Affiche Ricky ou la belle vie
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Ricky débarque dans la vie de son père, Edward Stratton, un créateur de jouets milliardaire, qu'il n'a jamais connu. Pour éviter l'école militaire dans laquelle sa mère veut l'envoyer, Ricky va convaincre son géniteur de le laisser vivre avec lui...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ricky ou la belle vie

S01E01 Ciel mon père 25/09/1982 We are introduced to Edward Stratton III, an child-at-heart millionaire who is told he is on the brink of bankruptcy. Edward is surprised when a 12-year-old boy named Ricky arrives and introduces himself as Edward's son from from a previous and brief marriage. After discovering and proving that Edward's advisor had embezzled Edward's money, Ricky convinces his father to let him move in instead of making him return to military school.
S01E02 Ah les garçons 02/10/1982 Ricky's friend Derek moves into the neighborhood and convinces him that the only reason Edward doesn't punish him is because his father doesn't love him.
S01E03 Le Grand-père 09/10/1982 Ricky wants to meet his grandfather (John Houseman), a stodgy curmudgeon who doesn't get along well with his son Edward.
S01E04 Vive la télévision 16/10/1982 When Ricky is bullied at school, Edward hires Mr. T as a bodyguard to make sure the problem never happens again.
S01E05 Il faut savoir prendre des risques 23/10/1982 Ricky gets his first taste of puppy love when a new girl named Sally Frumble transfers to his school.
S01E06 Le Retour d'Evelyne 30/10/1982 Ricky's mother Evelyn arrives to challenge Edward for custody.
S01E07 L'Ordinateur 06/11/1982 Ricky is interviewed by a school reporter and goes on the run after hacking into a top-secret government file.
S01E08 Retenez-moi 13/11/1982 Ricky and Derek find a lost orangutan and Ricky wants to keep it.
S01E09 Mon très cher père 20/11/1982 Ricky forces Edward to attend a banquet honoring Edward's father.
S01E10 Un si gentil papa 27/11/1982 Ricky convinces Edward to take him camping so he can earn his badger paws.
S01E11 Un peu de magie 04/12/1982 Convinced that Kate is in love with him, Ricky decides to set her up with Edward.
S01E12 Un grand amour 11/12/1982 Kate goes on a grudge date to make Edward jealous. It works, and the two admit their feelings for each other in the middle of Carnegie Hall.
S01E13 Un merveilleux Noel 18/12/1982 Edward and Ricky play Santa to a family living in a cave on their property.
S01E14 La Plus Belle Fille du monde 08/01/1983 After Derek saves his life, Ricky is forced to pose as his date at a co-ed party.
S01E15 Douze petits amis 15/01/1983 Ox, the school bully, takes Ricky to court for whiplash, but Ricky insists that the jury be made up of twelve kids.
S01E16 Jeux d'enfants 22/01/1983 Ricky pretends to like an obnoxious girl so Edward can hire her as a toy consultant.
S01E17 Pop corn 05/02/1983 Ricky volunteers Edward to buy 1,000 bags of popcorn to send his band to Washington.
S01E18 Affaires de jeunesse 12/02/1983 Edward gives Ricky an ice-cream parlor to run for a week as a school assignment.
S01E19 Trois c'est déjà trop 19/02/1983 Ricky feels left out when Kate joins Edward and him on a ski trip.
S01E20 Pas pour un empire 26/02/1983 Ricky's grandfather tries to get Kate to move to California so that Edward will marry someone else who can expand the family fortune.
S01E21 Un drôle d'oiseau 05/03/1983 A man Kate had previously used to make Edward jealous crashes his airplane in the Strattons' backyard to impress her.
S01E22 Une grande équipe 30/04/1983 Kate catches Ricky, JT and Freddy watching an X-rated movie while Edward is sleeping.
S02E01 Ah les filles 15/10/1983 Derek and Ricky pick up cheerleaders while in Chicago for a Badger Patrol convention.
