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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Richard Diamond, Private Detective

S01E01 The Mickey Farmer Case 01/07/1957 Diamond promises a dying gangster that he will take care of the gangster's girlfriend, unaware that the promise will endanger his life.
S01E02 Custody 08/07/1957 A woman in the hospital hires Diamond to trail her ex-husband, who she believes has obtained custody of their daughter to use as cover for his shady business practices.
S01E03 Escape from Oak Lane 15/07/1957 A man hires Diamond to watch over his frightened wife while he is out of town, but then Diamond is approached by a pair of doctors from a mental institution who claim she is an escaped patient.
S01E04 The Homicide Habit 22/07/1957 Diamond sets out to con a recently widowed woman and her lover into believing that he witnessed them kill her late husband so that they could collect the insurance money.
S01E05 Picture of Fear 29/07/1957 While on holiday in the mountains Diamond befriends a young woman who is being pursued by thugs who believe that she has taken some incriminating photos.
S01E06 Hit and Run 05/08/1957 Diamond finds himself facing off against the mob when is hired by a woman to prove that her fiancee is innocent of killing a man in a hit and run auto accident.
S01E07 The Big Score 12/08/1957 Diamond poses as a rich Canadian and infiltrates a gambling racket in order to learn the truth about a businessman's claims that he witnessed a murder.
S01E08 The Chess Player 19/08/1957 Diamond is hired by a woman to become a bodyguard to her husband, without him knowing it. He is a businessman who has received several threats against his life which he refuses to take seriously.
S01E09 The Torch Carriers 26/08/1957 Diamond unravels a story of unrequited love and revenge while tracking down a fugitive gangster who is in the possession of a valuable stolen necklace.
S01E10 The Pete Rocco Case (a.k.a. Prison Break) 09/09/1957 Diamond plays a game of cat and mouse with an escaped convict who bears a grudge against Diamond for bringing him to justice.
S01E11 Venus of Park Avenue 16/09/1957 Diamond is hired to verify the authenticity of an ancient Greek statue, which is suspected of being fake when it is offered for sale at a figure far below its true value.
S01E12 The Merry-Go-Round Case 23/09/1957 Diamond attempts to convince an old war buddy who has turned to a life of crime to give himself up to the authorities.
S02E01 The Space Society 02/01/1958 A man hires Diamond to investigate an outer space society which he suspects is out to bilk his rich uncle since they have talked him into leaving the society $100,000 in his will.
S02E02 The Dark Horse (a.k.a. The Allison Garvey Case) 09/01/1958 Diamond is hired to protect a lady politician whose supporters fear she may be kidnapped by the opposition.
S02E03 The Payoff 16/01/1958 Diamond is hired to track down a gang of safe crackers and recover the money that they stole.
S02E04 Double Jeopardy 23/01/1958 A man convicted of a jewel theft years earlier still claims to be innocent even though the jewels start to show up on the black market as soon as he is released from prison.
S02E05 Arson 30/01/1958 Diamond is hired to investigate a fire in a fur shop which killed an accountant who was working there.
S02E06 The Ed Church Case 06/02/1958 A veteran journalist and a recovering alcoholic join forces in order to get a story on a protection racket.
S02E07 Chinese Honeymoon (a.k.a. Trouble in Chinatown) 13/02/1958 Diamond uncovers a protection racket when he decides to learn why a pair of his Chinese friends unexpectedly call off their upcoming wedding.
S02E08 Rodeo 20/02/1958 A cowboy performing in a Madison Square garden rodeo comes to Diamond for help after he discovers his saddle strap cut and suspects that someone is trying to kill him.
S02E09 A Cup of Black Coffee 27/02/1958 While taking a break from an all night drive at a roadside cafe, Diamond meets a woman who gives him a look convincing him she is afraid of something.
S02E10 The George Dale Case 00/00/0000 Diamond is beaten and rendered unconscious by a man he suspects is an art thief. When he recovers he discovers that a beautiful woman has subdued his attacker.
S02E11 Juvenile Jacket 00/00/0000 Diamond is hired by a woman to clear her son of charges of murder, since he is a member of a gang which robbed a liquor store and killed the sales clerk.
S02E12 Pension Plan 00/00/0000 A jewelry store owner comes to Diamond for help when one of his employees refuses to return gems he had been assigned to clean unless he is given a large cash stipend.
