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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Roman Holidays

S01E01 Double Date 09/09/1972 Evictus threatens to evict the Holiday family if they fail to fix up his daughter with a date for the big high school dance.
S01E02 The Lion's Share 16/09/1972 After Evictus threatens to evict the family for violating the 'no pets' policy, Brutus runs away to find his long-lost father.
S01E03 Star for a Day 23/09/1972 Hap Holiday turns out to be a lookalike for rock star Davey Cassius, so the two trade places for the day.
S01E04 Hero-Sandwiched 30/09/1972 Gus struggles with his conscience when he's mistakenly honored as the hero who foiled a robbery.
S01E05 The Big Split-Up 07/10/1972 When Groovia overhears Precocia setting up Brutus on a date, she thinks it's for Hap and breaks up with him.
S01E06 Hectic Holiday 14/10/1972 The family finds an offer to trade houses with another family in Venice for a free vacation.
S01E07 Switch is Which? 21/10/1972 After Gus stays up all night working on architectural plans for a big client, Laurie dons a fake mustache to fool the client into believing she's Gus.
S01E08 That's Show Biz 28/10/1972 When the circus comes to town, Gus gets tickets from his old school chum Hammus Terrificus.
S01E09 Double Dilemma 04/11/1972 When Precocia's drum performance conflicts with his bowling team's big match, Gus must find a way to be in two places at once. This episode is a re-working of The Flintstones episode "Fred Strikes Out", which originally aired on March 2, 1962.
S01E10 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Chariot Wash 11/11/1972 Gus' boss orders him to get his prized racing chariot washed, but the chariot is destroyed before Gus can return it.
S01E11 Buried Treasure 18/11/1972 Gus believes a treasure map he's found at the bottom of some junk leads to a fortune buried under the apartment building.
S01E12 Cyrano de Happius 25/11/1972 Hap tries to fix up his friend with a beautiful cheerleader, but the cheerleader falls for Hap and Groovia starts dating Hap's friend.
S01E13 Father of the Year 02/12/1972 Gus and Evictus compete to win Rome's most prestigious title, the Father of the Year award.