood, a burglar is walking the street, possibly going after her because she just might be the only person able to identify him.
S02E15 If You Don't Tell Her, I Will 29/12/1975 Two's company and three's a crowd, as both Brenda and Rhoda discover when they have uninvited guests moving in with them.
S02E16 Rhoda's Sellout 05/01/1976 Torn between her pride at losing a huge account for her window-dressing firm, Rhoda battles with a stubborn though prosperous tuxedo chain-store owner who wants her to decorate his windows his way, or not at all.
S02E17 Attack on Mr. Right 12/01/1976 Rhoda drills Brenda on the finer points of life, such as how to land a man, when Brenda's Mr. Right seems to be taking her for granted.
S02E18 If You Want to Shoot the Rapids You Have to Get Wet 19/01/1976 Rhoda, whose only real luck with a man has been with her husband Joe, finds herself playing marriage counselor to a couple who has been married for 12 years.
S02E19 The Return of Billy Glass 26/01/1976 Martin Morgenstern is overjoyed when his best friend visits him after a 35-year hiatus, but is overwhelmed with insecurity when he recalls that his best friend was also once engaged to Ida.
S02E20 A Federal Case 02/02/1976 Love beats a pathway to Brenda's door when a young federal agent uses her apartment to run a security check on the residence across the street.
S02E21 The Marty Morgan Story 09/02/1976 The emotional, high-strung Ida Morgenstern demonstrates her knack for jumping to conclusions when hubby Martin begins to act very secretive.
S02E22 Let's Call it Love 16/02/1976 Rhoda and Joe decide the only way they can spend more time together is to barricade themselves in their apartment, disregarding family, friends, work, and in short, the world.
S02E23 It's Not My Fault, Is It? 23/02/1976 When Brenda turns down his marriage proposal, Lenny, the hearbroken lad, quits his job and sinks into a fit of depression.
S02E24 Don't Give Up the Office 01/03/1976 Rhoda has one little problem with money; she doesn't have any, and it's forcing her window-dressing firm out of business.
S03E01 The Separation 20/09/1976 Rhoda and Joe decide to separate.
S03E02 Together Again for the First Time 27/09/1976 Rhoda goes out with Joe for the first date since their separation and labels it as a weird experience.
S03E03 No Big Deal 04/10/1976 A swinging bachelor makes a play for Rhoda as she undergoes the first few difficult days of her separation from Joe.
S03E04 I Won't Dance 11/10/1976 Accompanied by Brenda, Rhoda tries to lose her separation blues by going away on a singles weekend.
S03E05 H-e-e-e-r-e's Johnny 18/10/1976 Rhoda experiences the trauma of a "blind date" when Brenda's boyfriend fixes her up with a loud, pushy, arrogant and egotistical showbiz type.
S03E06 Two Little Words - - Marriage Counselor 25/10/1976 Rhoda and Joe Gerard take their marital problems to a marriage counselor, where Joe makes a startling disclosure.
S03E07 An Elephant Never Forgets 01/11/1976 A weighty problem develops when Rhoda adds a few unwanted pounds and Brenda becomes slim for the first time in her life.
S03E08 Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris 08/11/1976 Rhoda plans a wildly impulsive act to demonstrate to her estranged husband Joe that she's far from being a dull person.
S03E09 Meet the Levys 15/11/1976 Gary Levy's parents give Rhoda Gerard the once-over as a prospective daughter-in-law, which she is pretending to be only as a favor for Gary.
S03E10 Man of the Year 29/11/1976 Rhoda has another terrible encounter with Joe's best friend, Charlie Burke.
S03E11 You Deserve a Break Today 13/12/1976 Brenda has a short-lived engagement with a prosperous young man who owns three McDonald's franchises.
S03E12 A Touch of Classy 20/12/1976 Sally's former husband brings good news and bad news: the good news--he's getting married again; the bad news--he'd like Sally to consider accepting a reduction in alimony.
S03E13 Guess Who I Saw Today 27/12/1976 Rhoda experiences a severe separation pain when she sees Joe with another woman.
S03E14 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? 03/01/1977 Not wanting to be alone on New Year's Eve, Rhoda throws a memorable party with a wildly improbable Halloween touch.
S03E15 Love for Sale 10/01/1977 Rhoda and her sister help Gary Levy run a gigantic day-long sale to save his mod clothing business, but Brenda gets far more than she bargains for when love blossoms.
S03E16 A Night in the Emergency Room 16/01/1977 Rhoda has a hand in breaking up Brenda's romance with musician Nick Lobo, and he retaliates by accidentally breaking Rhoda's toe.
S03E17 Somebody Has to Say They're Sorry 23/01/1977 It's Rhoda against the establishment when she is mistakenly arrested for soliciting.
S03E18 The Ultimatum 30/01/1977 Rhoda delivers an ultimatum to her separated spouse, Joe, that either he comes back or she starts seeing other men.
S03E19 Rhoda's Mystery Man 06/02/1977 Rhoda becomes the romantic target for a mysterious suitor who sends her anonymous gifts of roses, chocolates and a diamond pendant.
S03E20 Nick Lobo, Superstar 13/02/1977 Because of an agreement made with his father almost five years ago, Nick Lobo, Brenda's hip musician boyfriend, must gain superstar status soon or else be forced to go into his father's garbage-collecting business.
S03E21 Nose Job 20/02/1977 Rhoda is aghast to learn that Brenda is considering having cosmetic surgery done on her nose.
S03E22 The Second Time Around 27/02/1977 Rhoda has a date with Brenda's boss.
S03E23 Pajama Party Bingo 06/03/1977 An innocent "truth" type verbal game uncovers an old sisterly jealousy during an all-night pajama party.
