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On the Buses creators Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe chart the hilarious misadventures of two couples living side by side under strained circumstances. Dad’s Army star James Beck, Jo Rowbottom, Queenie Watts and Arthur Mullard take the lead roles in this comedy of bad manners and one-upmanship amidst the mud, pennilessness and outrageous fashion sense of a run-down 1970s caravan site. Bert Jones is skint, recently married and reduced to living with his new wife in a pokey caravan until their circumstances improve. Unfortunately his general laziness and workshy philosophy ensure that day will be a long time coming, earning him grief from Betty on an ongoing basis. Things go from bad to worse when her houseproud mother decides to pay a visit.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Romany Jones

S01E01 The More We Are Together 08/06/1973 Betty's mother visits the caravan she is now sharing with her workshy husband, Bert
S01E02 The Ring 15/06/1973 It's taken Betty several years of hard courting to get a wedding ring; it's taken her just 7 weeks of marriage to lose it. But the ring must be somewhere in the caravan...
S01E03 Run Rabbit Run 22/06/1973 Bert confidently predicts that broiler rabbits will solve all his financial problems and bring the maximum of profit with the minimum of effort. Betty doesn't share his enthusiasm - but the arrival of a boxful of baby bunnies melts her resistance...
S01E04 A Rough Night 29/06/1973 Betty's belief that she deserves better than a caravan home is underlined when Bert and Wally quarrel about a dustbin. With mice and ants as her unlikely allies, and after a night spent sleeping in the car, Betty looks set to win the battle - but who will win the war?
S01E05 The Competition 06/07/1973 Bert enters a competition to find the country's Ideal Newlyweds - and Betty nearly realises her life-long ambition of spending a proper honeymoon in the sun.
S01E06 An Addition To The Family 13/07/1973 Bert and Betty Jones return home late to find that a stranger has broken into their caravan. They understandably take strongarm action, but the bearded intruder resists all attempts at eviction.
S01E07 Look After The Pennies 20/07/1973 Betty decides that if she and Bert are ever to save enough money to buy a house, she must become the breadwinner. Unfortunately Bert is as incompetent as a house-wife as he is at everything else.
S03E01 The New Arrivals 16/08/1974
S03E02 The Invitations 23/08/1974
S03E03 The Loot 30/08/1974
S03E04 The Dinner 06/09/1974
S03E05 Love Is All 13/09/1974
S03E06 She Loves Me, That Bird 20/09/1974
S03E07 The Eggs 27/09/1974
S04E01 The Dogsbody 06/06/1975
S04E02 Cold Comfort 13/06/1975
S04E03 The Learner Driver 20/06/1975
S04E04 A Good Layer 27/06/1975
S04E05 The Washing 04/07/1975 Tempers fray over the use of the communal clothesline.
S04E06 The Night Out 11/07/1975