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Join Jason Priestley and Courtney Hansen as they search the country for the ultimate in stylish, classic and tricked-out cars.


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S01E00 Speed Bird 01/01/2004 Pilot
S01E01 Code Name Daisy 06/01/2004 The one and only Ford Motors - when they build a prototype show car, everyone in the auto industry wants to be a fly on the Wall where the secret is blooming. This installment of RIDES will witness the creation of a car that could end up being the next Mustang, Thunderbird, or beyond - a new and highly anticipated model that will leave the drawing board as it comes together before our eyes.
S01E02 Fast Forward Fastback 13/01/2004 The Midwest's Troy Trepanier is one of the true greats in the Hot Rod World. In this installment of RIDES, Troy will make a top classic into one-of-a-kind musclecar - it'll be a 1967 Ford Mustang that will be given a fresh flair, with a nod to the early Shelbys. The vehicle's new nickname, The FASTFORWARD Fastback.
S01E03 Westside 20/01/2004 The biggest names in entertainment and sports are people who can not only afford that top-of-the-line Ferrari or Mercedes, they can also afford to have them make that ride into a customized masterpiece. The Through-line car of the episode is the white 03 Hummer for all pro NFL great Lawyer Milloy. This Giant Machine will get torn apart, customized and delivered to the Buffalo Bills star all before our very eyes.
S01E04 Big Miniature 27/01/2004 Jay Leno will be with us when it's unveiled. It will happen on the celebrity-packed 35th Anniversary of a little car named Hot Wheels, and the celebration will feature a full-size version of the best selling Deora, a Hot Wheels collectible that will be big and drivable at this wild and colorful festival.
S01E05 Rods 03/02/2004 What happens when you take a typical 200 horsepower V6 motor out of a new Lexus and drop in a V8? Major horsepower! That is what racecar phenom and off-road champion Rod Millen will be doing on this installment of RIDES. We'll follow Rod as he re-engineers the entire car: chassis, suspension, drive train the whole thing.
S01E06 Heavy Metal 10/02/2004 In this episode of RIDES, Justin Scott and his crew will be turning a '56 Chevy pickup into a '56 Chevy roadster. Justin Scott Padifield gives us a view that we all want to see on RIDES. It's a view that most of us will see as the stuff of true hot rod heritage - a place that is bathed in both oily grunge and pure American know-how.
S01E07 Topless 17/02/2004 Roy Brizzio is nothing less than a hot rod icon. This episode will focus on Roy's specialty - the topless hotrod that is also known as the roadster. As we watch, he will be building a unique custom '32 roadster for a legendary high performance company within the automotive industry.
S01E08 The Moal 02/03/2004 Steve Moal and his two sons create hot rods in a garage that was started by Steve's grandfather, who built a truck in 1929. We will watch them build an all aluminum Boatell with a GT 40 cobra power plant. It has to done in time for the L.A. Auto Show, or else. Steve is also working on a classic hot rod. He'll put a 600 hp Ferrari engine under it's hood
S01E09 Dominator 09/03/2004 He's Leonard Lopez. In the World of Custom cars, his skills have earned him the name of The Dominator. The through-line of the RIDES episode is a 1933 2-Door Sedan. It will be chopped, sectioned and wedged.
S01E10 Road To Riddler 16/03/2004 Eight finalists are going for the most coveted trophy in all of hot-rodding, The Riddler. In this episode, we'll follow four cars, being built and what it took to attain perfection. Once we're at this celebrity-packed auto show, we'll get to know the judges and their criteria, seeing that at this level, it might just take a dentists mirror to determine the difference between "victory" and "maybe-next-year."
S02E01 Soccer Mom 13/07/2004 Comic/gearhead Christopher Titus is tricking out an SUV into a one-of-a-kind super-machine he affectionately calls "Killing the Soccer Mom." This refers to taking a kids-and-shopping family tank and getting rid of all that screams "suburban female head of household." Outspoken family man Titus has big plans for this rig, working with Wings West and making it into a ride that you'll WANT Mom to pick you up in.
