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S01E01 Wham! 25/12/1999 George Michael, played by Lucas, discusses his upcoming single called 'A Finger Of Fudge', and talks of how it represents a difficult time in his life. Andrew Ridgeley turns up, played by Walliams, and still believes Wham! are musically active and asks George why he hasn't returned any of his calls. He thinks George's only solo hit is Careless Whisper. Andrew talks about Wham! DESPITE the fact that the group finished years ago.
S01E02 Steps 01/01/2000 Lee (Walliams) and 'H' (Lucas) are opening an art exhibit, however Theakston discovers that they haven't asked for permission and have just turned up with their pictures and blu-tack. Their art consists of a Steps poster with the three girls scribbled out. The two appear to have childish mentalities, and claim to live with their parents.
S01E03 Michael Jackson 08/01/2000 Michael Jackson, played by Walliams, is interviewed in his home and wants to convince Theakston that he is a normal person. He also shows his dancing to the host, and talks about his time with the Jackson 5. Elizabeth Taylor (Lucas) turns up and defends Michael Jackson. They both appear to have strange habits, such as sitting on bread and simultaneously lifting their legs up and shouting religious buildings at Theakston.
S01E04 Kula Shaker 15/01/2000 Crispian Mills (Walliams) is portrayed as a schoolboy, being interviewed in his classroom. He claims that Kula Shaker was started as a school project. His teacher, Ratty Paxton (Lucas), continually interrupts the interview, and is infuriated by the fact that Theakston hasn't done his homework.
S01E05 Simon & Garfunkel 22/01/2000
S01E06 Boy George & Marilyn 05/02/2000
S01E08 Eurythmics 12/02/2000 Dave Stewart (Lucas) is portrayed as a mad scientist who claims to have created Annie Lennox (Walliams) —a creature similar to that from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein — from parts of corpses.
S01E09 Gary Barlow 19/02/2000 Gary Barlow (Lucas) and Howard Donald (Walliams) from boy band Take That dream of reforming the band. Gary is portrayed as a mean-spirited bully, upon whom the childlike Howard waits hand and foot.
S01E10 Kylie and Danni Minogue 26/02/2000 Kylie (Walliams) is tricked into having her first interview alongside her sister Dannii (Lucas). The pair show an obvious dislike and jealousy towards each other.
S01E11 The Beatles 04/03/2000 Paul McCartney (Lucas) is portrayed as a meat-eater, George Harrison (Lucas) speaks with an Indian accent and talks about his bizarre political views and movie ideas, and Ringo Starr (Walliams) believes he is Thomas the Tank Engine's representative on Earth.
S01E12 Prince 11/03/2000 Prince's (Lucas) career has collapsed, and he is now homeless, living on the streets of Glasgow, although the episode is very obviously set in Shepherd's Bush in London.
S01E13 Oasis 18/03/2000 The meek Liam Gallagher (Walliams) is kept under the thumb of ultra-posh housewife Patsy Kensit (Lucas).
