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Those rude, crude, girls who fought for the heart of Bret Michaels are back -- and they're in need of some serious fixing up! And pushing these ladies down the road to renewal is rock and roll royalty - Sharon Osbourne.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rock of Love: Charm School

S01E01 One Bad Apple 12/10/2008 Check out highlights from the debut episode of Charm School 2 as Sharon Osbourne gets ready to school Rock of Love's baddest chicks.
S01E02 Quit Yer Beaching 19/10/2008 We have a drill sergeant, a rocker, a declaration of war and plenty of attitude!
S01E03 The Trashion Show 26/10/2008 Can the girls work as a team and be drama free? Watch the claws come out as the girls put on a fashion show!
S01E04 Every Little Thing She Does Is Tragic 02/11/2008 This week, find out if the girls play nice as they manage their very own rock bands!
S01E05 Royally Screwed 09/11/2008 See what happens when the Charm School ladies must entertain royalty and watch their P's and Q's without being rude.
S01E06 T and A PSA 16/11/2008 The ladies are taught that moderation is key in social situations. Find out what Sharon has planned!
S01E07 Fugly Dating 23/11/2008 When the girls are asked to don ugly suits for a challenge it's just the beginning of one of the ugliest scenes in VH1 history.
S01E08 Poetic Justice 30/11/2008 This week's commandment is Thou shalt express thyself! Will the girls be able to channel their anger?!
S01E09 Battle of the Brands 07/12/2008
S01E10 Semester Review 14/12/2008 Wild and crazy moments from the season.
S01E11 Thou Shalt Be Fully Rockin 21/12/2008 In the season finale, the final three girls compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood -- a challenge made all the more difficult when they are paired with their worst enemy from their past. In the end, two will stand before the judges to plead their cases, but ultimately, only one will graduate Charm School and win $100,000.
S01E12 Reunion 04/01/2009 The cast returns to reminisce about the season.