S02E02 Eleanor 20/07/2004 Look at her — beautiful lines, curvaceous, ultra-sleek and the star of one of the biggest car flicks of all time. She's now being handcrafted, one part at a time, in Dallas. The place that makes this beauty is Unique Performance. She's Eleanor, the leading lady in Gone in 60 Seconds, and you too can have one of these way-cool GT-500E rides for yourself. But before you open the checkbook, check out the episode where we'll see an Eleanor get built from start to finish.
S02E03 Drifters 27/07/2004 The sport is drifting, and Rides will build, test and enter top drifting cars into this crowded circuit of high-speed grace. We'll trace this growing movement from its Japanese origins, seeing how drifting has single-handedly revived the rear-drive compacts of yesteryear.
S02E04 Rat Rods 03/08/2004 It's a car culture—flat paint, flathead engines, chopped roofs, rockabilly themes and usually no hood. Rat Rods are for the independent garage dudes who prefer comfort, funk and speed to show cars or high priced restoration.
S02E05 702 Motoring 10/08/2004 The town of Las Vegas is just one of the stars in this hour featuring the shop where Sin City residents and visitors go to get their high-end vehicles tricked out beyond reason. 702 Motoring in Las Vegas works on cars belonging to casino owners, prizefighters and the occasional dancer.
S02E06 Power Tour 31/08/2004 Actor Christopher Titus and owners of top custom cars make a seven-day run from Arlington, Texas, to Green Bay, Wis.
S02E07 Darkside 07/09/2004 A gothically tricked-out BMW X5 for Jack Osbourne features skulls and ghouls.
S02E08 Raging Bull 14/09/2004 A trip to the Lamborghini Automobili plant in Italy to observe construction of the hand-crafted Gallardo and the Murcielago roadster.
S02E09 Ford Black 21/09/2004 The Ford Cobra.
S02E10 Skin 28/09/2004 Tattoo art and car culture.
S02E11 Hollywood Hotrods 05/10/2004 Troy Laddl's projects include two 1932 roadsters built simultaneously for two Los Angeles clothing moguls.
S02E12 Sick Fish 12/10/2004 A 1971 Barracuda belonging to TV show host Joe Rogan is souped up.
S04E01 Impression: Chip Foose's V8 07/06/2005 Chip Foose and a team of nine craftsmen build a car rumored to be the front-runner for the Ridler Award at the Detroit Autorama.
S04E02 Hammer 14/06/2005 Examining muscle cars built by Dodge in the late 1960s and early '70s.
S04E03 Foose's '69 21/06/2005 Chip Foose and the team work on a Camaro.
S04E04 Time Capsule 26/07/2005 Jay Leno and a team of professionals restore a Dusenberg.
S04E05 Under Pressure 09/08/2005 A “Paint Off” with Mike LaVallee and a young challenger.
S04E06 Core 16/08/2005 The Corvette Z06 and C6R are driven.
S04E07 Driven 23/08/2005 In Atlanta, muscle cars in 24 different classes burn rubber.
S04E08 Roush Racing 30/08/2005 Racing legend Jack Roush modifies a Ford 150 truck, a Ford Focus and a 2005 GT Mustang.
S04E09 Bond 06/09/2005 The 75th-anniversary Miller, a radical 1929 truck with a blown 350-cubic-inch motor and a sleek coupe design.
S04E10 Customized: HHR Buildoff 20/09/2005 Four Chevy HHRs are rebuilt by four designers.
S04E11 Ultimate Offroad 04/10/2005 Seventeen off-road vehicles compete in a race.
S04E12 Eleanor's Big Brother 11/10/2005 A 2005 Mustang is tricked out like the one in the 2000 action film “Gone in 60 Seconds.”
S04E13 Summer School 18/10/2005 A community college near Detroit mods a 1970 Chevelle SS convertible with a 620-horsepower crate engine and XM radio.
S04E14 Hollywood Speed 25/10/2005 A replica of James Dean's 1955 550 Porsche is built. Also: Jay Leno races his Carrera GT at Talladega (Ala.) Speedway.
S04E15 ZZ Chop 01/11/2005 Jerry Noone tricks out a car for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.
S04E16 Bad Check 08/11/2005 A souped-up Checker cab is built for a Las Vegas casino.
S00E01 Speed Bird 01/01/2004 Pilot
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