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Set in Asakusa, along the Sumida river amongst all the multi-tenanted residential and commercial buildings, there is a company by the name of "Ookawabata Tanteisha". It is a small private investigators' agency, run by 3 people. Muraki, who is the licensed investigator; the "Director", who has ties with the underworld; and Megumi, the candid and bubbly pretty receptionist. Their customers are from all walks of life, and some come with the strangest requests, and yet none are turned away. In the course of their investigations, they come in contact with the people related to the clients, and they end up trying to resolve their relationship problems. For Episode Information


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rivers Edge Okawabata Detective Agency

S01E01 Last Supper 19/04/2014 Ookawabata Tanteisha sets up office along the Sumida River. This detective agency is very small, with only Receptionist Megumi, Investigator Muraki, and the Director. The first client is Wakagashira Yabe, who is concerned about his dying boss. He boss only wants to eat wontons from the culinary visionary Cho Raku in the Asakusa district. However, the wontons have made hime deathly ill, and Cho Raku is already out of business.
S01E02 Sex Fantasy 26/04/2014 Muraki was taking a nap on the office couch, jumped up suddenly. Apparently he had a shady dream. A bewitching woman in a kimono came to the office and asked a strange question "I want to find a love hotel where one room is visible in the mirror of the next room over." Muraki and Megumi scour the ole hotels in Asakusa one by one dressed as a couple. While it is not hard to find love hotels finding the clients hotel is hard.
S01E03 A Marriage 03/05/2014 Mikiruns a cosplay specialty store. Takeuchi is a customer, and she has a background check done on him. She ask him to hang out with her, and they watch TV together. One day Miki makes a request for a strange relationship. She ask Takeuchi to date her for marriage. This makes Takeuchi anxious because they are so young and she wants marriage. For some reason an investigation is needed.
S01E04 Idol - Momonoki Marin 10/05/2014 A middle aged man enters the office saying "I want to find a woman." The woman in question is idol star Momonoki Marin. He feel in love with her several years ago when she performed at the local shopping district. Murata begins the investigation immediately, and stumbles across some surprising information.
S01E05 Scary face Grand Prix 17/05/2014
S01E10 Duel Generation 21/06/2014 Ask people, Isoyama Naoto was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby. According to the story of his father who died already, a neighbor couple who were worried about him crying that they had the mind set that he was born to them. However, he would not receive the neighbor's wife's breast milk. Meanwhile, there is a quarrel between Kurokawa's acquaintances and director. Qingtian and Akagi a middle-aged executive is bad, to quarrel just from boring on a daily basis. It started out as petty bickering between them, but it rapidly develops into a duel.
S01E11 Top Runner 28/06/2014 A woman in glasses with a spooky atmosphere and a little modest, is the client of today. She wants to find out the identity of a man who she sees running every morning during her commuting time. The woman was fascinated by the exceptionally fast running man, who she saw one day while riding the bus. According to the woman, the runner goes back, and forth to and from the same place every day. He finishes running in less than 2 hours the same distance, that is the same length as a full marathon. Muraki debates whetherto believe such a delusion story from the woman. During the investigation he reveals the hidden secrets the man holds to his running speed
S01E12 Sponsor Director 12/07/2014 One day Muraki receives a request from the Director. About a week ago the Director was walking along the Sumida River after a night a drinks. Out of nowhere someone pushes him backwards, injures his forehead, and causes him to fall down some stairs. He wants Muraki to do background checks. Even after having constant surveillance on the Director day and night the mysterious figure can't be found. Then done evening the Director get a call from an unidentified man say he has kidnapped Megumi.

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