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An animated series based on the comic book of the same name. Richie Rich, the world's richest kid, gets involved in various adventures and mysteries. Regardless of the situation, he manages to come out on top, either by spending lots of money, or by using incredibly expensive gadgets.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Richie Rich

S01E01 The Robotnappers / Piggy Bank Prank / Muscle Beach 08/11/1980 A pair of criminal posing as gardeners have a plan to kidnap Irona so their boss can try and collect a huge ransom. They send a mechanical cat up a flagpole to lure her close and then spray her with water to rust her moving parts. Can Richie and Professor Keenbeam come up with a plan to save her? Reggie doesn't believe Richie about his security system being foolproof and sets out to prove it. Cadbury takes Richie and dollar to the Rich Beach (where the ocean is heated) for some sunbathing. While Richie is changing, Dollar spots a pretty poodle and falls in love. Unfortunately for him a bulldog bullies him out of the picture. He spots a man lifting weights on the beach and he decides to add some muscles so he can try and win her back.
S01E02 The Rare Scare / Kitty Sitter / One of Our Aircraft Carriers is Missing 15/11/1980 Dollar accidentally causes a postage stamp worth over a million dollars to be blown out of a window in Richie's private museum. Professor Keenbeam invents a shrinking machine and then is asked to invent something to make Mrs. Rich's cat Precious be able to relax. He accidentally shrinks himself and is chased all over the mansion by Precious tiring them both out. Richie, Gloria and Dollar go scuba diving in the Rich's swimming pool. He is interrupted by a visit from his friend Jeff and his mother. They have come to ask for Richie's help because Jeff's dad and the Aircraft Carrier Bunker Hill that he is stationed on have disappeared.
S01E03 Silence is Golden / The Shocking Lady Strikes Again / Spring Cleaning 22/11/1980 Richie Rich gets a case of the Million Dollar Measles. Richie Rich and battles an electric woman. Richie Rich stops an unwashed poor man from stealing his stuff.
S01E04 The Kangaroo Hop / Cur Wash / The Blur 29/11/1980 Richie takes Gloria to his tree-house game room to play when Richie gets a message from his friend Cecil in Australia. His father has been arrested for stealing $10,000,000 in diamonds from the Rich diamond mine. Richie goes to prove his innocence and discovers a gang of crooks dressing up like kangaroos to steal diamonds. Richie has to wash the family limo so he can earn his $100,000 weekly allowance. Shortly after he finished, someone or something starts stealing all of the items from the Rich mansion. Can Richie figure out who it is and stop them?
S01E05 Irona Versus Demona / Chef's Surprise / The Snow Bounders 06/12/1980 Irona is in desperate need of a vacation. Dr Slick brings a replacement named Demona and Richie suspects something is wrong. Richie's fishing pond freezes over almost instantly in the middle of summer. A snowstorm follows so Richie investigates because he suspects a crook is trying to use the storm to rob the mansion.
S01E06 The Abominable Snow Plan / Miss Robot America / Constructo 13/12/1980 Reggie builds a robot in the form of a giant ape to ruin Richie and Gloria's picnic plans. Professor Keenbeam builds a machine that will construct new highways all by itself.
S01E07 Greatest Invention in the World/Who's Afraid of the BigBadBug/Counterfeit Dollar 20/12/1980 Dollar accidentally shrinks himself to be smaller than a flea and then gets attacked by a flea. Richie and Professor Keenbeam discover a planet of robot bugs that are planing an invasion of Earth. A thief dresses up in a dog suit to look like Dollar and try and steal the Rich fortune.
S01E08 Mystery Mountain / Poor Little Richbillies / Chowhound 27/12/1980
S01E09 Wiped Out / Welcome Uncle Cautious / Disaster Master 03/01/1981 When Richie, Gloria, Dollar and Reggie overhear Mr. Rich commenting at the phone about being 'wiped out', they believe he lost his money and decide to do all they can to raise money. Does Reggie have a plan of his own? Was Mr. Rich really thinking about money when he said 'wiped out'?
S01E10 T.V. Dollar / Disappearing Dignitaries / The Most Unforgettable Butler 10/01/1981
S01E11 Prankster Beware / Clothes Make the Butler / Phantom of the Movies 17/01/1981
S01E12 Cave Boy Richie / Young Irona / The Great Charity Train Robbery 24/01/1981
S01E13 Baseball Dollar / The Sinister Sports Spectacular / It's No Giggling Matter 31/01/1981
S02E01 Space Shark / The Chef's Watch Dog / Schoolhouse Romp 19/09/1981
S02E02 Richie of the Round Table / I Want My Mummy / Canine Cadet 26/09/1981
S02E03 Voodoo Island / Tooth is Stranger Than Fiction / Butlering Made Easy 03/10/1981
S02E04 A Special Talent / Villians Incorporated / Bye-Bye Baby 10/10/1981
S02E05 Rich Mice / King Bee / Chilly Dog 17/10/1981
S02E06 Money Talks / Mischief Movie / An Ordinary Day 24/10/1981
S02E07 Dog Gone / Carnival Man / The Day the Estate Stood Still 31/10/1981
S02E08 Around the World on Eighty Cents / No Substitute for a Watch Dog / Robot Robber 07/11/1981
S02E09 Wiped Out 25/09/1982
S02E10 It's No Giggling Matter 25/09/1982
S02E11 Prankster Beware 02/10/1982
S02E12 The Most Unforgettable Butler 02/10/1982
S02E13 Caveboy Richie 09/10/1982
S03E01 Born Flea / How Human 25/09/1982
S03E02 The Collector / Money Plant 25/09/1982
S03E03 The Midas Touch / Ball Room 02/10/1982
S03E04 Genie With the Light Brown Hair / Dignified Doggy 02/10/1982
S03E05 Coin Flapper / Mayda Munny 09/10/1982
S03E06 Busy Butler / The Haunting of Castle Rich 09/10/1982
S03E07 Shoe Biz / Sugar Bowl 16/10/1982
S03E08 Suavo / The Giant Ape Caper 16/10/1982
S03E09 Richie Goes to Shirik / The Pie-Eyed Piper 23/10/1982
S03E10 Guard Dog / Giant Pearl 23/10/1982
S03E11 The Youth Maker / Robot Bug Guards 00/00/0000
S03E12 I Say You All / Boy of the Year 30/10/1982
S03E13 Dollar's Exercise / Richie's Cube 06/11/1982
S03E14 The Maltese Monkey / Everybody's Doing It 06/11/1982
S03E15 Hard to Study / Gold Frame 13/11/1982
S03E16 Look Alike / Sky Hook 13/11/1982
S03E17 Look Alike / Sky Hook 13/11/1982
S04E01 Richie Hood / The T.V. Phantom 17/09/1983
S04E02 A Whale of a Tale / Rich No More 24/09/1983
S04E03 The Ends of the Earth / The Snowman Cometh 01/10/1983
S04E04 The Irona Story / The Demon's Diamond 08/10/1983
S00E01 The Story of Richie Rich 00/00/0000

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