S02E02 Les Grenouilles géantes 22/10/1983 Derek and JT put frogs in Freddy's sleeping bag during a slumber party. Ricky hurts Freddy by saying that he isn't his friend.
S02E03 Le sens de l'humour 29/10/1983 Ricky impresses his science teacher by doing a project with laser beams. Kate is promoted to Vice President of Eddie Toys.
S02E04 Question de santé 12/11/1983 Edward is hospitalized when he has a gallstone attack.
S02E05 Qui va à la chasse 19/11/1983 Ricky daydreams that he is the President of the United States.
S02E06 Monsieur le président 26/11/1983 While Edward and Kate are away Grandfather tries to teach Ricky to drive.
S02E07 Ca c'est de la conduite 03/12/1983 To impress a girl, Ricky promises to have the pop group Menudo play at his private party.
S02E08 Le roi n'est pas mon cousin 10/12/1983 The family celebrates Ricky's 13th birthday with an evening of arguments.
S02E09 Joyeux anniversaire 17/12/1983 Ricky pretends to play in the school orchestra's production of Peter and the Wolf so Edward won't be disappointed that he isn't musical.
S02E10 Ca c'est de la musique 07/01/1984 Ricky gets in over his head when he, Derek and Freddy bet on football games.
S02E11 Le Grec 14/01/1984 Ricky manipulates Evelyn into buying him a motor bike after Edward said he couldn't have one.
S02E12 Un sacre caractère 21/01/1984 JT's father is offended by how much time Edward is spending with his son.
S02E13 Le Meilleur Père du monde 28/01/1984 Dexter gets dragged to the country for a camping trip by the family.
S02E14 Je veux être seul 04/02/1984 Ricky turns punk rocker to try to impress a girl.
S02E15 La Grande Classe 11/02/1984 After his parents have an argument, Derek hides out at Ricky's. His mother arrives to take him to St. Louis. ** This is Jason Bateman's final appearance.
S02E16 Vive la musique 18/02/1984 Against his better judgment Edward agrees to let Ricky go hunting with Grandfather.
S02E17 Changements 03/03/1984 Ricky thinks that a fellow baseball player likes him when in all actuality it's Edward that she wants.
S02E18 Un amour de vacances 1 10/03/1984 Edward's former girlfriend decides she wants him back.
S02E19 Un amour de vacances 2 17/03/1984 Edward is forced to choose between Kate and Veronica.
S02E20 Merci pour tout 24/03/1984 Ricky discovers that a friend is being beaten by his father.
S02E21 Les Chambres d'hôtel 31/03/1984 Edward, Ricky and Dexter are trapped as their hotel catches on fire during a toy convention.
S02E22 Tiens maman 07/04/1984 Kate's mom arrives for a surprise visit and discovers that Kate and Edward are involved.
S03E01 La Rentrée 16/09/1984 Ricky meets Alfonso, Dexters nephew.
S03E02 Soirée dansante 23/09/1984 Ricky starts his first day in high school.
S03E03 Les Meilleurs Amis du monde 30/09/1984 Rick is outraged by being treated like a "child" when Edward becomes furious with him for breaking his curfew, in part one of a special two-part story.
S03E04 Lulu est de retour 07/10/1984 Rick exhibits his independence by running away, but he soon begins to appreciate what he's left, in the conclusion of a special two-part story.
S03E05 Qui cuisine ? 28/10/1984 When the television goes out on a stormy Halloween night, Rick, Alfonso and Freddy use their imaginations to create their own late-night horror story.
S03E06 Crise de croissance 1 04/11/1984 Rick plays Cupid by introducing Grandfather Stratton to his history teacher, played by Barbara Billingsley of ""Leave It To Beaver.""
S03E07 Crise de croissance 2 11/11/1984 Edward, Rick, Dexter, Alfonso and Kate are faced with one small detour on their way to the Caribbean when Kate pilots the plane through the Bermuda Triangle, in part one of a two-part story.
