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To describe Playhouse Disney's perennial preschool favorite, think Teletubbies meets The Jetsons. This loving, traditional family--Mr. And Mrs. Polie, 6-year-old Olie, sister Zowie, and Grandpa Pappy--are hairless beings with antennas, glassy eyes and noodle arms, set in a fruit-striped computer animated household of living appliances. Okey Dokey? While parents scratch their heads as to what makes this program work, preschoolers are enamored with the soothing storylines, predictable endings and deliberate pace of the Emmy-award winning show. A trio of hardly-haunted tales makes up this celebratory 24-minute show. Theme Song: Way up high in the Rolie Polie sky Is a little round planet of a really nice guy He's Rolie Polie Olie He's small and smart and round And in the land of curves and curls He's the swellest kid around Howdy! Howdy! Hooray! Hooray! And in the land of curves and curls He's the swellest kid around He's Ro


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rolie Polie Olie

S01E01 Little Sister, Big Brother / Through Trick and Thin / Bedlam 06/11/1998 Little Sister, Big Brother - Olie's getting ready for school. Zowie, as usual, is just happy to be with her big brother. But she's starting to get on his nerves. Through Trick and Thin - Olie wishes he and Spot could be like his TV heroes Space Boy and Space Dog. Unfortunately, Spot doesn't seem as heroic as Space Dog. Bedlam - It's time for the kids to go to bed, but they just don't seem to want to. Mom and dad are going to have a hard getting these two in bed.
S01E02 Ciminin Toast / I Find Rock / Tooth on the Loose 07/11/1998 Ciminin Toast:Olie and Zowie decide to make breakfast for their parents. However, what will they make and will it taste good. I Find Rock:Zowie fids a rock and wants to keep it as a pet. Even though her parents know that rocks are better when they're outside. Tooth on the Loose:Papi's teeth come flying out of his mouth agian. It's up to Olie to help Papi get them back.
S01E03 Nap For Spot / Monster Movie Night / Top Dog Fish 13/11/1998
S01E04 House Detectives / The Backyard Jungle / The Best Doggone Show in the World 14/11/1998
S01E05 Mutiny on the Bouncy / Roll the Camera / Pappy's Boat 20/11/1998
S01E06 Where's Pappy / Hopin' and a Hoppin' / Just Like Dad 21/11/1998 Where's Pappy - While Olie and Zowie are baby-sitting Pappy, he tries to teach them a magic trick. The vanishing grandfather trick seems to work too well, though. Hopin' and a Hoppin' - Olie's trying to hop through the entire house on one foot. Frustration rises as he keeps getting interrupted. Just Like Dad - Olie decides that he wants to be just like dad. However, he learns that he might not have to change very much.
S01E07 Spot's Birthday / Sir Rolie Polie Oily / Universal Spot 04/12/1998
S01E08 Squaresville / Zowie's Harmonica / Unruly Polie Olie 05/12/1998
S01E09 Rolie Polie Pogo / Two Not So Easy Pieces / Gotta Dance 11/12/1998
S01E10 Pappy Days / Copy Cat 'n Mouse / The Bump 12/12/1998 Pappy Days - A storm ruins the Polies' plans, but Pappy manages to entertain Olie and Zowie with stories about his childhood. Copy Cat 'n Mouse - Mrs. Polie tells Olie to put Zowie down for her nap; however, when Zowie starts to copy Olie's every movie, he realizes that he's in for some trouble. The Bump - The Polies hear a strange bump in the night. Olie and Zowie, believing it to be an evil space monster, try to hunt down the source of the sound, while Percy Polie tries to solve the problem in a more practical way.
S01E11 Zowie Got Game / Hickety Ups / Chili's Cold 18/12/1998
S01E12 Our Two Dads / What to Be / Magno-Man 19/12/1998 Our Two Dads - Olie and Zowie will be meeting their Uncle Gizmo for the first time. However, aunts and uncles are people to be avoided (according to Billy, that is). What to Be - Olie can't decide what to be when he grows up. Magno-Man - Olie and Billy play with dad's new invention, even though he told them not to. Soon they find themselves in a ""sticky"" situation.
