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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Roger Ramjet

S01E14 Miss America 00/00/0000 Roger dresses as a beauty contestant to find out who has been kidnapping beauty queens.
S01E15 The Race 00/00/0000 Roger and Lance Crossfire race planes to see who gets to take out Lotta Love.
S01E16 Jack the Nipper 00/00/0000 Roger goes to London to catch the master criminal who’s been biting victims’ ears.
S01E17 Ma Ramjet 00/00/0000 Every day is Mother’s Day with Ma Ramjet. Here she arrives to visit her son and take a ride in his jet.
S01E18 The Cockroaches 00/00/0000 That pre-fab new singing group, the Cockroaches, is sweeping the nation. Roger takes the Eagles to see them, only to find out that these flat-toned floogies are actually, Noodles and his No-Goods.
S01E19 Moon 00/00/0000 While Roger baby-sits for twins Flick and Flack, he mistakenly thinks they have flown to the moon. Can the government help to get them back?
S01E20 Hi Noon 00/00/0000 Roger becomes the marshal of a Western town in this parody of the Western classic.
S01E21 Bank Robbers 00/00/0000 Roger is falsely arrested after Noodles uses a wind-up doll resembling our Hero to rob banks.
S01E22 Sun Clouds 00/00/0000 The Earth is getting really hot- it's because the Solenoid Robots are reflecting the sun's rays back on the Earth with a giant array of mirrors. Can Roger stop this solar folly without earning seventy years of bad luck? Probably not.
S01E23 Football 00/00/0000 Roger's crazy cousin plays football for Chicken University, but the other team is cheating. Can the Proton Energy Pill save the day?
S01E24 Bullfighter 00/00/0000 Back South-of-the-Border to San Domino where Roger must fight the world's strongest bull.
S01E25 Bathysphere 00/00/0000 Roger discovers that Red Dog is sabotaging the Navy's bathysphere program. Hear such scintillating lines as, Red Dog: "Well, if it isn't Roger Ramjet!" Roger: "If it isn't we're all on the wrong show."
S01E26 Skydiving 00/00/0000 Roger and Lance skydive in a competition to have dinner with Lotta Love. One problem: they have no parachutes.
S01E27 Monkey 00/00/0000 While Noodles Romanoff is robbing banks with a trained mole, Ma Ramjet sends her friend Alonso Ape to visit Roger.
S01E28 The Martins and the Coys 00/00/0000 While on vacation, Roger finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a rootin', tooin' family feud between the Martins and the Coys.
S01E29 Planets 00/00/0000 Roger and American Eagle's are called upon to stop the flying saucers that are invading the earth and already have eaten the other Air Force pilots.
S01E30 Orbit 00/00/0000 The United States is behind in the Space Race, so the government calls on Roger to become an astronaut ... on a surfboard.
S01E31 Tennis 00/00/0000 Roger goes to Australia to play tennis against Pancho Pouch, a kangaroo. But Noodles has a bet that the Kanga will win and tries to sabotage the match.
S01E32 Werewolf 00/00/0000 There’s a werewolf in Lompoc and Roger goes to capture him.. .until he becomes wary of the wolf.
S01E33 Flying Saucers 00/00/0000 With tea saucers flying all over Earth, Roger attempts to find out where they’re coming from — and why.
S01E34 Dr. Frank N. Schwein 00/00/0000 Dr. Frank N. Schwein calls on Roger to help him out with Seymour, his new but weak monster. But unbeknownst to Roger, it is really the Proton Energy Pill that the evil doctor is after.
S01E35 Skateboards 00/00/0000 Lance Crossfire and Roger race skateboards to see who will take Lotta Love to dinner. They both break their legs.
S01E36 Scotland Yard 00/00/0000 Roger is called to London by Inspector LeClod to help Armlock Hurts and Dr. Whatis find the missing Scotland Yard.
S01E37 Long Joan Silver 00/00/0000 Red Dog the Pirate teams up with Long Joan to loot the Nouveau Riche Regatta.
S01E38 Spy in the Sky 00/00/0000 Roger is sent to Italy on sealed orders. Though meant for his eyes only, evil spy Jacqueline Hyde is eager to get her own peepers on the mission documents first.
S01E39 Comics 00/00/0000 Comedian Pinky Finger is kidnapped by the Solenoid Robots to weaken the world with laughter.
