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Consumer show exposing businesses and individuals giving customers a raw deal


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rogue Traders

S05E01 Solar Energy 04/09/2006
S05E02 Roofers 11/09/2006
S05E03 Episode 3 18/09/2006
S05E04 Damp Proofing 25/09/2006
S05E05 Plumbers 02/10/2006
S05E06 Episode 6 09/10/2006
S05E07 Episode 7 16/10/2006
S05E08 Driveways 23/10/2006
S06E01 Fly Tipping 19/09/2007 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado go on the trail of the fly tippers. Using the latest gadgets, they track down the dumpers who leave rubbish where they know they shouldn't.
S06E02 Plumbers and Gas Men 26/09/2007 Matt Allwright's East European alter-ego Jimmy is taught the art of time wasting by a boss whose company overcharges.
S06E03 Roofers 03/10/2007 Using secret cameras and a motorbike, Matt Allwright catches up with the Rogue Traders who bungle, botch and overcharge. Matt and Dan Penteado investigate rogue roofers as one company tries to sell an old lady a new roof she doesn't need and another tries to charge £600 to mend a porch with one chipped tile.
S06E04 Salesmen 10/10/2007 Matt and Dan investigate the salesmen who use pressure and lies to squeeze money out of customers. They catch up with a bed salesman who makes thousands every week by cheating customers.
S06E05 Cars 17/10/2007 Matt Allwright uncovers a dodgy dealer who is selling cars to the public that are so dangerous they are not fit to be driven and the hire car that is so rusty it's only fit for scrap.
S06E06 Emergency Call Out 24/10/2007 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado expose untrustworthy emergency call out workers, including an electrician whose work is so dangerous it puts peoples' houses at risk of burning down. The pair also investigate an unscrupulous locksmith who pays more attention to money than customer satisfaction.
S06E07 Patios 31/10/2007 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado get led up the garden path by two patio companies who charge thousands of pounds for patios laid so badly that they lift straight off.
S06E08 Damp Proofing 07/11/2007 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado expose two companies who deceive prospective clients into believing that their homes are in serious danger of weather damage, only to charge thousands of pounds to provide redundant damp proofing.
S07E01 Puppy Farming 19/02/2009 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado are hunting and confronting more rogues. They investigate pet shops and dog breeders who sell sick puppies. The Rogue Traders team go undercover to buy three puppies from establishments which have been reported to the RSPCA or trading standards. One of the puppies cost 350 pounds and was bought as a pedigree King Charles spaniel. But within a few days it falls ill with Parvo virus, a severe intestinal infection, and has to be put down. Matt and the team reveal that in many cases, the paperwork is inadequate to prove a puppy's pedigree, or that it has been properly vaccinated. One of the dogs purchased by the Rogue Traders team had a docked tail, a procedure which was made illegal in England, Scotland and Wales in 2007. When Matt confronts one puppy farm, the breeder attempts to hold the team captive. It takes a visit by the police to get them released.
S07E02 Airport Meet and Greet/Plumbers 05/03/2009 Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado are on the trail of two companies who make it their business to lie to their customers. There's the plumbing firm where time really is money; they drag out their work, waste your time and charge you for the privilege. Then there's the airport meet and greet company who promise to look after your car while you go on holiday, but drive it like they've been watching too much Top Gear and leave it unsecured on an industrial estate. And when Matt catches up with them, the company boss reveals more than most, giving Matt the Full Monty..
S07E03 Rogues up Ladders / Wash and Go Rogues 16/03/2009 A double-bill of roguery in an hour-long Rogue Traders. Matt Allwright and sidekick Dan Penteado witness some hair-raising moments with a chainsaw as rogue tree surgeons get to work in Wales. Can he put a halt to their boyish abandon and reckless disregard for health and safety? Plus, a TV aerial fitter uses dirty tactics to get a customer to buy a new aerial and television they don't need, but Matt has a neat trick up his sleeve to catch the rogues red-handed. In Bradford, they get a pump-action super-soaking of lies from a dodgy salesman who tries to hoodwink them into parting with thousands of pounds for a roof-sealing product they just do not need. After the company gives the same pack of lies at a house in Manchester, it is time for Matt to confront them. Over in Great Yarmouth, a patio-cleaning rogue has masterminded a corner-cutting plan just to rip the team off. He makes a complete pig's ear of their driveway so Matt decides it is time for a word with the rogue, and cops a wheelbarrow-load of filthy language for his trouble.
S07E04 You're Nicked! 26/03/2009 Matt Allwright and sidekick Dan Penteado reveal how their investigation into a rogue damp proofing company led to the successful prosecution of a ruthless criminal gang who had been ripping off the elderly for millions of pounds. They follow the money trail from Britain to where the criminal mastermind was hiding out in Portugal, and discover that behind the luxury lifestyle there was something far more sinister.

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