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Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab is based in the surreal, and fictional, world of Hammond’s top secret underground laboratory and YOU are invited to join him there LIVE! Each show, you the studio audience will come and support two teams of three children, aged between 8 and 12, who will carry out a series of amazing experiments and messy challenges!!! This fun-filled game show will have three studio rounds and a stunt based film to show. While all the items are based on science and fact, they are played out in an entertaining, comedic and anarchic fashion for all to be involved in.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Richard Hammond's Blast Lab

S01E01 Episode 1 03/01/2009 In the opening episode of this spectacular new series, Richard and his two teams of budding young scientists study rocket propulsion. But they don't do this with dusty old text books. Instead, in true Blast Lab tradition, Richard and the teams race some balloons over a giant gunge tank and watch a jet pack man propel himself 30 metres in the air as he attempts the world's highest ever basketball slam dunk.
S01E02 Episode 2 10/01/2009 This time, Richard Hammond looks at the weight of liquids. Richard joins one of his lab rats at his top secret test facility to discover what happens when a tonne of water is dropped on to a car from a height of 30 metres. Meanwhile, in his underground laboratory, Richard asks the two teams of young scientists to attempt to guess how much his security guard Ninja Nan and one of his lab rats weigh. But because this is Blast Lab, there's a twist... Ninja Nan and the lab rat have to sit on giant scales, while the contestants must use bottles of water to guess their weight.
S01E03 Episode 3 17/01/2009 This time, Richard explores lift and friction. Richard and the gang build hovercrafts. In the studio they are made out of a bottle top, a CD and a balloon. But at Richard's top-secret test facility, his team of loyal lab rats make a hovercraft out of wood, plastic sheeting and leaf blowers.
S01E04 Episode 4 24/01/2009 Richard explores the conservation of energy as the team play a game of magnetic pinball. One of the Lab Rats has a close encounter with a toy pig on a pendulum.
S01E05 Episode 5 31/01/2009 Richard explores the themes of pressure and weight distribution. In the studio the two teams go balloon surfing, while at Richard's top secret laboratory his Lab Rats make a huge balloon sandwich and see if it can take the weight of a saloon car without bursting.
S01E06 Episode 6 07/02/2009 In Mini Miss' science lesson, the two teams try to encase a team member in a giant bubble dressed as a hedgehog. Meanwhile at Richard's top secret test laboratory, his Lab Rats investigate the science behind bubbles. Richard asks if it is possible to a make a bubble large enough to cover a Lab Rat sitting in a bath surrounded by a selection of sharp objects.
S01E07 Episode 7 14/02/2009 Richard and his two teams of budding young scientists look at catapults and levers. In the studio the contestants get the rare opportunity to fling eggs at Ninja Nan, all in the name of science. Richard's Lab Rats find out what happens when you use the world's largest trebuchet to fire flaming cannonballs at a caravan!
S01E08 Episode 8 21/02/2009
S01E09 Episode 9 28/02/2009
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S01E13 Episode 13 28/03/2009
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