S01E40 Moonshot 00/00/0000 Trying to win the space race, Roger is launched on a trip to the moon. He radios back all he sees- but is it really the moon that Roger has reached?
S01E41 Jet Boots 00/00/0000 Roger is sent to Boot Camp with a special pair of jet boots. He singlehandedly wins the war games.
S01E42 Hollywood 00/00/0000 Famous movie producer Belch’s film about Roger is sabotaged by Noodles.
S01E43 Little Roger 00/00/0000 It's a vapor-trailed trip down memory lane as Ma Ramjet visits the Eagles and tells them about Roger's early interests in flying.
S01E44 Treasure in Sierra's Mattress 00/00/0000 Roger and the American Eagles find a treasure when they go camping.
S01E45 Tarzap 00/00/0000 While flying over the jungle in search of the famous Tarzap, Roger crashes. See if he can get his radio fixed before the headhunters get him. What? You were expecting maybe Johnny Weissmuller?
S01E46 Cycles 00/00/0000 Doodle wants a motorcycle, but Roger wants him to show more self-discipline first. Will Doodle prove himself as Roger again tangles with Noodles and the No-Goods?
S01E47 Coffee 00/00/0000 Roger flies to San Domino to discover why America’s coffee tastes so bad.
S01E48 Track Meet 00/00/0000 During a track meet between Runovia and the US, Roger is brought in to protect the US star, Speed Merkin.
S01E49 Assassins 00/00/0000 To get him out of the hero business once and for all, Noodles and his No-Goods try to destroy Roger through a series of "accidents." This episode is the first to mention N.A.S.T.Y.
S01E50 Genie 00/00/0000 While Roger and the other Eagles are out, Dee finds a magic lamp that produces a genie. When Noodles threatens, it's Dee to the rescue with the help of her Genie.
S01E51 Woodsman 00/00/0000 Summoned to find why the trees in the forest are disappearing, Roger discovers a circus bear is eating them.
S01E52 Pirate Gold 00/00/0000 Red Dog steals a sunken treasure from the Navy; Roger happens to come along and finds a giant squid guarding the treasure.
S01E53 Airplane 00/00/0000 On a flight to New York, Yank falls out of his plane- only to be picked up by Martians. These space fiends want to open up Yank to see what makes him tick. Can Roger reach him in time?
S01E54 K.O. at the Fun Fight Corral 00/00/0000 Hoping to get away from it all, Roger takes a trip out West- only to run out of gas in a hostile town. Let's hope Roger packed his Proton Energy Pills.
S01E55 Mars 00/00/0000 When Mars threatens to conquer the Earth, Roger heads out to see what he can do.
S01E56 Puck 00/00/0000 Holy Hockey Pucks, Doodle is recruited to help out a team when their Goalie is kidnapped.
S01E57 Party 00/00/0000 There is a pickpocket on the loose and it is up to Roger and the Eagles to get to the bottom of things.
S01E58 Large Leslie 00/00/0000 Would you believe the Bride of Frank N. Schwein? Yes, the crackpot inventor is at it again, and this time it's no Elsa Lanchester, but Large Leslie who pops up in the evil inventor's laboratory.
S01E59 Horse 00/00/0000 A talking horse? Why, "yes of course." In this twisted spoof of the TV sitcom "Mister Ed," however, a horse comes to Roger for help in finding all the rustled ranchers!
S01E60 Big Woof 00/00/0000 What kid doesn't want a pet pooch? and Doodles is no exception. Unfortunately, Roger is allergic to this canine friend.
S01E61 Fox 00/00/0000 Roger is bamboozled into a foxhunt that he doesn't want to go on.
S01E62 Super Mother 00/00/0000 Noodles is in for more than he bargained when he kidnaps Ma Ramjet. The No-Goods are no match for Ma's poker skills (and her Atomic Vitamins).
S01E63 Dr. What 00/00/0000 The evil Dr. What is trying to poison the minds of our kids by counterfeiting comic books in which the bad guys win. General Brassbottom sends for Roger to stop him.
S01E64 Gamey 00/00/0000 A mad scientist eager to keep Roger out of the way so his toys can take over the world kidnaps the American Eagles.
S01E65 Time Machine 00/00/0000 Roger is transported through time to Renaissance Italy where he meets Leonardo da Vinci.