S01E13 Scavenger Hunt / What's Up Jack? / Grown Ups 'n Kids 20/12/1998
S02E01 Mom's Night Out / Polie Pox / Da Plane Da Plane 23/02/1999
S02E02 Surrrprise / Mouse Trap / To Space And Beyond 08/03/1999
S02E03 Go Fish / Roller Derby / A Birthday Present for Mom 15/03/1999 Go Fish - Olie brings the school fish (first seen in TOP DOG FISH) home again for the weekend. While under his care, however, the fish appears to get sick. Roller Derby - Olie wants to try out his new skates, but must do his homework first. Olie then determines that he can use his skates to help him with his homework. A Birthday Present for Mom - Olie opens a lemonade stand to earn enough money to buy his mom a birthday present. Though business is slow, an unexpected customer helps out.
S02E04 Little Souped Coup-y / Rain, Rain Go Away / Beach Blanket Gizmo 20/03/1999 Little Souped Coup-y - Uncle Gizmo offers to upgrade the horn on the family car. Gizmo's improvements, however, soon go beyond just the horn. Rain, Rain Go Away - The family is couped up in the house due to rainy weather outside. Pappy suggests a ""Sun Dance"" to chase away the clouds. Beach Blanket Gizmo - Olie and Zowie are glum because they can't join Billy at the beach. Uncle Gizmo shows them that beach fun can be found right in their own back yard.
S02E05 Y-2 Pappy / Upside Downers / Cutie Go Bye-Bye 26/03/1999 Y-2 Pappy - Pappy's speed-o-lator gear goes out of whack, causing him to act erratically. Son, Olie and Zowie find themselves playing a game called ""Find Pappy's Gears"". Upside Downers - A busted lever bolt on the Magnatron polarizes the Polie family. Everything ese is normal, but the Polies are living on the ceiling. Cutie Go Bye-Bye - Zowie's new doll, Cutie Cries-a-Lot, is very annoying to Spot. Spot does his best to find some peace and quiet.
S02E06 Olie's Note / Baby Binky / A Record Bustin' Day 27/03/1999 Olie's Note - Olie's excited about the note teacher sent home to his parents until Billy suggests it might be about something bad Olie did. Baby Binky - Billy's little brother comes over to play. Immediately, Binky makes s bad impression on Zowie. A Record Bustin' Day - Inspired by a TV show where people break world records, Pappy and the kids are inspired to grab the movie camera and film some record breaking of their own.
S02E07 Where Oh Where Did Olie Go / Gone Dog-Gone Dog / A Chip Off the Young Orb 30/03/1999 Where Oh Where Did Olie Go - When he crashes his Space Boy Space Explorer toy into dad's Magnatron, Olie finds himself shrunk to miniature size. Gone Dog-Gone Dog - A Magnatron accident causes Spot to grow enormously. Spot then eats the Magnatron. A Chip Off the Young Orb - Olie and dad both get shrunk to miniature size by the Magnatron. They must find some way to get mom's attention, so she can help them get back to normal.
S02E08 The Legend Of Spookie Ookie / Oooh Scary / Zowie, Queen Of The Pumpkins 04/04/1999
S02E09 Looove Bug / Seven Minutes and Counting / Olies New Suit 07/04/1999
S02E10 Mission Invisible / Muscle Bots / Hypno-Eyes 13/07/1999 Mission Invisible - Olie and Billie are playing ""spy-bots"" when Olie overhears that he has to clean his room. Billie convinces Olie that if no one sees him, he can keep playing. Muscle Bots - Mom, Dad, Olie and Billie show off their great muscle-building accomplishments until they come up against an invincible foe - the unopenable pickle jar. Hypno-Eyes - Olie and Billie get hypno-glasses to get people to ""do their bidding"". When Mom asks them to clean up the house, they try to pit their hypno-glasses against Mom's raised eyebrow.