S02E01 Happy Mondays 24/12/2000 Drugged-out Shaun Ryder (Walliams) and classically-trained dancer and musical star Bez (Lucas) discuss their roots, daily living routine and a rather nice package holiday they went on. (24 December 2000)
S02E02 Take That 31/12/2000 A Take That reunion is planned at Gary Barlow's room at the YMCA. While waiting for the others, Barlow, Theakston and Howard Donald play the Take That board game. It seems only Barlow and Howard Donald will attend until Robbie Williams (Paul Putner) arrives at the party, prompting a game of Pass the Parcel. The party is a let down and ends with Gary shouting at Theakston and Williams. (31 December 2000)
S02E03 Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey 07/01/2001 Both argue about who has had more success, and list their successful songs. Tom Jones (Walliams) keeps confusing celebrities who have complimented him; for example he believed that Elvis named him the best singer of his generation when it turned out to be Shakin' Stevens who made the comment. Shirley Bassey (Lucas) bears resemblance to Little Britain's Bubbles. (7 January 2001)
S02E04 Elton John 14/01/2001 Elton (Lucas) is self-centred and abusive towards Theakston and David Furnish (Walliams). He appears to be unaware of world events, guessing the price of a loaf of bread is £80. His catchphrase is a petulant "Right! I'm leaving!". Lucas later went on to interview Sir Elton in a sketch for a Comic Relief episode of Little Britain. (14 January 2001)
S02E05 Duran Duran 21/01/2001 The band lose and change members with every new scene between the music played in the episode. They highlight their rivalary with Spandau Ballet, while correctly claiming they had no hits in the 1990s unlike themselves. Jamie however cannot recall "Ordinary World", despite all three members of the band singing it together, with Simon Le Bon (played by David Walliams), saying "Guitar solo" etc. for the instrumental parts of the song and "Repeat chorus". They even sing the fade-out, by repeating the last line over and over getting quieter each time they sing it. Simon Le Bon even says "Fade-out" before they sing the line, only for Jaimie to say he still doesn't know it. The version of "Ordinary World" they perform sounds like it is sung in an a capella style. (21 January 2001)
S02E06 Steps 28/01/2001 The male members of Steps are again portrayed as children. They plan to launch a range of Steps merchandise including the 'Steps Knife'. They talk of their showbiz party in McDonald's and seemingly mock Theakston throughout the interview, referring to him as 'Jamie Squeakston'. (28 January 2001)
S02E07 Bucks Fizz 04/02/2001 The remaining male members of 'The Fizz' sit rancorous in a bedsit, seething with bile over the traitorous Jay Aston. (4 February 2001)
S02E08 The Chemical Brothers and Air 11/02/2001 The Chemical Brothers appear as desperately lonely figures, sitting mutated and socially incapable in their caravan, picking out which novelty LPs to put on at their next show. Air, meanwhile, are displayed as mysterious French philosophers living in a bizarre never-never land. (11 February 2001)
S02E09 ABBA 18/02/2001 Benny and Björn believe their songs were very political, like that Dancing Queen was actually about communism. They get confused who was married to which and there is a short lived reunion. (18 February 2001)
S02E10 George Michaels and Geri Halliwell 25/02/2001 George ( Walliams) returns for an interview after his first was hijacked by Andrew Ridgely. However, Geri Halliwell (Lucas) consistently interrupts and expresses her love for George, despite his assertions that he is gay. (25 February 2001)
S02E11 U2 04/03/2001 Bono (Walliams) is an irritating pompous Englishman, who loves to phone "Salman Rushton" for purely self-publicising reasons and can't understand why his bandmates persist in speaking with Irish accents. The Edge (Lucas), who seems to think his hat is actually hair, points out that it is because they're Irish. (4 March 2001)
S02E12 Blur 11/03/2001 Damon Albarn (Lucas) attempts to portray himself as a cockney with a working-class background; however it is clear that the interests he professes are unfounded, such as his nominal knowledge of football. Alex James is shown as confused about a lot of things, such as his sexuality and alcoholism. Graham Coxon (Walliams) is a terrifyingly deranged firestarter and Theakston can't think of anything interesting about Dave Rowntree (Lucas). At the end of the episode the band perform their "new single", which parodys the low-key Blur sound while Damon sings about his former girlfriend Justine Frischmann from the band Elastica, saying they are "crap" at the end of the chorus, before then going into an upbeat Blur style song, with Graham blocking his ears. The song then ends with a rendition of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme song. (11 March 2001)
S02E13 The Bee Gees 18/03/2001 In allusions to the band's infamous appearance on the Clive Anderson show, the Bee Gees conduct a steely interview, whereby Barry (Walliams) is in charge and the others will only speak with his permission. Barry Gibb appears to resemble the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. (18 March 2001)
S02E14 Interview with Walliams and Lucas 01/01/2001 An interview with Matt and David, on the origins of Rock Profile and their career together.
S02E15 Rock The Blind: A Rock Profile Special 17/11/2001 This was a feature length special, comprising of both new characters and the return of some previous ones. Gary Barlow decides to organise a charity single for ""the blind"", and ropes in Rownan Keating to help him.
S02E16 Rock The Blind: Behind The Scenes 30/12/2001 Behind the scenes of Rock The Blind
S02E17 Born Sloppy Appearances 00/00/0000