S01E66 Pool 00/00/0000 Deciding to put in a pool at his home, Roger wrecks the neighbourhood. He stands up for his rights and stands up to his neighbours.
S01E67 Ancestors 00/00/0000 Roger goes through the family album and talks about his ancestors.
S01E68 Hoop-de-Doo 00/00/0000 Another sporting match with the country of Runovia; this time its basketball.
S01E69 Robot Plants 00/00/0000 The Solenoid Robots are taking an unusual interest in the plants of the Earth.
S01E70 Robot Plot 00/00/0000 Hoping to win over the nation's people so they can run for President, The Solenoid Robots are back.
S01E71 Turkey 00/00/0000 Upset because he's never had a happy Thanksgiving, Noodles steals all the holiday turkeys. It's up to Roger and the General to track down the N.A.S.T.Y.s and the turkeys.
S01E72 Fishing 00/00/0000 Roger takes his "kids" for a camping and fishing trip. Unfortunately, Dan is a sleepwalker.
S01E73 Purloined Pinky 00/00/0000 The Solenoids aren't the only malfeasants who realize how important Pinky Finger is to our Nation's morale. This time it's Noodles and the No-Goods who cop the top comic.
S01E74 Snow 00/00/0000 All the snow in the world has been stolen and moved to one place. If you want to play in it, it's going to cost you. Must be the work of the Solenoid Robots.
S01E75 Ripley 00/00/0000 Believe it- or don't. Ripley won't write about Roger because he feels he is too brutal. Convinced heroes are out of style, Roger looks for a new line of work, but when Ripley gets in trouble... it's you know who to the rescue.
S01E76 Monster Masquerade 00/00/0000 Roger is invited to a masquerade party — by monsters. Trapped by his would-be hosts, it's the Eagles to the rescue.
S01E77 Lompoc Diamond 00/00/0000 A late uncle leaves Roger- the Lompoc Diamond, but Noodles is determined to get it first. The jokes on that No-Good, though, the Lompoc Diamond is on a baseball field.
S01E78 Coffee House 00/00/0000 The General and Roger go to a coffee house that the General frequents with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the java joint is a front for a spy ring... and the General's girlfriend is actually, Jacqueline Hyde!
S01E79 Pirate Games 00/00/0000 Can Roger spoil the Pirate war games run by Red Dog the Pirate?
S01E80 Horse Race 00/00/0000 On a visit to Lompoc to see his Mom, Roger and the Eagles are surprised when Ma Ramjet enters a horse race.
S01E81 Dentist 00/00/0000 Ramjet takes his little friend Doodle to Painless Percy the dentist for a checkup. But there is trouble awaiting Roger in the outer office. He encounters Jacqueline Hyde, the notorious spy lady, who poses as a dentist in a plan to get rid of Roger.
S01E82 Rip Van Ramjet 00/00/0000 In a variation on the classic story, Roger imagines what might become of him if he goes on a long mission to Venus. "That's the hero business...go away for 20 years, they forget about you."
S01E83 Lompoc Cannonball 00/00/0000 In "Lompoc: The town that time forgot!" it's the old versus the new as Roger pilots the venerable old steam train, "The Lompoc Cannonball," against Noodle's speedy new locomotive in a choo-choo chase.
S01E84 School 00/00/0000 Not your average school day as Roger attends Red Dog's Pirate University (undercover, of course).
S01E85 Vaudeville 00/00/0000 Finding no success with traditional physical contests, Roger and Lance face off on the Vaudeville stage to prove their hidden talents to Lotta.
S01E86 Missing 00/00/0000 While on a mission for the General, Roger goes missing.
S01E87 Desert Ox 00/00/0000 Roger explains to the Eagles how he brought together two Middle Eastern tribes.
S01E88 Ad Game 00/00/0000 Marvin Media Man, a Madison Avenue advertising executive, has had all of his accounts taken away by his firm. In order to get to even, he broadcasts commercials that encourage the public to commit crimes.
S01E89 Lotsa Pizza 00/00/0000 The American Eagles need money to buy Roger a birthday present so Doodle enters a pizza-eating contest, narrated by Vincent Yafnaro.
S01E90 Land Rush 00/00/0000 An ad for land in Oregon spurs Roger to consider it as retirement property. It turns out that the deal is a fraud, the land is government property and the crooks are cutting down all the trees and selling them.