S03E08 L'Appel de la forêt 18/11/1984 After their plane crashes on a deserted island, Rick Alfonso, Dexter, Edward and Kate must battle Mother Nature to survive, in the conclusion of a two-part story.
S03E09 Grand-père a un problème 25/11/1984 Rick's mom shows up with an ex-pro football player as a boyfriend and a ""new"" outlook on life.
S03E10 La Belle et la Bête 09/12/1984 In an effort to save the freshman newspaper, Rick, Alfonso and Freddy create a freshman beauty pageant, hoping everyone will ""read all about it.""
S03E11 Nuit d'épouvante 16/12/1984 Edward's true Christmas spirit is tested when the Strattons welcome Freddy and his family after a tragedy leaves them homeless.
S03E12 Pas de panique 30/12/1984 Pearl Bailey as Lula Baker, Edward's former governess returns to the Stratton household and becomes the foil in Rick and Alfonso's secret scheme.
S03E13 Vacances maudites 06/01/1985 Edward, Kate and Rick have their hands full when Grandfather Stratton trades his empire for a beautiful blonde and a powerful Porsche.
S03E14 Drôle de cuisine 13/01/1985 Rick finds out that he can't ""save the world"" when he gets involved with a peer-counseling program.
S03E15 L'Ami très spécial 27/01/1985 Lulu holds the key to solving a rift between Rick and his grandfather.
S03E16 Un joyeux réveillon 03/02/1985 Edward pops the question to Kate when she receives a job offer, in the first of a special two-part story.
S03E17 Une légende vivante 10/02/1985 Edward and Rick successfully persuade Kate to change her mind, bringing long-awaited wedding bells to the Stratton household, in the conclusion of a special two-part story.
S03E18 Quand allons-nous nous marier ? 1 03/02/1985 Rick is estatic when a hip 16-year-old wants to hang around him, but Edward is suspect of his motives - especially when his gold pen suddenly disappears.
S03E19 Quand allons-nous nous marier ? 2 24/02/1985 Bruce Jenner helps solve the puzzle of Alfonso's poor school performance - the missing piece is the learning disorder dyslexia.
S03E20 L'Arnaque 03/03/1985 Consumer advocate, David Horowitz helps Rick ""fight back"" against a crooked mail order camera company.
S03E21 Souvenirs souvenirs 10/02/1985 Rick surprises his dad for his 40th birthday with a reunion of his college singer partner, which prompts Edward to take the old act on the road again.
S03E22 Jeu de mots 10/03/1985 Rick must choose between getting suspended or revealing his source when he exposes a cafeteria scandal on his school's cable news show.
S03E23 La Vie privée de Ricky Stratton 24/03/1985 A blind date with a computer pen pal panics Rick after they exchange photos.
S03E24 Les Babysitters 07/04/1985 While babysitting, Rick suspects that 6-year-old Beth is a victim of parental kidnapping.
S04E01 Head Over Heels 15/09/1985 Whitney Houston gets more than she expects during a visit to the Stratton household when Dexter decides to move to Los Angeles with the singing star.
S04E02 Mrs. Stratton Builds Her Dreamhouse 22/09/1985 As new wife and mother, Late begins making changes in the Stratton household that Edward supports and Rick resents.
S04E03 Poor Evelyn 06/10/1985 Rick coerces Edward into offering his mom a job, after an embezzler takes all her money.
S04E04 Promises, Promises 13/10/1985 Rick's girlfriend has something in mind for their relationship that is a serious step for Rick.
S04E05 The Great Baseball Card Scheme 27/10/1985 Grandfather Stratton schemes with Rick to corner the baseball card market.
S04E06 The Trouble with Harry 03/11/1985 Kate's Uncle Harry uses the Stratton family in a deceptive maneuver to impress an old Army buddy.
S04E07 One Strike and You're Out 10/11/1985 Rick leads his friends in a picket line against Grandfather Stratton for paying unfair wages to student employees.