S02E13 Short Haul 00/00/0000 Diamond goes under cover as a truck driver in order to investigate a truck hijacking in which the driver was killed.
S02E14 Another Man's Poison 17/04/1958 Diamond sets out to find the man who is trying to kill him and who failed in his last attempt, leaving an innocent bystander dead.
S02E15 The Purple Penguin 24/04/1958 Diamond fails in his efforts to protect a shady night club owner who believes that someone is out to kill him.
S02E16 Lost Testament 01/05/1958 While investigating the death of an investment counselor, Diamond learns that a letter has recently been stolen from the deceased's attorney.
S02E17 The Percentage Takers 08/05/1958 Diamond is hired by a singer who finds himself being threatened by extortionists.
S02E18 Widow's Walk 22/05/1958 Diamond and his client are kidnapped by gangsters who threaten to kill both of them unless Diamond reveals the location of valuable paintings from another case.
S02E19 The Bungalow Murder 00/00/0000 Diamond is called upon to investigate the murder of a film producer and upon arriving at the scene of the crime learns that the police have not been notified of the man's death.
S02E20 One Foot in the Grave 12/06/1958 After a policeman friend of Diamond's is killed while on patrol, Diamond decides to do an investigation of his own to insure that the killer is brought to justice.
S02E21 Snow Queen 26/06/1958 Diamond uncovers a narcotics smuggling operation while investigating the murder of an art restorer who was killed in his workshop.
S03E01 The Sport (a.k.a. The Larry Forsythe Case) 15/02/1959 Diamond moves to Los Angles where he begins to date Karen after she hires him to find her boyfriend's murderer. A woman hires him to find her playboy son who has gone missing.
S03E02 Pack Rat 22/02/1959 An old man dies alone in his shack on the beach and $84,000 is found among his pile of junk. A hopeful heir hires Richard Diamond to find out if the man is his second cousin. Diamond uncovers evidence that the old man was murdered.
S03E03 Body of the Crime 01/03/1959 A mobster wanted by the law fears that he is going to be assassinated and asks Diamond to negotiate his surrender to the police.
S03E04 Soft Touch (a.k.a. The Revolution) 08/03/1959 A couple from South America hire Diamond to find a political refugee from their country who is hiding in the U.S.
S03E05 Boomerang Bait 15/03/1959 An attractive young woman pleads with Diamond to investigate the murder of a fiananceer. Diamond later learns that her father is the police detective assigned to solve the case.
S03E06 Matador Murder (a.k.a. Mexican Art Swindle) 22/03/1959 Diamond heads to Mexico in search of a missing art dealer.
S03E07 Murder at the Mansion 29/03/1959 Diamond winds up in the middle of a deadly conspiracy when he agrees to help a wealthy young man find his missing bride.
S03E08 Marineland Mystery 05/04/1959 An antique dealer hires Diamond to find an Oriental cigarette box and his employee who disappeared while delivering the box.
S03E09 Charity Affair 12/04/1959 A masked gunman steals the box office receipts of a charity jazz festival which Diamond is attending.
S03E10 Two for Paradise 19/04/1959 After inheriting half of a citrus packing plant, a pair of brothers hire Diamond to investigate a young woman they suspect is a golddigger, who has been romancing their late father's partner.
S03E11 Crown of Silla 03/05/1959 An art dealer asks Diamond to make a clandestine investigation into the disappearance of a valuable crown which vanished from a safe on board a yacht.
S03E12 Jukebox 10/05/1959 A jukebox operator asks Diamond for help when he is threatened by racketeers who want him to use their records exclusively.
S03E13 Echo of Laughter 17/05/1959 Diamond learns that a friend of his, a TV personality, is undergoing marital problems and that his wife may be out to kill him.
S03E14 The Limping Man 24/05/1959 A terrified woman calls Diamond for help after her life is threatened, but by the time Diamond arrives to meet with her she has disappeared.
S03E15 The Hideout 31/05/1959 A nun asks Diamond to locate a missing young boy who is a member of a Dixieland band she has organized.
S03E16 Rough Cut 07/06/1959 Diamond goes undercover as a casino worker in order to find a priceless jewel that has been stolen.