S01E91 Show Business 00/00/0000 It's the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd, as Roger leaves the "hero biz" for "show biz," but Noodles Romanoff has his own plans for Roger's new career.
S01E92 The Catnapper 00/00/0000 It seems that Roger hasn't quite sorted out the true meaning of "it takes a thief to catch a thief," so he dresses like a cat to find out who's been kidnapping the world's richest men's cats.
S01E93 Opera Phantom 00/00/0000 In this episode, the very reluctant American Eagles accompany Roger to the opera. But our costumed hero is really there to find "The Phantom Of The Lompoc Opera" who is haunting the star of the show.
S01E94 Pies 00/00/0000 A pie contest at the Lompoc County Fair provides Jacqueline Hyde an opportunity to sneak her microfilm out of the country, but Dee, who is also in the contest, has other ideas.
S01E95 Small World 00/00/0000 The Solenoid Robots are shrinking the world with a special ray gun. Roger and the American Eagles go to stop them, and Roger is blasted with the ray gun.
S01E96 Ark 00/00/0000 After 40 days and nights of rain, Roger is sent to fly around the world to try and stop it.
S01E97 Sauce 00/00/0000 Roger goes to San Domino to find who has been stealing the country's hot sauce.
S01E98 Cousin 00/00/0000 Noodles kidnaps Cockeye Ramjet, Roger's cousin, to keep Roger out of the Hero business once and for all- so it's up to the Eagles to save the day.
S01E99 Whale 00/00/0000 Roger and the American Eagles are out boating one day and are swallowed by a whale. Could it be possible? Red Dog to the rescue?
S01E100 Doodle League 00/00/0000 Doodle and Noodle's son are on opposite teams in little league. But a radio controlled baseball proves that there is no such thing as a fair game where the Romanoffs are involved. Like father, like son.
S01E101 For the Birds 00/00/0000 Roger's latest obsession is in finding a rare bird thanks to the binoculars and bird book sent by Noodles. Of course it's a trap, when Roger finds the bird, it's actually Noodles in disguise. Still, it is good for a hero to have a hobby.
S01E102 Abominable Snowman 00/00/0000 On an excursion to climb the world's highest mountain, Roger and the Eagles meet up with the Abominable Snowman.
S01E103 Safari 00/00/0000 Farley Frikward invites Roger and the American Eagles on a safari- the only trouble is that Farley prefers to hunt people and the Squadron is his new quarry.
S01E104 Blast Off 00/00/0000 After Roger is accidentally blasted into orbit, Doodle must follow to bring him back to earth.
S01E105 Twas the Night Before 00/00/0000 It's Christmas time, and Roger has taken the Eagles to a local department store to visit Santa, but is that Santa- or Noodles Romanoff in disguise? Pour an extra eggnog, after this one Rudolph's nose won't be the only one that's red.
S01E106 Water Sucker 00/00/0000 Red Dog has creates a sucker that is vacuuming the Navy out of the water. The boys in the Pentagon summon Roger to find out what is happening to the fleet. Eventually, all the water in the world disappears. Roger saves the day with a scheme involving two wads of gum.
S01E107 Hero Training 00/00/0000 Con-man Harry Chaos' latest scheme: "help" the Government by supplying more heroes (while charging his "students" for the privilege). He dupes an unwitting Roger to help teach- will the truth dent our hero's crash helmet in time?
S01E108 Tiger 00/00/0000 Roger and the American Eagles go to visit the "Maha Roga" for the annual "tiger hunt" and "weighing of the king in diamonds." Leave it to Noodles to smell an opportunity for plunder.
S01E109 Rodeo 00/00/0000 Rodeo time finds Roger not only entered in the contests, but scheduled to ride one mean buckin' bronco! It's chap-splittin' fun for every American Eagle cadet.
S01E110 Dumb Waiter 00/00/0000 Roger poses as a waiter in a bad restaurant to discover how ace spy Jacqueline Hyde is stealing secrets.
S01E111 Portrait of Roger 00/00/0000 Noodles Romanoff an art aficionado? It would seem so as he outbids Roger on a portrait of- Roger at an art auction. But what is that underneath? Could it be the valuable "Mona Luscious?" Tune in and find out.
