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A documentary series that explores the careers and lives of famous rock musicians.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rock Legends

S03E01 No Doubt 20/01/2016 Exploring the story of the pop band No Doubt and the influence they have had on popular culture.
S03E02 Lenny Kravitz 27/01/2016 Lenny Kravitz is profiled.
S03E03 Amy Winehouse 03/02/2016 A look at how during her short life British singer Amy Winehouse made a big impact on the music industry.
S03E04 Duran Duran 10/02/2016 Details about Duran Duran's rise to the top are revealed during a look back that includes past interviews and performances from the iconic band's career, which started in Birmingham, England, in 1978.
S03E05 Blondie 17/02/2016 Charting the rise to stardom and continued success of the rock band Blondie.
S03E06 Bee Gees 24/02/2016 Music journalists and critics examine the rise of the Bee Gees.
S03E07 Cher 02/03/2016 A look at the life story of Cher. Included: The superstar's rise to fame is tracked from her dropping out of school and leaving home at age 16 to her 50-plus years of success as a musician and actor.
S03E08 Coldplay 09/03/2016 The British band Coldplay's rise to fame is charted.
S03E09 The Clash 16/03/2016 Examining the rise and continuing influence of rock titans the Clash.
S03E10 Tina Turner 23/03/2016 Tina Turner's personal and professional life is examined by music journalists, who recall her rise to fame in the 1960s, at which time she sang and performed with then-husband Ike Turner, and her later success as a solo artist.
S03E11 Billy Idol 06/04/2016 English rock musician, Billy Idol first achieved fame in the punk rock era as a member of the band Generation X as well as creating a successful name for himself as a solo artist. Using interviews, news archive and performance this episode reveals the unique aspect of this iconic artist.
S03E12 KISS 13/04/2016 The history of the iconic rock band KISS is recalled with interviews, archival footage and performances.
S03E13 Van Halen 20/04/2016 Ranked among the top hard rock bands of all time, Van Halen was known as much for the drama surrounding its members as its larger-than-life stage performances. Interviews, news archives and performances reveal the story of this iconic band.
S03E14 Meat Loaf 27/04/2016 The rock singer Meat Loaf is profiled.
S03E16 Peter Gabriel 04/05/2016 British rock star Peter Gabriel's career is traced from his tenure with Genesis to his solo success.
S03E17 The Cure 11/05/2016 Interviews, news archives and performances tell the story of The Cure from its formation in 1976, through the increasingly dark and tormented music of the early 1980s, to the present.
S03E18 The Black Eyed Peas 25/05/2016 The story of The Black Eyed Peas is told through interviews, news archives and performances by the best-selling hip-hop act.
S03E19 INXS 01/06/2016 The story of Australian rock band INXS.
S03E20 Stevie Wonder 14/09/2016 Music critics reflect on the career of Stevie Wonder.
S03E21 James Brown 14/09/2016 Music critics reflect on the career of "Godfather of Soul" James Brown.
S03E22 Neil Young 21/09/2016 The career of Neil Young is examined.
S03E23 The Doors 21/09/2016 Music critics reflect on the history of the Doors.
S03E24 The Beach Boys 28/09/2016 Rock critics examine the music and the influence of the Beach Boys.
S03E25 Paul Simon 28/09/2016 Music critics discuss the career of singer-songwriter Paul Simon.
S03E26 Eagles 05/10/2016 The career of the American rock band the Eagles is recalled by music critics.
S03E27 Jethro Tull 05/10/2016 Music critics discuss the career of progressive-rock band Jethro Tull.
S03E28 Roy Orbison 12/10/2016 Singer Roy Orbison's career is examined by leading music critics.
S03E29 The Who 12/10/2016 Music critics examine The Who.
S03E30 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 19/10/2016 Leading music critics discuss supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
S03E31 Janis Joplin 19/10/2016 Janis Joplin is remembered.
S03E32 The Carpenters 26/10/2016 The Carpenters are discussed by leading music critics who recall the popularity of the brother-and-sister pop duo in the early 1970s.
S03E33 The Mamas and Papas 26/10/2016 The Mamas and Papas are remembered by leading music critics who look back at the folk act's importance in the late 1960s.
S03E34 David Bowie 02/11/2016 Music critics and DJs examine the life and enduring career of David Bowie.
S03E35 Velvet Underground 02/11/2016 The music of the Velvet Underground is examined, with a look at the solo successes of Nico, John Cale and Lou Reed.
S03E36 The Monkees 09/11/2016 A look at the formation of the Monkees and the success of the musical acting quartet, beginning with their late 1960s television series.
S03E37 Elton John 09/11/2016 The career of Elton John is traced from his days as a budding songwriter to the peak of his popularity in the 1970s and his continued influence 45 years into his career. Highlights include a look at the rocker's flamboyant costumes and many hit songs.
S03E38 Jimi Hendrix 16/11/2016 Music critics discuss the 1960s, psychedelia and the Jimi Hendrix experience.
S03E39 Tom Petty 16/11/2016 Music critics review Tom Petty's career as a celebrated singer and songwriter.