S03E17 Family Affair 14/06/1959 Diamond discovers some unpleasant facts about a young woman who was murdered after he talks to her roommate, a dance hall hostess.
S03E18 Design for Murder 21/06/1959 An old flame of Diamond's comes to him hoping to hire him to find out who is attempting to blackmail her.
S04E01 The Hoodlum 05/10/1959 A racketeer's bookkeeper gets Diamond involved in a blackmail scheme against his boss, when he asks him to find a book and gives him only one hour to do so.
S04E02 Act of Grace 12/10/1959 An acquaintance of Diamond's is murdered. At his grave at a potter's field, Diamond sees a wealthy old woman laying flowers at some of the unmarked graves. Diamond tries to find the connection between her and his down-on-his-luck friend.
S04E03 The Bookie 19/10/1959 A bookie decides to get rid of Lt. Kile, whose efforts to put a stop to the bookie's operation have begun to annoy him.
S04E04 The Client 26/10/1959 A financier hires Diamond to search for his partner who has gone missing in Mexico.
S04E05 The Runaway 02/11/1959 While briefly stopping in San Francisco, Diamond finds himself the target of a gunman.
S04E06 No Laughing Matter 09/11/1959 Diamond finds himself in a deserted amusement park on the trail of a desperate fugitive murderer.
S04E07 The Messenger 16/11/1959 Diamond is hired to deliver a note to a bank teller and is somewhat surprised when the teller screams after she reads the note.
S04E08 The Counselor 23/11/1959 A marriage counselor whose life has been threatened hires Diamond to protect him.
S04E09 The Image 30/11/1959 An old nemesis of Diamond's on the police force has Diamond arrested on murder charges after the girlfriend of an escaped convict is found murdered.
S04E10 The Adjuster 07/12/1959 Diamond receives a tip that a man who has been presumed dead for over a year is still alive.
S04E11 Marked for Murder 14/12/1959 Diamond finds himself in a lonely hearts club when he is hired to investigate the confusing circumstances surrounding a robbery and murder.
S04E12 The Caller 21/12/1959 Diamond receives a mysterious telephone call which informs him that he will die at a specific time later that evening.
S04E13 One Dead Cat 28/12/1959 A night club singer hires Diamond to protect her and her band leader from a disgruntled pianist who once played in their band.
S04E14 Dead to the World 11/01/1960 A friend of Sam's wants Diamond to prove that her uncle's death was murder.
S04E15 Seven Swords 18/01/1960 Summoned to a theater by a phone call, Diamond watches a magician thrust seven swords into a box containing his assistant. Is this the dangerous situation he was called to deal with?
S04E16 The Fine Art of Murder 25/01/1960 An actress hires Diamond after she learns that a valuable painting which she purchased is a fake.
S04E17 The Popskull 28/06/1960 A reputable bar owner is being forced to sell rotgut whiskey until the owner's wife hires Diamond to intervene.
S04E18 And Whose Little Baby Are You? 05/07/1960 After returning to his apartment with a date, Diamond finds an infant abandoned on his couch.
S04E19 Fallen Star 19/07/1960 A journalist hires Diamond to look into the death of a singer who fell to her death, which he suspects was a murder but that the police have ruled a suicide.
S04E20 Coat of Arms 02/08/1960 A landlady finds one of her tenants dead in his room and shortly afterwards is greeted by a gun-wielding stranger looking for the man.
S04E21 Double Trouble 09/08/1960 A diplomat who does not want the police to be involved, asks Diamond to find his missing fiancee.
S04E22 The Lovely Fraud 16/08/1960 Shortly after a dancer takes out a large insurance policy on her legs, she gets injured by a hit and run driver and is forced to collect on the policy.
S04E23 Accent on Murder 23/08/1960 A woman is killed after hiring Diamond to protect 'a young lady from France' who turns out to be a poodle.
S04E24 East of Danger 30/08/1960 A woman hires Diamond when her father is attacked after he finds heroin hidden in his antique store warehouse.
S04E25 Running Scared 06/09/1960 A man is concerned about his daughter, whom he feels has been spending too much time brooding over her husband's death.
S04E26 The Mouse 13/09/1960 A French woman gets threats from a supposedly dead war criminal who knows the whereabouts of a fortune in smuggled diamonds.