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Throughout his years sharing a flat (in hit sitcom Man About the House), cookery student Robin Tripp (Richard O’Sullivan) dreamed of opening a little place of his own. Now at last, his dream project – a restaurant called Robin’s Nest – is about to become a reality. Now settled down, Robin lives with his girlfriend Vicky (Tessa Wyatt), but as much as they love each other, they still can’t agree on one thing – he wants to get married and she doesn’t. Throwing another spanner in the works is Vicky’s divorced father James Nicholls (Tony Britton). He thoroughly disapproves of Robin and the fact that he’s living in sin with his daughter. Since he owns both the Fulham flat that Robin and Vicky live in and the empty restaurant underneath, he’s well-placed to exert a bit of moral blackmail – particularly when Robin decides the restaurant would make the ideal premises for his own little bistro.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Robin's Nest

S03E01 You Need Hands 00/00/0000 Robin finds himself in a fix when he manages to injure his hand on the busiest night of the year
S03E02 The Candidate 00/00/0000 Nicholls enters the political arena, but finds that using the restaurant as his headquarters is a recipe for disaster
S03E03 Just Desserts 00/00/0000 One of Robin's old flames makes a surprise visit to the restaurant
S03E04 Away from All What? 00/00/0000
S03E05 England Expects 00/00/0000 Nichols organises a regimental reunion, but the veteran soldier's ideas about party food leave a lot to be desired
S03E06 Once Two is Three 00/00/0000 Robin gets the chance to open a new restaurant in Brighton, but Nicholls remains decidedly unimpressed and resolves to sabotage the venture
S03E07 Dinner Date 00/00/0000 Nicholls' old flame tries to rekindle his affections, but little does he realise the commitment she's expecting from him
S03E08 Everything You Wish Yourself 00/00/0000 One-armed potwasher Albert is pleased to see all his hard work rewarded with a hefty bonus, but remains blissfully unaware life isn't that cut and dried
S03E09 Be It Ever So Humble 00/00/0000 Albert resigns as washer-upper, and Robin and Vicky realise they have been breaking the law
S03E10 Day Trippers 00/00/0000 The couple plan to make the most of a day off and go for a picnic
S03E11 The Long Distance Runner 00/00/0000 Nicholls is shocked by the truth
S03E12 At Harm's Length 00/00/0000 Vicky is convinced her uncle is playing around with another woman, so she decides to intervene
S03E13 The Happy Hen 00/00/0000 Nicholls buys the property next door and opens an omelette house, but things do not go to plan
S05E01 Pastures New 00/00/0000 Robin plans a holiday
S05E02 A Man of Property 00/00/0000 The couple prepare for a new arrival
S05E03 If You Pass "Go" Collect £200 00/00/0000
S05E04 Never Look a Gift Horse ... 00/00/0000 Marion becomes excited at the prospect of becoming a grandmother
S05E05 Just an Old-Fashioned Girl 00/00/0000 Robin and Vicky find themselves playing go-betweens for would-be lovers, threatening the amount of time they get with each other
S05E06 Great Expectations 00/00/0000
S05E07 Christmas at Robin's Nest: No Room at the Inn 24/12/1980 Christmas dinner at the bistro; with three men and a turkey, the family get-together lacks a woman’s touch.