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This glossy new drama focuses upon the superficial world of a TV talent show, with Michelle Collins playing panel judge Karina Faith, and Sean Gallagher playing her husband and fellow judge, Mal Faith. The power couple have all the trappings of a successful life, that is until Mal makes one devastating mistake that sees them battling each other both on and off the air. Each must...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rock Rivals

S01E01 1 05/03/2008 After Mal's attack on Bethany she takes drastic measures and harms herself live on TV much to her mother and Karina's annoyance. But, Bethany is the least of her worries when Mal's affair with Jinx is broadcasted in for all to hear which sets off a dramatic chain of events. Luke is becoming highly popular with the public especially one person who just happens to show up wherever he does. After, publicly humiliated Karina and Mal take it upon themselves to make their best contestants a star let the battle commence.
S01E02 2 12/03/2008 Karina launches her own record label and sign three of her best protégés, determined to make a fortune from the Rock Rivals format. However she late finds that she may not legally be married to Mal and may not be entitled to anything, so she sets about dividing everything literally.
S01E03 3 19/03/2008 Karina begins the next step in the setting up of her rival company, while Mal and his lawyers open discussions to contest who owns the format to "Rock Rivals". Meanwhile, Luke tries to cope with his Mother's death.
S01E04 4 26/03/2008 Ocean, Mal and Karina's daughter, returns just as they are about to leave for the US to pitch an American version of the show to TV Networks. Meanwhile, Ocean tries to seduce Luke by throwing a party and Lynette turns up at the contestants' house but Bethany isn't too happy about seeing her mother. Upon arriving in New York for a meeting with a TV Network, Mal and Karina are told that if the show is to be picked up, Karina will be replaced by a more "local" talent.
S01E05 5 02/04/2008 Bethany and Luke bond over their difficulties since taking part in the show, however while Bethany is that much closer to winning, Luke turns into a rebel and might have spoilt his chances of going through to the next round. Meanwhile, Mal attempts to sabotage some of the other acts, Felix's relationship with Latex Luke is in trouble when LL finds a photo of the real Luke and Angel show herself up at a promotional event which may damage her chances of winning. Mal then surprises Karina during the live show.
S01E06 6 09/04/2008 Pete gets fired by Mal and Bethany is back in the competition but once again shuns her mother. Lynette then digs out an envelope addressed to Bethany and tries to bring it to her at the show. Fade Up get invited to Vernon's house where he and Addison conspire to leave out Caleb and Carson but the twins have a plan of their own that could bring Addison down for good. Felix returns to work at the house in an attempt to get closer to Luke but can't make sense of the signals Luke is giving off.
S01E07 7 16/04/2008 Mal and Karina plan to renew their vows but the ceremony comes to a halt when Karina reveals she remembers everything that Mal did. The live final has arrived and in the heat of the moment Mal and Karina make an all or nothing bet on whose protégé wins the competition but one of them soon regrets the decision when a contestant is a no show.
S01E08 8 23/04/2008 Jinx finally comes to terms with the fact that Mal doesn't love her and is just using her to get to Karina. Felix puts his plan into action and knocks out Luke and ties him up in the basement along with Latex Luke. Mal then learns Luke is missing and desperately tries to stall the show to the crowd's dismay, and Bethany is saddened at the prospect of winning the show on a technicality especially after finding out what was in the envelope her mother gave to her. As tensions rise, will Luke be able to get away in time before Bethany is declared the winner of Rock Rivals and Mal looses everything?