S04E08 Race with Eagles 17/11/1985 In an effort to prove that he is athletic, Edward decides to participate in a race up to the top of the Empire State Building.
S04E09 Magnificent Obsession 24/11/1985
S04E10 Judgment Day 01/12/1985
S04E11 The Barbarians 08/12/1985
S04E12 Three Musketeers 15/12/1985
S04E13 Second Class Parent 21/12/1985
S04E14 The Lady Is a Tramp 05/01/1986
S04E15 Stratton and Stratton 12/01/1986
S04E16 Daddy Rick 19/01/1986 Rick takes part in a marriage with a student, but is shocked when his ""wife"" gets pregnant.
S04E17 One for the Road (1) 02/02/1986 Rick's new friend encourages him to try alcohol.
S04E18 One for the Road (2) 09/02/1986 Rick gets grounded, which effectively ends his experience with alcohol, but he soon learns that Greg is still drinking.
S04E19 Movie Madness 16/02/1986
S04E20 Rick Sings 23/02/1986 Rick's the manager of his friend's band, Splat! When Rick gets them on Rock Search, the lead singer has laryngitis. The band convinces Rick to step in for him & sing that tune.
S04E21 The Way We Weren't 02/03/1986
S04E22 A Family Affair 16/03/1986 As prom night approaches, Rick jilts a girl whose father is rumored to be associated with the mob.
S04E23 Rick at 16 04/05/1986 Rick wants to invite Nicole Desmond to be his date at his 16th birthday party but Brad accidentally gives the invitation to Julie Warren. When Nicole gets herself invited anyway Rick has to balance his time between two dates without letting either girl find out about the other.
S04E24 Second Best 11/05/1986 Rick feels inferior to his girlfriend.
S05E01 Who's the Boss 15/09/1986
S05E02 Lost and Found 22/09/1986 Kate's grandmother gets lost in New York City.
S05E03 The Live-In 29/09/1986 A new housekeeper from Sweden steals Rickys heart.
S05E04 Rick Sells His Sole 06/10/1986 Rick takes a job at shoe store, only to become a victim of nepotism when he loses a promotion to his employer's nephew.
S05E05 The Beach House 13/10/1986 While Ricky is on vacation, he meets a beautiful girl.
S05E06 Rick Moves Out 20/10/1986 When Rick thinks that he has no privacy,he moves into the guest house. But Ricks friends think they could use it for parties.
S05E07 Man to Man 27/10/1986
S05E08 Hey, Mrs. Robinson 03/11/1986
S05E09 Rick's Learning Problem 10/11/1986
S05E10 The Triangle 17/11/1986
S05E11 Kate Lassos a Longhorn 24/11/1986 Rick agrees to care for a boa constrictor, which soon becomes an uninvited guest at Kate's business dinner.
S05E12 Get the Hook 26/01/1987
S05E13 Rumors are Flying 02/02/1987
S05E14 The House Guest 09/02/1987
S05E15 Band on the Run 16/02/1987 Rick, Brad, Alfonzo & two others form a band getting ready for the Battle of the Bands. However, Brad & Alfonzo fight over issues & that Alfonzo invites his new girlfriend (Kiki) to rehearsal. Rick tries to convince Alfonzo to rejoin the band.
S05E16 Author, Author 23/02/1987
S05E17 Mother's Day 25/02/1987
S05E18 Fallen Idol 16/02/1987 Rick's basketball idol is arrested for possession of narcotics.
S05E19 Baby Blues 17/02/1987
S05E20 Thoroughly Modern Mildred 26/02/1987
S05E21 Mon Amour 27/02/1987 Grandfather Stratton returns home from a trip to Paris--with a young fiancee.
S05E22 Educating Rick 02/03/1987
S05E23 Edward's Big Adventure 03/03/1987 Edward loses his wallet while playing pool. But when he calls Rick for help, Rick believes it to be an April Fool's joke.
S05E24 Let It Snow, Let It Snow 04/03/1987