S02E11 Starry Starry Night / Snowie / Jingle Jangle Day's Eve 28/08/1999
S02E12 Little Bot Zoo / Zowie Soupy Hero / Coupy Won't Fit 09/11/1999 Little Bot Zoo - Percy is watching Zowie and Binky. Unable to get them down for a nap, he briefly indulges them with a pretend zoo game. Zowie Soupy Hero - Zowie dreams of being a super hero. When she awakens, she discovers not all heros need be super. Coupy Won't Fit - Since Coupy can't fit in the garage, the polies decide to clean out their old junk with a garage sale. Items bring back many memories in this clip segment.
S02E13 Zowie Do, Olie Too / Dicey Situation / Square Plane in a Round Hole 17/12/1999
S02E14 Gotcha! / Springy Chicken / A Polie Egg-Stravaganza 11/01/2000
S03E01 Home Sick / Leaf Me Alone / Round and Round and Square We Go 30/09/2000
S03E02 Throw it in Gear / A Tooth for a Tooth / Polie Collectables 19/10/2000
S03E03 Doggy Day Afternoon / Visibly Invisible / Itty Bitty Baby Starry 01/11/2000
S03E04 Baby Talk / Putting on the Dog / Whistlin' Zowie 24/11/2000
S03E05 Square Roots / 1 Olie, 2 Olie, 3 Olie, 4 / Switcheroo 08/12/2000
S03E06 Giz-Nesia / 1001 GeArabian Nights / Showdown at the Ol' Polie Corral 15/12/2000 Giz-nesia - Uncle Gizmo comes over but all Olie and Zowie want to do is watch a movie. While trying to get their attention, Gizmo suddenly develops amnesia. 1001 GeArabian Nights - Billie and Olie have to read a book for school. Thanks to a mishap with dad's redecoratorator, as they read, they begin floating on their own ""magic carpet"". Showdown at the Ol' Polie Corral - Zowie wants to watch a cowboy show but Olie wants to watch Space Boy, so they flip a coin and Zowie wins. Olie is mad until Giz and Zowie start playing Cowboys, and he plays, too.
S03E08 Let's Make History / Adventures of Space Dads / Silly Willy Day 18/01/2001 Let's Make History - The kids put on a play about the history of the planet Polie. Adventures of Space Dads - When Olie and Billie start agruing over a game of tag, the dads step in and show them how to play without arguing. Silly Willy Day - As the Comet Sillius heads toward Polieville, color returns to the grey lives of the Polies marking one of their favorite holidays.
S03E09 Detective Polie's Cookie Caper / The Lie / Guess It's Nite Nite 20/02/2001
S03E10 When Zowie All Growed Up / Scrub-a-Dub-Dubby, A Spot in the Tubby / Hide and Go 24/03/2001
S03E11 Rewind / Who's the Bestest of Them All / But Why? 15/09/2001
S03E12 Just Putting Around / Soupy Zowie and the Bogie Bot / No Hugs Please 11/11/2001
S03E13 Family Portrait / Show and Tell / Little Helping Hand 01/12/2001
S03E14 Cool It / Polie Pests / Camp Out 10/12/2001
S04E01 Pretend Friend / Beddy Day for Daddy / Chunk Squarey 28/06/2002 Pretend Friend - Zowie has fun with an imaginary friend who may not be so pretend after all. Beddy Day for Daddy - Percy Polie comes down with a cold, and Mrs. Polie recruits Zowie to make sure that her husband stays in bed until he recovers. Chunk Squarey - Polieville is caught up in ""The Twirl"", a sing 'n' dance sensation pioneered by Chunk Squarey, who is, like Billy, from Cuby.