S01E112 Prince and the Doodle 00/00/0000 You know the drill. A prince and a commoner bear a strong resemblance to one another and decide to switch places- this time the commoner is Doodle- hey, he is still a Prince in our book.
S01E113 Volcano 00/00/0000 A volcano is erupting down in our neighbor to the South, San Domino. Roger is sent down to investigate this natural phenomenon- but is it the work of Mother Nature- or the evil Enchilada Brothers? Better bring a wrap- it's a bit chili in those parts.
S01E114 Drought 00/00/0000 All the water has leaked to the center of the earth. Can Roger and the Eagles figure a way to get all the H2O back to the surface?
S01E115 How's Your Pass? 00/00/0000 Proving that no one is above the law (sorry Dick), Roger finds himself on the wrong side of jail bars when he is caught driving his car, the "Roger Ramjet Dart," with an expired license.
S01E116 Three Faces of Roger 00/00/0000 Roger is just not acting like himself lately. Could it be the mind-altering ray of Dr. I.R. Angry? Chances are pretty good.
S01E117 Limberlost 00/00/0000 Ace test-pilot (and Roger's principal rival for the affections of Lotta Love) Lance Crossfire's plane has gone down somewhere in the Alps. Roger is off on the search, but a clogged fuel line strands them both. Can two grown men survive in the snow together without driving each other crazy? It's not Neil Simon (or even Garry Marshall), but it's still a load of laughs.
S01E118 General Kidnap 00/00/0000 Noodles Romanoff has kidnapped General Brassbottom. Roger can't get to him himself, but he might be able to smuggle a Proton Energy Pill to our favorite Pentagon pundit. Will G.I. know what to do with it?
S01E119 Rabbit Man 00/00/0000 Stand back evildoers everywhere- it's Rabbitman and Bunnyboy. Holy Afterburners, could it be that these costumed crime fighters are really Roger Ramjet and Doodle?
S01E120 Pill Caper 00/00/0000 We all know that the Proton Energy Pill gives Roger the strength of twenty atom bombs for a period of twenty seconds, but the evil Dr. What has substituted Roger's pill with a fake. What will our hapless hero do?
S01E121 Private Eye 00/00/0000 This time it's gumshoe Ramjet out to help a beatnik find out who is sabotaging his performances.
S01E122 Espionage Express 00/00/0000 The name is Ramjet, Roger Ramjet. Check out this wild train ride where Secret Agent James Blunt takes Roger undercover on the Espionage Express- can nefarious baddies be far behind? And watch for a secret cameo from Lance Crossfire!
S01E123 Branch Office 00/00/0000 The life of a super-hero is not an easy one. Sometimes there's just no time to even run your affairs, so Roger hires an assistant for help in his branch office. Too bad the assistant is Noodles in disguise.
S01E124 Wedding Bells 00/00/0000 The "Belle of Lompoc," Ma Ramjet is getting hitched, and Roger and the Eagles are in town for the nuptials. Imagine his surprise when Roger discovers that the groom-to-be is the father of Lance Crossfire. Roger and Lance in-laws?
S01E125 Bunny 00/00/0000
S01E126 Doctor 00/00/0000 It's just a routine physical for Roger, until his X-rays are mixed up with another patients. And this took place before HMOs. With cameos by Noodles Romanoff and a Solenoid Robot!
S01E127 Winfield of the Infield 00/00/0000 An advertising executive's only dream is to win an interoffice baseball game- how will Roger help (or hurt) this dream?
S01E128 Jolly Rancher 00/00/0000
S01E129 Little Monster 00/00/0000 What's a "Minster?" A compact model monster, of course, and Diabolical Dr. Frank N. Schwein has invented one knowing that Roger's morals won't allow him to beat up on a little guy. How will Roger deal with this personal Sword of Damocles?
S01E130 Flying Town 00/00/0000 If Mohammed won't come to the mountain... The Solenoid Robots have now schemed to bring the Earth to them, piece by piece. Unfortunately for them, they choose Lompoc as their first plot of land. No one messes with Roger Ramjet's hometown!
S01E131 Daring Young Man 00/00/0000 Can a circus on the verge of bankruptcy be helped by that latest entertainment extravaganza from- Roger Ramjet? And what's with all the "accidents" plaguing the performers?
