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S01E01 Road Rules All Stars: Five Easy Pieces 00/00/0000 Welcome to the first Real World / Road Rules Challenge. Some people claim that this isn't a real challenge, but we are taking 5 Real Worlders and throwing them in Road Rules missions, so I'm gonna count that as a Real World / Road Rules Challenge. We start off with- Eric from Real World New York riding a train, he claims that he had to think really hard to do another MTV show, but excited for the trip. On the way, the train will stop at separate stations and pick up the remaining 4 castmates. Next stop, we pick up- Jon from Real World Los Angeles They catch up on old times, Jon says he's still trying to get a Country record deal, while Eric shows off that he doesn't even sing and he received a record deal. Next stop, we see- Rachel from Real World San Francisco We learn that Rachel was involved in a serious car accident not too long before the challenge where she lost her boyfriend and two other friends. She has major scaring and rods in her right leg. Next stop, we re
S01E02 Road Rules All Stars: Shear Madness 00/00/0000 We open with the cast arriving in New Zealand. Rachel describes the ordeal with her accident and explains that she should be normal when the metal rods are taken out of her leg. In New Zealand they receive a temporary winnie, where they find their next clue. They are told to arrive at a farm the following day at 9am. They all go out and party that night, Sean & Rachel are seen going into a peep show. The following morning, the cast gets ready. Cynthia wonders why Rachel is getting dressed the way she is when they know they're going to a farm. At breakfast, Sean and Jon try to hurry the group as they gab over breakfast. They end up arriving at the farm over a hour late. They find out the first part of their mission will be sheep shearing. The guys run around a pin trying to get the sheep into the barn. In the barn, each of them have to shear a sheep clean. At lunch, Sean continues to flirt with Rachel, even going as far as cuddling with her. Just when they thought they have c
S01E03 Road Rules All Stars: A Radish In A Salad Spinner 00/00/0000 While traveling back from the last mission, they receive a clue from Puck. He says that the current opening song for the show sucks, and the group must write a new one. Back at the hotel, Sean, Cynthia, Rachel, & Jon all get to work on the song. Eric had denied participating due to copyright with his career and if he would be getting a piece of the pie the song makes. Within a hour, the four remaining castmates get a song down and actually turns out pretty good. They receive a clue to travel north, when they arrive, they find out that they'll be 'Zorbing'. Zorbing consists of climbing into a big plastic/nylon ball and rolling down a hill. They each will be going down as pairs and the overall winner will win $150. Rachel went first against Eric and won. Sean went second against Cynthia and lost. Jon went third against Rachel and lost. On the way down, Jon hit a dump and his Zorb launched in the air causing him to hit the ground hard and get tossed inside the zorb like a ragdol
S01E04 Road Rules All Stars: How To Eat Fried Worms... 00/00/0000 The group receives its next clue that says ""Their world is gonna be turned upside down"". When they arrive at the mission site they notice vans labeled for the best adventures of Urban Rap Jumping. They get out of the winnie to notice a guy porpelling off a side of a building. But unlike normal propelling, in Urban Rap Jumping, the propellers face the ground as they descend. They find out that each of them will have to propel themselves off a 20 stories building. They get to the top of the building and fear already starts to kick in. Sean goes first and goes down like a champ. Eric goes next and does some wild jumps on his way down. Rachel and Jon follow, Cynthia goes last and has the most fear but makes it through and proud to be on the ground. When they get back to the winnie, they find another clue that says they're heading to LA. Since most ex-Real Worlders live in LA, they call up Beth from the Los Angeles season to stay with her instead of having to pay for a hotel room. Th
S01E05 Road Rules All Stars: Fresh Squeezed Creative Juices 00/00/0000 It's the following day and Cynthia has cooled off and decided since the trip is almost over, she will stay. They arrive at their next mission site, which is a improv theater called 'The Groundlings'. They find out that they will be spending the day learning the art of improv and then will have to perform a show that night to a sold-out crowd. They do many exercizes through out the day that help them understand the art of improv. By 5:30, the teacher believes they have the basics down and they are ready for the show at 8. At showtime, they each start getting nervous to perform in front of a crowd. Throughout the show they do many skits, but they end with a surprise one. ""The REAL Real World"". Each of the castmates will have to play one of their roommates from their season picked by the audience in a whole new Real World show. Eric is given Kevin, Jon is given Dominic, Rachel is given Puck, Cynthia is given Flora, and Sean is given Syrus. They each perform their roommate perfectly