S03E24 To Vegas With Love 13/03/1977 Rhoda Gerard flies to Las Vegas for another encounter with her amorous suitor, Johnny Venture.
S04E01 The Return of Ida 02/10/1977 Ida Morgenstern returns from a year of touring the country to face a few home-front surprises: Rhoda is divorced and Brenda is unwilling to discuss the state of her innocence.
S04E02 The Job 09/10/1977 After weeks of depressing pavement pounding, Rhoda manages to talk the owner of a rundown costume-rental company into giving her a job.
S04E03 Lady's Choice 16/10/1977 Brenda enjoys the luxury of having two boyfriends, Gary and Benny, competing for her attention until they both show up for a date on the same night.
S04E04 One is a Number 23/10/1977 Rhoda comes face-to-face with an old problem again when she has two great theater tickets and can't find anyone to go with her.
S04E05 Ida Works Out 30/10/1977 Ida Morgenstern wreaks havoc at the Doyle Costume Company where she is working part-time so that she can buy her husband a waterbed for their anniversary.
S04E06 Rhoda Likes Mike 06/11/1977 Rhoda gets a bonus from her new job at the Doyle Costume Company--her boss introduces her to a handsome customer who is the owner of three successful restaurants, and it's love at first sight.
S04E07 The Weekend 13/11/1977 Rhoda arranges a weekend alone with Mike.
S04E08 Home Movies 04/12/1977 Dinner at the Morgensterns goes anything but predictable.
S04E09 Johnny's Solo Flight 11/12/1977 Johnny's nightclub solo debut fizzles out and Rhoda is left to pick up the pieces.
S04E10 Who's Shy? 25/12/1977 At Rhoda's urging, Brenda tries therapy to overcome her shyness.
S04E11 Blind Date 08/01/1978 Ida stops by Rhoda's after her hair appointment with wonderful news--she's arranged another blind date for Rhoda!
S04E12 Ida Alone 14/01/1978 With Ida missing her dearly departed friends, Rhoda and Brenda set out to boost her spirits.
S04E13 All Work and No Play 22/01/1978 Rhoda's job at the costume company begins to take up all her time. She forgets her obligations to her friends and family.
S04E14 Happy Anniversary 29/01/1978 With Ida hinting of a party, everyone leads her to believe there won't be one.
S04E15 The Jack Story 05/02/1978 Rhoda's boss asks her to help him out when an old chum comes into the city and wants to get together.
S04E16 Rhoda Cheats 12/02/1978 Rhoda and Brenda go to night school and Rhoda get accused of cheating.
S04E17 Gary and Ida 19/02/1978 With Gary's parents now living in Florida, Rhoda and Brenda get tired of "mothering" him, until he forms a bond with Ida. Then even Ida has her limits!
S04E18 As Time Goes By 26/02/1978 With a party to stir up business underway, Rhoda and Jack get locked in a bathroom.
S04E19 Two's Company 05/03/1978 Gary and Benny go into business together, something friends should think twice about.
S04E20 Brenda and the Bank Girl 12/03/1978 Brenda is in the final running for the First Security Bank Girl.
S04E21 So Long, Lucky 02/04/1978 A string of bizarre mishaps plagues Rhoda.
S04E22 Jack's Back 09/04/1978 With an evening out ruined by Jack's troubled back, Rhoda plays nurse.
S04E23 Five for the Road (1) 16/04/1978 Trying to find out why Jack has been in a funk all week, Rhoda decided to lift his spirits with a road trip, but ends up stuck in the mud.
S04E24 Five for the Road (2) 23/04/1978 With food getting low, and tempers flying a valuable lesson is learned.
S05E01 Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore 23/09/1978 Rhoda and Brenda are disappointed that Martin isn't feeling well enough to come to his 60th birthday party at Rhoda's apartment, until they learned that Martin moved out over 2 months ago.
S05E02 In Search of Martin 30/09/1978 Rhoda, Brenda and Benny head to Florida to search for Martin.
S05E03 Rhoda vs. Ida 07/10/1978 Ida and Rhoda quarrel over Ida's dating a younger man.
S05E04 Brenda Gets Engaged 14/10/1978 Benny proposes to Brenda, but Brenda's happiness is marred when Ida refuses to give her blessings.
S05E05 Meet the Goodwins 21/10/1978 Brenda insists that Rhoda accompany her when she meets her prospective in-laws for the first time, and Rhoda becomes an unexpected hit with Benny's big brother, leading unfortunately to one of the most harrowing dates of her life.
S05E06 Ida's Roommate 28/10/1978 Ida advertises for a roommate and gets more than she bargained for when she chooses a couple to share her home.
S05E07 Martin Comes Home 11/11/1978 Martin returns from his "fling" in Florida ready for a reconciliation, but Ida insists on a second courtship before she's willing to forgive and forget.
S05E08 Jack's New Image 02/12/1978 Rhoda convinces her boss that he needs some new clothes to go with his new svelte physique, but both learn a valuable lesson that beauty is only skin deep.
S05E09 The Total Brenda 09/12/1978 When Benny starts to feel down-and-out, Brenda tries to cheer him up by catering to his every whim.
S05E10 The Date in the Iron Mask 00/00/0000 No, it's not an alien from outer space. It's only Rhoda's date--who's managed to get his head stuck inside a silly-looking mask right before an awards dinner.
S05E11 Martin Swallows His Heart 00/00/0000 Martin accidentally swallows a heart-shaped gold charm he bought as a gift for Ida.
S05E12 Earl's Helping Hand 00/00/0000 Benny's brother, Earl, generously offers to lend Jack the $5,000 he needs to get his company out of debt, but only because it means being able to spend a week with Rhoda on her job.
S05E13 Brenda Runs Away 00/00/0000 Feeling trapped and confused when everybody tries to run her life for her, Brenda runs away.