S01E132 Crown Jewels 00/00/0000 It's back to London as Roger is summoned to stop the criminal mastermind, Professor Mayoryorty.
S01E133 Pay Cut 00/00/0000 Roger's latest mission is to deliver secret plans to the Vice President. But why is it that only the evil Jacqueline Hyde seems to know who the Veep is?
S01E134 Killer Doodle 00/00/0000 Doodle takes up boxing, but Roger has some reservations with this preference for pugilism.
S01E135 Nut 00/00/0000 Once again the pressures of the good-guy, hero lifestyle weigh heavily on Roger. He considers retirement, baffling the Eagles and the good citizens Roger has sworn to protect. See which of Roger's many enemies you can pick out of the climatic crime-wave busting montage!
S01E136 Hypnochick 00/00/0000 Roger thinks he's a chicken. Could it be Doodles well-intentioned hypnotic suggestion has gotten out of hand?
S01E137 April Fool 00/00/0000 On Roger's birthday, April Fool's Day, the Eagles throw him a surprise party. Look for special cameos from- almost everyone.
S01E138 Polar Bear 00/00/0000 While on a mission in Alaska to locate Corporal Melvin Mukluk, the missing army outposter, Roger discovers a Polar Bear "on duty."
S01E139 Decorator 00/00/0000 The American Eagle headquarters is a mess and Dee has had it. So Roger hires a cleaning lady- who really works for Noodles!
S01E140 The Law 00/00/0000 Noodles Romanoff uses the law against Roger by suing him for assault and battery.
S01E141 Lompoc Lizards 00/00/0000 Stand back Lotta Love, there's a new girl attracting Roger's eye. She's Clara Kreevich- Finork, star of the Lompoc Opera. Only trouble is, she wants to toss in the clefs for cleats and leave the opera to join Ma Ramjet's softball team.
S01E142 Dry Sea 00/00/0000 Red Dog has been attacking one ship too many and Roger means to put a stop to it once and for all. So, he drains the ocean.
S01E143 Hassenfeffer 00/00/0000 Hokey Hassenfeffer is the king of afternoon TV, but when Noodles kidnap him, the town comes to an afternoon standstill, as the kids suddenly have nothing to do. Will the network pay up with the ransom? Probably not. Will Roger help out the kid's other favorite hero? Probably so.
S01E144 Ruggers 00/00/0000 Roger is off to university to receive a special honor at his Alma Mater. But what will happen when Noodles shows up at the proceedings?
S01E145 Manhole 00/00/0000 General Brassbottom calls in Roger to find some microfilm stolen by Jacqueline Hyde. Don't think of looking for the microfilm in the pumpkin, though, that was the first place the Army looked.
S01E146 Blockbuster 00/00/0000 Honest Arnold Overprice, an unscrupulous real estate broker, hatches a scheme to drive down the prices in one neighborhood by "haunting" one of the houses. Can Roger and the Eagles stop this plot in time to make the world once again safe to clear escrow?
S01E147 Sellout 00/00/0000 Showbiz- herobiz- it's all about the same thing; you've got to get an agent, and that's what Roger does to go out on his press tour.
S01E148 Scout Outing 00/00/0000 Roger is off on a camping trip with his scout troop, but trouble arises as they get close to stumbling on Noodle's secret hideout.
S01E149 Love 00/00/0000 What better way to compete for the heart of Lotta Love than a romance contest/paper drive? How will Lance and Roger do this time?
S01E150 Blunderosa 00/00/0000 If you're a fan of the Cartwrights, pardner, then you'll recognize this here territory as Roger moseys over to the Blunderosa Ranch.
S01E151 General Doodle 00/00/0000 While trying out Dan's new invention, the framistatic brain transposer, General Brassbottom and Doodle switch brains. That must explain G.I.'s sudden increase in appetite.
S01E152 Air Devil 00/00/0000
S01E153 Surf Nuts 00/00/0000 Roger and Lance Crossfire have a surfing contest to see who gets to spend the day at the beach with Lotta Love.
S01E154 Dry Dock 00/00/0000
S01E155 Machines 00/00/0000
S01E156 Stolen 00/00/0000

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Par lolobuell Le 04/03/2011

Une fois l'histoire en place, le film est très prenant et on veut connaitre la fin !
Vous ne serez pas déçu. Un très bon film