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The Rip Off Britain team investigate disastrous holidays and troubles with travel


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S01E01 Episode 1 08/01/2013 Today the team unravel the costs and complications of checking-in airline baggage, and meet a couple who battled their insurance company for three years after a terrifying incident abroad that left them thousands of pounds out of pocket. Plus, the holidaymakers furious about being asked to pay a cancellation charge when it wasn't them that cancelled their trip, a company whose prices may end up more than you'd bargained for, and unexpected costs after buying a caravan.
S01E02 Episode 2 09/01/2013 Today the team investigate how holiday emergencies are resolved, spending a day with the British Consulate in Tenerife, and meeting a family struggling to find anyone to take responsibility for a devastating accident that's changed their daughter's life forever. Plus, how a couple's dream honeymoon at sea ended with the bride in hospital, the difficult choice you may face if a disaster like superstorm Sandy hits your holiday destination, and why it could be you that ends up paying the costs of a stolen phone abroad.
S01E03 Episode 3 09/01/2013 Today, how one of the world's best known airlines sent one passenger backwards and forwards around the world after a missed connection that wasn't his fault, and a couple furious that they weren't told how bad the building works would be at their Vegas hotel. Also on the programme, how to protect yourself if the airline you're booked onto suddenly goes bust, and - which day of the week is the best to book a bargain air fare? Plus, invaluable advice to stop you getting caught out by unexpected laws while driving in France.
S01E04 Episode 4 11/01/2013 Today, a family left devastated by the truth about an investment that wasn't what they thought, why many travellers hiring a car abroad have ended up paying for the same thing twice, and the confusing regulations and costs if you want to take a pet on holiday too. Plus, why Ryanair's unique approach to customer service hasn't proved bad for business, and the 'holiday tax' bumping up the cost of your flights.
S01E05 Episode 5 14/01/2013 Among today's stories, the holidaymakers being harassed by a hotel for money they do not owe, and how one couple's holiday company left them stranded in the middle of the night after booking them into a resort that had been closed for months. The team also investigate why customers booking on one particular website paid hundreds of pounds for flights but were never sent the tickets. Plus, how you could end up being charged for a holiday essential you can easily get for free.
S02E01 Episode 1 07/01/2014 In the first of the series the team hear how a hotel lost a couple's passports then tried to say it was nothing to do with them. So should you hand over your passport if asked to at check-in? Plus, the team unpick who should pay if you find yourself stranded abroad through no fault of your own, and hear of a desperate battle for survival - on a holiday without insurance. And, travel expert Simon Calder has money-saving tips for one of Europe's most popular cities.
S02E02 Episode 2 08/01/2014 The team hear of the families who struggled to escape a terrifying hotel fire - were the alarms working as they should have been? And, with more airlines encouraging passengers to take only hand luggage on board, what happens to your bag and your valuables if they won't fit into the cabin? Plus, travel expert Simon Calder has tips on visiting one of the world's top family destinations; disabled travellers reveal how their holidays have been ruined by easily avoidable mistakes; and there's advice on what to do when a holiday doesn't live up to what was promised.
S02E03 Episode 3 09/01/2014 The team hear of the websites promising to help you get a new passport but after taking your money, may have done nothing of the kind; the hotel that wouldn't relax its cancellation rules in even the most tragic circumstances; and, how even in Europe you could find yourself hit with huge bills for medical treatment you'd thought you were getting for free. Plus, the timeshare resale promise that could leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket, and Simon Calder has advice on visiting one of Europe's best-loved cities.
S02E04 Episode 4 10/01/2014 The team meet people querying a big name company's price promise, and reveal how your mobile bills can rack up costs of hundreds of pounds while abroad. Plus, holidays with prices that keep on changing, how booking your trip a certain way may leave you unprotected if things go wrong, and Simon Calder has scam-busting advice about visiting one of the top package holiday destinations.
S02E05 Episode 5 13/01/2014 Among the stories - how airlines can get off the hook paying out after lengthy delays, the five star retreat that guests couldn't wait to leave, and the Amazon cruise that didn't go to the Amazon. Plus, shocking examples of coach drivers putting passenger's safety at risk, and Simon Calder has money saving tips for a favourite holiday destination.
S02E06 Episode 6 12/01/2015 The team look at the holiday homes booked online that turn out to be a con.
S02E07 Episode 7 13/01/2015 The team unpick who decides whether hotels really deserve the star ratings they advertise.
S02E08 Episode 8 14/01/2014 The team investigate travel disasters that happen en route to or from destinations.
S02E09 Episode 9 15/01/2014 The team investigate what happened to money handed over for bookings at a Blackpool hotel.
S02E10 Episode 10 16/01/2015 The team meet families who arrived on holiday to find no record of their bookings.