S04E02 We Scream for Ice Cream / Pomps Up / Anchor Away 01/07/2002
S04E03 Guys and Dollies / Dinglie Danglie Doodle / Dancin' Machines 19/07/2002
S04E04 Bubble Trouble / Calling All Space Boys / Binky Break 21/07/2002
S04E05 Who's the Worstest / Puzzle Peace / Robo Rangers 22/07/2002
S04E06 Rust In Space / All Wound Up / Soap-bot Derby 12/08/2002
S04E07 Treasure of the Rolie Polie Madre / Lost and Found / Zowie's Petals 15/08/2002
S04E08 Day for Night / Zowie Cycle / Mighty Olie 17/08/2002
S04E09 Space Telly / Ultra Good Space Heroes / It's a Roundi-ful Life 20/08/2002
S04E10 Cheery Spherey Day / Diary Daze / Rock-a-bye Billie 23/08/2002 Cheery Spherey Day - The Polies invite the Bevels over to celebrate the holiday that reminds them that all shapes are important. Diary Daze - Olie has to write his weekend activities into a diary for a school project. However, when he spends all his time making up fun things to write down, he misses out on real weekend fun. Rock-a-bye Billie - It's the annual Polie / Bevel talent show, but Billy can't think of any talents he has. Olie, however, overhears Billy singing a lullabye to Binkie, and points out something Billy has been taking for granted - he can sing.
S04E11 Housey Wake up / Blue Coupey / YesTHANKYOUPlease 24/08/2002 Housey Wake up - Housey is overworked and refuses to wake up. This suggests to the Polies that maybe they should all take it a little easy. Blue Coupey - Coupey is jealous over the attention Percy is giving to Motorboy when Gizmo brings him around for a tune-up. Wheelie convinces Coupey that he's still an important member of the Polie family. YesTHANKYOUPlease - Zowie learns a few lessons in etiquette from ""Auntie"" Gizmo.
S04E12 Wheelie / Clippy Clop / Doofy Looking Olie 27/08/2002
S04E13 Song of the Blue Fish / Lady Bug Lady Bug Fly Away Home / Bevel Beddie Bye 01/09/2002
S05E01 A Little Hero / Binky's Brthday / Hiding in Plain Sight 23/09/2002
S05E02 Making the Best of It / Superest Bot of Them All / Oh Olie, Olie It's a Wired Wo 22/10/2002
S05E03 Dino Bots / A Couple of Good Sports / Pappy's Pals 23/10/2002
S05E04 Bots Will Be Boys / Screwy / Good Princess Zowie 24/10/2002 Bots Will Be Boys - Percy and Gizmo compete against each other to see who can do repairs on Pappy's farm the fastest. In their haste, their work turns out to be less than desirable. Screwy - Olie and Billy meet the new kid in school. He's rude, crude, obnoxious, over-bearing, and lonely. Good Princess Zowie - Olie, Billy, Polly and Zowie are playing the King of Everything game. Zowie wants the King of Everything crown, but doesn't know how to get it.
S05E05 Madame Bot-erfly / Boxing Day / It's Just Not Fair 28/11/2002 Madame Bot-erfly - a polka dotted butterfly lead Olie and Zowie to some lost treasures belonging to Dad, Gizmo and Pappy. They soon find that not all lost treasures are truely lost. Boxing Day - Polly and Olie believe that Billie is moving. He's got all the boxes needed, and he has too little time to play, but he also has a big surprise. It's Just Not Fair - Billie decides that it's not fair that he is not allowed to skate in the house. In fact, a lot of things are unfair, and he's not going to put up with it anymore!
S05E06 Dare Ya / Round Beard's Ghost / Screwy Day 27/12/2002
S05E07 Tug-A-Wheelie / Always Chasing Rainbows / Follow Yer Nose 26/05/2003
S05E08 Ten Foot Olie / The Big Drip / Invasion of the Ticklers! 27/05/2003
S05E09 Widget Watchers / Shippin' and Receivin' / The Bestest Field Trip of All 17/03/2002
S05E10 Blind as a Bot / Beauty and the Bot / Olie's Bot-ler 28/04/2002
S05E11 Chunk Sings the Blues / Cast Off / Orb's Well That Ends Well 14/06/2002
S06E01 Soupey Zowie and Diaper Dyna-mo / Magnetitus / A Little Wish 21/04/2002 Zowie gets a new sidekick,Pappy's farm visit
S06E02 Blast From The Past / Gone Screwy / Mother Giz 28/04/2002
S06E03 A Little Jingle Jangle Sparkler / A Gift For Klanky Klaus / All's Squared Away Day 04/05/2002
S06E04 Give It Back Gloomius / Olie Unsproinged / Bot O' The Housey 11/05/2002 When Gloominus takes the swing, Polly Pie's dog FiFi and the stuff from Polieville Park the Polies get it back.
