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Music Professionals share their most memorable stories of their career in the Rock N' Roll world.


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S01E01 Wayne Kramer 16/04/2013 Wayne Kramer founder of the MC5 band talks about the sounds that influenced him while growing up in Detroit
S01E02 Charles Wright 06/08/2013 Charles Wright founder of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band talks about the era of the Watts Riot and how he formed his band around that time.
S01E03 Billy Vera 20/09/2013 Singer/Songwriter Billy Vera will discuss the top five songs that influenced his career as a songwriter. Some of these songs include "Take the 'A' Train" by Duke Ellington's Orchestra and Ray Charles's "Yes Indeed".
S01E04 Sam Farrar 18/10/2013 Sam Farrar will discuss how artist such as the Beatles and Radiohead influenced his music producing.
S01E05 Mary Gauthier 22/11/2013 Singer/Songwriter Mary Gauthier talks about how she was a teenage runaway and how music helped to heal the pains in her life.
S01E06 Thomas Dolby 01/01/2014 Thomas Dolby recalls as a teenager listening to artist such as Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd . He distinctly remembers being introduced to Punk Rock artists such as the MC 5 and Iggy Pop by a colleague in school , Shane McGowan whom he calls an encyclopedia of music.
S01E07 Alan Parsons 27/01/2014 British producer/engineer who worked on The Beatles "Abbey Road" and "Let it Be' recounts the first time working with the Beatles, and how his heart was pounding when he introduced himself.
S01E08 Johnny Rivers 10/02/2014 Johnny Rivers talks about the L.A. music scene in the 1960's, the twist and shouts of his own career,and, of course the songs and artists that changed his life.
S01E09 James Holvay 03/03/2014 Songwriter,James Holvay will share his thoughts and insights on his experience writing 4 top ten songs for the Chicago based group , The Buckinghams, in the 1960's. He will also give insight into forming what was then called the very first "Horn rock Band" the MOB.
S01E10 The Dollyrots 10/03/2014 Members of the band, The Dollyrots, Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas will discuss their journey together in music and life. In 2000 they formed their first band "No Chef" which led them to writing such hits as "Because I'm Awesome", which was featured in the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" and ABC's TV show "Ugly Betty". Knowing each other since the 8th grade, Kelly and Luis will share their lifelong experiences and journey through music.
S01E11 Noel Paul Stookey 07/04/2014 Noel Paul Stookey, known from the trio Peter, Paul and Mary will talk about the twist he put on the song "America, the Beautiful", by writing a new verse for this iconic song.
S01E12 Todd Cochran 14/04/2014 Known for his albums "Worlds Around the Sun" and "Seeking other Beauty", Todd Cochran is a prolific keyboard and piano player. He will discuss how he developed his style of playing his own music, as well as his collaboration with other artists.
S01E13 WAR 04/05/2014 The original lead singer and still part of the band Leroy "Lonnie" Jordan will delve into some of his early musical influences that created the band's sound in the 60' s through the height of their popularity in the 70's and now with their most recent collaboration with the USC Trojan Marching Band.
S02E01 Frank Stallone 12/05/2014 Singer/Songwriter Frank Stallone talks about the artists that inspire him to create the versatile music he does. He speaks about Elvis being one of his inspiration and also gives a funny story of him competing in an Elvis look alike contest.
S02E02 Jonny Two Bags 09/06/2014 Rock Guitarist for the California punk rock band , social distortion talks about his style and his assorted choices of guitars from Fender to Les Paul.
S02E03 7Horse 14/07/2014 Drummer, Phil Leavitt and Guitarist, Joie Calio form the band 7Horse will discuss their influences such as Sonny Boy Williamson and Muddy Waters. Their music was also featured in the recent Martin Scorsese film "The Wolf of Wall Street".
S02E04 Laurence Juber 15/09/2014 Lead guitarist from Paul McCartney's band wings recount his journey playing with the band.
S02E05 Vicki Peterson 06/10/2014 Vicki Peterson, the ex-Bangle talks about how she was a fan of The Cowsills whom she later teamed up with, Susan Cowsill an ex-Cowsill to form a new group called The Psycho Sisters.
S02E06 P.F. Sloan 13/10/2014 Songwriter from the 1960's tells the story of moving to California from New York, writing his first song and his experience meeting Elvis.
S02E07 Louise Goffin 20/10/2014 Musical Guest, Louise Goffin who grew up with both parents being songwriters, Carole King and Gerry Goffin will discuss her other musical influences, and also what led up to her Producing a Grammy nominated Album such as "A Holiday Carole".
S02E08 Willie Garcia 10/11/2014 Little Willie Garcia talks about his musical journey with the group "Thee Midniters".
S02E09 Stephen Bishop 05/01/2015 Singer/Songwriter talks about some of the great hits of his time and some of the great hits of today, like "Black Widow"by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora and "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore.
S02E10 Janiva Magness 26/01/2015 Blues singer Janiva Magness takes us through her career as a back-up singer through today, now recording her first album entitled "Original"
S02E11 B.J. Thomas 09/02/2015 Recording Artist B.J. Thomas talks about how he enjoys performing live, more now than ever before.
S02E12 Eddie Holman 23/02/2015 Eddie Holman known for his legendary falsetto voice on "Hey there Lonely Girl" will share some his stories of working with some of the greats of the music business.

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