S06E05 Gumming Up The Works / Hands Across Polieville / Rolie Polie Pop Tops 18/05/2002
S06E06 Lunchmaster 3000 / Puzzle Planet / A Totally Backwards Day 25/05/2002 Olie grows jealous of Screwy's new lunchbox that can talk;Olie, Billy, and Aunt Polieanna search for the missing pieces of Billy's board game;Olie decides to do everything in reverse for a day.
S06E07 Zowie's School Daze / Beacon Blinkin' Day / When Mr. Sunny Gets Blue 01/06/2002 Olie prepares Zowie for her first day of school; Olie learns that when his antenna flashes, he has to go home!; the whole planet transforms from their color. everything is blue and their sun is feeling homesick
S06E08 Straighten Upper-er To The Rescue / The Great Manner Hunt / Polie Poppin' Day 08/06/2002 Olie's antennae loses it's shape, so he has to wear a straighten-upper for a week until his antennae is straight again; Olie and Billy make videos around the house to teach Zowie some good manners; It's a special day for the Polies
S06E09 The Secret Life Of Babies / Shhhhhh!! / The Coochie Coochie Coo Blues 15/06/2002 Coochie and her brother Coo are introduced in all three episodes. Coochie and Coo become part of the Polie Family, Olie and Billy try to be quiet so the babies can sleep, and Zowie grows jealous of the babies because they get so much attention.
S06E10 Big Babies / Kooky Kites / Twin Sittin 22/06/2002 Percy builds a machine and the babies, being babies, activate it without even knowing what it does, causing Olie to switch brains with Spot and the babies to switch brains with the parents. Now Zowie must find a way to get everyone to switch back, and fast!
S06E11 A Polie Family Frolic 29/06/2002 Family Frolic Day starts, Olie's babies fly around the house; The twins find their way back home in the nursery.
S06E12 Has Anyone Seen My Coo? 00/00/0000
S06E13 Babies Go Home 00/00/0000
S00E01 The Great Defender of Fun 13/08/2002 Get ready to blast off for out-of-this world fun in Olie's all-new, first-ever full-length movie! It's little sister Zowie's birthday party, and everybody's gearing up for the party. But there's a storm cloud overhead: space pirate Gloomius Maximus (voiced by James Woods) is out to plunder all the happiness out of the whole galaxy. Can Olie and his friends find a way to defeat Gloomius's evil plot and save the universe from being "un-fun-erated?" Join Olie and a stellar cast of memorable characters in this song-filled, visually dazzling outer space adventure. Packed with exclusive, child-friendly DVD bonus features, ROLIE POLIE OLIE: THE GREAT DEFENDER OF FUN boldly goes where no one in Polieville has gone before!
S00E02 Baby Bot Chase 03/06/2003 Premiering only on video and Disney DVD! Meet the newest members of the Polie family circle in a never-before-seen, full-length movie that delivers a double dose of fun. When Olie and Zowie set off on a quest to catch a shooting star, their search turns up an even bigger discovery -- TWINS! -- two bouncing baby bots who are "lost" in space. Now Olie, Zowie, Mom, and Dad must embark on a wild and wacky journey through the galaxy to solve the mystery of where the twins come from, and help these adorable, mischievous little travelers find their "forever family." Join Olie, a cast of familiar characters, and some brand-new friends as they gear up for this song-filled, visually dazzling adventure that's packed with surprises, love, and laughter!
S00E03 Springy-Time Fun 06/01/2004 Spring into fun with Olie, Zowie, and all their family and friends as they gear up for laughter and boost adventure to its highest heights. In "Looove Bug," there's a new girl in town, and pals Olie and Billy act pretty zany when she's around -- until they learn a loving lesson in courtesy and friendship. "A Polie Egg-Stravaganza" celebrates cooperation and responsibility when a baby chickie hatches ahead of schedule, and everyone pitches in to play momma bird to their new feathered friend. Plus, SPRINGY-TIME FUN includes even more swell stories! So join all your favorite 'bots for springy surprises your whole family will enjoy watching again and again.

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